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WWE NXT Spring Breakin' Results (4/25/2023)

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Apr 26, 2023

WWE NXT Spring Breakin' Results (4/25/2023)

The following results are provided by Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) via RAJAH.com, our live coverage partner. 


The "WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together." opening signature airs to get this week's show officially off-and-running.

From there, we shoot to "earlier today" footage of the "picnic of the year" with various WWE NXT Superstars. Hank Ledger is shown talking on the phone to Tank Ledger. We see Ivy Nile beating Pretty Deadly in arm-wrestling.

It's a party at WWE NXT Spring Breakin' this evening! The guys and gals talk about some of the matches scheduled for tonight and we see some more fun and drama from the Spring Breakin' picnic.

Trunk Match
Tony D'Angelo & Stacks vs. Pretty Deadly

We then shoot inside the CWC inside the WWE PC where Vic Joseph and Booker T welcome us to the annual WWE NXT Spring Breakin' themed event. The camera pans the venue and then we hear the familiar sounds of the theme music of "Da Don."

On that note, we see Tony D'Angelo and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo emerge and head down to the ring for the first-ever Trunk match, which will be kicking things off inside the squared circle this evening.

Vic Joseph informs us that the car involved in tonight's Trunk match will be a 1947 custom dodge from Lorenzo "Stacks'" Uncle Henry Hill. The duo settles in the ring and their music dies down.

Now the theme for Pretty Deadly hits and the former WWE NXT World Tag-Team Champions head down to the ring. As they stop to do their joint pose, D'Angelo and Stacks strike and the fight is on.

The bell sounds to get this one officially off-and-running and we see the Pretty Deadly duo immediately shift the momentum in their favor, beating down D'Angelo and Stacks at ringside near the ring apron. They grab some weapons such as steel chains and steel chairs and head into the ring.

D'Angelo starts to take over, throwing one member of Pretty Deadly out to the floor and then chucking his own teammate, Stacks, onto the other who was already slumped down in the corner against the turnbuckles.

Pretty Deadly and D'Angelo and Stacks all brawl outside the ring and the fight makes its' way behind the curtain backstage. We see Pretty Deadly come back out into the arena at ringside to grab some more weapons, with each grabbing a trash can lid.

Stacks drop kicks one into their face and then D'Angelo beats the hell out of them with the other, before the two drop them and reach under the ring to pull out a table. We see them fight over to a children's pool filled with balls like you'd see in a pit at Chuck E. Cheese.

Now Pretty Deadly takes over and after grounding D'Angelo and Stacks, they run the table backstage and come back out gloating that it won't be used now. D'Angelo recovers and runs a wheel barrow into the injured knee of one member of Pretty Deadly.

D'Angelo looks to use a crowbar but Pretty Deadly moves and he smashes the ring steps with it. D'Angelo ends up back-suplexing both members of Pretty Deadly into the aforementioned kiddie pit ball pool. Stacks follows up with a splash using a surf board and we then head into a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see balls from the ball pit scattered all over the place. Pretty Deadly are in control. They set up a football in front of Stacks and run and kick a field goal, with the ball being pulled away and the shot blasting him directly in the dome.

Tony D'Angelo helps fight his team's way back into the offensive driver's seats. The two wear Pretty Deadly out with steel chairs back inside the ring. We see a roll of quarters used and Booker T yells out "that's gangsta!" repeatedly as Pretty Deadly take back control of the action.

The two hang Stacks upside down in the tree of woe in the corner and then beat the crap out of "Da Don" with a steel chair, before suplexing him onto a big trash can. Stacks frees himself from the corner and tries helping but the two beat him down and hit a double-team Spilled Milk spot on the floor.

Now we see Wilson and Prince carrying the lifeless Stacks over to the trunk. They put him inside and slam it shut. They have to do the same to D'Angelo, and they look to do so now. They bring him overt to the car but when they open the trunk, they are sprayed by Stacks with a fire extinguisher.

Stacks and Crowbar beat Pretty Deadly down with a crowbar. They hit a double-team badda-bing, badda-boom to put Wilson through a table. They pick up a lifeless Prince and put him inside the trunk. They do the same to Wilson and slam the trunk shut for the win. Good opener. Fun opener.

After the match, they get in the car and drive off with them in the trunk as Vic Joseph questions where they are taking them.

Winners: Tony D'Angelo & Stacks

Tiffany Stratton Proclaims Tonight, "Tiffy-Time!"

We shoot to another vehicle backstage where out pops Tiffany Stratton. She talks arrogantly as she enters the building about why she's going to emerge victorious in the NXT Women's Championship triple-threat match with herself, Roxanne Perez and reigning, defending champion Indi Hartwell. She boasts about having "it" and proclaims tonight, "Tiffy-Time!"

Duke Hudson Gives Andre Chase A Pep Talk

From there, we head to another part of the backstage area where we see Duke Hudson with his MVP trophy and a nervous-looking Andre Chase. Hudson gives Chase a pep-talk to try and fire him up ahead of his tough challenge tonight against former NXT World Champion Bron Breakker.

Chase gets fired up and vows to give Breakker a Chase U-sized ass-whoopin'. The two walk off as we head to another commercial break.

Andre Chase vs. Bron Breakker

As we settle back in from the break, Vic Joseph and Booker T show us some social media updates with a recent Twitter back-and-forth between Dijak and Ilja Dragunov. We then return inside the CWC and see Andre Chase in the ring with Duke Hudson by his side hyping him up.

Bron Breakker's theme hits and out comes the former WWE NXT World Champion looking full-heel as the fans boo. He settles in the ring and poses and then his music dies down and we get ready for our second match of the evening.

The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. Chase immediately charges across the ring and starts lighting up Breakker with strikes in the corner. He counters a move attempted by Breakker with some kicks to the bread-basket, but from there, it is all Breakker.

We see Breakker control the action for the next couple of minutes but Chase fires back up briefly, doing his Chase-U chant kick and stomp spot. Breakker fights his way out of it, however, and immediately finishes him off with ease. He stands over him and looks down at him with a scowl on his face after the win.

Winner: Bron Breakker

Dijak Assaults Ilja Dragunov Backstage

We see a Carmelo Hayes video package and then we shoot backstage to McKenzie Mitchell, who brings up Tony D'Angelo and Stacks driving off with Pretty Deadly in the trunk earlier. Before she can say anything else, chaos ensues.

Dijak is shown beating Ilja Dragunov to a pulp backstage, smashing him into production equipment and staging junk in the background. He even slams down a giant garage door on him. A bunch of officials and security eventually hit the scene.

Lyra Valkyria vs. Cora Jade

Now we head back inside the CWC inside the WWE PC where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme music for Lyra Valkyria. The women's wrestling star makes her way out and heads to the ring.

From there, Cora Jade's entrance tune hits the house speakers inside the building and the crowd noise immediately turns to loud boos. "The Resident Mean Girl of NXT" makes her way down to the ring and settles inside.

The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with our third match of the evening here at WWE NXT Spring Breakin' 2023. Valkyria immediately jumps into the offensive lead, beating Jade down and putting the boots to her.

On that note, we head to an early commercial break as the match starts to get underway with Valkyria controlling the action. When we return, we see Jade fight her way into the lead as fans chant "Cora sucks!" Valkyria fights back with a Northern Lights suplex, which she holds onto and rolls over into a second follow-up shot.

Valkyria knocks Jade out to the floor, hits the ropes and dives through the top-and-middle rope with a drop-kick that sends Jade flying. She heads out to the floor and rolls her back into the ring, before climbing to the top-rope. She leaps off with a missile drop kick that connects perfectly.

Now we see her hit a Perfect-Plex type of spot into a pin attempt for a close two-count. Jade fights back into control and heads out to grab her black Kendo stick she walks to the ring with to use as a weapon. The ref takes it from her but in the chaos, she hits a DDT on Valkyria for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Cora Jade

Tony D'Angelo & Stacks Driving With Pretty Deadly In Trunk

We return from the break to the latest Goodfellas parody from WWE this year, which follows the Roman Reigns and The Bloodline "how am I funny?" scene, as Tony D'Angelo and Stacks are shown driving the car away with Pretty Deadly in the trunk.

They hear banging in the trunk and question if they hit something. Finally D'Angelo gets out and deals with them in the trunk as we fade away.

WWE NXT World Championship
Carmelo Hayes (C) vs. Grayson Waller

From there, we shoot back inside the CWC where Grayson Waller's theme hits and out comes the challenger for our WWE NXT World Championship contest of the evening. He settles inside the ring and his music dies down.

Now the theme for his opponent, the reigning and defending WWE NXT World Champion Carmelo Hayes hits, and out he comes with Trick Williams by his side. He receives a rock star reception from the fans, who continue chanting "Melo! Melo!" after his music wraps up.

The champion and the challenger get the formal pre-match in-ring introduction treatment for this, our WWE NXT Championship featured match of the night. The bell then sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one, which has a big-fight feel to it.

Waller and Hayes waste no time in getting after it, and the fans are making a ton of noise. They break out into a loud "Let's go Melo" and "Let's go Waller" dueling chant with half of the crowd supporting each guy.

Hayes jumps into the early offensive lead with his fast-paced offense. Waller ends up taking over after a minute or so and while Hayes is talking with the referee, we see Waller blast Williams at ringside with a big steel chair shot.

'Melo heads out to deal with this but walks into a big shot from Waller, who floors him at ringside and gloats into the camera, as Vic Joseph and Booker T talk us into a mid-match commercial break as the match continues.

When we return from the break, we see Waller still in control of things, as Joseph and Booker inform us that he has been dominating the champion the entire time we have been in commercial break. We see Hayes try and fire up for a comeback, but Waller isn't having it and continues to take it to "I Am Him."

Hayes does start firing up for a comeback now but Waller ends up planting him in the mat and getting a hand on his chest for a cover, which Hayes barely kicks out of. Hayes posterizes Waller with a springboard backwards flying DDT that Booker predicts will get over a million views on Twitter.

The champ goes for the cover but Waller kicks out. Hayes climbs to the top-rope but ends up coming down on his own and putting his hands on his knees. Waller pops up from being slumped in the corner and starts taking over once again, decking the champ with a right hand and then taking him out with a scissor kick and a sit-down power bomb into a close near fall attempt.

We see Carmelo fire up but as he springboards off the ropes, Waller hits a Rolling Stunner that pops the crowd. He can't go for the follow-up pin attempt, however, as Hayes takes the momentum from the fall and rolls out to the floor in a nice presence-of-mind showcase.

Waller looks for a viral moment now, tearing apart the commentary desk and putting Hayes on top of it. He heads to the top-rope and instantly leaps off with a picture-perfect flying elbow that puts Hayes through the table, which explodes into 1,000 tooth-picks.

Grayson rolls 'Melo into the ring and goes for the cover, but Hayes kicks out. In a reversal of situations, we see Hayes blast Waller with a huge spot that should have finished him off, but he rolls to the floor off the momentum and avoids the pin. Seconds later, however, Hayes gets him in the ring and comes off the top with his finisher for the pin fall victory. Great match.

Winner and STILL WWE NXT World Champion: Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes Challenges Bron Breakker, Gets Savagely Attacked

Carmelo Hayes isn't done with Bron Breakker.

"I don't care if you want it, I want you. My neck of the woods. Let's talk about it!" says the champ after a successful defense, calling out Bron Breakker for another championship showdown at NXT Battleground 2023.

The theme for the former champ hits and we see Hayes and Trick Williams staring at the entrance waiting for him. Instead of coming out from there, he emerges from behind them in the ring and takes them out.

Breakker sits down in a Steiner-Recliner on Hayes and cranks back with all he's got as he talks trash to him. He finally lets it go, but only to exit the ring and sprint at Trick, blasting him with a spear that puts him through the barricade and part of the set behind it.

A bunch of officials come out with a stretcher to load up Trick and help him to the back. The violent post-match scene wraps up on that note. Breakker has a big, giant smile on his face after soaking in his actions.

Roxanne Perez Is Ready To Recapture The Title Tonight

We shoot to Roxanne Perez backstage with two green bows in her hair. She talks about the young fans with dreams of being in her shoes in the crowd. She says the bows are for all of them.

She dedicates her performance tonight to every little girl out there who wants to feel safe and for all who have dreamed of doing this their whole lives like she has.

High Stakes Match Set For Next Week

We return from the break to see Joe Coffey of Gallus being approached by Joe Gacy of Schism. Ava Rain also appears and the two try and offer a proposal to Coffey.

Coffey doesn't trust them. A match is announced that if they lose, Dyad will never get another title shot. Coffey agrees and walks off.

Aftermath Of Bron Breakker's Attack

From there, we shoot to Vic Joseph and Booker T who have their serious voices on as they show the aftermath of Bron Breakker's attack after Carmelo Hayes' successful title defense over Grayson Waller. They mention that when they get an update on Carmelo's condition, they will provide it.

Brooks Jensen & Kiana James vs. Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley

We shoot back inside the CWC and we see Brooks Jensen and Kiana James making their way out to the ring in full-heel mode. They settle inside and then their former pals Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley make their way out.

All four have settled in the ring, the pre-match entrance music is in the rear-view mirror and the bell is in our immediate future. It sounds and we're officially off-and-running with our next match of the evening.

Jensen and Briggs kick things off for their respective teams. We see Briggs jump into an early offensive lead, and he is shouting tough love and sometimes plain disgust and hatred at Jensen while beating him down.

The fans chant "We want Fallon!" as Jensen takes a moment to re-group at ringside. As he heads back into the ring, Kiana tags herself in. This brings in Henley like the fans wanted and now we see the ladies involved in this one go at it.

A lot of screaming and yelling is going on as Kiana takes it to Fallon with a vengeance in the corner of the ring. Jensen ends up catching James on the floor in the cradle position. He swings her forward and her boots blast Fallon in the grill.

Seconds later, we see Briggs and Fallon take over and clear the two out of the ring. As they stand tall in the ring and play to the crowd, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

We return from the break and see Briggs nearly have Jensen finished off, when Kiana starts chirping from the apron. Fallon ends up yanking her off from the floor and spears her into the steel ring steps.

Briggs is distracted by this and Jensen hits an old X-Pac style kick to take over control of the action. Kiana ends up decking Fallon with the bag. She gives it to Jensen and demands that he hit Briggs with it.

Jensen hesitates and then launches at him and swings, but it flies out of his hands and knocks Kiana off the apron. As she is scolding him from the floor, he is distracted, resulting in him turning around into a match-ending shot from Briggs.

Winners: Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley

Kiana James Never Loved Brooks Jensen

We see an upset Kiana at ringside afterwards, when Brooks approaches her and says at least we're still together. She goes to slap him but he catches her hand. He looks at it and then her and asks how she was going to hit him.

He says he thought they were in love. Kiana yells in his face that she never loved him. She walks off leaving him crushed. As he stands there dejected, we see Josh Briggs approach him with a hand on the back. He tells him he's here for him as the fans chant "Hug it out!" They do and the emotional post-match scene wraps up on that note.

Oba Femi vs. Oro Mensah

Oba Femi is debuting next. But first, we see a quick backstage interview with McKenzie Mitchell and Dragon Lee. He talks very briefly and then we shoot to a Scryps vignette. After this, we head to another commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Twitter footage showing Sol Ruca being the victim of a backstage attack by a mystery attacker. We then shoot back inside the CWC where Oba Femi makes his way out for his scheduled WWE NXT in-ring debut.

The big man makes his way down to the ring with a giant tale of the tape graphic airing next to him. He settles in the ring as Vic Joseph goes over some of the more impressive stats he has and his athletic background.

Already in the ring is his opponent for this, his first match in WWE NXT, Oro Mensah. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. We see Oba immediately taking it to Oro.

Oro gets in some chops to slow him down, but that's about it, as Oba runs over him from one side of the ring to the other with a big tackle. He then shows his impressive strength by hoisting him up with one arm and shoulder-smashing him down to the mat.

After flattening him and getting praise from Booker T on commentary about his swag and charisma, we see him launch Oro from the top-rope out to the floor with what Vic describes as a simple flick of his wrist.

Mensah fires up on offense and actually gets in some big shots, including a wheel kick and a springboard kick for a close near fall attempt. Oba is favoring his left arm as he recovers. He catches a kid from Oro and then forearms him damn near through the mat as the crowd "ooh's" and "ahh's."

From there, Femi follows up with his finishing move and goes for the cover, picking up the easy pin fall victory in his inaugural in-ring showing before the WWE NXT Universe. Impressive debut for the WWE NXT newcomer.

Winner: Oba Femi

Gigi Dolin With A Message For Jacy Jane

As the commentators hype the newcomer, we hear someone talking and then the camera shows it is Gigi Dolin. She looks into the camera and addresses Jacy Jane stealing her spotlight last week and mentioning a bunch of personal stuff about her family. She vows to cave her face in next week.

McKenzie Mitchell Interviews Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey

Now we shoot backstage where McKenzie Mitchell is standing by with Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak. They talk about the inferiority complex of NXT North American Champion Wes Lee.

They mention how it's great for them because Gulak is going to stop him dead in his tracks, break him and become the new NXT North American Champion. "This game is a marathon, kid. Not a sprint," Gulak says to close out the backstage interview.

WWE NXT Women's Championship
Indi Hartwell (C) vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Tiffany Stratton

It's main event time!

Which tonight, means it's "Tiffy-Time!" With that said, out comes the first of three competitors involved in our final match of the evening, Tiffany Stratton. She settles in the ring as we head to a pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Wes Lee backstage watching the main event on a monitor when in walks Tyler Bate. He tells Lee after last week, he feels he could use a helping hand. Lee says he's fine and mentions how he's gonna school Drew Gulak next week.

Tyler Bate tells Lee he wants to be in his corner next week due to Charlie Dempsey being in Gulak's corner. Lee says that's cool. Bate hangs with Lee to watch our main event, which is coming up next.

Now we head back inside the CWC where the familiar sounds of Roxanne Perez's entrance tune hits the house speakers and out comes the former NXT Women's Champion. She settles in the ring and her music fades off.

Finally, the reigning and defending champion, Indi Hartwell, makes her way out and settles inside the squared circle. The ring announcer does the formal pre-match in-ring introductions for the champion and two challengers and we get ready to get this one underway.

The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with our triple-threat WWE NXT Women's Championship main event of the evening. We see some good early back-and-forth action and after about a minute or two, we head into an early commercial break, with the conclusion of the bout waiting for us on the other side.

When we return from the break, we see the action still in progress when Perez fires up on offense. She knocks Tiffany and Hartwell out to the floor on opposing sides of the ring. She proceeds to hit running dives through the ropes onto both over-and-over again to pop the crowd.

Hartwell is taken down on the floor with a big spot that results in her clutching her knee and having doctors rush to the scene to check on her. Vic Joseph puts his serious voice on as he describes this.

Meanwhile, we see Tiffany working over Roxanne in the ring. Replays are shown of Tiffany's big diving splash off the top-rope onto both Hartwell and Perez that may have injured the leg of the reigning NXT Women's Champion.

We still don't see Hartwell several minutes later as Perez finally starts to shift the momentum back in her favor. She climbs to the top-rope and hits a big splash on Tiffany for a close near fall. Tiffany tries fighting back but Perez remains in the offensive driver's seat.

Perez takes Stratton up to the top-rope and climbs up after her. The two trade shots back-and-forth and then Perez calls for the finish. She hits a wild hurricanrana off the top and grabs her head on the landing. She goes for the cover but Tiffany kicks out.

Hartwell comes limping out from the back and heads back to the ring. She knocks Perez off of Tiffany and tries covering herself, but Stratton kicks out. She crawls over and covers Perez, but she kicks out as well.

Indi hits a big spinebuster on Tiffany and goes for the cover but again it's not enough, this time because Roxanne pops over and breaks things up before the referee can count to three. Hartwell is knocked out of the ring and Tiffany hits her triple-jump moonsault and covers Perez.

Hartwell yanks her out to the floor before the count of three. Hartwell hits a big lariat on a seated Roxanne and goes for the cover. She gets the pin fall victory and retains her NXT Women's Championship.

Winner and STILL WWE NXT Women's Champion: Indi Hartwell

Tony D'Angelo & Stacks Let Pretty Deadly Sleep With The Fishes

We shoot to Tony D'Angelo and Stacks standing over a river where they talk about Pretty Deadly sleeping with the fishes. They say those who want respect, earn it. They mention that what is next for them is tag team gold.

They claim if the champs aren't ready, they might end up like Pretty Deadly. They look over at the river and laugh. They head over to the car and shut the trunk. They mention handling business for the family tonight and say it's time to celebrate now -- all night long.

They drive off and that's how this year's WWE NXT Spring Breakin' 2023 themed event goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

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