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WWE 205 Live Coverage (3/13)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Mar 13, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage (3/13)

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE 205 Live!

A recap of last week and a preview for tonight are shown.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome everyone.

Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami vs. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik

Akira and Lince start off. Both men go back and forth. Akira has a wrist lock applied. Lince gets out and gets a head lock. Lince knocks down Akira and Akira hip tosses him a couple of times. Both men go back and forth and Lince gets a drop kick. Metalik gets tagged in and both of them kick Akira. Metalik is in control until Akira lands a head scissors. Hideo gets tagged in but Metalik gains control with kicks. Metalik is in control and tags in Lince. Both of them double team Hideo. Lince is in control and lands a head scissors. Hideo catches Lince with a knee to the gut. Hideo lands kicks and tags Akira in. Akira lands chops to the chest of Lince and starts stomping away in the corner. Hideo gets tagged and lands an elbow to Lince. Hideo brings his knees to the face of Lince. Hideo tags Akira back in and both of them double team him. Akira goes off the top and lands a drop kick off the top rope. Akira covers but gets a 2. Lince gets out of a sleeper hold and starts pummeling Akira. Akira prevents him from making a tag and both men kick each other in the head. Metalik gets tagged in and lands a tilt a whirl back breaker on Hideo. Metalik flies all over the place landing on Hideo. Lince bounces off of Metalik and lands on Akira on the outside. Metalik dives off the ropes but lands on his knee. Hideo drops Metalik's head on his knee for the victory.

Winners: Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa. Lince confronts Hideo and pushes him. Kalisto holds him back as Hideo and Akira leave.

A highlight package of Roderick Strong is shown.

-Commercial Break-

Drake Maverick makes his way to the ring to join commentary.

Jake Gallagher vs. Murphy Myers

Both men lock up and break away. They lock up again and Jack pushes Murphy to the ropes. Jack brings him down and stomps his arm. Jack catches him, slams him on the ropes and knocks him down. Jack continues to beat Myers down. Jack bounces Myers head on the apron. Myers attacks Jack as Jack comes back to the ring. Jack catches Myers in the apron cover and beats him down. Jack head butts Myers for the win.

Winner: Jack Gallagher.

A profile package of Cedric Alexander is shown.

Both Roderick and Cedric are shown getting ready for their match.

-Commercial Break-

Mustafa Ali is in a Twitter video talking about confronting a bully and says he has a chance to beat Gulak next week.

Roderick Strong vs. Cedric Alexander - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Semi Finals

Both men lock up. Strong rolls him up but gets a 1. Both men go back and forth. Strong has a head lock applied but Cedric backs him to the corner. Both men go back and forth until Cedric lands a head scissors followed by a drop kick. Roderick fights back with right hands and blows to the back. Roderick gets thrown to the ropes and back dropped. Cedric is about to dive off the apron but Strong trips him off the ropes. Strong beats Cedric down and pummels him in the corner. Strong covers after a Butterfly Suplex but gets a 2. Strong has a abdominal stretch applied on Cedric. Cedric fights out but Strong catches him with a drop kick as Cedric bounces off the ropes. Strong stomps away on Cedric. Strong has a chin lock applied. Cedric fights out but Strong continues to beat him down. Strong charges but runs into the corner. Cedric lands a boot to the face and trips Strong face first to the buckle. Cedric goes on the apron and dives for a flat liner on Strong. Cedric dives over the top onto Strong on the outside. Cedric lands a springboard knee but Strong kicks out at 2. Cedric catches him in a Michinoku Driver for another 2 count. Strong counters the Lumbar Check. Both counter each other until Strong lands kicks to the head followed by a back breaker. Strong covers but gets a 2. Strong has Cedric but Cedric counters. Cedric counters Strong again with a arm drag. Cedric hits the Neuralizer followed by the Lumbar Check. Cedric covers but Strong's foot gets the bottom rope. Strong has Cedric on the apron on his shoulders and throws Cedric into the turnbuckle. Strong gets back in the ring. Cedric kicks Strong on the apron then Strong kicks back. Both men are on the top rope and Strong lands a superplex. Strong covers but gets a 2. Strong has Cedric and lands blows to the lower back of Cedric. Cedric fights back. Cedric goes for an elbow but Strong lands a knee to the face followed by End Of Heartache. Strong covers but Cedric gets his foot on the rope. Cedric lands a back elbow to the face of Strong and both men are down. Both men lean on each other and throw right hands to each other. Both men go back and forth. Strong gets Cedric in a roll up but gets a 2 count. Strong goes for End Of Heartache but Cedric gets him in a inside cradle for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: Cedric Alexander. Cedric is interviewed about his victory and says he has earned it. He says this was the most important match of his life and will become champion at Wrestlemania.

End Of The Show.

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