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Big Vito Issues Statement On Rockin' Rebel Murder-Suicide

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jun 04, 2018

Big Vito Issues Statement On Rockin' Rebel Murder-Suicide

Former WWE Superstar Big Vito issued the following statement regarding the Rockin' Rebel murder-suicide on his official Facebook page:

My Statement For Chuck and Stephanie Williams 
My first statement Since the Death of Chuck and Stephanie Williams. If you dont know the facts or were there, why would you comment like you know ? These 2 were close friends of mine for the last 4 years. I know more then most what went on, but kept it to our family as personal. 

If I wasnt considered there friend or family to them and there kids, I would have run my mouth like most. For all those who post to get sympathy or like you were at there house for Holidays or Birthdays or Friends Events How do you know? Its a terrible tragedy and most can't begin to understand what went on. There is more to this then you all know. There will be an answer for this to give closure to his family and most of all their children. A ten bell salute is not the answer, but an explanation as to why is what is needed. He was always my buddy but never once did I give him wrong to my pal Stephanie. I, guess our boys our close group knew best @firehousedavis Cliff, Shatter, and Vito. But we never condoned his actions. The Mean Girls Group , @RealityTSpiller @JaquayDavis Dez and On Point Jody, always felt for Stephanie 

You all really didnt know. #RealLife is what happened and we all changed except for one. We dont salute our friend, we are disappointed and heartbroken. Not only for them, but the kids. We will get thru this. All of us. But for those who write just to copy and paste and get news It goes much deeper. Respect there kids, there families, stop commenting and spewing hate, or salutes. This is life of human beings. Let this family get to grips with things and make sure those kids come first. What I guess is true is the obvious, he killed his wife and committed suicide. For that action I can begin to understand but then I can. For Stephanie, your were a person full of love and joy who cherished her children and loved her husband. You did not deserve this. We all had a falling out and this was the beginning of the end. If you were not stubborn and hard headed and listened Chuck, we would not be writing this. For the times you helped me an my wife when I needed you always thank you. For the good you have done for alot, your other side over shadowed it. You did have a wonderful heart and gave to those who needed. But you always took it away with your ways. Steph, You were a good time and good friend. We both helped each other and anytime you called, I was always there. I will miss you. Chuck, I hope you have found peace and know what you did was so wrong but I think you know that as you look down. This is the most peaceful way to express this. Coming from someone who really knows. I hope you all share this and read it carefully, I bet this wont make one Wrestling Dirt Sheet, but who gives a shit. My statement Vito J. LoGrasso 

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