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WWE Raw Results (11/13): Six-Man Tag Team Match

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Nov 13, 2017

WWE Raw Results (11/13): Six-Man Tag Team Match

Shield vs Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro

Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro already in ring and now The Shield make their way to the ring.

Cesaro and Rollins start off the match with both men vying for the upperhand and Cesaro off the ropes with a knockdown on Rollins and Rollins with a drop kick to Cesaro and now Ambrose in and the double team and 2 count. Ambrose tying up the legs of Cesaro and a rope break and Rollins back in and now Ambrose back in. Cesaro with the uppercut to Ambrose and now the tag to Sheamus. Sheamus with stomps to Ambrose and Miz tagged in now. Miz tags in Sheamus who tags in Cesaro and the double team and now Cesaro with the 2 count and tag to Sheamus. Sheamus with a rear chin lock on Ambrose and now Reigns with a massive shot to Sheamus and now the Suicide dives from Rollins and Ambrose to Cesaro and Sheamus. Reigns with Miz with Ambrose and Rollins taking out the Miztourage and now Miz runs off scared. 

Commercial break 

We are back with Miz and Rollins who goes for the 2 count on Rollins. Rollins with the flying takedown on Miz nad now Sheamus in and the cradle 2 count by Rollins. Sheamus off the top rope met by a boot by Rollins to the face and now Reigns and Cesaro in. Reigns with the clothesline to Cesaro and now the forearms in the corner to Cesaro in the corner and a big boot to the face and now a Samoan Drop. Ambrose takes out the Miz with a suicide dive. Cesaro with the pop up uppercut on Reigns for a 2 count. Reigns with the Superman Punch to Cesaro and Cesaro with the uppercut and Miz in and from behind and a 2 count on Reigns. Rollins off the top rope to Miz with a knee and now Dirty Deeds by Ambrose to Miz and a Spear by Reigns and now the Triple PowerBomb to Miz for the win.

Winners Shield

Please click here for more live coverage of tonight's WWE Raw.

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