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AEW Dynamite Results (3/29/2023)

Posted By: Dustin Lee on Mar 29, 2023

AEW Dynamite Results (3/29/2023)

The following results are courtesy of our friend Matt Boone of Rajah.com:


The regular weekly cold open video intro and accompanying theme song plays and then we shoot inside the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, MO. where Excalibur welcomes us to this week's show.

Jungle Boy vs. Matt Hardy

From there, we head down to the ring for our first match of the evening. With that said, Jungle Boy's theme hits and out he comes as the fans sing along with his catchy entrance tune.

He settles into the ring to a big reaction from the crowd. His theme dies down and now the entrance tune for his opponent plays and out comes pro wrestling legend Matt Hardy to the ring accompanied by Ethan Page.

The fans give Hardy a loud pop coming out and then he leads them in some "Delete! Delete!" chants. He settles in the ring and his music dies down. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one.

Excalibur, Taz and Tony Schiavone talk on commentary about how Stokely Hathaway is still recovering from his match with HOOK. They also joke about how the AEW locker room has been talking about how quick Hardy tapped out to HOOK.

As Jungle Boy and Hardy start to mix it up, we hear a loud split chant, with much of the crowd actually seeming to give Hardy a louder positive reaction. Hardy works over Jungle Boy with some mat wrestling but then Jungle Boy recovers and dropkicks him.

Hardy takes some time on the floor to recover. Jungle Boy goes for a big dive but Ethan Page stands in the way. Hardy ends up planting Jungle Boy on the floor at ringside. We then see Darby Allin watching on backstage. Also taking in the action backstage is Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo.

Ethan Page sneaks in a cheap shot on Jungle Boy as Hardy rolls in the ring to break the referee's count. Now the fans start to lean on the side of Jungle Boy, chanting his name and rallying behind him as he fires up on offense at ringside.

Jungle Boy leaps off the ring barricade with a big splash on Hardy. The two fight back in the ring and start trading shots on the ring apron outside of the ring ropes. Hardy ends up hitting a Side Effect on Jungle Boy on the hard part of the apron as we head into a mid-match commercial break.

As we return from the break, we see the action still in progress, with Hardy dominating the offense thanks in part due to interference from Ethan Page. Finally, HOOK comes out to make the save. Page accidentally hits Hardy which allows Jungle Boy to take over and finish him off for the win.

Winner: Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy & MJF Spar On The Mic

Once the match wraps up, we hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of Maxwell Jacob Friedman. The AEW World Champion emerges and heads to the ring. He grabs a microphone and the two start verbally sparring.

MJF talks with a rare amount of compliments towards Jungle Boy, saying he was the only man he saw as his possible equal inside the ring early on in AEW. He says Jungle Boy and he could've ran this place together, but instead, Jungle Boy wanted to appease himself to the fans.

He asks if they ever thanked him and chastises him some more. Jungle Boy fires back and calls MJF the most arrogant, selfish piece of sh*t in the company. The fans chant "Piece of sh*t" at him.

Friedman then mentions Jungle Boy hanging out with Dyno-Douche and Marko Stunted-growth before mentioning his "hot piece of ass girlfriend" Anna Jay told him he's weak between the knees. This leads to a brawl between the two that Jungle Boy gets the better of.

Backstage With Don Callis & Kenny Omega

The commentators react to the segment on-camera and then we are sent backstage where Alex Marvez is standing by with Don Callis and Kenny Omega.

A doctor is checking on Omega's elbow as Callis mentions everyone is talking about what happened between himself and "Hangman" Page last week. Callis mentions Omega coming off an incredible match last week and is gonna do it again tonight against Jeff Cobb. We head to a break.

J.A.S. Continues To Court The Acclaimed

When we return from the break, we see the J.A.S. trying to court The Acclaimed all over town. They finally ask them the simple question, "Are you in or are you out?"

They say they will make a decision next Wednesday night. Matt Menard and Angelo Parker mention after they leave that they really hope this was worth it.

Dalton Castle & The Boys vs. Blackpool Combat Club

We head back inside the arena where Dalton Castle and The Boys make their way down to the ring for Trios action. As they near the end of the ramp, they are attacked from behind by their opponents, the Blackpool Combat Club.

Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta beat down Dalton Castle and The Boys and then Castagnoli settles in the ring with one of the boys. On that note, the bell sounds to start this one off. As Castagnoli wears him out in the ring, the brawl continues with the rest outside of the ring.

Literally within seconds Castagnoli finishes him off with complete and total ease for the squash match victory.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

Blackpool Combat Club Savagely Attacks Hangman Page, Don Callis

We see a video package looking at the Kenny Omega match with El Hijo Del Vikingo on last week's show and then some hype for the IWGP U.S. title defense against Jeff Cobb tonight.

After that, we shoot backstage where Alex Marvez is standing by with "Hangman" Adam Page. As he talks to him, Don Callis approaches him with what seems to be a genuine apology when out of nowhere, the Blackpool Combat Club hit the scene and beat him down.

They then turn their attention to Don Callis who they nail with a big shot that badly busts him open. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

IWGP U.S. Championship
Kenny Omega (C) vs. Jeff Cobb

It's time for one of two championship bouts scheduled for this evening, as we return from the break to the ring entrance of Jeff Cobb. He settles in the ring and his music winds down as he awaits the arrival of his opponent.

On that note, the familiar sounds of Kenny Omega's theme plays and out comes "The Cleaner" for his scheduled defense of his IWGP United States Championship. The commentators talk about Callis being checked backstage following the attack from the Blackpool Combat Club.

The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. We see Omega's ribs are taped up after his grueling battle against El Hijo Del Vikingo from last week's show. We see Omega hit a super dive and splash onto Cobb on the floor.

Back in the ring, Cobb takes over and starts to dominate on offense, focusing his attack on the softened up ribs of the reigning champ. The action spills out to the floor again where Cobb rams Omega ribs-first into the steel ring post.

From there, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues. We return from the break to a back-and-forth battle ongoing between these two. Neither man can hold onto the offensive lead for too long, as the other keeps fighting back.

We see a huge lariat slow things down as both guys are down and recovering. They get back to their feet and start exchanging shots as the crowd reacts to each one that lands. Cobb takes over and brings Omega to the corner.

Cobb tries climbing up after Omega on the top-rope, but Omega starts firing away at him with punches. Cobb fights back and while on the middle rope hoists Omega up for a delayed super-plex. The crowd pops big for that one.

Now Cobb fires up again and he calls for a V-Trigger. He hits it. He goes to follow up with a One Winged Angel, but Omega escapes out the back door. Cobb looks for the Tour of the Islands but Omega counters and blasts him with a V-Trigger of his own.

Kenny Omega hoists Cobb up despite the banged up ribs, he walks Cobb around the ring on his shoulders and connects with a One Winged Angel for the pin fall victory in another excellent match.

Winner and STILL IWGP U.S. Champion: Kenny Omega

Bryan Danielson Returns, Helps BCC Attack Kenny Omega

Once the match wraps up, as the commentators are singing the praises of Kenny Omega, out of nowhere, we see the Blackpool Combat Club emerge and head down to the ringside area. They surround the ring and intimidate Omega.

Now Bryan Danielson's theme hits and "The American Dragon" comes out and confronts his Blackpool Combat Club brothers. He tells Castagnoli to get down off the ring apron. He does the same to Wheeler Yuta.

Danielson stands tall in the ring and backs them off and then turns and looks down at Omega. Danielson extends his hand to Omega to help him up. A hesitant Omega finally reaches his hand back.

Once up, Omega runs after the BCC members who are back on the ring apron, but then turns into a big running knee from Danielson. The rest of the BCC hit the ring and start beating Omega down. A ton of security runs down to break things up, but Mox beats down the guards as Danielson locks Omega in his Yes! Lock.

The Gunns Address FTR

We see a video package showing the set up for the career vs. titles match between FTR and the AEW Tag-Team Champions The Gunns. They talk about how they only respected one man in their lives, their father, and they tell FTR that they saw what they did to him.

They say imagine what we're gonna do to you. "Top guys ... out," they say, borrowing the closing line from Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler.

AEW International Championship
The Butcher vs. Orange Cassidy (C)

Now we return inside the arena where The Butcher makes his way down to the ring for our second of two championship matches scheduled for tonight's show. He settles inside and awaits the arrival of his opponent.

We hear the familiar sounds of Orange Cassidy's theme and out comes the "Freshly Squeezed" one for his scheduled title defense. As soon as Cassidy hits the ring, we see The Blade sneak attack him before the bell sounds.

Taz sings the praises of The Butcher and The Blade for the smart game plan. The referee sees The Blade with a crowbar and ejects him from the ring and ringside area. The Butcher is forced to back up while the ref lets Cassidy recover.

Cassidy immediately shakes it off and pushes past the ref. He looks for an Orange Punch but runs into a big shot from The Butcher. The bell sounds now to officially get this one off-and-running.

The Butcher takes the turnbuckle off the top in the corner and Cassidy splashes onto it wrist-first. The Butcher continues to beat down the champ as the action spills out to the floor. Outside of the ring we see Butcher slam Cassidy arm-first on the steel ring barricade.

From there, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break as the action in this AEW International Championship bout continues. When we return we see Cassidy fighting his way back into the lead until The Blade sneaks from behind with a crowbar attack that the ref didn't see.

The Best Friends run down to run off The Blade, which allows Cassidy to fire up on offense. He hits his Orange Punch and the Beach Break for the pin fall victory. With the win, Cassidy retains his AEW International Title.

Winner and STILL AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

Jade Cargill Threatens Taya Valkyrie With Lawsuit

Now we shoot backstage where we see Jade Cargill, Leila Grey and "Smart" Mark Sterling, as well as another legal representative. Cargill mentions her beef with Taya Valkyrie and says if she uses her Jaded finisher on Rampage, she'll sue her. We head to another break.

Juice Robinson With A Message For Action Andretti, Ricky Starks

We return from the break and see Juice Robinson backstage talking directly into the camera. He delivers a message to Action Andretti ahead of their match on this week's Rampage. He tells Ricky Starks to take a seat close-by on Friday to watch it.

Willow Nightingale vs. Ruby Soho

As we settle back in the arena, we hear Willow Nightingale's theme song and the women's wrestling star emerges and heads down to the ring for our next match of the evening here on Dynamite.

Willow settles in the ring and her music dies down. Now the theme for her opponent, Ruby Soho plays. Out comes the green-haired wonder accompanied by The Outcasts, Saraya and Toni Storm.

The bell sounds and it's time for a battle of former tag-team partners turned rivals in Soho vs. Nightingale. Soho immediately rolls out to the floor to avoid the fight and the fans jump on her case as she does.

We see Willow dominate the action as it finally gets going, until Soho begs off. Willow stops long enough for Soho to reveal that she was conning her. She chokes her on the ropes and taunts her. Saraya sneaks in some cheap shots and yells at the camera man for his cords.

On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues. When we return, we see Storm get involved and nearly help Soho finish this one off, but Willow somehow kicks out and keeps this one alive. After that, Soho ends up sneaking in a cheap pin with her feet on the ropes for the win.

Winner: Ruby Soho

Jamie Hayter Makes Save For The Outcasts

After the match we see The Outcasts beating down Willow some more. Soho looks at the spray paint can but opts to drop it. She grabs a chair from under the ring and puts Willow's ankle in it.

Before anything else can happen, however, Riho's theme hits and she and Skye Blue run down to try and help Willow. Unfortunately they gobble them both up until Jamie Hayter's theme hits. The AEW Women's Champion runs down and cleans house. We head to another commercial break.

Adam Cole vs. Daniel Garcia

Excalibur speed-reads through a ton of matches for this week's Rampage and next week's Dynamite and then we shoot to another commercial break. When we return, we immediately hear the familiar sounds of Adam Cole's theme song.

Adam Cole makes his way out to a huge pop for his long-awaited return to the ring in All Elite Wrestling. The fans do the "BOOM!" and "Adam Cole...BAY-BAY!" routines with him and then his music dies down.

Now the theme for J.A.S. member Daniel Garcia hits and the former ROH Pure Champion heads to the ring to boos from the St. Louis crowd. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with our main event of the evening.

We see Cole start off strong, however after dominating the early action, the Jericho Appreciation Society member starts to take over and settle into the offensive lead. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action in our headline bout of tonight's show continues.

As we settle back in from the break, we see Garcia still dominating the action. He plants Cole directly on top of his dome in a scary spot. He tries to finish him off but Cole hangs in there and keeps this one alive.

From there, Cole starts to shift the momentum into his favor. He fights his way to the finish, which sees him hit his trademark match-ender for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Adam Cole

Chris Jericho Unhappy With Adam Cole

Once the match wraps up, his better half, Dr. Britt Baker heads to the ring.

Baker settles inside the ring, walks up to Cole and the two embrace with a big hug. Streamers poor out of the ceiling as Cole soaks in the moment. It seems the show is gonna go off the air and then Chris Jericho's theme hits.

Jericho makes a b-line down to the ring and he doesn't look happy. He checks on Garcia and helps him out of the ring. He then turns and looks back with disgust / anger at Cole. Cole squats down and stares at Jericho, who peals the streamers off Garcia as he helps him to the back.

He stops at the top of the ramp and again turns his head in disgust back at Cole in the ring. Cole's theme then picks back up and he finishes his big moment with Baker and the AEW fans as this week's show fades off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Source: rajah.com
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