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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/10/13) Tulsa, Oklahoma

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 11, 2013

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/10/13) Tulsa, Oklahoma

A “previously on…” video package aired, previewing some of the matches that have been set up for Bound for Glory.

- Mike Tenay intro’d the show, discussing what’s to come while the camera panned the crowd.

- First out was TNA President Dixie Carter. I didn’t know fans still booed by giving the thumbs down, but several in the crowd were doing just that. Dixie had a smile on her face when talking about Hulk Hogan leaving last week (and promised no one would ever mention his name in the company again). Carter said she didn’t need Hogan, but gave him a job out of the goodness of her heart. She said she didn’t need any Vince, Eric Bischoff, Stephanie Levesque, or Jarretts telling her how to run her business. What a name-dropper.

Dixie turned her attention to A.J. Styles, who she kicked out of the building last week only for him to reappear later in the show. Yeah, I can’t believe someone would do that on a wrestling show! She gave Bully Ray carte blanche tonight to book A.J. in any match he wants to. As she was explaining that, Sting charged to the ring with a mic. Sting was upset, but bubbly Dixie was happy to see him, aw shucks. Carter said those in the back need to “wake up” and realize they’re under review. And that includes Sting. Dixie wasn’t happy that Sting vouched for Hogan in the past. She also wasn’t pleased that he made a match for himself against Magnus at Bound for Glory. She asked him if he wanted his future to be over in TNA. She said she didn’t want that for him. Dixie asked the fans if they wanted to see Sting wrestle tonight. She suggested he and Magnus bond tonight in a tag match against Kaz and Daniels.

Sting demanded Dixie tell him what’s going on. Dixie ignored him and kept talking about the tag match. Dixie wanted to take it up another level (keeping the Hogan lingo, I see) and said if Sting or Magnus lose tonight, neither one will be at Bound for Glory. There had to be a better way to explain that. It came off quite clunky. She reminded Sting that his future was in the palm of her hand. She wished Sting good luck and said she wants him to win. They left the ring separately as Dixie’s music played. Her insincerity is near Triple H levels.

- Taz and Tenay were shown on-camera talking about no one being in charge without Hogan around, though Dixie was clearly calling the shots there.

- Tonight, Daniels and Kaz will induct Bobby Roode in the EGO Hall-of-Fame.

- Next, Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries.

- The roving camera caught up to Aries backstage. Aries said his inner monologue was telling him Hardy is trying to steal his spot. He said he’s not a fan of Ultimate X, but it’s about how Hardy relies on spectacles like that. But tonight, it’s just two men, one-on-one. He said his goal was to win the X Division Title and cash it in to win the TNA Title. I mean, okay, but do they constantly have to remind viewers that so many wrestlers see owning the X Division Title as only a stepping stone, and not prestigious in and of itself?

-Commercial Break-

- A. J. Styles was in the locker room, talking to the roving cameraman. Styles said he wasn’t concerned about Bully’s revenge because he doesn’t back down from a fight. He promised to make Dixie pay. He looked into the camera and vowed to win the title at Bound for Glory, then “have” both Ray and Carter.


Tenay called this a “pay per-view quality match-up.” The crowd was solidly behind Hardy. Some chain wrestling by Aries grounded Hardy. He was supposed to miss an elbow-drop, but Hardy didn’t get out of the way in time and Aries did graze him. Aries came off the middle rope, but Hardy caught him with an atomic drop. Aries settled into an arm-bar, then hit a low dropkick for a near-fall. Tenay was plugging anything and everything during this match, including Spike TV shows and Dixie Carter’s Twitter. Nice bulldog out of the corner from Aries for two at 3:08 of the match. Jaw-breaker by Hardy broke a rear chin-lock. The match went outside the ring and both men were down. They cut to break at 4:27.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 8:27 of the match with Hardy in control. I don’t think anyone has mentioned their names yet, but Chris Sabin and Manik are also in that Ultimate X Match at Bound for Glory. Aries side-stepped a Hardy charge, and Hardy flew under the bottom rope and into the announce table. Aries went to the top rope and came up with a double axe-handle (now called a double sledge or double sledgehammer, I guess) onto Hardy. Aries went to the other side of the ring and to that top turnbuckle. He came off with the move again. Back in the ring, Aries missed a missile dropkick off the top rope at 11:43. Hardy began his comeback, but Aries cut it short. He connected on a neck-breaker while Hardy was stuck between the ropes. Aries went to the top again, this time connecting with the dropkick. Hardy got his feet up on a corner charge, then set Aries up for a powerbomb, only to flip him over his head. Whisper in the Wind, followed by a shirt removal by Hardy. He went to the top and Aries dropkicked the rope to crotch Hardy. Middle-rope brain-buster by Aries for the pin.

WINNER: Aries, at 14:19. Good match, as one would expect, and an effective finish.

After the match, Samoa Joe walked out in a suit. Joe congratulated Aries on the win. He said he’s impressed with how Aries just walked out last week and put himself in an X Division title match. And Hardy followed that by making it into an Ultimate X Match. Joe wanted to see if he could do the same, and he put himself in the Ultimate X Match as a fifth competitor. When they point out the ridiculousness of guys putting themselves in matches, and then go ahead and do it again…I just don’t get that logic.

- Robbie E. and Jesse Godderz were backstage bro-ing it up. They discussed their losses to ODB, Eric Young, and Joseph Park. Jesse said Dixie respects people who step it up, so he volunteered to take care of their biggest problem. Robbie didn’t seem to know what was going on.

[Commercial Break]

- From earlier tonight, Jeremy Borash was standing outside near a vehicle that contained Eric Young and Joseph Park. They were beginning a road trip to Bound for Glory in San Diego. Then men drove away, but stopped before they left the area. Young said ODB has a match tonight, so he can’t leave yet. He and Park ran back into the arena.

- The Bro-Mans were in the ring. Jesse called out ODB. ODB came out with Young. ODB showed off her Knockouts title. And we’ve got a match.

2 – JESSE vs. ODB

ODB slapped Jesse across the chest a few times after Jesse got in her face. Then she rubbed his face in her cleavage, doing the same to Robbie E, and then Young (he was a willing participant, though). Roll-up by Jesse for two, then Robbie hooked ODB’s leg when she hit the ropes. Young took offense and he and Robbie brawled at ringside. They ended up heading backstage. ODB had her liquid courage, but before she could take a sip, Lei’d Tapa’s music played and she came out. ODB appeared ready for a fight with her. Tapa entered the ring and took ODB down with a shoulder tackle. Referee Brian Stiffler called for the bell.

WINNER: ODB, via disqualification, at 2:07. Nothing at all to it, but the point was to set up Tapa’s interference.

Tapa laid out ODB after the match. She took the Knockouts title and stood over ODB with it.

- Tonight, Sting & Magnus face Daniels & Kazarian.

- Plus, Bobby Roode will be inducted into the EGO Hall-of-Fame.

- Bully Ray was walking backstage when the cameraman caught up to him. He confirmed the revenge match for Styles and said he was on his way to take care of it now.

[Commercial Break]

- Backstage, more infighting with Aces & Eights. When Knux confronted Bully Ray, Ray laid the blame at the feet of Ken Anderson. Ray said they should all protect him and the World Title. He said Anderson’s ego brought him down. Knux said Ray didn’t have to try to end his career. Ray admitted it may have been a bit “strong,” but tonight, he gets to take his revenge on Ray. He said he wanted Knux and Garett Bischoff to be the ones who put Styles out of commission. He said he wanted them to be a part of keeping the title in the club. It sure sounds like they’re setting up Anderson’s return.

- Sting and Magnus were in the locker room discussing what happened last week. Magnus said he needed a kick in the rear, and he’s taking their match in San Diego very seriously. Sting hyped up Bound for Glory and said the PPV has been very good to him. Magnus turned their attention to their tag match tonight. He said they just need to think about tonight.

- A knock on another locker room door brought out Kazarian. Kaz said they couldn’t see the wizard tonight. Then Daniels poked his head out, below Kaz, and told the interviewer that tonight’s HOF party will top them all. That induction is next.

[Commercial Break]

- A graphic aired for tonight’s big tag match.

- Plus, Knux & Garett Bischoff vs. A.J. Styles in a handicap match.

- A video package aired on Kurt Angle’s impending induction into the TNA Hall-of-Fame at Bound for Glory.

- Kazarian and Daniels came out dressed like the guys in Dumb and Dumber, one of them with a light blue suit, top hat, and cane (Daniels), the other with an all-orange suit, top hat, and cane. Daniels announced that, in addition to the Hall-of-Fame, it’s Throwback Thursday. There was a giant wooden chair in the ring and the men were speaking at a podium. Daniels said he was honoring the fans who follow Main Event Mafia…the fans are dumb and dumber. Kaz talked about the number of illegitimate Halls of Fame, like MLB (for leaving out Jose Canseco), the Rock ‘N Roll (for leaving out Judas Priest), and TNA for omitting Bad Influence. Kaz then introduced Bobby Roode. Roode was dressed a little better than Bad Influence.

A portrait of Roode was unveiled once he entered the ring. They had him sit in the big wooden chair. Kazarian said he slaved over a hot computer all week and made Roode a video package. It included baby pictures with Roode’s adult face over the face of a baby. “His charisma has brought together a nation,” said the voiceover. Very dramatic music, but it had an understated humor to it. Daniels talked about how Sting doesn’t deserve to be in a Hall-of-Fame. He mentioned Roode being the longest-reigning TNA Champion in company history. Daniels asked the fans to stand for Roode, but they just booed. Roode then went to the podium to speak. He was emotional.

Roode first thanked who he referred to as “two amazing gentlemen,” Daniels and Kazarian. Roode backed away in tears, and Kaz gave him a hanky to wipe them away. He said without them, EGO would not exist. Roode said one more man needs to be recognized for without him, none of this would exist – it was him. He called himself the reason people watch Impact. He said he’s deserving of the Hall-of-Fame induction, not Kurt Angle. He said the only reason Angle is getting inducted into the HOF at BFG is because of the fans, but what has Angle done lately? Roode discussed his credentials and asked where Angle was now. Before he could give the answer, Angle’s music interrupted and he walked out from backstage. He was staring a hole through Roode from the stage. EGO was irate. Angle took off his shirt and readied for a fight.

Angle walked to the ring with a mic. He confronted the three men and asked Roode if Daniels and Kaz were his girlfriends. Stay classy, Kurt. Angle suplexed Daniels and Kaz, but Roode took off before Angle could get his hands on him. Angle said he was back and wanted Roode at Bound for Glory. I guess in the context of how TNA operates, that match is now official.

- Brooke Tessmacher was walking backstage. She faces Velvet Sky next. Sky was then shown walking with Chris Sabin, her ribs taped up, striding gingerly.

[Commercial Break]

- Upcoming TNA live events were previewed by Tenay.

- An incensed Roode was going crazy backstage. He yelled at the camera, telling Angle he made the biggest mistake of his life. Roode said Angle doesn’t make the challenges, he does. He promised Angle would “get it” at Bound for Glory.


The BFG KO title match already has Gail Kim and ODB as participants. Sky kicked away at Brooke in the corner, then sent her headfirst into the opposite turnbuckle. A missed splash led to Brooke unwrapping the tape on Sky’s ribs. Side Russian leg sweep by Sky. After some back-and-forth, Sky hit some terrible clotheslines and an equally awful back-elbow. Part of it was Brooke taking the dive too early. Neck-breaker from Sky, but again, she aggravated her mid-section injury. A cover only got two. Sabin hopped onto the apron to give Sky advice. That led to Brooke rolling Sky up for the win.

WINNER: Brooke, at 3:54. Not a good match. Are Sky and Tapa the only Knockouts to not be in the title match at BFG? And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tapa end up in it.

- Sting and Magnus were talking strategy (probably) in a poorly-lit hallway backstage. Their tag match is coming up.

[Commercial Break]

- More from “earlier tonight.” It was Ethan again as he entered some…place. He judged the look of a few women and wandered around. The camera again only caught him from behind. But graphics aired that included a video which showed him from the front. It was Derrick Bateman, late of WWE, and now he’s Ethan Carter III. I hope he’s related to Dixie.

- Taz and Tenay ran down the Bound for Glory card.


Daniels and Magnus began the match. Magnus caught a cross-body attempt and turned it into a standing suplex. Magnus tagged Sting and after creating some separation, Daniels tagged Kaz. Almost a miscommunication between Sting and Magnus, and Kazarian and Daniels took advantage. They cut to break with Daniels paired off with Sting and Kaz fighting Magnus in the ring. 2:03 had elapsed in the match.

[Commercial Break]

The show returned at 5:35 of the match. The heels had Magnus in their corner, working him over. Dropkick by Kaz for two. “We want Sting” chant as Danels cut of the comeback from Magnus. Magnus worked out of a side headlock, but Daniels wouldn’t allow him any more than that. Again, Magnus tried to get on track offensively, and this time, he had more success. He dropped Daniels with a clothesline. The crowd was hot for the tag to Sting. Kaz also tagged in, and was felled by a Sting dropkick. Face-buster followed for two. After taking care of Daniels, Magnus tagged in and hit his top-rope elbowdrop. Instead of going for the pin, he applied the cloverleaf. Daniels interfered, so Sting tagged himself in and took out Kaz with the Scorpion Death Drop for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Sting and Magnus, at 10:59. A fine match, though the result was never really in doubt.

- Dixie Carter caught up to A.J. Styles backstage. She wanted to talk to him about the handicap match and said he doesn’t have to do the match tonight, or the match with Bully Ray at Bound for Glory. She gave him a check that was apparently a lot of money, as she said he had never seen that much money in his life. She wanted him to take the money and call it a career. Styles said you can buy a lot with that money, but you can’t buy him. He tore up the check and walked away. “I didn’t sign that check anyway,” said Dixie. Man, TNA is making it so easy to joke about their financial issues.

[Commercial Break]


Bully Ray and Brooke came to the ring with his cohorts. Ray ordered Tenay out of his announce chair and Tenay left willingly. Ray sat next to Taz. Styles attacked Aces & Eights prior to the bell. The crowd was hot for this as well. Hard whip into the turnbuckle by Styles on Bischoff. Big splash followed that up. He put the boots to Bischoff in intense fashion. Blind tag and Bischoff took a weak clothesline – I think he and Styles got crossed-up there. Knux saved the day by going after Styles, dropping him throat-first across the top rope. Hard right hand by Knux and Styles collapsed in the corner. Bischoff tagged in and choked Styles. Styles came back with vengeance, taking the fight to both men. Springboard forearm knocked Knux woozy. Knux then missed Styles and hit Bischoff. Pele kick to Knux, followed by a roll-up of Bischoff for the win.

WINNER: Styles, at 4:46.

The heels attacked Styles right after the match ended. Ray pulled them off and sent them to opposite corners so that he could have Styles to himself. He had a chain and proceeded to whip Styles with it. Tenay took back his headset to finish things out. Ray let Styles get to his feet, then back-dropped him onto the ramp. Ray got in A.J.’s face and said he’ll be the last voice A.J. hears and the last face he sees. He kept trash-talking A.J. as the show went off the air.

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