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(3/12) 205 Live Results

Posted By: Ben Pearce on Mar 12, 2019

(3/12) 205 Live Results

Welcome to 205 Live!

The show opens with individual promos from the four remaining combatants of the tournament to see who will face Buddy Murphy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. These men are Drew Gulak, Oney Lorcan, Cedric Alexander and Tony Nese.

Buddy Murphy has a promo of his own. He says it doesn't matter who wins because they can't stop the unstopappable.

Cedric Alexander vs. Oney Lorcan

We start off with a lockup and chain wrestling resulting in a series of near falls followed by another lockup and two chops by Lorcan. Alexander hits the Irish Whip, reversed into an uppercut by Lorcan. Alexander hits a drop kick followed by a near fall. Lorcan reverses two Lumbar checks and hits a clothesline. Nearfall. Series of punches. Alexander escapes an abdominal stretch by Lorcan with headbutts but it's locked in again. Alexander hits clotheslines and an elbow. Hits a neuralizer and a springboard flatliner. Nearfall. Lorcan pushes Alexander off the top rope. Lorcan rolls through and nails a Blockbuster for a nearfall. Series of reversals followed by a kickout from Alexander after Orcan delivers a half and half suplex. Orcan hits elbows followed by Alexander hits a michinoku driver followed by a nearfall. Alexander suffers an elbow. Lorcan delivers a half and half suplex from the top rope. Kickout. Lorcan delivers chops and attempts to irish whip Lorcan but it's countered by a Lumbar Check for the three count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Mike and Maria Kanellis backstage with Drake Maverick. Mike wants a match against top competition. He's getting it next week.

Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese

Match starts with chain wrestling and an early attempt at the Gulock. Gulock focuses on the ground game. Gulak hits a kick on the outside followed by a one count. Nese hits a suplex in the ring. Gulak answers with a powerbomb across the top rope. Reverse suplex by Gulak. After a submission attempt, Gulak hits a suplex into a pinning combination. Nese escapes a submission. Nese nails a spinning heel kick. Nese hits the northern suplex and a nearfall. Offensive flurry by Nese completed by a splitlegged moonsalt. Gulak hits a dropkick, Gulak hits two powerbombs. Kickout. 450 splash missed by Nese. Series of counters of respective finishers. Nese dodges the kick. Another revesal, Gator roll into the Gulock. Nese reaches the rope and reverses into a pinning combination for the three count.

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