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Director of WWE Swerved Reveals There Was A "DO NOT SWERVE" List, Almost Blinding Kofi Kingston, More

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Jul 15, 2016

Director of WWE Swerved Reveals There Was A

Ben Pluimer one of the co-executive producers and director of WWE Swerved which airs on the WWE Network recently took part in an "Ask me anything" on Reddit. He confirmed that there was intial backlash from WWE Superstars to the show when it first launched and there was a "DO NOT SWERVE" list.

"The backlash was real. When superstars heard about the prank show, we would have to sneak into venues through back doors so they didn't see us. They got to know some familiar faces and if they saw any of us, they would spread the word. Sometimes they would walk through a prank set and see our camera hides and give them a little bump.

It was pretty nerve wracking at times. There were several superstars we were not allowed to prank no matter what. If one of them wandered into our "set", we had to freeze and wait for them to leave.

Apparently there was an actual "DO NOT SWERVE" list."

Pluimer added that WWE talent relations were in charge of allowing who got pranked:

"Some guys have better senses of humor than others. WWE talent relations has a good idea of that, much better than us. We don't want to make anyone mad so we don't want to prank anyone who'll get too heated."

He also revealed his favorite talent to work with:

"Paige, New Day, Becky Lynch, R-Truth were our favorites. Working with Vince was a trip, definitely one of the most memorable shoots."

Going forward Pluimer sees pranking the general public a better option as wrestlers become savvy to the pranks:

"You can only prank people so many times. So another round of pranking the same small group of people wasn't much of an option. Fans and random people are better marks. And it's a lot more fun to work WITH the superstars than against them.

But now that we have all of them on our side, maybe season 3 happens and we get to bring back them as some targets."

Oh and then there is that time he pissed off Ric Flair:

"He got pissed and walked ALLL the way around the building to another entrance, through a huge group of fans. Our control room was set up right by catering and he walked right in there. So Charlotte to get him and we revealed the prank. A few things went wrong with that prank as it was happening, so he might have actually sniffed it out. But I'm not convinced he knew what was happening."

...and almost blinded Kofi Kingston:

"Oh man, that one was so close to being really bad. Woods wasn't supposed to shoot him from that close, and Kofi was coughing up baby powder and washing it out of his eyes for an hour. I thought some real damage might have occurred. But thankfully it just looked bad and he was fine. He might have been selling it really well after the shot when he saw the cameras."

Click here to read the full Ask me anything.

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