AEW Collision Results
November 11, 2023
Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, CA
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to a video package hyping up tonight’s matches…We go to the intro as Saturday night’s alright for fighting!

Now we go to the arena as the pyro goes off as Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show…no Kevin Kelly this week.

Andrade’s music hits as he makes his way out to the ring. CJ Perry’s music hits next as she walks out and stands next to Andrade as it looks like CJ will be the new manager for Andrade, which should be interesting going forward. Miro is shown watching on from the back…Daniel Garcia’s music hits next as he comes out next. He dances a little before coming to the ring.

Daniel Garcia vs. Andrade El Idolo

The bell rings as we are underway…Both men lock up as Andrade pushes Garcia to the ropes as the hold is broken. Andrade has Garcia in an armbar. Garcia tries to get out of the hold, but Andrade holds on. Andrade does a full arm drag twist and Garcia finally gets out the hold. Andrade then applies a side headlock as Garcia gets out of it and put Andrade in a headlock. Andrade gets tossed to the ropes, but he holds on and posses as he is in the ropes. As Garcia attempts to dance, Andrade drops him with a shoulder block, followed by a standing drop kick. Andrade then chops Garcia in the corner as Garcia fights back with forearm shots as Andrade goes to the ropes. Garcia then drops Andrade with a leg sweep, as Andrade gets up, he drop kicks him. Andrade recovers and drops Garcia with a lariat, who rolls to the outside. Andrade goes to the outside as chases Garcia who makes it back into the ring. Andrade attempts to get back in the ring as Garcia tries to stomp on him…Andrade climbs the ropes and hits Garcia with a huge cross body. Garcia then grabs Andrade and applies a sleeper, but Andrade get out of it…Garcia then follows up with a knee to the shoulder blades as Andrade falls to the outside…Garcia is on the outside and walks towards CJ Perry and dances in front of her as she dances back with a smile on her face. Garcia gets back in the ring as Andrade nails him with forearm shots…Garcia then drops Andrade hard as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Garcia and Andrade are on the outside. Garcia tosses Andrade into the barricade as CJ Perry looks on. Garcia then nails Andrade with a big fist and dances a bit. Andrade recovers as Garcia tosses him back into the ring and stomps on his hand. Garcia drives Andrade to the corner and hits him with punches to the mid-section. Andrade is up on the top turnbuckle as Garcia climbs up…Andrade fights back.

Back from picture-in-picture, both men are still on the ropes as Andrade headbutts Garcia, dropping him to the mat…Garcia grabs Andrade’s ankle and has it in an ankle lock as Andrade is screaming in pain as Garcia wrenches on the ankle and knee. Andrade rolls on his back and kicks Garcia in the face to break the hold, but Garcia comes back and and drops Andrade, who gets up and hits Garcia with a dragon screw leg sweep and a forearm to the face. Garcia is down in the corner as Andrade charges at Garcia and nails him with running knees. Andrade pulls Garia to the center of the ring and covers Garcia for only a two count! Andrade is up on the top rope, but Garcia gets up and drops Andrade to the mat and stomps on the his bad knee. Garcia then charges at Andrade and connects with a big knee..Garcia comes back and delivers several suplexes on Garcia…Garcia turns it around and drops Andrade with a big brain buster…Garcia covers Andrade – 1 – 2 – NO! Andrade kicks out. Andrade hits Garcia with a back elbow and then hits Garcia with a knee to the chin and scoops him up and slams him to the mat. Andrade goes to the top and hits Garcia with a moonsault…Andrade covers him for a two count…the fans begin to chant this is awesome! Both men are up and exchange forearm shots…Andrade tells Garcia to bring it and he does with several forearm shots! Andrade fakes a pump kick and then nails Garcia…he puts Garcia into a figure four and then a figure eight as Garcia submits! After the match, CJ Perry and Andrade hug as Miro looks on from back and smiles and then shakes his head…


Nigel and Tony take us back to the end of last Wednesday’s Dynamite with The Acclaimed being attacked by The Devil the men in the black masks.

Back from the break, Christian music hits. Luchasauras and Nick Wayne coming out with Christian as Wayne will take on Dalton Castle. Castle’s music hits as he comes out with The Boys. The Boys fan Castle as Nigel gives us information on All In returning to Wembley Stadium with advanced tickets going on sale November 27. We get a Dalton Castle chant from the fans.

Nick Wayne vs. Dalton Castle

The bell rings as this match begins. Castle ties up Wayne who goes to the ropes to break the hold. Castle jaws at Wayne as both men lock up. Wayne sends Castle to the corner as he picks up Wayne and sends him to the opposite corner and poses. Both men lock up hands for a test of strength…Wayne sends Castle to the ropes and then posses. Castle drops Wayne and locks in up and rolls him a few times on the mat. Wayne gets up and hits Castle with rights and lefts. As Wayne goes to the corner, Castle grabs Wayne and nails him with a knee…Castle then drops Wayne with a gut wrench. Castle grabs Wayne and drops him again with a gut wrench. Castle then grabs Wayne and kicks him in the rib cage. Wayne is down as Castle is fired up. Castle picks up Wayne who backs into the ropes uses the ropes as reverse neck breaker. Wayne hits Castle with a forearm and then poses. Wayne locks up Castle as he fights back. Wayne has a forward roll on Castle who kicks out at two and then drops Wayne with a big lariat. Castle then picks up Wayne and drops him with a suplex…Castle has Wayne up as he was going for the bang a rang, but Wayne gets out of it. Luchasuarus climbs the apron as The Boys grab him, but Lucha drops both Boys hard to the floor. Wayne then sends Castle shoulder first to the post and then hits a cutter off the ropes and covers Castle to get the win.


After the match, the heels celebrate in the ring. We go backstage to Hangman Page talking about his match with Swerve at WrestleDream…Hangman says he will take Swerve out at Full Gear in a Texas Death Match…Hangman tells Swerve to walk around his house and look at his family members and wants him to see every wedding, funeral as Hangman says he will take Swerve to the bottom, to the abyss and Hangman says he will walk with his son hand in hand and piss on Swerve’s grave..

RUSH and Dralistico are out next as they are with Preston Vance and Jose The Assistant.

RUSH and Dralistico vs. The WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry and JD Drake)

The bell rings as The WorkHorsemen are already in the ring. Dralistico takes down Henry who recovers…Henry sends Dralistico to the ropes…Henry puts his hand out to Dralistico who kicks it. Drake is tagged in and drops Dralistico and then mocks RUSH. Drake nails Dralistsico with a huge chop. Dralistico gets up and chops Drake who then fires back with another big chops. RUSH is tagged and he and Drake exchange chops. RUSH drops Drake with a standing drop kick. RUSH picks him and chops him again. Henry tries to come in, but RUSH sends him to the floor as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: RUSH looks at the camera as Drake is down…Drake rolls to the apron. RUSH goes to the outside and sends Henry into the barricade…he grabs Henry and sends him into the announce table. Henry fights back…

Back from the full commercial break, RUSH stomps on Drake in the corner as Henry comes in only to drop him with a spinning forearm. Drake is up as Dralistico and RUSH double team him. Drake is down in the corner as RUSH attempts to charge Drake, but Henry pulls him out of the ring. Drake and Henry double team Dralistico as Henry covers him for just a two count. Drake then climbs the top rope and tries a moonsault, but misses. RUSH then drops Henry with a German Suplex…Dralistico flies over the top rope and crashes on Henry on the outside…Drake is in the corner as RUSH charges at him and delivers a huge knee…RUSH pulls Drake to the center of the ring to get the win.

We go to a House of Black vignette as Malakai Black says LFI needs to chase them…House of Black then direct their attention to Ricky Starks and Big Bill and says they are coming for the tag titles at Full Gear…Julia Hart then challenges Kris Statlander for the TBS Title at Full Gear.

Back from the break, Lexy Nair is backstage with Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale. Lexy asks Kris on the title picture…Kris says he doesn’t trust Julia…Kris says that Willow has been a great friend and Willow deserves the title shot…Kris has no comments on Red Velvet and Julia Hart.

Roderick Strong’s music hits as he is wheeled down to the ring by The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett). Strong gets assistance needing out of the chair. As he hits the ring, he takes off the neck brace.

Roderick Strong vs. Darius Martin

The bell rings as Martin is already in the ring. Strong pushes Martin into the corner. Strong locks up Martin and drops him with an armbar. Martin gets up, but Strong hits him with an elbow shot as Strong puts Martin in another armbar, who fights out of it and drops Strong with a drop kick. Martin goes to the top and lands a big cross body on Strong and covers him for a two count. Strong then delivers a half nelson back breaker on Martin and chops Martin in the corner. Strong drops Martin and kicks him in the back. Strong then chops Martin and sends him to the corner. Strong then hits Martin with several rights to the head and shouts Adam at Martin. Strong picks up Martin who pushes Strong jaw first to the turnbuckle pad. Strong comes back with a big drop kicks and covers Martin for a two count. Strong puts Martin a headlock as Martin is up and delivers a jaw breaker on Strong. Martin drops Strong as has him in the corner and hits him with several knife edge chops. Martin kicks Strong who goes down…Martin covers Strong for a two count. Darius goes to the ring apron and comes in and kicks Martin and then picks him up and flips over as Martin lands on the knees of Strong who covers him for the three count. The Kingdom pick up Strong who then puts his neck brace back on as he goes to the wheel chair. The Kingdom grab Martin as Bennett hits Martin with a Wiener punch. The Kingdom then drop him with a piledriver…Action Andretti comes in to try to make the save, but he was too late.


We go to a video package with Tony Khan and Bryan Danielson who has one eye covered due to the orbital injury. Tony says he sad that Danielson is in his last year as an active in-ring competitor. Danielson says he will be part of All In at Wembley. Khan says the pre-sale is November 27. Tony then says a Round Robin Continental Classic is coming with 12 of the top stars competing as the World’s End will be the place where they will crown a Continental Classic. Bryan Danielson is announced by Tony Khan as the first participant. Danielson says he fired up.

Julia Hart’s music hits as she is out with Brody King. Willow Nightingale’s music hits next as the Oakland fans like her.

Willow Nightingale vs. Julia Hart

The bell rings and here we go…Julia looks on as both women stalk around the ring. Willow charges at Julia who ducks. Willow grabs Julia by the hair and tosses her down. Willow barks as the fans bark along. Brody King then barks at Willow. Julia charges at Willow, who moves out of the way. Julia then clubs Willow on the back, but Willow sends her to the ropes and drops her. Willow stomps on the back of Julia. Willow then leaps on Julia and covers Julia for a two count. Willow picks up Julia as Skye Blue is shown watching on from the back. Willow has Julia in a submission hold, but Julia gets out of it as Willow picks up Julia and drops her with a side slam. Julia rolls over towards the ring apron. Julia makes it to the floor as Willow follows. Both women fight on the floor as Willow drops Julia with a vertical suplex on the floor as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Both women are back in the ring as Julia recovers with offense on Willow…Julia sends Willow to the corner and chops her hard. Julia then nails Willow with a big forearm. Julia then grabs Willows left arm and slam it to the mat and then stomps on it. Julia grabs Willow’s arm and continues to slam it hard to the mat. Julia then wrenches the arm and wraps in around the second rope…Julia twists Willows arm as we are back from picture in picture…Willow attempts a kicks to Julia who ducks and kicks Willow who then comes back with a big lariat that drops Julia to the mat. Both women are up as Willow misses a boot. Willow then connects with a boot after the second attempt…Willow covers Julia for just a two count. Willow tries to pick up Julia who whips Willows arm and connects with a lariat from behind. Julia tries for the hartless lock, but Willow picks up Julia…Willow then drops Julia with a pounce as Julia rolls to the floor. Brody stands in front of Julia…Willow charges at Julia who moves as Willow hits the steel steps. Julia picks up Willow and pushes her in the ring…Julia is up on the top rope as Willow grabs her and slam her down with a full nelson. Willow coves Julia for only a two count! Willow drops Hart with powerbomb, but Julia lands on her bottom. Hart nails Willow and then climbs to the top rope and lands on Willow with a big moonsault and covers Willow for the victory.


Hart now earns her shot at the TBS Title at Full Gear.

Back from the break Lexy Nair is with the tag team champions who say they don’t want to get in the ring with FTR or House of Black and tell them to stay away from them…Lexy says that the tag champs per Tony Khan will face House of Black and FTR at Full Gear…Ricky Starks says he and Big Bill will be the longest reigning tag champs ever…

Paul Wight joins commentary for the next match. Powerhouse Hobbs is out with Don Callis.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. unannounced opponent

After the opening bells, Hobbs goes after the jobber and then jaws at Wight…the jobber drop kicks Hobbs, but it has no affect. Hobbs then picks up the jobber and drops him with a slam for the quick win.

After match, Callis is on the mic and says that the Don Callis family is the greatest family of pro wrestling…greater than the Briscoes…Von Erich’s and bigger than the Harts…he says in just a few short days the family will be involved in the street fight on Dynamite. Callis reminds the fans that Hobbs broke Jericho who called the last friend he could call, who happens to be the biggest man in pro wrestling in Paul Wight. Callis says Wight is stand up guy…Callis tell Wight he got short changed in the brain department because an idiot would try to face the Callis family. Callis tells Wight Jericho is a user and then comes down to the announce table tells Wight he is fan of his work and its not too late to pull the bin and leave Jericho alone in the street fight…he tells Wight he is a scared giant and runs things here…Callis says he has buried two giants and tells Hobbs to smoke Wight… Wight gets up, but is held back by Kyle Fletcher as Callis pulls Hobbs while Wight looks on…

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to FTR on their match at Rampage…Cash Wheeler talks about LFI left them a week ago to get beatdown and it doesn’t sit well…Dax Harwood then says the road to become three time AEW World Tag Champs starts now…

Lance Archer is out first with Jake Roberts, followed by The Righteous. Darby Allin and Sting are out next…You think you know him! Adam Copeland’s music hits next to a big ovation from the Oakland fans as his pyro goes off!

Sting, Darby Allin and Adam Copeland vs. The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch) and Lance Archer

The bell rings as we begin! We get this is awesome chants…Copeland and Dutch start as Dutch sends Copeland to the mat…Copeland fights back and drops Dutch with a lariat…Darby is in…as Vincent is tagged in…Both men lock up. Darby drops Vincent to the mat, but Vincent gets out of the hold. Vincent kicks Darby in the face, followed by a heabutt to the face…Archer is tagged in…Darby tags in Sting! Archer mocks Sting as they wooo off…Sting kicks Archer and then drops The Rightous off the ring apron…Sting nails Archer as he takes a tumble on the outside…we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Darby goes to the outside and tosses Archer into the barricade…Copeland is on the outside…Sting makes his way to the floor and grabs Archer and sends him into the barricade. Sting then hits Archer with right hands and grabs his b the neck a walks around the ring and sends to the barricade.

Back from the full break, Vincent is in control over Sting laying right hands…Vincent then bites Sting who is in the corner. Vincent grabs Sting and then tags in Dutch. The heels triple team Sting in the corner. Archer is tagged in as he stomps on Sting and then stands on his chest. Archer picks up Sting as he tags in Vincent who kicks Sting and whips Sting to the ropes…Stings hits a shoulder tackle on Vincent who is down…Sting tags in Darby who drops Archer with shotgun drop kick. Darby is sent to the corner by Archer…The Righteous come in and take out Darby…we go to another picture-in-picture break…

Picture-In-Picture: Dutch has Darby down on the mat and whips him to the corner…Dutch then drops Darby with a clothesline as Vincent is tagged in. He covers Darby for just a two count! Vincent works on Darby in the corner. Vincent puts a boot to the head of Darby as he still down in the corner. Vincent picks up Darby and puts him a headlock as Darby drops to the mat. The ref checks on Darby.

Back from the PIP break, Archer is tagged in as he suplexes Darby. Archer stands over Darby as the fans chant we want Adam! Archer picks up Darby and whips him to the corner of the heels ad Vincent is tagged in…Darby rolls Vincent for just a two count! Archer then pulls Sting off the apron and sends him to the barricade. Copeland then grabs Archer and sends him into the ring post…Copeland is tagged in as he takes out all three of the heels! Copeland rolls Vincent back in the ring as the fans chant spear! Archer grabs the legs of Copeland…Darby hits Archer with a coffin drop on the floor! Dutch drops Copeland as Sting comes in and takes out both members of The Righteous…Sting and Copeland take out The Righteous…Copeland then spears Vincent and covers him to get the win for his team!


As the babyfaces celebrate, Christian Cage’s music hits…he walks out with Luchasuarus and Nick Wayne as the show goes off the air…