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Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.Com on Jun 20, 2013


A Year In Review -WWF 1994

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Click the month you wish to view and step back to the year 1994!

I. January
    1. Kid/Jannetty win tag team gold.
    2. Spark Plugg debuts
    3. Royal Rumble Event

II. February
    1. Why Owen , Why?
    2. Co-Winners of the Royal Rumble. Who gets the title shot?
    3. Crush/Savage continues

III. March
    1. Wrestle Mania Event.
    2. Luger’s downfall
    3. Mr. Perfect’s return.

IV. April
    1. The search for The Undertaker begins.
    2. Duke the Dumpster.
    3. Steiner Brothers last appearance.

V. May
    1. Headshrinkers win tag team gold
    2. Diesel gets a world title shot.
    3. Earthquake/Yokozuna
    4. Ted DiBiase buys “The Undertaker”.

VI. June
    1. Lawler/Piper feud.
    2. King of the Ring event.
    3. Owens push begins.

VII. July
    1. Tatanka accuses Luger to selling out to the “Million Dollar Corporation”.
    2. The fake Undertaker debuts on RAW.

VIII. August
    1. Summer Slam Event.
    2. Bob Backlund returns to the WWF.

IX. September
    1. Tatanka heel run.
    2. British Bulldog returns to the WWF.

X. October
    1. Hart family turmoil.
    2. The Undertaker begins to target Yokozuna, again.

XI. November
    1. Randy Savage leaves the WWF.
    2. Aldo Montoya debuts.
    3. Survivor Series Event
    4. Diesel wins the World Title in eight seconds.

XII. December
    1. The Roadie debuts
    2. Diesel baby face run.
    3. IRS targets The Undertaker

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