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WWE Raw Live Coverage & Results (1/7) Orlando, FL

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jan 07, 2019

WWE Raw Live Coverage & Results (1/7) Orlando, FL

Welcome to the live results for WWE Monday Night Raw from Orlando, Florida!

Tonight will feature the return of Hulk Hogan, an appearance by John Cena, and Brock Lesnar is here for a standoff with Braun Strowman.

The show opens with a still for Mean Gene Okerlund.

We open the show with Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins brawling right behind the stage and into the Gorilla area.  They continue brawling out onto the stage.  Lashley is knocked off the stage before Rollins leaps off the stage onto him.  Security and other wrestlers are trying to keep them apart.  Finally, they are pulled apart.

John Cena's music hits as he makes his way out.

Cena welcomes everyone to Raw and talks about not being left off WrestleMania this year.  He says that there is one match that anyone can grab the golden ticket to make it WrestleMania.  Cena says that it's the Royal Rumble that is that ticket.  Cena says nothing is handed to you and you earn every inch.  Cena says that he plans to earn his golden ticket.  Cena says that he's entering the Royal Rumble match.  

Drew McIntyre's music hits.

He comes out onto the stage and walks down the ramp a bit.  He stares at Cena before slowly bringing the microphone to his mouth.  Drew says that he's been waiting for years for this.  He says that he doesn't care about the haircut or who he's sleeping with.  Drew cares that Vince called Cena the greatest of all-time.  Drew calls Cena the greatest of all time and he agrees with Vince.  McIntyre says that he has a record for taking out the greatest of all time.  He talks about single-handedly taking out Shield.  He says that he can ask Dolph, but Dolph is out.  Drew says that he can ask Angle after he made Angle tap out to his own ankle lock.  Drew says that he is the most dangerous man in WWE, and he's coming for Cena.

He begins making his way down to the ring.  Cena says that he was feeling Raw and now he's sad.  Cena says that he's heard the same thing from everyone.  Cena says what is different about Drew?  Drew says that he knows Cena wants to pass the torch, but Drew is going to show him instead of talk. Drew takes off his jacket and climbs onto the steps.  

Lio Rush comes out and talks about Seth Rollins going nuts.  Lio says that it's not Bobby's fault that Seth can't get his rematch.  Lio is threatening to get a lawyer if nothing can be done about Rollins.  Lio says this show is cancelled, but Rollins comes out of nowhere and attacks Bobby!  Dean Ambrose runs out and joins the fray as does Cena and Drew.  The bad guys begin getting the upper hand when Finn Balor's music hits.  Balor clears the ring and hits a plancha over the top rope onto everyone knocking them into a...



Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, & Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena, Seth Rollins, & Finn Balor


We return to this match in progress.  Lashley slams down Balor before tagging out to Ambrose.  Finn hits some armdrags to Ambrose before applying an armhold.  Finn hits a basement dropkick after Dean fights out.  Ambrose lifts up Finn and tags in Drew.  Drew punches Finn a few times before hitting a stalling vertical suplex for a two count. Drew holds Finn as Bobby steps in and drills a punch into his midsection.  Lashley applies a side headlock as the crowd is getting into it.  Bobby floors Finn, but he continues to fight back.  Lashley rams him into the corner and tags in Ambrose.  Ambrose begins stomping a mudhole in Finn.  He whips him into the opposite corner and nails a running forearm to the face.  Balor catches the overhead kick to Dean and crawls towards his corner.  He tags in Cena who clears house leading into a...


We come back as Cena is fighting out of the other corner before getting decked by Ambrose.  Drew tags in and begins delivering punches.  He nails a spinebuster and rolls through into a pin for a two count.  Bobby tags in and gets caught by a clothesline.  Cena begins crawling, but Dean tags in and stops him with a sleeper hold.  Ambrose has the hold locked in.  Cena begins to fight up with his extra hair putting in strength to help him out.  Cena nails a headbutt, but he catches a knee from Ambrose in the ropes.  Cena rolls out of the ring.  Ambrose grabs him and sends him into the steel steps, shoulder-first as he stares up into a...


We come back as Cena is being decimated by Dean Ambrose.  Cena fights out as Dean clotheslines Seth off the apron.  He turns around and catches a clothesline from Cena as they're both down.  Cena begins crawling and tags in Balor!  Balor knocks Dean to the floor with a running forearm before hitting slingblades all around.  Dean tries for Dirty Deeds to no avail as Balor floors him and hits a leaping stomp onto his chest.  Balor hits the dropkick into the corner before hitting his Coup de Grace!  He rolls through and catches a Claymore kick from Drew!  Dean and Finn slow crawl and tag in Drew and Seth, respectively.  Seth is knocked out onto the apron before springing off the second rope and taking out Dean and Bobby with a moonsault.  Seth springs back into the ring, but Drew dodges it.  Seth catches Drew with a kick before hitting the Falcon Arrow for a two count.  Seth begins stomping his foot.  Seth kicks Drew in the gut, but Drew stops him from completing the move.  Drew tries for an Alabama Slam, but Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on him.  Lashley floors Cena, but Rollins clears him.  Seth catches Drew with a superkick in the ring.  Seth tags out to Dean Ambrose.  Seth nails him with The Stomp for the three count and the win.

Winners:  Seth Rollins, John Cena, and Finn Balor

Triple H is shown not paying attention backstage as Rollins storms off.  Cena and Finn are shown slapping hands with everyone before Rollins is shown slapping the coffee out of Triple H's hand.  He says he wants Dean TONIGHT.  Triple H glares at him for a moment before saying tonight he gets him in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Hulk Hogan is shown backstage as he's going to talk about Mean Gene... up next!


Tweets from various wrestling personalities are shown talking about Mean Gene before the crowd is asked to rise to honor Mean Gene with a ten bell salute.  Signs are shown around the arena honoring Mean Gene.  Hulk Hogan's music hits after the salute as he comes out wearing a Mean Gean-O-Mania shirt.

Hulk makes his way to the ring doing all of the old tricks before getting a microphone.  Hogan chants burst out before he can say anything.

He says well let me tell you something, brother.  Hulk pulls up the shades to show serious business.  He says that he came out here to be open wide for everyone.  Hulk says that Mean Gene loved entertaining and he loved it more than anything else.  He throws it to a video package which shows stills and videos of Mean Gene through the years.

Hulk says that Mean Gene was one of a kind.  Hulk says that he can speak for the WWE Universe, the wrestlers, and himself in saying that he loves him.  Hulk says that Gene is right here (pointing at his chest) despite not being here in person.  The crowd stops Hulk with 'Thank You Mean Gene' chants.  Hulk Hogan says Let Me Tell You Something Mean Gene.  Hulk talks about him putting together the best tag team match of all time between Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior against Roddy Piper and Mr. Perfect.  He says Andre is the guest referee.  He mentions Mean Gene breaking up a fight between Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.  Hulk says that Gene doesn't need to worry about getting bulked up with Moolah and Mae Young up there.  Hulk says that he only has one question for the Hulkamaniacs up there.  Whatcha goin' do brothers, when Mean Gene-O-Mania runs wild on you?  He drops the microphone and heads out of the ring.

Commercials. (RIP Mean Gene)


Raw Tag Team Championship
Lumberjack Match
Bobby Roode & Chad Gable (c) vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder


A video package is shown as the champions make their way out to the ring.  This is a lumberjack match with the other tag teams surrounding the ring.  A picture-in-picture interview is shown with The Revival.  Scott Dawson says that he's glad that this match is happening after the atrocity that was last time.  Dash says that this is about preserving tag team wrestling.

The bell sounds as Gable and Roode begin working on the arm.  Gable rolls up Dawson for a two count.  Gable hits a big armdrag, but Dash tags in and catches a hurricanrana.  Roode tags in as they lift up both members of The Revival and send them out of the ring.  The Revival is thrown back in by Lucha House Party.  They're knocked out again before Gable is sent down on top of them.  They're rolled back into the ring, but Gable is double teamed by The Revival.


Gable nails an arm drag as we come back to the ring.  Roode comes in and nails a clothesline to Dash.  Dawson tags in, but he's nailed by a couple of huge sideslams.  Roode clotheslines both Revival members over the top.  Dawson is rolled back into the ring and eats a big spinebuster for a two count.  Gable tags in, but Dawson reverses it.  Gable wraps up the waist of Dawson as Roode leapt for an uppercut for a two count.  Dawson is nailed by a crossbody from Gable, but he rolls through for a two count.  Dash blind tags himself in and nails a frog splash after Gable had hit a bridged German suplex!  Dawson tags in and nails a sunset flip for a two count.  Gable and Dawson lock arms and spin for a pin.  Wilder is launched outside as he comes in.  Dawson wraps up Gable in a small package, but Roode tilts them back over.  Dawson's foot is in the rope, but the referee doesn't see it as he counts the three count!

Winners:  Roode & Gable

The Revival argue their case with the tag teams surrounding the ring as pop-ups discuss what is coming later tonight.  Up next is Elias vs. Baron Corbin.


A video package is shown for Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, Nikki Cross, and EC3.

Elias is introduced as the lights dim.  He's shown in the ring with his familiar guitar in hand.  He introduces himself as if he needed to.  He plays a few notes as the crowd claps along with him.  Elias says that he was reflecting upon his 2018 and the level of stardom he's reached.  He talks about his debut album and selling out Madison Square Garden.  Elias talks about being all over the world and the US.  Elias talks about this all bringing him back to Orlando and there is a Universal truth that follows him everywhere he goes.  He says WWE stands for... Walk With Elias.  He says that fires him up.  Elias says that 2018 was nothing compared to 2019 and he'll take center stage and enter the Royal Rumble.  Elias says that he's enjoyed the failures of Baron Corbin nearly as much as his own successes.  He mentions Baron canceling his shows and ruining Raw.  He says he has a song to sing, but Baron interrupts him.  Corbin says that him and audience can't handle another mind-numbing performance.  Corbin says that he should have the audience's respect for his job as Raw GM.  Corbin says that the people probably want him to leave, but that's not happening.  Corbin says that he's entering the Royal Rumble match, and he's going to win.


Elias vs. Baron Corbin


The bell rings as Elias clotheslines him over the top rope before hitting the baseball slide to Corbin.  Elias climbs up and just falls on top of Corbin!


We come back as Corbin has a headcrank applied.  Elias fights out, but Corbin sends him out onto the apron.  Corbin clotheslines him off the apron and begins clapping for himself.  Corbin slides out of the ring and rams him into the barricade.  Corbin rolls Elias into the ring and is still clapping.  Elias fights back with some punches.  Corbin is sent into the corner, but he slides outside to come back inside and nail a lariat for a two count.  Corbin complains to the referee before punching on Elias.  You Got Fired chants come to life as Corbin climbs the top rope.  He leaps only to catch a leaping knee to the chest from Elias.  Elias pulls himself to his feet and nails a running elbow.  Elias nails a running clothesline before unloading on him in the corner with kicks and punches.  Elias nails a big right hand before lifting up Corbin, but Corbin fights out.  Elias catches him with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.  Elias climbs up, but Corbin dodges it.  Elias tries to run at Corbin, but he's sent towards the referee.  He stops himself and turns around to catch a right hand.  Corbin sends Elias into the corner shoulder-first before hitting the End of Days for the three count?!

Winner:  Baron Corbin

Dean Ambrose is shown backstage in a dark place.  He says that he hates six man tags anyways as it's unnatural.  Ambrose talks about how much it hurts him to hurt Seth.  He says that he did what he had to do to keep balance in the WWE.  Ambrose says that he won't let Rollins get this title either way.  He says he'll beat him anywhere in the arena and he's going to burn Seth down.

Paul Heyman is shown backstage as he knocks on Brock Lesnar's door.


Braun Strowman is wasting no time as he's on his way to the ring as we come back from the break.  Braun gets a microphone, but he just hands the microphone back before ripping his shirt off.  Heyman says Ladies and Gentleman from the back.  He's standing with Brock, but they're not coming down it seems.  Heyman goes through his opening lines.  Heyman says that the monster in the ring is looking for a face-to-face with Brock, but that isn't happening.  Heyman says that he knows how much money they've spent hyping Brock being here tonight.  Heyman says that card is subject to change as the face-to-face is cancelled for Braun's benefit.  He says that if Brock came out there, there would be no opponent for Royal Rumble.  Brock gives him a douchebag smirk as Braun calls him Beastie Boy.  Braun says that he's waiting for him in the ring.  Strowman says that he's going to hide behind his advocate?  Paul quips that he's behind him technically.  Braun says why don't he come down like Heyman said he would.  Braun asks if Heyman's ass gets jealous of the shit coming out of his mouth.  Strowman says that Brock should thank Paul for saving him for the Royal Rumble.  Strowman says that everyone knows what happens when you get these hands.  Heyman says that he wants to leave as Brock makes his way out.  

Brock Lesnar circles the ring as Braun stares him down.  Brock begins making his way up the ramp as Strowman grabs the microphone.  He tells him to turn around.  Brock refuses, but he finally obliges.  Strowman says that he'll be the new champ at the Royal Rumble.  


Jinder Mahal, Alicia Fox, and the Singh Brothers are in the ring.  Alicia Fox does the Shanti chant.  Jinder stops her before pointing out a few people in the crowd and insulting them.  Ember Moon's music begins to play.  Apollo Crews joins her.


Ember Moon & Apollo Crews vs. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox


Jinder rams Apollo into the corner forcefully as the bell rings.  Apollo dodges some moves from Jinder before hitting a crossbody for a two count.  Crews nails a dropkick before hitting a leaping elbow.  Crews lifts up Jinder, but Mahal tags out.  Mahal is clotheslined over the top rope before Apollo takes him and the Singh brothers out.  Ember comes in and nails a springboard arm drag followed by a big elbow.  Ember Moon nails the Eclipse for the three count!

Winners:  Apollo Crews & Ember Moon

Alexa Bliss is shown backstage having makeup applied as her new talk show is up next!


Alexa Bliss comes out and has two pieces of furniture setting up on the top of the ramp.  Bliss insults Orlando as she takes a seat.  She talks about how they can always remember to be the hometown of the first show for A Moment of Bliss.  She demands coffee as someone comes out with it.  Bliss shows a video package showing everything that Ronda Rousey has done this past year.  Ronda is introduced by Alexa Bliss.  She comes out and takes a seat beside her.  Bliss asks Ronda about her year.  Rousey chants ring out to stop her.  Ronda talks about this year being extraordinary.  She wants to look forward instead of back.  Ronda talks about needing to chase her limits.  Ronda talks about wanting to be as big of a champion as Sasha Banks?  It's teases to be Bliss for a moment.  Nia Jax walks out faking hurling before she says hey new year, new her.  Nia wants to know when she's getting her rematch.  Sasha Banks comes out next and she's honored for the words that Ronda said about her.  Banks comes out and says that she'd love to fight Ronda for that title.  Banks says that she can't wait to teach Ronda how to lose with dignity and class.  Nia says excuse me and that there is a 300 pound Samoan in her way and to get in line.  Sasha calls her a bitch, and says what line?  Sasha challenges Nia to a match right now with the winner to fight Ronda at Royal Rumble.



Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax


The bell sounds as we come back.  Tamina and Bayley are ringside.  Nia is slapped by Sasha to start.  Sasha slides outside and climbs underneath the apron.  She leaps from the steps, but Nia catches her.  Nia sends her into the ring, but Sasha slides around and kicks her in the head.  Sasha nails some dropkicks to Nia.  Banks applies a guillotine back inside of the ring, but Nia slams her to get out of it.  Nia sends Sasha into the corner before splashing her there.  She goes for it again, but Banks moves.  Banks nails a knee to the face of Nia, but she's blasted from the apron.  Tamina stands over Sasha, but Bayley attacks her.  Tamina sends Bayley into the barricade.  Tamina is attacked by Sasha, but Nia saves her.  She gorilla presses Bayley onto a moving crate nearby the ring.  Nia climbs back into the ring as the referee counts.  Sasha barely beats the ten count.  Nia grabs her and hits a sitout powerbomb for a two count.  Nia huffs and puffs as we're heading into another...


We come back to Sasha being stretched out in a torture rack.  Banks escapes and tries for the Bank Statement to no avail.  Sasha nails a bulldog for a two count.  Sasha nails a running knee for a two count.  Banks hits Meteora for a two count.  She tries for the Bank Statement, but Nia is stopping it.  She lifts up Banks and drops her.  Nia teases the Face-Breaker Punch, but Sasha moves.  Nia Jax hits a Samoan Drop for a two count as Sasha gets her foot on the bottom rope.  Jax tosses Sasha around the ring before hitting a running splash in the corner.  Jax lifts up Banks and climbs up to the top rope.  Banks slips out, but she's kicked by Nia.  Nia Jax turns around and drops to the mat with the rope nailing Sasha right across the throat.  Jax grabs Sasha and rolls her into the ring.  Nia covers her for a two count.  Nia headbutts Sasha and tries for the leg drop, but Sasha rolls away.  Banks kicks Nia away before Nia misses a shoulder tackle.  Tamina grabs Sasha as the referee is distracted.  Bayley attacks Tamina and slams her into the barricade.  Sasha climbs up onto the apron with Nia.  Sasha dodges as Nia plows into the ring post!  Sasha Banks tries for the hurricanrana from the apron, but Nia just hits the apron as she falls to the floor.  Banks slides into the ring and applies the Bank Statement as the crowd comes unglued!  Nia Jax taps out!

Winner (and new #1 Contender):  Sasha Banks

Bayley and Sasha Banks embrace in the ring as they celebrate.

Dean Ambrose is backstage getting himself psyched up as Rollins is reapplying his wrist tape.  Their rematch is on the other side of this break.



Intercontinental Championship
Falls Count Anywhere Match

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins attacks Dean on his way down the ramp before rolling Dean into the ring.  The bell rings and Ambrose bails.  Rollins nails him with a Lou Thesz press followed by some punches.  Ambrose rolls into the ring before he takes a clothesline right over the top.  Rollins rolls up Ambrose for a two count.  Rollins clotheslines Ambrose over the barricade and into the audience, near the equipment.  Rollins slams his head on top of one of the moving crates.  Ambrose continues running away.  Rollins catches him backstage and slams him into a ladder.  Rollins tries to hit him with a shovel, but Ambrose dodges it.  Rollins throws Ambrose into some nearby scaffolding before pushing the scaffolding into Ambrose.  Luckily, he dodges this as well.  They make their way onto some rolling crates where Seth tries for a powerbomb.  Ambrose fights out and slams him back onto the crates for a two count.  Ambrose asks him if that is what he wanted before slamming the ladder down on top of Rollins.  Rollins grimaces as we head into...


We come back as Rollins is chopping Ambrose down the staircase as these guys are fighting everywhere.  Rollins slammed Ambrose down through the announce table during the commercial.  Rollins launches himself onto Ambrose from the steel barricade for a two count.  Rollins punches Dean right on the nose before throwing him over the barricade to ringside.  Rollins throws Ambrose into the barricade.  He tries again, but Ambrose pushes him away.  Ambrose nails Rollins with the steel chair a few times before covering him for a two count.  The crowd yells for tables, but Ambrose just pulls the padding back on the floor.  Ambrose pulls him over to it.  He tries for the Dirty Deeds, but Rollins flips him onto it backfirst!  Rollins rolls Ambrose into the ring, but Ambrose blinds him momentarily.  Ambrose climbs to the top rope, and Rollins leaps up there with him.  He hits the superplex into the Falcon Arrow for a two count!  Seth Rollins hits the Stomp and covers!

But Bobby Lashley pulls him out.  Lashley throws him around the ringside area for a few moments before getting into the ring and nailing a sideways Dominator.  Lashley hits a big spear as Ambrose crawls very slowly towards him.  Lashley just stands over Rollins and Ambrose covers him as he gets the three count.

Winner:  Dean Ambrose

Bobby Lashley tells Lio to fix the padding on the floor before he pulls out a table and slides it into the ring.  Lashley and Lio set it up.  The All Mighty Bobby Lashley lifts up Rollins and press slams him through the table before Bobby struts around the ring.  Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush stand over Seth Rollins as the show comes to a close.

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