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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (7/17) Wilkes-Barre, PA

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jul 17, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (7/17) Wilkes-Barre, PA

Welcome to the live coverage for 205 Live from Wilkes-Barre, PA!

We're welcomed into the arena by Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson who are excited for the show tonight as Lio Rush is going up against Akira Tozawa.

TJP comes out and he's sour about his situation on the show.  He says that he actually gets to know his opponent prior to his match.  He insults Wilkes-Barre before getting into the ring.  He says Noam Dar looks good and a lot better than most of the people in the crowd.  TJP says that he's the CruiserGreat and the best technical wrestler in the game.  Noam Dar's music plays.


Noam Dar vs. TJP


The bell sounds as TJP rushes at Dar before catching a big right hand.  TJP slides outside and catches another big shot.  Dar knocks down TJP before rolling him into the ring.  Dar hits a big spinout belly-to-back suplex for a two count.  Dar and TJP exchange some holds before TJP locks in an armbar.  Dar gets free and goes for a submission, but TJP grabs the ropes.  TJP dodges a charges from Dar before TJP springs over the top and kicks Dar in the face.  TJP rams Dar face-first into the top turnbuckle.  TJP hits a rope-assisted moonsault onto Dar for a two count.  TJP hits a nice northern lights suplex for a two count.  TJP tries to go for the knee, but Dar quickly dodges it.  TJP begins manipulating the fingers of Dar.  Dar makes his way to the rope to get a break.  Noam Dar begins fighting back with hands, but TJP stops him.  Dar connects with a crucifix pin for a two count before TJP locks in a surfboard submission.  TJP switches into an armbreaker submission.  TJP hits a belly-to-back suplex for a two count.  TJP continues manipulating the fingers and wrist of Dar.  Dar rolls up TJP for a two count!

TJP tries for a crossbody, but Dar dodges it!  Dar rushes towards TJP and eats a big boot.  Dar hits a kick of his own that floors both of them.  Dar hits two headbutts followed by a big right hand.  Dar hits a running shoulder block in the corner followed by an overhead toss for a two count!  TJP hits the ropes and is tripped by Dar.  TJP ducks a clothesline from Dar, but Noam turns it around for a clothesline to his back!  Noam Dar is setting up for something, but TJP rolls away.  TJP rolls up Dar, but Dar kicks out!  TJP hits a drop toe hold so Dar's throat hits the second rope.  TJP tries for the second rope leap again, but Dar dodges and kicks TJP in the head off the apron!  TJP whips Dar into the barricade.  They move up onto the apron before TJP drops down and kicks the leg out from underneath Dar.  He slams down on the apron as TJP falls down outside.

TJP gets into the ring and locks in a single-leg Boston crab in the ropes.  TJP moves into the ring and hits a chop block on Noam Dar before he locks on a kneebar!  Noam Dar taps out!

Winner:  TJP

Post-match, TJP won't release the hold for a few moments.  Finally he does before celebrating his match as GM Drake Maverick watches on from the backstage area.

They show a video package from last week where Cedric Alexander defeated Hideo Itami.

They show a video package for Mustafa Ali highlighting his match a few weeks ago with Buddy Murphy.

Drew Gulak makes his way out to the ring accompanied by Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick.


Drew Gulak vs. Danny Garcia


The bell sounds as Gulak hits a big clothesline followed by a belly-to-back suplex followed by the Gu-Lock as the enhancement talent cannot respond to it.

Winner:  Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak gets a microphone and says that you can't always get what you want.  He says although sometimes you get what you need.  Gulak says that they've been subjected to unworthy champions.  He says that he's the only one worthy to be their champion.  Drew Gulak says that Garcia reminds him of Cedric Alexander because when he steps to him... you will tap out.

Backstage, Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy are being interviewed.  Buddy Murphy says that he does not like to lose.  He says that Nese should have beaten Kalisto last week.  Nese says that next week he'll settle this next week without their partners around the ring.

Akira Tozawa is shown getting ready backstage.


Akira Tozawa vs. Lio Rush


The bell sounds as they circle around.  Rush teases a test of strength before moving away.  Rush keeps teasing it before backing away.  Rush keeps mocking Tozawa before charging him and locking in a side headlock.  They rush around the ring before Rush hits a big hurricanrana to floor Tozawa.  Lio props up on the top rope in a taunt.  Tozawa chases Rush around before finally getting a big kick to Rush followed by a leaping senton.  Tozawa props up on the top rope with a grin.  Tozawa chops the chest of Rush before cawing out!  Akira gets caught on the apron before Rush hits the running handstand kick to knock him off.  The referee begins the count as Rush mouths off in the ring. Lio Rush begins stomping on Tozawa in the corner as Tozawa slides back in.

Lio Rush lifts up Akira with a stalling suplex for a two count.  Akira gets up before taking a kick to the back.  Lio helps him up before Lio takes a shot to the face.  They begin trading blows in the center of the ring.  Akira hits the ropes and takes a running elbow to the jaw.  Lio Rush hits a big elbow drop.  Lio locks in a headlock before Tozawa fights out.  Akira hits a big chop followed by a second and a feigning third that Lio dodges the punch!  Lio dodges another before hitting a flurry of moves.  Akira dodges a big kick form Lio before hitting the punch that floors Lio.  Lio rolls outside and takes a big suicide headbutt dive.  Tozawa hits a big missile dropkick from the top.  Lio slaps Tozawa who hits a big German suplex.  He tries for the senton from the top, but Rush rolls outside.  Rush is rolled back inside before Akira climbs up.  Rush yanks the feet out from underneath him as his back hits the top turnbuckle.  Rush hits the five-star frog splash for the three count!

Winner:  Lio Rush

Lio Rush walks up the ramp with a huge grin on his face as the show comes to Maverick backstage.

Cedric Alexander asks who the next challenger will be.  Maverick says that he's been looking at all of the talent.  He's picked out Drew Gulak vs. Hideo Itami vs. TJP vs. Mustafa Ali in a fatal-4-way to take on Cedric Alexander at SummerSlam.  GM Drake Maverick smiles as the show comes to a close.

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