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Backstage News on WWE's Plans for the Charlotte Flair-Becky Lynch Rivalry

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Sep 01, 2018

Backstage News on WWE's Plans for the Charlotte Flair-Becky Lynch Rivalry

According to a report from John Pollock of PostWrestling.com, WWE officials have taken notice of how the WWE fans have been responding to Becky Lynch since her recent heel turn. As a result, their plan going forward will be to not try to have much of a classic babyface/heel dynamic in the rivalry, but rather, they're going to present both Becky and Charlotte as having valid arguments and let the fans decide who they want to cheer for.

The following comes from PostWrestling.com:

"As I stated on Rewind-A-SmackDown, the portrayal of Becky Lynch has been slightly adjusted coming off last week’s reaction to her turn. The new idea is for Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to have less of a babyface and heel dynamic and instead, they are two ex-friends that each have valid reasoning for their actions. It is not designed to be a double turn. The thinking behind turning Becky initially was to freshen her character and have her in a bigger spotlight, which they feel they can still achieve this way. While they are many examples of the WWE fighting the audience on specific characters, this is one where they seem to have realized immediately that there is a better option to achieving the same objective. Ultimately, I feel Charlotte is a better heel, but this story can work very well without a defined heel in the program and to me, makes it more relatable and believable than having Becky turn on the fans out of the blue. It was apparent at the close of this week’s episode that this is the direction, given how Becky attacked Charlotte and called her a “bitch”, which was going to receive a positive reaction and it did."

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