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Wrestling News Source Podcast

Wrestling News Source Podcast

WWE SummerSlam 2019 Review
Episode 422 - SummerSlam 2019 Review - This week, there is a LOT to cover as Tyler and Daniel discuss NXT Takeover, SummerSlam, Raw, Smackdown, New Japan, AND AEW! Check it out by clicking play!
The Irish Whip

The Irish Whip

Jacob Fatu Interview
In this weeks episode of the IRISH WHIP PODCAST, we sit down with the #SamoanWerewolf, Jacob Fatu, son of the Tonga Kid, one of the youngest members of #TheSamoanDynasty. Jacob takes time and gets candid with an EXCLUSIVE #TIWMafia Interview detailing his arrest at eighteen years of age and how his family, including Josef Samael, The Uso's, The Rock, Rikishi, Roman Reigns and his father, Tonga Kid have helped him prioritize his life and his future and imminent decisions. We talk in detail about his career wrestling for companies like PCW Ultra, Defy, and MLW, his father the Tonga Kid, his uncle and trainer Rikishi, his uncle Samu, his cousins the Uso's and Roman Reigns as well as the pressure and incessant willingness to be dressed down and laced up when needed. Jacob addresses what is it like growing up within the samoan lineage being a Bay Area Boy plus exactly when he knew he wanted to get into pro wrestling. One of two #TIWCornerstone's of 2019 - The Samoan Werewolf - Jacob Fatu