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NXT Takeover Results (5/29/14)

Posted By: Elio C. on May 29, 2014

NXT Takeover Results (5/29/14)

Welcome to NXT Takeover and we are live from Full Sail University. We kick things off with Adam Rose and The Exotic Express making their way into the arena for the opening match of the PPV

1. Adam Rose vs Camacho

Rose dances around the ring. Camacho locks The Full Nelson in. Rose breaks it. A right hand by Camacho sends Rose to the mat and Camacho stomps away on Rose. Double underhook suplex by Camacho, Camacho with a chinlock and Rose escapes. Another series of right hands to Rose and the big boot connects with Rose's jaw. Back to the chinlock by Camacho. Rose gets to his feet and a knee strike by Camacho followed by a forearm sends Rose to the mat. Legdrop by Camacho. Headbutt by Camacho. Rose with a knee strike. Rose sidesteps as Camacho misses with a clothesline and Rose with a series of right hands. Irish whip reversed by Camacho and Rose plants him with a spinebuster. Rose hits the Party Foul on Camacho for the three count

The winner of the match: Adam Rose

Video:  Sami Zayn's journey to NXT Takeover

2. NXT Tag Team Championship: The Ascension vs Calisto & El Local

Local and Calisto clear the ring early on. Konnor and Viktor run back in and deliver Uppercuts. Konnor holding Calisto  up as Viktor comes in and delivers a right hand. Viktor in control of the match. Calisto tossed to the outside and Konnor one hand bounces Calisto against the ropes. Calisto with boots to Viktor. Konnor slides in and drives Calisto into the turnbuckle. Chop by Viktor to Calisto. Viktor runs into an elbow and Calisto with a reverse hurricanrana. Tag to Local. Springboard right hand to Viktor. Local connects with the boots to the head and a moonsault by Local. STO by Viktor to Local. Konnor and Viktor hit The Fall Of Man for the three count

The winners and still NXT Tag Team Champions: The Ascension

3. Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze

Breeze stays out of Zayn's reach as they tease a lockup. Breeze slips behind Zayn and they jockey for position with wrist and arm control. Breeze grabs Zayn's nose for an advantage. Breeze yanks hair to put Zayn into the corner, which angers Zayn. Zayn is tired of the games. Zayn ends up seated on the turnbuckle but Breeze dumps him off straight to the ringside. Zayn rolls into the ring at 7. Breeze gets aggressive in the corner. Breeze bulldogs Zayn's face into the turnbuckle. Breeze with elbows to the back of the head. The announcers are playing up the story of Breeze working Zayn's head and neck. Zayn blocks a suplex with a front suplex of his own. Zayn is wobbly, but he is able to bait Breeze and low bridge him to the ramp. Zayn springboards off his bottom and clobbers Breeze with a moonsault on the way down. Top rope crossbody gets two for Zayn. Breeze blocks the Blue Thunderbomb twice, but Zayn catches him with it for a tight nearfall. The crowd demands a repeat. Zayn to the top again, but jumps over Breeze. Breeze hits a kick then a DDT for two. Both men are down after the DDT. Breeze is yanking Zayn's legs but Zayn holds onto the ropes. Breeze yanks him free to hit a small powerbomb of sorts for a nearfall. They reset again. Breeze risks a DQ with fists in the corner, and again. Zayn is barely moving, but hits an exploder suplex to send Breeze into the turnbuckle. The ref starts a count as both men sell on the mat. they beat the count and trade rights. Zayn with the edge, Zayn blocks a whip, reverses, Breeze reverses, Zayn puts the brakes on to avoid running over the ref so Breeze slips into a schoolboy for a close nearfall. Blue Thunderbomb, Breeze slips out, they counter, counter, counter, superkick from Breeze but Zayn isn't out yet. The crowd is on their feet. Another count from the ref and Breeze is up at 8. Zayn has nothing left as Breeze struggles to drop bombs. Zayn slaps Breeze and Breeze goes nuts, nearly getting DQed. Zayn blocks a whip, and again, turns Breeze around for a double pumphandle suplex but Breeze blocks and rolls up Zayn, then tussle, Zayn with a sloppy Blue Thunderbomb out of nowhere for two and 9 10ths. This match is nuts. Breeze goes under the ropes, and Zayn flies over the ropes to the ramp. "Holy S---" chant and Zayn rolls Breeze into the ring. Breeze ducks the running boot in the corner and Zayn crotches himself at high speed, Beauty Shot and Breeze is the #1 contender. There's some confusion because it looked like Breeze was sinking down to the mat and trying to protect his face and accidentally low blowed Zayn.

The winner of the match: Tyler Breeze

Rusev walks out with Lana and cuts a promo on the US. Mojo Rawley then comes out and cuts his own promo on Rusev. Rawley runs down to the ring and runs into a boot. Rusev beats Rawley down. Clothesline in the corner by Rusev. Rusev locks in The Accolades

WWE Diva's Champion Paige comes out to the ring and says it's good to be back home at NXT and thanks the fans saying she wouldn't be here without them or NXT and she wouldn't be the diva's  champion without their support and tonight we crown a new NXT Women's Champion. She then thanks the fans once again and tells them to enjoy the rest of the show because it will be memorable.

4. NXT Women's Championship: Charlotte vs Natalya

Charlotte and Natalya lock up and a takedown by Natalya going for a cover early on. Waistlock by Natalya. Charlotte turns it around into a hammerlock. Natalya counters with a fireman's carry. Headscissor by Charlotte.  Side headlock takedown by Natalya. Charlotte throws Natalya off and Charlotte works on the arm. Charlotte keeps Natalya grounded. Natalya back to her feet taking Charlotte's legs out from her under her and Natalya has a leglock on Charlotte but Charlotte gets out of it. Single leg takedown by Natalya and back to work on the leg but Charlotte turns it around once more into a chinlock. Front facelock by Natalya brings Charlotte to her knees. Charlottle back in control with a front facelock of her own. Irish whip by Charlotte. Leapfrog by Natalya. Natalya looking for the wheelbarrow but Charlottle rolls Natalya up. Natalya with a bodyscissors on Charlottle. Split second cross armbreaker on Charlotte but Charlotte makes it to the bottom rope. Natalya and Charlotte trade slaps. Waistlock by Natalya and another roll up but 2 count only. Chop by Charlotte. Irish whip by Natalya sends Charlotte into the turnbuckle. Waistlock broken by Charlotte and an elbow to Natalya. Natalya jumps on Charlotte's back. Charlotte hits a backpack stunner. And Charlottle slamming Natalya's face into the mat. Natalya choked out in the corner by Charlotte. Figure four headlock by Charlotte. Abdominal stretch by Charlotte, Natalya reverses into her own abdominal stretch. Backslide by Natalya and Charlotte connects with a dropkick. Suplex and a clothesline by Natalya. Snapmare to Charlotte and dropkick by Natalya. Charlotte sent to the outside. Charlotte and Natalya on the apron and Charlotte puts the figure four on Natalya in the ropes. It's Natalya sent to the floor and into the ringsteps. Both diva's back in and Charlotte locks the Sharpshooter in. Natalya counters into a Sharpshooter of her own but Charlotte kicks her away and connects with the Bow Down To The Queen for the three count

The winner of the match and NEW NXT Women's Champion: Charlotte

Video: Adrian Neville's journey to NXT Takeover

5. NXT World Heavyweight Championship: Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd

Confidence oozes out of Kidd and Neville as they just look at each other. Lockup like a spring loaded mechanism and Kidd puts Neville in the corner. Kidd overs a hand, Neville takes it, and they jaw at each other. Headlock takedown for Kidd. Kidd starts to look cocky as he is able to control Neville on the mat. Neville can't escape a wristlock and ends up on the mat again. they repeat, and Neville finally is able to twist out of the lock and send Kidd to the ropes. Neville works Kidd's arm in a reversal of fortunes. Kidd is forced to the ropes to escape a hold.
Shoulder block from Kidd signals a more physical style. They move-for-move, share a look of respect in the ring, then Kidd cheapshots Neville. Tree of Woe and Kidd puts boots to Neville's back. Dropkick to Neville's face drops him out of the corner. Back elbow gets one for Kidd. Kidd grinds away on Neville. Kidd sends Neville outside with a dropkick, then flies through the ropes. Neville gets a boot up in the corner to get a break. Double crossbody and they are both on the mat. Neville and Kidd trade strikes, but Neville gets the edge. Educated feet put Kidd to a knee, then a sliding kick knock him down. Neville puts Kidd in the Tree of Woe and delivers the same kicks to the back that he took. Big dropkick to Kidd. Springboard forearm gets two for Neville. Kidd to the outside, but Kidd hits a Pele kick from the apron to surprise Neville coming through the ropes, gets a two count. Kidd to the top, but Neville seats him and meets him there. Kidd wants a sunset flip powerbomb from the top but Neville flips out and lands on his feet. Kidd's jaw drops. Kidd wants a Sharpshooter or Dungeon Lock, but Neville slips away. Kidd with offense. Neville blocks a suplex, then suplexes Kidd over the ropes, Kidd hangs on and Neville is over the ropes too. The ref is counting. They slip in at 9. The ref restarts his count in the ring. The crowd is split 50-50. They trade blows. Kidd with a surprise Sharpshooter mid-ring, but he can't quite get it on. Kidd transitions to the Dungeon Lock, and kicks Neville's head. Neville can't quite get to the ropes. Neville is fading out, but manages to grab the rope. Neville is half-dead as Kidd looks around in frustration. Neville is dangling half-through the ropes, so Kidd goes to the top and hits a 450 leg drop to Neville for a nearfall. Kidd to the top again, but Neville grabs his feet. Kidd kicks him away, but Neville meets him up top. Neville to the mat, but goes up again and hits a huracarana. Kidd flies across the ring, Red Arrow, Neville retains.
The winner of the match and still NXT World Heavyweight Champion: Adrian Neville

Post Match: Neville offers to shake Kidd's hand but Kidd just walks past him and shoulders him on the way out

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