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The Alternate Report: Triple H Interferes Again...

Posted By: Robert Graham on Aug 31, 2016

The Alternate Report: Triple H Interferes Again...

Now that the dust has settled after an exciting end to WWE Raw I thought I would write up an article on the ending to the Fatal Four-Way elimination match for the Universal Championship. Before I start, I know that in my last article I stated that Seth Rollins should have won the match. I stand by that, although I do agree with the ending of the match and I'm incredibly happy to see Kevin Owens as the new Universal Champion.

The reason I wanted to write up this article is to address some of the feedback I have read on the internet about this match. It seems a lot of people didn't like that Triple H interfered in the match. I understand that some people disagree with this finish, it seems to be a recurring theme surrounding World championships, Triple H likes to meddle.

What we need to remember is that Professional Wrestling is a form of entertainment that uses storytelling to keep its audience intrigued. The WWE, despite trying to use a different name for its form of entertainment is no different. When using storytelling as a method, there need to be characters. They make us care about the story being told. Would we care about the Death Star being blown up if it was just an average pilot at the end of 'A New Hope' instead of Luke Skywalker? No, because of the character we can get invested in the story. Wrestling is no different. There is still a story to be told and characters are needed to tell the story.

Why is this important? Well, Triple H may be a Wrestler, but what's more important to keep in mind is that he is a character portrayed by a Wrestler. Meddling is a character trait of Triple H's. The best way to explain him as a character from an extract from the Youtube short called 'Wrestling Isn't Wrestling' written and produced by Max Landis;

"[About Triple H]... Just wanted to be the best but could never could be that without cheating. Finally selling out to the point that if he can't be the champion, he'd choose the champion."

This is so fundamental to the motivations behind Triple H's actions. This is why he meddles in the World Championship title pictures. He could never really be the best. When he held the title it was from cheating, whether it was dirty tactics, using his sledgehammer or having his friends interfere.

Remember this is a guy that looks up to Ric Flair. A guy that wants to be the best. How do you prove your the best? You get the most World Title reigns, but he couldn't. He failed in his conquest to beat Ric Flair, to prove he was better than Randy Orton, Ric Flair, John Cena and anyone else he steps in the ring with.

Now that he is in a position of power, he exploits it. Keeping the title away from anyone that he sees as being better than him or anyone he sees as an image of who he truly is. Someone that isn't good enough.

What did you think of the finish of the Universal Championship match?

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