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205 Live Results (2/19)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Feb 19, 2019

205 Live Results (2/19)

Welcome to 205 Live!

Preview for tonight's show and some replay from EC and last week's show.

TJP vs Humberto Carrillo

TJP makes his way to the ring and now Carrillo makes his way to the ring.

Stalemate to start off with Carrillo hitting an arm drag and now Gallagher and Gulak make their way down to the ring. Carrillo with a takedown and now headscissors by TJP, Carrillo tosses TJP across the ring and now a high crossbody for 2. Carrillo with a slap and gets faceplanted to the mat and now TJP working on the left arm, TJP with a back elbow and now a slam and a 1 count. TJP with a kick and now a drop kick to the elbow and now TJP right into the corner, TJP with a running drop kick with a hung up Carrillo in the corner for 2. Carrillo with a back elbow and now a kick, Carrillo with a corkscrew dive on the outside and now a 2 count. Carrillo with a couple kicks and now a moonsault for 2, TJP with the STF and a rope break and now now trading shots on the apron. Carrillo with a missile drop kick and now the corner handstand moonsault for the win.

Winner Humberto Carrillo

After the match Gallagher and Gulak celebrate with Carrillo in the ring.

Nese talking about how he is better than Dar and everyone else in 205 Live.

Mike and Maria backstage being asked if him taking a match against Alexander is wise with his wife answering with her usual commentary of how great he has been throughout his career although he hasn't been since debuting on 205 Live. 

Ariya Daivari vs Johnny Lyons

Daivari makes his way to the ring and Lyons is already in the ring.

Daivari with a right and then the beatdown in the corner on Lyons and now a dropkick by Lyons, Daivari with a kick and now kicks to the kidney area and now a hammerlock lariat and now a version of the Million Dollar Dream hold for the win.

Winner Ariya Daivari

Buddy Murphy backstage and he talks about who Maverick has set him up to face for his title and how he has beaten them so far. 

Mike Kanellis vs Cedric Alexander

Kanellis' make their way to the ring and now Alexander makes his way to the ring. 

Stalemate to start off the match with Alexander hitting an arm drag and now hits a drop kick, Alexander with a chop and now face first goes Kanellis off the corner and now a chop to the chest. Alexander with a drop kick to the neck and a 2 count, Mike with a right knocking Alexander off the top rope and now raining down elbows on the shoulder of Alexander and now a boot to the face. Mike with a right and now Alexander with a chop to the chest and again and now an uppercut into a roll through for 2 and Mike hits a right and then runs into the corner and a 2 count. Alexander with some rights now and a chop into a ope palm strike into a drop kick to the knees then one to the face, Alexander now with an elbow into the Neuralyzer and now slips off the top rope grasping his knee and now Mike targeting that same knee. Alexander with a quick roll for 2 and Alexander with a superkick and now a kidney shot, Mike with a kick to the kidney and now planting Alexander for 2. Alexander with an uppercut and gets a right in return and now a backpack stunner for 2 by Mike. A trio of pin attempts by Alexander all for 2 counts and now a michinoku driver for 2 by Alexander, both men with boots to the face on the ring apron and both men down and now Mike with a spinebuster on the ramp to Alexander. Alexander sends Mike over the ropes onto the floor and now Mike with a superkick and now Alexander with the Lumbar Check for the win.

Winner Cedric Alexander

Kalisto vs Nese and Kendrick vs Gulak next week.

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