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Wrestling News Source Podcast

Wrestling News Source Podcast AEW Revolution 2021 Review Episode 481 - AEW Revolution Review - Revolution didn't go off with a bang, but our review sure is explosive! Check out our thoughts on Raw and Dynamite as well!


06/15 Time to Clash  [Download] Episode 548 - Time to Clash - This week we discuss the growing pains of AEW, the comparisons of NXT, and a look into Clash at the Castle!
06/09 Free Agent!  [Download] Episode 547 - Free Agent! - Contracts are up and the wrestling world is about to change! We discuss who might go where and what the recent NXTNA pair up means!
05/10 Should Mania go to the UK?  [Download] Episode 546 - Should Mania go to the UK? - A short episode this week as we discuss the crowd for Backlash, the future of WrestleMania, some hot topics, and more!
04/27 Best time to be a Fan?  [Download] Episode 545 - Best time to be a Fan? - We discuss the recent shift in wrestling over the last few years. Is it cool to be a wrestling fan again? Plus we talk the WWE Draft, AEW Dynasty, and more!
04/15 WWE WrestleMania XL Review  [Download] Episode 544 - WrestleMania XL Review - The story is finished and we have our thought on the rest of WrestleMania XL. We also give our thoughts on the All In footage being aired. What's next for AEW?
04/05 Tribalism and WrestleMania 40 Predictions  [Download] Episode 543 - Tribalism and WrestleMania 40 Predictions - The time has come to discuss a growing problem in the wrestling world, Tribalism... What can be done about it? We discuss AND give you our WrestleMania 40 Predictions!
04/01 Fixing AEW  [Download] Episode 542 - Fixing AEW - Attendance is down, viewership is down, what can AEW do to bring the fans back? What caused it? We discuss!
03/25 Back from Vacation!  [Download] Episode 541 - Back from Vacation - Daniel is back from his cruise and we're full speed ahead on the Road to WrestleMania. Is AEW's roster too bloated? Is the grass greener on the other side? We discuss
03/02 The Rhodes to Revolution  [Download] Episode 540 - The Rhodes to Revolution - This week we fantasy book how the Cody Rhodes / Roman Reigns match will go at Mania as well as give our predictions for AEW Revolution! Check it out!
02/10 Starting 2024 with a Bang! - We're back (again)  [Download] Episode 539 - Starting 2024 with a Bang! - We're back (again) and this time we plan to be more consistent! We get all caught up on what's happened so far this year in WWE, AEW, and even TNA! Give it a listen!
12/16 Follow the Mone'  [Download] Episode 538 - Follow the Mone' - This week we discuss the possibility of a WWE return for Sasha Banks, or will she sign with AEW as Mercedes Mone'? The cards are on the table and the decision is hers. Hear our thoughts by clicking play!
12/12 The Devil You Know  [Download] Episode 537 - The Devil You Know - We look at a list of possible suspects behind the devil mask this week. Could it be a familiar face or someone new? Have the clues been there all along? We discuss!
11/28 A Cold Day in Hell  [Download] Episode 536 - A Cold Day in Hell - Who had CM Punk returning to WWE on their bingo cards? Not us! We discuss what this means for the business, for other wrestlers, and a whole lot more!
11/13 AEW Full Gear 2023 Predictions  [Download] Episode 535 - Full Gear Predictions - We're back to give our predictions on AEW Full Gear and also dive in to the bidding war of 2024! Where will MJF land? We discuss!
10/17 Sign & Release  [Download] Episode 534 - Sign & Release - We discuss the recent WWE releases, where we see the talent landing and future plans for Jade Cargill! We also discuss future potential AEW plans! Check it out!
09/28 No Gold!  [Download] Episode 533 - No Gold - A shorter episode this week as we discuss some of the top names in wrestling to have never won the WWE Championship! Who did we miss? What should we discuss next week? Let us know!
09/11 CM Punk Problem  [Download] Episode 532 - Following an extended break, we're back and testing out a new podcast format! We dedicate our entire show to CM Punk. Who's to blame for the problems in AEW? We discuss!
05/22 Punk Problems  [Download] Episode 531 - Punk Problems - Collision is coming but is CM Punk? We discuss the latest drama in AEW as well as some hot topics in WWE. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!
05/09 WWE Backlash 2023 Review  [Download] Episode 530 - Backlash Thoughts - We return this week to give you a rundown on Backlash as well as our thoughts on the impressive ticket sales for AEW's All-In event. Give us a listen and let Daniel know if he can crash at your place!
04/16 CM Punk Return?  [Download] Episode 529 - CM Punk Return? - This week we discuss injuries, departures, and returns. Would CM Punk be welcomed back to AEW? Is this the last chance for Jeff Hardy? Is Mickie James retired? We discuss
04/09 WWE WrestleMania 39 Recap - SOLD!  [Download] Episode 528 - WrestleMania Recap - SOLD! WWE has been sold and we're here to talk about it! We also catch up on WrestleMania, the latest goings on in AEW, and more! Thanks for sticking with us!
01/15 2023 Kickoff  [Download] Episode 527 - 2023 Kickoff - What a way to start the new year! Vince is back, and boy do we have a lot to say about it. Who will buy WWE? We discuss the options
12/22 Boy Howdy  [Download] Episode 526 - Boy Howdy - Happy Holidays! We get together and chat wrestling! Is Jericho the official GOAT of wrestling? Why would Vince come back? What's next for Sasha? We discuss this and more!
11/14 AEW Full Gear 2022 Prediction Show  [Download] Episode 525 - Full Gear Predictions - We're back and we're talking baseball.. wait, what? Yeah... then we discuss WWE, how Roman should be booked to lose, our predictions for AEW Full Gear, and more!
10/24 Moving Forward  [Download] Episode 524 - Moving Forward - What does the future of AEW hold? Would it be wise for CM Punk to return to wrestling? What happens on a cruise? Check it out!
10/10 Let Us In!  [Download] Episode 523 - Let Us In! - Things got extreme over the weekend and we cover all the fun over the last couple weeks in AEW and WWE. Make sure to check it out!
09/21 So what did we miss?  [Download] Episode 522 - So what did we miss? - We took some time away to get a few things moved. Any breaking stories? Daniel is working on the audio issues folks.
07/10 Oh there we are!  [Download] Episode 521 - Oh there we are! - We're back to discuss plenty of wrestling stories that we've missed! We talk AEW, WWE, ROH, and more! Tune in to hear us chat!
06/13 Tats and Injuries  [Download] Episode 520 - Tats and Injuries - As Forbidden Door approaches, we discuss the injuries that have been plaguing WWE and AEW. We also discuss getting tattoos! Let us know about yours!
06/07 Catching up in Hell  [Download] Episode 519 - Catching up in Hell - We've returned at long last to give our thoughts on our AEW experience, talk a bit about Dynamite, Rampage, Double or Nothing, and everything in-between. We also give our HIAC predictions!
05/02 More WWE Cuts  [Download] Episode 518 - More WWE Cuts - This week, WWE have released 10 NXT superstars! We discuss that plus look forward to our upcoming trip to AEW Dynamite! Give it a listen!
04/24 AEWxNJPW  [Download] Episode 517 - AEWxNJPW - We discuss the huge announcement from Tony Khan, plus give a rundown of Dynamite and Rampage! Give it a listen!.
04/16 Making corrections  [Download] Episode 516 - Making corrections - This week, the Podcast Crew discusses the star power in WWE, the latest AEW debut, and what the companies have to look forward to in the future. Take a listen!
04/11 WWE WrestleMania 38 Review Show  [Download] Episode 515 - WrestleMania Review - Cody has returned to WWE and we make sure to talk a LOT about it! We also give you our thoughts on WrestleMania and the standout performance from Wheeler Yuta in AEW! Check out this fun episode!
04/02 WWE WrestleMania 38 Prediction Show  [Download] Episode 514 - WWE WrestleMania 38 Predictions - The most Stupendous weekend has arrived and we are here to give our predictions for WrestleMania as well as our thoughts on ROH Super Card of Honor! Give it a listen!
03/18 Hey Yo - Remembering Scott Hall  [Download] Episode 513 - We look back at our memories of Scott Hall, our thoughts on AEW Dynamite, and the build-up for WrestleMania. Give it a listen!
03/13 AEW Revolution 2022 Review  [Download] Episode 512 - AEW Revolution Review - The Podcast Crew take an in-depth look at AEW Revolution, what happened on Dynamite and a whole lot more! Check it out!
02/12 The Hot Ones Challenge!  [Download] ๐Ÿ”Š Episode 511 Noah joins us as we take the Hot Ones challenge and talk wrasslin! We look ahead to AEW Revolution and WrestleMania.. Our tongues also nearly catch on fire doing this challenge.
01/23 WWE Royal Rumble 2022 Predictions  [Download] ๐Ÿ”Š This week we discuss Hook's popularity, upcoming AEW Contracts, Returning Legends? We also dive into Royal Rumble predictions and give a few Vince McMahon impressions! Give it a listen!
01/16 What's New in 2022?  [Download] ๐Ÿ”Š Episode 508 - What's New in 2022? - We open an All Elite crate, talk about all types of news in the wrestling world, and look ahead to what to expect for 2022! Check it out!
01/11 So what did we miss?  [Download] EP 507 - So what did we miss? - After about two months off, WE ARE BACK to discuss the goings-on in the wrestling world! We cover WWE, Ring of Honor, AEW, Impact, and much more!
11/08 More Budget Cuts  [Download] Nov 8, 2021 Episode 506 - More Budget Cuts - Even more WWE Talent have been released! We give our thoughts as well as a rundown for Raw, Dynamite, and Rampage. We also look ahead to Full Gear! This was the final show of 2021, the boys took a two-month hiatus.
10/30 The Future of ROH?  [Download] Episode 505 - The Future of ROH? We are back to discuss the hiatus status of Ring of Honor, who will go where? Daniel also goes on a WWE rant. We also review AEW Dynamite and Rampage! Give it a listen!
10/24 Cody's Crossroads  [Download] Episode 504 - Cody's Crossroads - This week, the Podcast Crew dive into Cody Rhodes' character and what is causing an issue. We also discuss WWE Crown Jewel, Smackdown, Rampage and Dynamite! Check our Youtube channel for an unboxing of the All Elite Crate!
10/18 Catching Up  [Download] Episode 503 - Catching Up - The Podcast Crew are back to look ahead at Crown Jewel. We also look at the WWE Draft, AEW Rampage, and more! Check out our latest episode now!
09/24 Grand Slam Review / Extreme Rules 2021 Preview  [Download] Episode 502 - Grand Slam Review / Extreme Rules Preview - Pro wrestling is back, baby! We give our thoughts on Raw, NXT, AEW Grand Slam, and our predictions for Extreme Rules!
09/17 Exciting times!  [Download] Episode 501 - Exciting times! - Has the wrestling world made a turn for the better? We discuss as we talk about AEW, Big E becoming Champion, NXT 2.0, and more!
09/10 Our 500th Episode!  [Download] Episode 500 - Our 500th Episode! - Help us celebrate our milestone by hearing our thoughts on AEW All Out! Does WWE have a problem? Check out our thoughts and more!
08/20 Houston Dynamite & SummerSlam 2021 Predictions  [Download] Episode 499 - Houston Dynamite & SummerSlam Predictions - The guys got to go to AEW Dynamite and you'll get to hear allllll about it! Oh, and SummerSlam Predictions too I guess...
08/06 Cody Rhodes Teasing Retirement?  [Download] Episode 498 - Cody Rhodes Teasing Retirement? - WWE Released Bray Wyatt, so we discussed future plans for AEW, who will lead the charge for the next 5 years and compare Raw to a WWE Live event. Check out our thoughts!
07/30 AEW Excitement  [Download] Episode 497 - AEW Excitement - We spend about 2 hours just chatting about AEW.. sorry WWE Fans, won't get much here this week.
07/16 WWE Money In The Bank 2021 Predictions  [Download] Episode 496 - MITB Predictions - We say goodbye to the WWE Thunderdome and look ahead to Money in the Bank as well as our thoughts on AEW Dynamite and more!
07/11 STS Episode!  [Download] Episode 495 - STS Episode! - A little late, but the guys have plenty to talk about! Check out our thoughts on Raw's Lowest Ratings ever (again), the latest signing for AEW, and more!
06/23 WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Review  [Download] Episode 494 - Hell in a Cell Review - Check out our thoughts on the busy weekend that saw Smackdown, AEW, Hell in a Cell, and Raw! Are we too lenient on AEW? Yes.
06/19 WWE Hell In A Cell 2021 Predictions  [Download] Episode 493 - Hell in a Cell Predictions - We're anticipating AEW coming back to Wednesday nights, but until then, we talk about NXT In Your House, Raw, and more!
06/12 Raw sucked and we're sick of it!  [Download] Episode 492 - Raw Rant - Raw sucked and we're sick of it. Hear just how aggravated we are by clicking play!
06/04 AEW Double or Nothing 2021 Review  [Download] Episode 491 - Double or Nothing 2021 Review - Aside from the HUGE cuts WWE made, the Podcast Crew really just wanted to talk about AEW's Double or Nothing! Give it a listen!
05/28 AEW Double or Nothing 2021 Preview  [Download] Episode 490 - Double or Nothing Preview - We've got a lot of Hot Topics to discuss this week as well as our preview of the upcoming AEW PPV "Double or Nothing" Check out our thoughts!
05/14 WrestleMania Backlash 2021 Predictions  [Download] Episode 489 - WrestleMania Backlash Predictions - Hear our week-late thoughts on Blood & Guts, AEW, Raw, and our predictions for WrestleMania Backlash!
04/29 Jeff Jarrett Interview 2021  [Download] Episode 488 - Jeff Jarrett Interview - Check out our thought on the third week of Raw Copy & Paste, AEW, a look ahead to Blood & Guts, and a special interview with Jeff Jarrett!
04/23 Copy and Paste Raw  [Download] Episode 487 - Copy and Paste Raw - It's the same old thing on Raw, but hey, at least we've got AEW to look forward to!
04/16 WrestleMania 37 Review and Budget Cuts  [Download] Episode 486 - WrestleMania Review and Budget Cuts - Right before we recorded the show, WWE started cleaning house. What did we think of the releases and Mania? Check it out!
04/09 WWE WrestleMania 37 Prediction Show  [Download] Episode 485 - WrestleMania 37 Predictions - Well... It's time for Mania... Check out our predictions for our least anticipated WrestleMania ever!
04/02 Worst Mania Build Ever?  [Download] Episode 484 - Worst Mania Build Ever? - We take a look at the build towards Mania this week, the crazy upcoming wrestling week, and much more!
03/26 WWE Fastlane 2021 Review  [Download] Episode 483 - Fastlane Review - Did Fastlane have a Match of the Year contender? Kind of... we discuss that, along with Raw, AEW, and the huge upcoming WrestleMania week!
03/20 WWE Fastlane 2021 Predictions  [Download] Episode 482 - Fastlane Predictions - Is Fastlane going to be a speed bump on the road to WrestleMania? We give our thoughts plus our take on AEW, Raw, and more!
03/12 AEW Revolution 2021 Review  [Download] Episode 481 - AEW Revolution Review - Revolution didn't go off with a bang, but our review sure is explosive! Check out our thoughts on Raw and Dynamite as well!
02/26 WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Review  [Download] Episode 480 - Elimination Chamber Review - Miz is Champ, Big Show is in AEW, and we give our review of WWE's Elimination Chamber! Check it out!
02/18 WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Predictions  [Download] Episode 479 - Elimination Chamber - The Podcast Crew kind of give their predictions for Elimination Chamber due to a lack of matches and also talk about Lacey Evans' pregnancy, AEW, and more!
02/12 Hole in One!  [Download] Episode 478 - Hole in One - Listen to our potty humor as we talk about what happened to Nia Jax, our frustration with Raw, and our thoughts on Dynamite!
02/05 WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Review  [Download] Episode 477 - Royal Rumble Review - Tyler is back from Vacation and the guys give their thoughts on the Royal Rumble as well as the New Japan / AEW partnership!
01/22 2021: A Crossover Event  [Download] Episode 476 - 2021: A Crossover Event - Tyler and Daniel are burnt out on Raw, so they take a look at what is going on between AEW and Impact. Could New Japan be secretly involved? Check out our take!
01/09 Welcome to Legends Night  [Download] Episode 475 - Welcome to Legends Night - Tyler and Daniel are back in the studio to discuss the Legends Night of Raw, the New Years Bash of AEW, and much more!
11/21 WWE Survivor Series 2020 Predictions  [Download] Episode 472 - Survivor Series Predictions - With Undertaker's final farewell approaching, the Podcast Crew talk Raw, their Survivor Series Predictions, and AEW!
11/14 AEW Full Gear 2020 Review  [Download] Episode 471 - Full Gear Review - How was Full Gear? Check out our review and our thoughts on Raw, Dynamite, and more! Plus we stop the show to watch a match. Which one? Tune in to find out!
11/06 AEW Full Gear 2020 Preview  [Download] Episode 470 - Full Gear Preview - Tyler and Daniel give their thoughts on the pecking order of the WWE Roster, Raw, and look ahead to AEW's Full Gear. Check it out
10/31 WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Review  [Download] Episode 469 - Hell in a Cell Review - Check out our thoughts on HIAC, Raw, the terrible booking for Retribution and more!
10/24 Retribution Buried?  [Download] Episode 468 - Retribution Buried? - What went wrong with Raw's Season Premiere? What is bugging Daniel? And how did we forget our Hell in a Cell Predictions? Click play to find out!
10/16 Back to reality!  [Download] Episode 467 - Back to reality - The guys spend an hour talking about their trip to Disney and about 30 minutes on wrestling. Guess which one they liked more?
09/12 All Out 2020 Review  [Download] Episode 466 - All Out Review - Check out this week's episode as the Podcast Crew review AEW's All Out PPV, their thoughts on Raw, Dynamite, and more!
09/07 WWE Payback Review & All Out Preview 2020  [Download] Episode 465 - Payback Review & All Out Preview - The Podcast Crew finally return to give their thoughts on Payback, Romanโ€™s heel turn, NXT possibly moving nights, preview AEWโ€™s All Out, and more!
08/08 WNS Underground  [Download] Episode 464 - WNS Underground - We discuss the hilarious TalkinShopAMania, the awful Raw, the entertaining AEW, and a whole lot more!Episode 464 - WNS Underground - We discuss the hilarious TalkinShopAMania, the awful Raw, the entertaining AEW, and a whole lot more!
08/01 Shop Talk  [Download] Episode 463 - Shop Talk - Are Daniel and Tyler still even watching Raw anymore? Are they actually watching Impact? What kind of year is 2020?!
07/25 Slammiversary & Extreme Rules 2020 Review  [Download] EP 462 - Slammiversary & Extreme Rules Review - So much to cover and so little time! We talk Slammiversary, Extreme Rules, Raw, AEW, NXT, and much more!
07/19 Horror Show @ Extreme Rules Predictions  [Download] Episode 461 - Horror Show @ Extreme Rules Predictions - This week the guys are all over the place talking AEW's Fight for the Fallen, NXT, the problems with Raw, and even IMPACT??? The guys also give you their predictions for what should indeed be a Horror Show at Extreme Rules!
07/12 Fyter Bash!  [Download] Episode 460 - Fyter Bash! - It's night 2? Week 2? Of the Great American Bash and Fyter Fest! What did the guys think? You'll have to check out by clicking play! Let us know what you think of FTR after hearing our discussion!
07/04 The Great American Fyter Fest!  [Download] Episode 459 - The Great American Fyter Fest! - The Podcast Crew return to give their thoughts on NXT's Great American Bash & AEW's Fyter Fest (Night 1's). The guys also give their thoughts on the Speak Out movement, Raw's problems, and a lot more!
06/19 WWE Backlash 2020 Review  [Download] Episode 458 - Backlash Review - The Podcast Crew give their thoughts on The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, Raw, AEW, and a whole lot more!
06/12 The Greatest Wrestling Podcast Ever  [Download] Episode 457 - The Greatest Wrestling Podcast Ever - Hear our thoughts on NXT Takeover: In Your House, Raw, AEW, and even our predictions for Backlash!
06/05 WWE NXT Takeover In Your House Preview  [Download] Episode 456 - NXT Takeover In Your House Preview - The Podcast Crew give their thoughts on Raw, NXT, AEW and more! Show your support by leaving reviews on our show wherever you listen!
05/29 AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Review  [Download] Episode 455 - Double or Nothing Review - Daniel and Tyler give their thoughts on AEW's Double or Nothing PPV including the Stadium Stampede. Is Drake Maverick going to be rehired by WWE? We discuss this and a whole lot more!
05/22 AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Preview  [Download] Episode 454 - AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Preview - The time has come for AEW's Double or Nothing! Hear our take on the matches as well as our predictions and our thoughts on Dynamite, Raw, and the sad passing of Shad Gaspard.
05/15 WWE Money In The Bank 2020 Review  [Download] Episode 453 - MITB Review - The Podcast Crew give their thoughts on Money in the Bank as well as the huge announcement from Becky Lynch! Thereโ€™s plenty more to talk about, so check it out!
05/08 WWE Money In The Bank 2020 Predictions  [Download] Episode 452 - Money in the Bank Predictions - Who's getting thrown off the corporate building? We discuss that as well as give our MITB predictions, our thoughts on AEW going Live, NXT, Raw, and more!
05/01 No fans vs. Some Fans  [Download] This week, the Podcast Crew discuss the happenings of Raw, AEW, NXT, and the Triple H 25 Celebration! Check it out now!
04/16 WWE Cutbacks  [Download] Episode 450 - Cutbacks - This week was a dark one for the wrestling world. With WWE making many cuts to their roster and staff. Hear our thoughts on the cutbacks, AEW, and more on this week's episode!
04/10 WWE WrestleMania 36 Review & PCO Interview  [Download] Episode 449 - WrestleMania Review & PCO Interview - What a week for wrestling! The Podcast Crew give their recap of the most unique WrestleMania ever, their thoughts on AEW, Raw, and even have time to interview Ring of Honor star, PCO!
04/03 WWE WrestleMania 36 Prediction Show  [Download] Episode 448 - WrestleMania Prediction Show! - The show of shows has arrived but no-one will be around to watch it in person! How will the predictions go? And What lies ahead for the future of wrestling? Check out this week's show!

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