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WWE NXT Results (2/20)

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Wrestling News Source Podcast

Wrestling News Source Podcast

Elimination Chamber 2019 Prediction Show
Ep. 399 - Elimination Chamber Prediction Show - This week, the guys are ALL IN about talking AEW and what's going to happen in 2019. The guys also talk the controversial decision to suspend Becky Lynch and put Charlotte in the #1 Contender Spot. With Predictions for Elimination Chamber and more, you won't want to miss this episode!
The Irish Whip

The Irish Whip

“Rockstar” Robbie Gilmore Interview
Episode 234: “Rockstar” Robbie Gilmore - First Interview in 3 Years! Ep. #234: "Rockstar" Robbie Gilmore - First Interview in 3 Years. A dear friend of the show and a rare piece of history that you gotta listen to hear. It includes Don Frye, Dog the Bounty Hunter, A bodyguard and Leland himself coming up as an MMA fighter. We talk: 'Mania Weekend. Getting back in the Ring. ROW - Booker T's Reality of Wrestling and his time learning with Booker himself. Wrestlefanfest 2007 gets another mention........ugh! Making the comeback with the neck and so much more! UPCOMING! We have the one and only MONTEASY on board 2 Scoops Spinelli is ready for her interview Josh Alexander in two weeks coming off matches with Pete Dunne and Nick Aldis for the 10 pounds of GOLD! Please subscribe and drop us a rating here as well as any and all other outlets you download these shows. Did you enjoy this episode? - Visit our episode archive for more!