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WWE 205 Live Coverage and Results (1/30)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Jan 30, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage and Results (1/30)

Be sure to check out 205 Live coverage.

The show begins with Daniel Bryan coming out with Rockstar Spud. He says he was honored to call the Cruiserweight Classic. He then says he is announcing that Drake Maverick a.k.a Rockstar Spud is the new 205 Live GM. Drake says he is proud to be here in the WWE and to be GM. He says we need a new Cruiserweight Champion. He announces a 16 man tournament to crown a new champion and it will culminate at Wrestlemania. He then announces it will start tonight and announces two first round matches. He says let it begin.

Cedric Alexander vs. Gran Metalik - First Round 

Both men shake hands. They lock up and begin chain wrestling. Cedric gets Metalik in a head lock. He bounces off the ropes and the two exchange counters to each other. Metalik takes him down with a arm drag. Cedric tries to break out of the armbar but Metalik keeps him down. Cedric escapes and kicks him down. Metalik avoids Cedric and hits him with a kick on the apron. Metalik hits a spring board drop kick. Cedric lands a top rope move of his own and dives onto Metalik on the outside. Cedric grounds him and applies a double arm choke hold. Cedric whips him to the ropes, catches Metalik but Metalik gets him into a roll up for a two count. Cedric recovers and continues his offense. Metalik kicks Cedric's face and shows his high flying offense on Cedric. Cedric goes to the outside and Metalik dives onto Cedric. Metalik lands a spring board splash to Cedric for a two count. Both men exchange kicks. Cedric catches him in the Spanish Fly but gets a two count. Metalik lands a chop in the corner. He gets Cedric to the top turnbuckle and joins him. Cedric fights him, but Metalik lands a hurricurana off the top. He covers Cedric but gets a 2. Metalik lands right hands but gets a kick to the gut. Cedric catches him for the Lumbar Check but Metalik nails a DDT. Metalik covers but only a two count. Metalik goes for a moonsault but Cedric gets his boots up. Cedric hits the Lumbar Check for the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander 

A montage of Tyler Bate is shown.

A video of Gentlemen Jack Gallagher is shown giving his thoughts on Derek Maverick.

Derek backstage is brought flowers as a gift.

-Commercial Break-

Mustafa Ali cuts a promo in the back talking about his match last week with Cedric. He says he will be the guy to steal the show and go to Wrestlemania.

TJP is interviewed and says he is the first ever Cruiserweight Champion. Derek Maverick interrupts and says that was then this is now. He asks which TJP are we getting tonight.

A video is shown of Akira Tozawa saying he is disappointed he wasn't the GM but he will be Cruiserweight Champion again.

-Commercial Break-

TJP vs. Tyler Bate - First Round

Fans chant "Let's Go Tyler". They lock up. Tyler is pushed against the ropes and the hold is let go. TJP gets a head scissors take down on Bate and keeps him down on the mat. Bate gets out of it with a head scissors hold of his own. TJP gets out but Bate puts back in it. Bate keeps in the hold but TJP eventually gets out. Both men counter each other. Both men counter until TJP gets Bate in a double arm submission stretching his arms back. Bate gets out of it and gives one to TJP but standing up. Both men exchange counters until bate lands a drop kick. TJP rolls out and Bate lands a suicide dive. Bate tries a sunset flip but TJP reverses and Bate hurts his knee. TJP starts taking advantage by pummeling him in the corner. TJP lands a suplex followed by a back suplex. TJP keeps him grounded with a double arm submission hold. Bate tries to get out of it, ramming TJP in the corner. TJP applies a Boston Crab on Bate on the turnbuckle. TJP goes back to the leg but Bate connects with a knee to the jaw. Bate lands a boot to TJP and starts to get a second wind. Bate lands a German suplex on TJP. Tyler tried the Tyler Driver '97 but TJP gets out. TJP keeps his momentum taking TJP down to the mat followed by a standing shooting star for a two count. Both men exchange a boot to each other. They go back and forth until TJP kicks Bate's hurt knee. TJP lands kicks and rights. Tyler bounces off the ropes but gets caught in the knee bar. Tyler makes it to the ropes. Both men reverse each other until Tyler knocks TJP down with a right. Tyler covers but TJP kicks out. Tyler gives TJP an airplane spin and throws him down to the mat. Tyler tries the Driver but TJP gets him in the knee bar. Tyler counters with a roll up but only a 2. Tyler lands a kick to the face. Tyler tries a corkscrew moonsault off the top but misses. TJP gets him in the knee lock again. Tyler crawls, fighting through the pain and gets to the ropes. Tyler catches him with an elbow then a knee. Tyler tries the Driver again but TJP finds the turnbuckle. Tyler gets him down off of it but TJP rolls him up, pulling the tights for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: TJP

End of The Show.


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