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Impact Wrestling Results (1/4)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Jan 04, 2018

Impact Wrestling Results (1/4)

Welcome to Impact Wrestling!

Ishimori vs Trevor Lee for the X Division Championship

Ishimori makes his way to the ring and now Trevor Lee with Caleb Konley make their way to the ring.

Stalemate to start off but Lee with a kick to the midsection and an elbow to the back gets the upperhand. Ishimori with a back handspring toss into a drop kick. Lee over the ropes with a punt kick and now Konley with the assault with Lee keeping the ref on him and now a 2 count. Lee whips Ishimori into the corner now a 2 count. Lee with the uppercut and now Ishimori with a springboard double leg takedown and now the knees to the chest. Ishimori with the double stomp for a 2 count. Lee with a right into an uppercut and now Ishimori with a handspring crossbody. 

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Ishimori with a handspring kick and a 2 count. Lee with a sitout powerbomb for a 2 count. Ishimori with a reverse suplex for a 2 count. Ishimori with the double knees into the 450 splash and the win.

Winner Taiji Ishimori and NEW X Division Champion 

Ishimori backstage and Xavier wants round 2 with him but for the title.

LAX with a promo on oVe.

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Matt Sydal vs Fallah Bahh vs EC3 for the Impact Grand Championship 

Fallah Bahh makes his way to the ring, Sydal makes his way to the ring and now EC3 makes his way to the ring.

EC3 straight for Bahh ad Sydal with a quick rollup for nothing. Bahh with a double clothesline and now a slam to both men and again. Sydal with a standing hurricanrana and Bahh with a steamroller to break up the pin attempt. Bahh with chops to EC3 and now he returns the favor and back to Bahh. Bahh with a leg drop off the ropes and now a hip toss and a takedown. 

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Sydal with a kick to Bahh and another and EC3 with a shot to the back of Sydal. Sydal with a kick to EC3 and a 2 count. EC3 with a clothesline and now tosses Sydal over the top rope onto Bahh. Sydal goes face first into the post and now a DDT to Bahh on the floor. Sydal with a spin kick for a 2 count. EC3 with the exploder suplex and a splash in the corner on Sydal. 

EC3 with chops to Sydal and now Bahh with a crossbody taking out Sydal and EC3. Bahh slams down on EC3 and Sydal breaks the pin. Sydal with the double knee takedown to Bahh and a 2 count. Sydal with kicks to Bahh and EC3 and EC3 the the TK3. Bahh with a splash in the corner on Sydal and EC3 shoves Bahh over the top rope. Sydal with a straigh kick to the face and now the Shooting Star Press and time runs out as Sydal went for the pin. 

Winner EC3 and still Impact Grand Champion

Now a special look at Johnny Impact.

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Dan Lambert vs James Storm Career vs Career and No Holds Barred Match

Lambert makes his way to the ring without ATT and now Storm makes his way to the ring.

Alex takes out Storm and now ATT comes down to the ring and well is taking their shots on Storm with each gaining a 2 count pin attempt. Storm superkicks ATT and its back to one on one. KM with the beer bottle to the back of the head and a 2 count. ATT with 2 beer bottles to the sides of Storms head for the win.

Winner Dan Lambert 

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Chandler Park vs John Bolen

Park makes his way to the ring with opponent in the ring already.

Bolen with a kick into a headbutt and now a 1 count. John with a right and now another and again. John with a body slam and Park with a back body drop and Bolen talking crap about grandma Jenny and Park with the quick rollup win.

Winner Chandler Park 

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Video of the Global Championship match from Saturday with Alberto El Patrón vs Eli Drake.

Winner Eli Drake 

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oVe vs LAX for the Tag Team Championships 

LAX make their way to the ring and oVe attack before the match starts. 

Dave and Jake with superkicks to Santana and the 2 count. Jake with a kick to Santana which lights a fire in him with rights to Jake and Dave back in. Dave with a couple kicks and now Jake back in.

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Santana with a cutter to Dave and now Dave with the Square Encompass for a 2 count and now Jake back in. Santana fighting out of the corner with rights and now a 2 count on Santana. Jake blasting Santana’s Head off the top turnbuckle and now Dave back in and the double team. Santana with slaps to both Dave and Jake and now a DDT to Jake and now Ortiz in. Ortiz with the rights to Jake and a clotheline to Dave in the corner and a Death Valley Driver with Jake on his shoulders into Dave for a 2 count. oVe with Street Sweeper for a 2 count. Ortiz with the Death Valley Driver to Dave and the tag to Santana with a super cutter from Jake off the top rope and a 2 count broken pin. Back and forth with Ortiz and Jake and now Ortiz with repeated chops to the head of Jake and now a 2 count. LAX with the Street Sweeper for the win.

Winners LAX and NEW Tag Team Champions

-End of show- 

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