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AEW Dynamite Full Results & Recap (January 4, 2023)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Jan 04, 2023

AEW Dynamite Full Results & Recap (January 4, 2023)

AEW Dynamite Full Results & Recap (January 4, 2023)

It’s the first Wednesday of 2023, you know what that means! Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to a new era of AEW Dynamite! We have a brand-new set tonight in Seattle, Washington and a great card to christen it. Not only will we see Bryan Danielson wrestling in his home state against Tony Nese, we’ll also see The Acclaimed defending their tag titles against the team of Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal. With all that and more, including Darby Allin getting a shot at the TNT title in his hometown, let’s waste no more time and get straight to the wrestling. Commentary this year begins with Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone.

Ricky Starks defeated Chris Jericho w/ “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker & “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard via Pinfall (12:37)

We start the show with a look at the new set as the pyro goes off and we kick the show off with a rendition of Judas as Chris Jericho makes his entrance. He’s accompanied by Matt & Angelo and soon followed to the ring by Ricky Starks who looks like a bonafide star as he makes his entrance. The match is soon underway with Ricky being the crowd favourite by a loud majority. Jericho begins with an arm drag and celebrates it. Ricky comes back with a big shoulder tackle and then Jericho engages with strikes and regrets it as Ricky beats him into the corner. Jericho slips out of the ring and Starks follows with chops before sending Jericho into the ring steps. We head back into the ring where Jericho lays in the chops and then lariats in the corner. Jericho begins to dominate but that’s when Starks comes right back with chops before strutting across the top rope and hitting Jericho with a facebuster for two. Ricky follows up with some kicks but then gets tripped by Matt Menard and sent to the apron by Jericho but Ricky counters Jericho and ends up fighting on the apron with Jericho until Starks is sent to the floor with a nasty looking suplex to send us to break with both men on the floor. Both men almost get counted out, but Jericho makes it at 8 and Starks at 9 but Jericho gets right on the attack with a kick and then follows Ricky around the ring, laying in the punishment.

We return to the match just as Jericho has landed a dropkick to cut Ricky’s brief comeback off and then he continues to lay in strikes to his grounded opponent. Chris lifts Starks up to chop him down again but Ricky comes back with a desperation leaping clothesline. Both men exchange heavy strikes in the middle of the ring before Starks lands another clothesline and a dropkick before trying for the roshambo. Jericho escapes but then gets caught with a Liger bomb for a two count, Ricky tries to follow but Jericho hits a cross chop and then Chris tries a Lionsault but Ricky has the knees up. Ricky misses a moonsault and then Jericho has a codebreaker blocked and Ricky lands a thrust kick for two. Jericho comes right back with a codebreaker and nails it this time and tries for the Judas Effect, Ricky blocks it and goes for the roshambo but Jericho counters into the walls of Jericho. The crowd go wild as Ricky tries to make the ropes and after a long struggle, he makes it. Unfortunately for Ricky, the ref has been distracted by Parker and Menard nails Starks with a bat to the head. The ref checks on Ricky and he manages to come back and fight out of the walls before rolling Chris up for two. Ricky pulls out a DDT and takes out the JAS members on the outside before nailing Jericho with a spear and picking up the win.

No sooner than the bell has rung, the rest of the JAS sprint out to attack Ricky. Garcia, Hager, Guevara as well as Tay Melo and Anna Jay A.S. Action Andretti runs out with a chair to make the save and lays out everyone he sees. That is until Anna takes the chair and Tay low blows him. The JAS swarm Andretti and Starks and beat them down. It all ends with a Hager Powerbomb through a table on the floor from the apron. The JAS stands tall, but Jericho is on a losing streak.

Hangman Adam Page Update

Tony Schiavone stands in the ring and brings out the Hangman. The cowboy heads down to the ring looking happier than he has for a while and he shakes Tony’s hand once he gets there. Tony asks Hangman about his condition ahead of a potential match with Moxley next week. Hangman says he’s not medically cleared as of today, but Hangman says he wants that match next week and says he will be good to go providing there are no more setbacks. Hangman promises to knock Moxley’s dick in the dirt and that’s a quote.

That brings out Jon Moxley who represents one hell of a potential setback. Moxley marches through the crowd to the ring and joins Page in the ring. Hangman wants to fight but knows he can’t and Moxley tells him that he’s surprised that Hangman made it tonight and he’s sick of people worrying about Hangman. The crowd can’t hear Moxley, and he has a mic issue and has to repeat himself, but he gets through it. Moxley says nobody has been knocked out more time than him and nobody gave him the sympathy that Hangman is getting, saying it makes him sick. Page replies that he isn’t mad at Moxley for knocking him out, he’s been knocked out by enemies, strangers and friends and what he’s angry about is Moxley making jokes about nearly changing Hangman’s life.

Hangman gets right in Moxley’s face and says that he has two in the chamber with Mox’s name on them and he gets them at the forum. Moxley tells Hangman the only joke is that he thinks it’ll be different next time, and Mox promises to put him down for good next time.

Samoa Joe vs Darby Allin Video Package

This main event has so much potential. Joe cuts a hell of a promo on the little dead boy as we see him beating up Darby last time the fought.

The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) w/ Billy Gunn defeated Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh via Pinfall (12:18) to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships

Title time! Jeff & Jay come out with Sonjay & Satnam but then it’s time for Max to shine as The Acclaimed join them. FIRE.

Jay and Jeff argue over who will begin and Jeff wins. Bowens stands across the ring and Jarrett cheap shots Caster. Bowens fires up with some heavy shots but Jeff escapes and tags out to Lethal who goes back and forth with Bowens before Anthony hits a guillotine leg drop and tags Caster into the ring. Max stops Jay from getting to a tag and drops Lethal before putting him in an ankle lock as he mocks Jarrett (IYKYK). Lethal gets hit with a scissor me timbers but Jeff comes in to stop them scissoring and Caster hits him with a bodyslam and he gets a scissor me timbers too before Daddy Ass joins The Acclaimed to scissor. Bowens tags in and Lethal is sent outside where he slaps Billy Gunn and then rushes back in the ring. Billy tries to follow but the ref stops him and ejects him as we go to break. The distraction lets Jay Lethal get on top of Bowens after attacking him from behind and he and Jarrett begin to isolate Bowens whilst exchanging tags throughout picture in picture.

We return to the action as the crowd chant fuck you Jarrett at the top of their lungs. In the ring though, Lethal continues to dominate Bowens before heading to the top rope for an elbow drop but Bowens rolls out the way. Lethal tags out before Bowens and Jarrett removes Caster but Bowens manages to get a back suplex on double J to finally make the tag out to Caster. Lethal tags in too and Caster deals with Jarrett and Lethal on his own, running wild with a series of moves. He heads to the top rope and nails a cross body from the top, but Jarrett breaks the pin up at two. Caster swarms Jarrett with punches and Lethal gets up until Max puts him down with a thrust kick. Bowens tags in and Jarrett pushes Caster off the top rope. They hit a double team on Bowens and Anthony kicks out at two but Lethal locks in a figure four. Satnam Singh throws Max Caster into the ring steps and things look bleak for the champions. The referee saw Satnam and ejects him and Sonjay, a load of refs out to help. Back in the ring, Bowens counters a lethal injection, but Jarrett hits the stroke and pins Bowens, who actually got his foot on the ropes, only for Sonjay to push it off. New champs.

That is until Aubrey Edwards comes into the ring to explain what happened. The match is restarted (THANK GOD). The match goes another 20 seconds and after a messy exchange, Bowens gets the pin with a roll up reversal on Lethal. Acclaimed retain after nearly testing my patience.

Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter Interview

Tony asks Britt and Jamie about the tag match next week and Britt takes the opportunity to say that Saraya doesn’t understand AEW, and she won’t ever get it. Britt does put Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida as excellent choices and questions why Saraya hasn’t picked one of them before calling herself the boss. Eyes emoji.

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry Promo

Jack challenges Big Bill & Lee Moriarty to a tag match with him and Hook next week. Sounds good, book it.

Bryan Danielson defeated Tony Nese w/ “Smart” Mark Sterling & Josh Woods via Submission (3:25)

Bryan Danielson gets the hero's welcome that you’d expect in Washington as he heads to the ring where Tony Nese, Mark Sterling & Josh Woods await him. The bell rings and the crowd somehow get even louder. Seattle has been excellent this first hour and they’re staying hot as Josh Woods grabs the ankle of Bryan which lets Nese attack with some quick offence, culminating in the running knee in the corner that Danielson kicks out of at 2.9. Nese attacks with left hands and then some palm strikes in the corner but that’s a mistake as Danielson turns it around with chops and kicks and then lands the running elbow strike after the backflip in the corner. Bryan begins with the round kicks to Tony’s chest, but the head kick gets blocked and countered into a buckle bomb. Nese tries the knee in the corner again but misses and hits the turnbuckle after exposing his knee before Danielson eats a busaiku knee. Danielson stomps Tony into the mat then taps him out with the Regal stretch.

Danielson grabs a mic and says it’s great to be home before asking for another match, calling out MJF whose music plays after a brief pause. The champ hits the new entrance and just like Ricky, he looks like a star on the new ramp. Max asks Bryan if he wants him to come wrestle him and refuses to because he doesn’t care about the fans or pleasing them. MJF says he gets paid if he wrestles or not and that’s what makes him a special attraction. Max says Lance Storm and Dean Malenko’s child would have more charisma than him and then suggests that his mother created him with a goat. Danielson responds that MJF’s mother has had enough human suitors to fill the arena. Max says he’s the best wrestler in the world and his title proves it.

Max continues to explain that guys like Disco Inferno and Eric Bischoff like him as well as Jim Cornette so that’s why he’s better than Bryan. Danielson cuts him off and says that he hates Max and it’s time to fight and tries to leave the ring to chase him again. Max stops him and says that Bryan isn’t getting a shot unless he becomes number one contender and says that Danielson would need to win every week until February 8th then he’ll get that match at Revolution. Danielson refuses and says he’ll do it his way and Max says he runs this company and screams at Danielson that he has to do things his way. Bryan says he agrees that he’ll do it if he gets to choose the stipulation for Revolution. Max agrees and Danielson says that it’ll be a one-hour iron man match. Is it March yet? Bryan promises to expose MJF at Revolution and prove that he’s not good enough.

Orange Cassidy vs Kip Sabian Video Package

Just a quick catch up on how we got to this match at Battle of the Belts on Friday

Swerve Strickland w/ Mogul Associates (Parker Boudreaux & Granden Groetzman) defeated A.R Fox via Pinfall (9:09)

Swerve makes his entrance with his goons and he’s yet another Washington native so gets a great reaction before A.R Fox joins him in the ring. We get underway and both men exchange strikes before they both hit some excellent moves to the outside from the apron, seemingly matching each other stride for stride. Fox lands a pump kick on the outside before hitting a moonsault before hitting a corkscrew brainbuster back between the ropes for a two count. He follows up with an elbow in the corner, but Granden Groetzman lands a cheap shot to Fox behind the ref’s back and that lets Swerve back into the match. Swerve sends us to break with a brutal pump kick from the apron. Swerve takes Fox back into the ring and dominates throughout the commercials, keeping Fox grounded for the majority of the time.

When we return to the match, Fox tries to fight back, exchanging kicks with Strickland before finally dropping him with an enzuigiri. Fox hits an elbow and tries for a cutter but Swerve counters with a German suplex and a flatliner for two. Strickland takes Fox to the top rope but is fought off with elbows and then we get a nice exchange ending in a cutter from Fox. He follows up with a kick in the corner, and Iconoclasm, another cutter and then a 450 splash but Swerve kicks out at two still. The crowd sound their appreciation as the two men fight to the apron where Fox takes Strickland to the top rope. Parker Boudreaux passes something to Swerve which suddenly let's Swerve regain control and hit a Death Valley driver on the apron before hitting the foot stomps from the top rope back in the ring to pick up the win. Don’t sleep on this match, the description doesn’t do it justice, I couldn’t keep up.

Saraya Interview

Saraya is joined by Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm, and they moan about Britt before Renee asks Saraya to reveal her partner and she says it’s Toni. Shida isn’t impressed. Neither are the fans on twitter probably.

The Gunns FTR Memorial

Austin & Colten come out to mourn FTR’s legacy. They head to the ring and mockingly read eulogies for FTR. We end with a moment of silence and FTR’s music hits, but they don’t come out and the ass boys say that FTR will never work in AEW again.

Jade Cargill & Red Velvet w/ Leila Grey defeated Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan via Pinfall (6:49)

Skye & Kiera head to the ring and they’re followed by Jade and Velvet, accompanied by Leila. More tension between Red & Jade on the entrance. Velvet starts with Skye and Red misses a dropkick to allow Skye to nearly pin her. Both women exchange pin attempts with not much else before Blue lands a knee strike and tags out to Kiera. Hogan hits a leg drop for two before bringing Skye in who nails Velvet with a DDT for two. Jade tags herself in as we go to break and Jade immediately takes control with a pump handle slam on Skye. Jade continues with shots in the corner and dominates throughout the break.

When we come back to the match, Kiera Hogan tags in and runs into the eye of the storm from Jade for two. Jade tags Velvet in and tells her to attack Kiera but Hogan instead takes over and hits the sliding kick in the corner for two. Velvet fights back but Hogan hits her with a suplex. Jade tags in again and hits pump kicks on Hogan and Blue on the apron before she chokeslams Kiera to the mat and goes to tag Velvet who refuses. Hogan rolls Cargill up for two but Jade lands a pump kick and gets the win regardless.

Rematch Incoming

The Acclaimed vs Jeff & Jay rematch at Battle of the Belts.

Darby Allin defeated Samoa Joe via Pinfall (8:47) to become NEW TNT Champion

Main Event time and Darby gets an awesome entrance. We see Nick Wayne in the crowd and remember that name, but Darby is soon joined by Samoa Joe who comes out with a menacing look on his face. Joe attacks Nick Wayne and that leads to Darby hitting him with a tope suicida before the match has even begun. Darby goes right after Joe with his skateboard, fighting Joe back up the ramp and jumping onto his spine with the skateboard. Darby disappeared backstage before emerging with a huge ladder from backstage and setting it up on the ramp. He climbs to the top and hits Joe with a senton atomico. The two men head back towards the ring and finally the match begins officially with Darby hitting a dropkick. Joe heads back outside but Darby follows him with a kick. Joe snatches Allin out of the air and drives him onto the steel steps with an ura nage to send us to break. Joe heads back into the ring to win by count out but Darby comes back so Joe smashes his head into the ring post and waits again for the count out. Allin makes it at 7 but heads back out to recover so Joe goes to retrieve him. Joe hits two knife edge chops that just make Darby collapse, but Allin keeps running away as he tries to recover. He heads back into the ring, but Joe cuts off a flurry of punches with a headbutt.

We head back to the match where Joe drops Darby with a heavy kick. Darby gets up so he does it again but then Joe misses an elbow drop and Darby snatches a rear naked choke. Joe gets out with a senton then begins to work over the legs of Darby, sweeping them out from under him. Joe lifts Darby up who fires in some more shots before Joe snatches Darby up for a double knee breaker. The champion follows up with a running senton to the legs for a two count as Joe becomes more methodical in his pace. Joe locks Darby in a single leg crab but Allin fights to the ropes and escapes. Joe slowly picks Darby up and takes him to the corner as the crowd chant Darby’s name. Joe tries a muscle buster, but Darby escapes and tries for a sunset flip. He can’t get it but he does run Joe into the corner where Darby tries for a German Suplex but Joe holds onto the turnbuckle pad. The pad eventually breaks off and Joe is sent flying but when Darby readjusts for the pin, Joe snatches him into a rear naked choke and Allin counters by flipping over to pin Joe for two. Darby tries for a cutter, but Joe snatches him into the choke. Darby looks close to passing out but his inner Sting fires him up to escape by sending Joe face first into the exposed turnbuckle. Allin quickly nails Joe with a crazy code red before racing to the top rope for a coffin drop to the spine and then one to the front of Joe and Darby Allin pins Samoa Joe to become a two-time TNT Champion! Incredible.

Darby celebrates in the ring to close the show and is eventually joined by Sting!

And that’s how you kick off a new era. Other than the Moxley microphone error, tonight was a fantastic show both in ring and from a production value standpoint too. AEW looks like it’s upgraded, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. 9/10 for me, but what did you think? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen, and see you Friday for Rampage AND Battle of the Belts! Adios

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