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WWE Raw Results (11/13)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Nov 13, 2017

WWE Raw Results (11/13)

Welcome to Monday Night Raw! 

Survivor Series go home show!

WWE signature.

Replay of the Smackdown invasion of Raw from 3 weeks ago and the attack on Daniel Bryan from 2 weeks ago.

Replay of the Tag Team Championship match from last week with The New Day appearance. 

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring to start off the show. Stephanie welcomes the crowd to Raw and introduces Kurt Angle who makes his way to the ring. Stephanie asks Angle how New Day managed to get into the building but he doesnt know. Stephanie isnt happy with Angle naming his son as the last member of Team Raw. Stephanie wanted John Cena for Team Raw instead of Jason Jordan as the last memeber of Team Raw. Stephanie asks Angle what his first move in the match at Survivor Series is which was muted at first due to profanity and then says that he will start the match and Stephanie thinks she made a mistake naming Angle as the leader of Team Raw and doesnt believe he can get the job done and The Shield interrupt as Stephanie was about to possibly fire Angle as the leader and as Raw GM. Ambrose praises Angle as the leader of Team Raw and the crowd chants “you still got it” and Stephanie takes a shot at Rollins and Ambrose for losing the Tag Titles last week. Reigns takes a shot at Stephanie for asking him where hes been but twisted it back to ask her that same question. Reigns says they want the New Day at Survivor Series.

Later on Shield vs Sheamus and Cesaro and Miz

Brock Lesnar responds to the new WWE Champ AJ for Survivor Series

Mickie vs Bayley vs Dana Brooke to find out the last member of the Raw Women’s Team

Commercial break 

Mickie James vs Bayley vs Dana Brooke 

Mickie James makes her way to the ring, Dana Brooke makes her way to the ring and last but not least Bayley makes her way to the ring.

Replay of the tag match from last week with Sasha being added to the Women’s Raw Team.

Mickie with a drop kick to Bayley and goes for the knee but gets tripped by Bayley. Dana sends Mickie into the corner on Bayley and now both Dana and Mickie send Bayley off the ring apron to the floor.

Commericlal break 

We are back with Bayley with suplexes to both Mickie and Dana. Mickie with the double knee takedown off the top rope to Bayley and a broken pin by Dana. Mickie with the neckbreaker to Bayley and then Dana. Dana punches Asuka whos outside the ring and Asuka chases down Dana and hits a spinning heel kick to Dana. Mickie with the quick roll up for a 2 count and now Bayley with a 2 count. Bayley with the Bayley to Belly for the win on Mickie.

Winner Bayley and the last member of the Raw Women’s Team

MizTv with Cesaro and Sheamus later on tonight

Enzo and Drew Gulak up next

Commercial break 

Enzo with Drew Gulak make their way to the ring

Enzo and Drew Gulak vs Kalisto and Akira Tozawa 

Enzo as usual taking shots at Kalisto. Kalisto with Tozawa interrupt and make their way to the ring.

Gulak and Kalisto start off but Tozawa tags in. Enzo tags himself in and blindsides Tozawa and now the double team on Tozawa and Kalisto tags in.

Commercial break 

We are back with Gulak in control over Tozawa with a rear chin lock. Tozawa with a couple rights to Gulak. Kalisto and Enzo in now and Kalisto wasting no time taking down Enzo. Kalisto with the crossbody over the ropes to Enzo and Gulak hits the elbow on Enzo with Kalisto moving out of the way. Tozawa and Kalisto take out Gulak and Enzo who are on the floor. Enzo with the Jaw-Don-Zo for the win on Tozawa.

Winners Enzo and Gulak

Miz and Miztourage heading to the ring.

Commercial break 

Replay of the opening segment.

Team Raw is backstage and says that Joe and Balor will tag against Gallows and Anderson 

Jason will face Wyatt and Strowman wants Kane and gets that match as the main event.

Miz with Miztourage make their way to the ring for MizTv. Miz taking shots at Corbin and his failures. Miz introduces Sheamus and Cesaro who make their way to the ring. 

Replay of the moment New Day made their appearance and the win for Cesaro and Sheamus from last week.

Miz congratulates Cesaro and Sheamus on their victory from last week. Cesaro and Sheamus both say that Ambrose and Rollins werent ready like they were last week and that the Uso’s have no chance against them at Survivor Series. Cesaro says they are going to jailbreak the Uso penitentiary. Miz says that the happy Shield reunion ends tonight.

Replay of the Smackdown invasion of Raw from 3 weeks ago.

New Day accepted the Shield’s Challenge for Survivor Series.

Lesnar’s reaction still to come.

Commercial break 

Bray Wyatt vs Jason Jordan

Wyatt makes his way to the ring and now Jason Jordan makes his way to the ring.

Jordan with the drop kick to Wyatt and now Wyatt with a headbutt to Jordan. Jordan picks up Wyatt and slams him into the corner twice and now a shoulder spear into the corner and now tosses Wyatt across the ring. 

Commercial break 

Wyatt in control as we return from break. Wyatt with the senton and now a 2 count. Wyatt continuing to work on the knee of Jordan and now a massive boot to the face of Jordan and now urinagi. Jordan with the quick roll up for the win.

Winner Jason Jordan 

After the match Wyatt blasts Jordan from behind and now a massive running clothesline on the outside of the ring and tosses him back into the ring. Wyatt smashes Jordan’s knee into the steel ring post.

Commercial break 

Jordan backstage saying hes fine but Angle doesnt want to risk it but Jordan keeps insisting to let him compete still. 

Lesnar with Heyman make their way to the ring. Replay of the Aj/Mahal match from last week and AJ’s win.

Heyman introduces Lesnar the only way Heyman can and now Heyman is going on about selling points for this match against Styles. Apparently there was a proposal in the crowd who were chanting “she said yes” which confused Heyman and took in the crowd and said “she only said yes” pretty much saying this is more important but a congratulations none the less from Heyman. 

Shield vs Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro is next

Commercial break 

Shield vs Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro

Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro already in ring and now The Shield make their way to the ring.

Cesaro and Rollins start off the match with both men vying for the upperhand and Cesaro off the ropes with a knockdown on Rollins and Rollins with a drop kick to Cesaro and now Ambrose in and the double team and 2 count. Ambrose tying up the legs of Cesaro and a rope break and Rollins back in and now Ambrose back in. Cesaro with the uppercut to Ambrose and now the tag to Sheamus. Sheamus with stomps to Ambrose and Miz tagged in now. Miz tags in Sheamus who tags in Cesaro and the double team and now Cesaro with the 2 count and tag to Sheamus. Sheamus with a rear chin lock on Ambrose and now Reigns with a massive shot to Sheamus and now the Suicide dives from Rollins and Ambrose to Cesaro and Sheamus. Reigns with Miz with Ambrose and Rollins taking out the Miztourage and now Miz runs off scared. 

Commercial break 

We are back with Miz and Rollins who goes for the 2 count on Rollins. Rollins with the flying takedown on Miz nad now Sheamus in and the cradle 2 count by Rollins. Sheamus off the top rope met by a boot by Rollins to the face and now Reigns and Cesaro in. Reigns with the clothesline to Cesaro and now the forearms in the corner to Cesaro in the corner and a big boot to the face and now a Samoan Drop. Ambrose takes out the Miz with a suicide dive. Cesaro with the pop up uppercut on Reigns for a 2 count. Reigns with the Superman Punch to Cesaro and Cesaro with the uppercut and Miz in and from behind and a 2 count on Reigns. Rollins off the top rope to Miz with a knee and now Dirty Deeds by Ambrose to Miz and a Spear by Reigns and now the Triple PowerBomb to Miz for the win.

Winners Shield

Replay of the feud between Kane and Strowman.

Kane says that even the sick and wicked can smile and that all he has to do is remember what he did to Strowman. 

Commercial break 

Angle in the ring and says his son is injured tonight and that Jason wont compete in the match on Sunday and now Jordan comes out and begs to still be in the match and Angle isnt having it. Jordan still begging to stay in the match and now Stephanie interrupts and demands that Angle make the announcement. HHH comes out and and makes a bee line for the ring and says that he is the 5th member of Team Raw and HHH Pedigrees Jason Jordan. 

Commercial break 

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe vs Gallows and Anderson

Finn makes his way to the ring and now Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring and now Gallows and Anderson make their way to the ring.

Balor and Anderson start off the match and Anderson takes advantage of the issues with Balor and Joe and Joe tags in now and back in is Balor. Joe takes out Gallows with a clothesline.

Commercial break 

Balor tags in Joe who tags back in Balor. Balor with a chop to Anderson and now the kick to the head of Anderson who tags in Gallows. Gallows with a massive boot to Balor and an elbow drop and a few more for a 2 count. Anderson tags himself in and hits an uppercut to Balor in the corner and now a rear chin lock in the middle of the ring. Anderson with a high elbow for a 2 count on Balor. Anderson with the spine buster for a 2 count on Balor.

Commercial break 

Gallows in control of Balor and misses with the leg drop. Balor with the overhead kick to Gallows and tags in Joe who is a wrecking ball to Anderson and now Balor back in and punt kicks Gallows and so does Joe. Balor with the Coup De Gras for he win.

Winners Joe and Balor

Backstage with Alexa Bliss who doesnt care who she faces on Sunday and says she may show up tomorrow night to watch the match in person.

Braaun Strowman vs Kane is next

Commercial break 

Braun Strowman vs Kane(match never starts)

Kane makes his way to the ring and now Strowman makes his way to the ring. 

Kane with a right to Strowman and now Strowman with the beatdown on Kane who rolls out of the ring. Strowman chases him and blasts him with an uppercut but that doesnt last long. Strowman with an uppercut to Kane and now Kane throws Strowman into the steel steps. Kane drags out a table from under the ring and Kane with a chair blasting Strowman across the back repeatedly. Strowman paying Kane back with chair shots of his own to Kane and now Strowman with a right. Strowman off the top rope with a double axe handle to Kane and now the Running Powerslam through the ring to Kane. 

-End of show-

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