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AEW Dynamite Results (September 15th 2021)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Sep 15, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results (September 15th 2021)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! AEW Dynamite hit the air live from the Prudential Centre in Newark, New Jersey tonight in a show that had been postponed multiple times due to the pandemic. The fans in New Jersey have been waiting since March 2020 to get their AEW show and with a sell out for the show, you'd expect them to be loud as AEW give Adam Cole his in-ring debut and address the Suzuki Incident (IYKYK). CM Punk is on commentary tonight as we welcome back Excalibur alongside JR and Tony Schiavone. Let's get straight to the action!

Adam Cole defeated Frankie Kazarian via Pinfall (8:05)

We start off with CM Punk getting an entrance for his commentary gig, and then we match a CM Punk pop with an Adam Cole one. This show is starting off the on the right note. CM Punk discusses how Adam Cole exists because of his influence on wrestling. In the ring, Frankie starts off by showing off his excellent mat wrestling as he takes control until Adam Cole throws him over the top rope and he hits the apron hard. The crowd are firmly behind Adam Cole though as clearly, he's going to need to do more than just be mean to Tony Schiavone if he's going to be able to be a heel. When Frankie gets back into the ring, Cole now has the upper hand but Frankie out wrestles him to roll him up for a two and get him into a submission hold but Cole fights out and regains control of the match. At one point he teases "tuning up the band" for a Superkick but Frankie catches him when he goes for it and tries to lock in the Cross Face Chicken Wing but Cole fights out to hit Frankie with the superkick for a close two. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise but Kazarian reverses it with an Alabama Slam and his Springboard Leg Drop for a two count of his own. This match is really heating up a we get a striking exchange which Kaz ends with a huge lariat but Cole hits the Ushi Goroshi out of nowhere for another near fall. The crowd give us a this is awesome chant as they agree with me. Cole finally hits the Panama Sunrise and the running knee afterwards to the back of Frankie's head to get the victory. A great way to start the show.

After the match, Cole gets on the mic and asks who's ready for story time again. I love that accidental catchphrase. He says hope is a dangerous thing, and everyone hopes they can keep up with The Elite but they can't. He then says that Christian, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus have annoyed him so he challenges them on Rampage after Grand Slam to a trios match and announces the SuperKliq is back baybay.

Lucha Bros vs Butcher & Blade Video Package

So, this is short and sweet. Bottom line is, we've got a tag title match this Friday and it should be a good one as The Butcher & The Blade challenge the Lucha Brothers.

Fuego Del Sol Interview

Fuego and Sammy Guevara are chilling on Fuego's new car as Tony Schiavone asks Fuego about it. Fuego says he'd trade the car for the TNT title shot again. Fuego, after being prompted by Sammy, puts his car on the line in exchange for another title shot. Poor Fuego is gonna be an Uber top customer from Friday.

MJF Promo

MJF come out and immediately runs down New Jersey to the crowd. Wardlow is with him as he calls it the Arm Pit of America. He then says he's here to talk to the viewers at home and he's been told that his words might have been offensive last week but he doesn't care. He says he's very religious and wants to talk to the late, great Brian Pillman. He starts by looking to the sky before he changes and talks to the ground, insinuating he's in Hell rather than Heaven as Max does what he does best by managing to be offensive but never to the point he'll get cancelled for it. He says that Brian Pillman Jr is the worst excuse for a second-generation wrestler and says Pillman should let his son know that if he shows up next week, MJF will massacre him. As Max goes to finish, Brian's music hits and MJF sends Wardlow to meet him on the ramp but Pillman sneaks in behind him with a chair. MJF and Wardlow escape unscathed though as we transition the the next segment.

Brian Pillman Jr Interview

This was a nice as both segments weave into each other. Jim Ross says he remembers Jr's Dad calling him when Jr was born to let him know. Jim says he was embarassed for him and his dad last week and Jr needs to kick MJF's ass next week to make up for it Pillman says he feels like he let his dad down last week. He tells MJF that his upbringing was feral and next week MJF is stepping in the ring with a Pillman, not just any man.

Jurassic Express & Christian Cage Interview

Jungle Boy begins to speak first as he says he doesn't get the fuss about Adam Cole and the Elite because he's got better friends and better hair but Christian interrupts and says Adam has pretty good friends who abuse their EVP status to drag him out of developmental. Marko has to put his hands over his mouth to not laugh as Christian continues saying that they accept Adam's challenge and since he's used to losing Wednesday Night Wars (lol) that he should get used to losing on Fridays too.

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) defeated Matt Sydal & Dante Martin via Pinfall (9:01)

We get back to the in-ring action as FTR take on the high-flying team of Matt Sydal and Dante Martin. FTR start off hot as they neutralize Dante's movement and beat him down as they look more intense than they have for a long while. Dante eventually fights back on Cash who tags in Dax and both men are unable to stop Martin getting the tag to Sydal as the momentum changes in this one. Sydal and Martin then double team to dive to FTR on the outside as we go to break. FTR regain control as the match returns to the ring though and maintain that throughout as Tully begins to get involved from the outside too. Dante Martin helps his team take over though as we return from picture in picture as he really gets to impress everyone, even CM Punk on commentary. Eventually though, Dante can't do everything and FTR get the Big Rig for the pin. A fantastic performance from all 4 men here. Dante is the future.

Addressing the Suzuki Incident

CM Punk explains that Suzuki is mad that his music was shut off. We then get a promo package where Lance Archer challenges Mox & Eddie to a tag match with he and Suzuki next week.

Malakai Black Segment

Malakai Black makes his entrance unannounced which catches the announcers off guard as the lights go out. That's a really nice touch as Malakai makes his way to the ring. He gets a full entrance before he gets on the mic and asks members of the House of Black to stand because they have an enemy amongst them. The camera zooms in on Rosario Dawson who is ringside wearing Nightmare Family merch to make it clear to us that's who Malakai is referring to. She then squares up to Malakai as Cody emerges from the crowd. When Malakai turns to look at Cody, Rosario jumps on his back until Cody gets there and then the two men brawl through the crowd until we go to break.

The Bunny vs Anna Jay Video Package

The Bunny says that Anna should stay out of her way but she can't help herself. Anna says that Friday is a big deal but Evil Uno interrupts her and then Alex Reynolds returns. The Dark Order argue again and Anna bans them all from ringside on Friday.

Dan Lambert Promo

Dan Lambert is surrounded by a load of UFC guys and the Men of the Year running down AEW as Chris Jericho interrupts him with Rock Hard Jake Hager next to him. Lambert screams for the music to be turned off so the crowd sing Judas alone. Jericho says the crowd would sing his song but they don't know the words to "I'm a fat dipshit, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" which he then proceeds to sing that song. Glorious. Jericho then delivers a fantastic promo where he runs down Lambert. Bottom line of the segment is we're getting Jericho and Hager vs Men of the Year in New York. These two cards next week are getting stacked.

Gunn Club Promo

Billy Gunn says he attacked Paul Wight to make a point because AEW aren't respecting them because they're undefeated in tags and trio matches. He says if anyone has a problem, to just say when.

Jade Cargill defeated Leyla Hirsch via Pinfall (6:08)

Leyla has Jade in trouble early on as she beats her down to the canvas and locks on a cross arm breaker but Jade powers out into a Powerbomb as we head to an early picture in picture. Jade continues to beat down Leyla outside of the ring as she uses her size advantage. The beat down continues when Leyla manages to get herself back in the ring and Jade looks very impressive as she continues to improve rapidly in front of us. She has Leyla on her shoulders as we return from break but Leyla locks on a sleeper hold. Jade fights out and Leyla hits her with a suplex for a two and then a Tope as Jade rolls to the outside. Jade comes back in and Leyla hits her with a Knee Strike but still can't get the pin. Leyla goes for the moonsault and misses and Jade hits the Pump Kick and Jaded for the pin. This was really really good.

Andrade Promo

Andrade explains that he never ordered Chavo to interfere last week whilst threatening Jose and then says he can beat PAC or anyone whenever he wants.

Taz Confronts CM Punk

As the commentary team begin to talk about what Andrade said, Taz and Hook walk up to CM Punk and asks why he's trying to steal his job. Punk goes face to face with Hook but Powerhouse Hobbs attacks him from behind and Hook and Hobbs beat Punk down before putting him through the announce table. AEW then headed to break to make this seem even more real and that was a very smart move.

Shawn Spears Promo

Shawn says history will repeat itself tonight after Spears gave Darby his first ever loss in AEW. He says he can't call down the rain without expecting a little mud and for the last 20 years he's had the best umbrella. That sounds cool but it makes little to no sense.

Darby Allin w/ Sting defeated Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard via Pinfall (8:17)

Spears starts this one off hot as he attacks Darby early and gets the advantage. He takes it to the outside and throws Darby around before moving the ring steps with evil intentions. He drives Darby's head into it but goes for it one too many times and hurts his knee on the metal. Darby goes for a Tope but Tully stops him and Spears takes advantage once more. He wets a towel and rubs Darby's face paint off as we head to break. Spears remains on top throughout the break but continues to sell his knee. We return from break as Spears has Darby in the Scorpion Death Lock right in front of Sting. Darby reaches the ropes and begins to fight back from there, getting a great two count with a Code Red. Darby goes up top but Spears stops him and both men battle on the top rope and Darby attacks the knee but Spears pulls Darby down by his necklace. Spears looks to hit the C4 on the steps but Darby fights out with a cutter on the ropes. He follows it with a Tope and the returns Spears to the ring for the Coffin Drop and pin.

FTR attack Sting and Darby after the match and Tully enters with a chair. He hits Sting but Sting no sells it and backs Tully up but FTR attack him. The segment ends as Sting gets hit with a triple team Spiked Piledriver and then Tully wipes off Stings face paint before they leave.

Bryan Danielson Promo

Danielson clarifies he only wants Omega again but he's just excited to get in the ring and wrestle. This is pretty much the same as we heard on Friday. Tony Schiavone then introduces the man himself to the ring. Schiavone passes the mic over and out come Don Callis and Kenny Omega. Callis talks but all I can hear is that pink suit he's wearing. He calls Danielson a sanctimonious son of a bitch and says AEW was built on the back of Kenny Omega. He then proceeds to call him a mark and runs him down before Bryan tells him to shut up and says he's here to talk to Kenny. He offers Kenny a non-title match to see who is the best. The Crowd chant yes. Callis says no. Bryan tells him to shut up again. He says he came to fight the best bout machine, the god of pro wrestling but since he arrived, all he's seen is a guy who hangs out with his goofy stooges and lets Callis speak for him. He said he heard rumours he lost confidence or lost a step but then says he thinks Kenny's just lost his balls before offering the match again. Kenny accepts.

Miro Promo

Miro says every man he has redeemed has gone on to better things and been smart enough to stay away from him but asks why Fuego is calling him out. He says he's going to bash his brain and then his car so match booked!

Matt Hardy Promo

Matt Hardy says Orange Cassidy broke his nose so he owes him a debt and tells him he's going to take his hair.

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley defeated 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker) w/ Daniel Garcia via Pinfall (6:35)

Mox and Eddie make their entrance and 2point0 try to attack before the bell rings but it only works for Matt Lee who attacks Eddie Kingston but Jeff Parker gets destroyed by Mox and it's them in the ring as the bell goes. Mox takes control of the match and it takes the match going to the outside and Daniel Garcia getting involved to change the momentum as we go to break. During the break, Mox is kept under control and Eddie finally manages to make his way to the apron. Mox finally fights back as we come back from break but he can't get the tag as 2point0 hit him with The Taste. Mox finally manages to make the tag and Eddie runs through both men with ease as it looks like we're about to push him to a title. Kingston hits a spinning backfist and a DDT before they hit their Violent Crown double team move to get the pin.

After the match, Suzuki returns once more and AEW allow the song to play this time so no more Suzuki incident! Suzuki casually walks to the ring. As the crowd sing Kaze Ni Nare, Archer pulls out Kingston and Suzuki goes one on one with Mox as we get a brawl through the crowd as we head off the air.

What a show that was and what a show we have to look forward to next week! What did you make of AEW Dynamite this week? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy and I'll see you Friday for Rampage! Goodnight!

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