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Posted By: Krysti on Aug 06, 2013


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WNS is a large network and we have multiple content delivery systems. a 100% house built content management system, no other non-WNS owned site runs this software and is especially built for YOUR experience on this network. We do our best to keep.. things.. out of your way, but those... things.. keep the site online. WNS is a unique experience on the Internet Wrestling Community with it's heavily CUSTOMIZABLE colours, logos, font sizes, site options such as our TAG TRACKER which allows you to keep an eye on the news YOU want and our new WNS comment system blacklist, to the comment system itself offering 100% CAPTCHA free anonymous system that manages to combat spam in it's own way without bothering YOU. We have been around for over 10 years now and will continue to do our best to serve you. Donating to WNS keeps this machine running and if we had even a minor revenue from it we could push away some of those... things.. over there.. on the right... above you.. on every article. We also have new projects on the horizon such as VaporSnail.Com (VPR-TV) but you can visit that, since it's off topic here. :) 

WNS doesn't want your personal info, so we won't sell it, talk about it around the water cooler, nothing like that. In fact, WNS is account-free. We don't ask for anything up front and the only information that would pass between us would be here, to donate through PayPal using standard PayPal tools so nothing is unsecured or stored on WNS by donating. We do our best to keep your hands clean while using WNS, all our features revolve around a permanent cookie. You delete our cookies, the features reset, bottom line. They can be transferred between devices using the "E-Mail Your Settings" feature. This will email you a link wit your cookie and set the cookie. Invalid cookies cannot be transferred, information is is inspected by WNS before setting this cookie for WNS validity. Feel free to inspect our cookie, it is a simple information array in base64 that stores your WNS colors, image settings, blocklist, etc. This is more of the unique WNS experience. We don't feel like there is a huge need for an account that asks standard things like phone numbers, addresses, your real name... you can be whomever you want as long as you follow the rules.

Thank you for using the WNS network. All these things have been fun to make and I appreciate your support and readership.

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