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Bobby Lashley Looking to Fight for Bellator While Under Contract with WWE?

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Apr 13, 2019

Bobby Lashley Looking to Fight for Bellator While Under Contract with WWE?

WWE Monday Night Raw Superstar Bobby Lashley recently spoke to SkySports.com and expressed his desire to return to mixed martial arts competition for the Bellator promotion. As fans may recall, Lashley is actually a fairly successful MMA fighter, as he currently holds a professional record of 15-2.

Lashley was undefeated in the Bellator promotion before returning to WWE last year. He is still under contract with Bellator though, so it appears as though a return to MMA might not be out of the question for the two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion. It should be noted that WWE allowed Brock Lesnar to make a return to UFC competition against Mark Hunt in July of 2016, so it is possible that they might allow Lashley to return to Bellator competition as well.

Here are Lashley's comments to SkySports.com:

“I think I am still probably going to do a couple more fights before it’s all said and done. I am still under contract at Bellator also, and if I go back, I will give them a call and possibly go after (Ryan) Bader. I don’t want to wait too long, time is ticking.”

“I feel great. My body is 100% so I think maybe this summer, maybe after SummerSlam.”

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