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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (9/11) Lafayette, LA

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Sep 11, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (9/11) Lafayette, LA

Welcome to the live coverage for 205 Live from Lafayette, Louisiana!

We open the show with the usual 'Then, Now, Forever' graphic before showing a recap from last week.  Drake Maverick welcomes us by talking about the matches on the card.  Tonight it's Gran Metalik vs. Buddy Murphy for the first time before Jack Gallagher teams with Drew Gulak to team up against Cedric Alexander and Akira Tozawa.

The opening video for 205 Live plays before we're welcomed into the arena by our normal announce team of Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.


Gran Metalik vs. Buddy Murphy


The partners of both men are banned as the bell sounds.  They tie up before Murphy gets a takedown that is quickly reversed as these two come to a stalemate.  Murphy catches Gran with an elbow before Gran catches Murphy with a hurricanrana followed by a dropkick!  Murphy slides out of the ring as Gran tries for a baseball slide that Murphy ducks underneath.  Murphy connects with a discus forearm before slamming Gran into the barricade.  He rolls Gran back into the ring before Gran hits a baseball slide followed by a moonsault from the top rope as both men hit the floor hard.  Metalik rolls in Murphy and covers for a two count.  Gran kicks at the head of Murphy, but Buddy catches him with an elbow and lifts him to the apron.  Murphy slams the head of Gran into the top of the ringpost as he slumps to the floor on the outside of the ring.  Murphy pursues and rolls Gran back into the ring.  He covers as Metalik kicks out at one.  Murphy kicks him hard in the back before driving a knee into his spine and applying a chinlock.

Gran rams Buddy into the corner, but Buddy reverses the second attempt before driving hands into the head of Metalik.  Murphy lifts Metalik to the top rope before hooking the head of Gran Metalik.  Gran slaps the chest of Murphy before hitting the sunset flip powerbomb down into the mat!  Both men are down as Gran slowly crawls to his feet on the apron.  Murphy gets to his feet and take an enauigiri to the face.  Gran Metalik hits a high crossbody followed by a bulldog.  Gran Metalik hits a springboard back elbow to Buddy Murphy for a two count.  Metalik tries for the Metalik Driver, but Murphy reverses it.  Gran catches him with a kick followed by a moonsault from the second rope for a two count.  Gran Metalik climbs up to the top rope and Murphy pushes his legs out from underneath him as he's crotched up top.  Gran kicks Murphy away before trying for a leaping splash from the second rope that is caught into a powerbomb from Murphy for a two count followed by a spinning sit-out powerbomb for a two count!

They get to their feet before Metalik hits a superkick.  He tries for a Metalik Driver, but Murphy reverses out of it.  Murphy hits a high pump kick, but Metalik catches him with another kick.  Metalik hits the Metalik Driver for a two count!  Murphy catches a few elbows from Metalik before catching a kick in his hands.  He flips Metalik who hurts his knee.  Murphy hits a knee trembler before hitting Murphy's Law for the three count!

Winner:  Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy grabs a microphone as he says that he's said it before.  He says that you cannot stop the Unstoppable.  Murphy says that he's the biggest, strongest, and fastest cruiserweight in this division.  He says that this is just a sample of his power as he heads to the Supershow in Melbourne.  He says that he's going to be the next Cruiserweight Champion.

They show a recap of Mustafa Ali being unable to compete.

Mustafa Ali is shown backstage before Cedric pops in and says that he's glad Mustafa is back as it hasn't been the same since he left.  Ali says that he wishes it was him in the main event with Alexander.  Alexander says that he's confident in his partner.  The camera pans to show Akira Tozawa getting himself psyched up before stopping and waving with a grin.


Mustafa Ali vs. Local Enhancement Talent


Before the match can start, Hideo Itami makes his way out onto the ramp.  He has a microphone and says some things in Japanese before saying that he's here to watch his match as he missed him.  He says that he hopes Ali is feeling better.

The bell sounds as Ali hits some chops to his opponent before hitting a big dropkick.  Ali chops the chest of his opponent in the corner before hitting a kick to the head followed by a rolling facebuster into the ring.  Ali yells at Itami before getting caught by a punch from his opponent.  Ali hits a big superkick followed by a big springboard tornado DDT followed by the 0-5-4 for the three count!

Winner:  Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali celebrates on the corner turnbuckle as he tells Hideo to fight him.  Backstage, Drake Maverick is joined by Jack Gallagher and Drew Gulak.  He says that he hopes the main event will not turn into chaos.  They quip that Maverick is too distracted by his new alliance with the Authors of Pain.  They say that they wish Kendrick could be here, but he's out injured.  They leave as Drake threatens to call the AOP if they want to meet them.

On phone promos, Noam Dar says that he knows Lio Rush thinks he's hot stuff, but he can find him in the ring at any point.  Lio Rush is shown next who says that he should learn from Akira about why you don't step to him.  He says that next week he can find out and feel the rush.

Next week, Lio Rush takes on Noam Dar.


Akira Tozawa & Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak & Gentleman Jack Gallagher


The bell sounds as it's Alexander starting off with Gulak.  Alexander tries for the Lumbar Check right at the beginning, but Gulak retreats and tags out to Jack Gallagher.  Cedric Alexander hits a takedown on Jack Gallagher before locking on a side headlock, but Jack fights out into a finger manipulation.  Alexander rolls through before hitting a big hurricanrana followed by a dropkick.  Akira Tozawa tags in as they hit dueling punches.  Gulak tags in and catches a stiff jab to the chin.  Tozawa hits a big punt kick followed by the leaping senton for a two count!  Gulak fights back up, but he's caught into an octopus stretch!  Gulak gets to the ropes, but Akira locks on a side headlock.  Jack tags in as Akira leaps into both of their arms before being dropped to the mat.  Gallagher locks in a heel hook, but Akira gets to the ropes. Jack pins him for a two count.

Gulak comes in after a tag and drills a punch into the midsection of Akira.  Gulak slams Akira into the corner before tagging back out.  Jack Gallagher drills some knees into the ribs of Tozawa.  Gulak comes back in and hits a big headbutt.  Gulak holds Akira in the corner before tagging out to Jack who hits a punch to the gut.  Gallagher hits a cheap shot to Alexander before whipping Akira into his corner.  Alexander has the referee distracted by accident as they just pulverizing Akira.  Gulak hits a Russian Leg sweep into a powerbomb for a two count.  Tozawa is lifted up for another powerbomb, but Akira nails a DDT!  Alexander and Jack tag in before Cedric hits a big uppercut followed by The Neuralizer for a two count.  Cedric hits the Spanish Fly for a two count as Gulak breaks it up.  Alexander catches a dropkick in the corner after Alexander clears Gulak.  Jack covers for a two count!  Gulak tags in before the two hit a combination lariat and leg sweep for a two count!

Drew Gulak tags out as the two try for a big double suplex, but Alexander slips over!  A blind tag from Tozawa as Alexander and Gulak clear themselves!  Akira hits a big missile dropkick before hitting the missile suicide dive!  Tozawa rolls in Jack Gallagher before climbing up to the top rope!  But Jack Gallagher is pulled out of the way by Drew Gulak as Akira hits hard.  Alexander comes to attack them, but he's  outnumbered and thrown into the ringpost.  Jack rolls back into the ring and hits a big headbutt before tagging out to Drew Gulak who applies the Gu-Lock for the tap out!

Winners:  Jack Gallagher & Drew Gulak

Backstage, Drake Maverick is interviewed and he says that it's clear that Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander must happen and it'll happen next week for the Cruiserweight Championship on 205 Live.

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