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AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash Full Results & Recap (December 28, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Dec 28, 2022

AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash Full Results & Recap (December 28, 2022)

It’s the final Wednesday of 2022, so for one last time this year, you know what that means! It’s time for AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash! We have a great card to close the year as we can look forward to Bryan Danielson vs Ethan Page as well as a TNT Title match as Wardlow looks to regain his title from the man who deposed him, the king of television, Samoa Joe. We’ll also have the sixth match of the best of seven between The Elite and Death Triangle which is falls count anywhere! With all that in mind, let’s get straight to the action! Commentary begins with Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone.

Bryan Danielson defeated Ethan Page w/ Stokely Hathaway via Referee Stoppage (16:23)

We’re starting the show with Bryan Danielson who comes out quickly and is followed by Ethan Page along with Stokely Hathaway, covering his shiny head with a hat this week. Before the match can begin, the familiar jingle of the AEW World Champion rings out and he distracts Bryan Danielson alongside a very attractive woman from a sky box. Ethan Page jumps Danielson as a result and starts to take over the match with strikes and body slams. Ethan taunts Danielson as the crowd gets loudly behind him and it gets Bryan to fire back with a backflip in the corner and a flying elbow. Danielson follows up with some heavy strikes in the corner but Page fires back and puts Danielson on the back foot, but Bryan comes back with kicks and then a kitchen sink sends Ethan to the mat. Bryan drags Ethan into the middle of the mat and tries to lock in the Romero special, Page fights him off but Danielson stomps on the back of the knees instead and then does the same to the Achilles of Page. Page fights back with a back elbow and then peppers Bryan with strikes on the mat, following that with a body slam and a pose to the crowd. Ethan takes Danielson to the top rope and follows him up there, looking for a Superplex, but Danielson fights him off with a headbutt and follows up with a missile dropkick. Stokely Hathaway jumps onto the apron and Danielson knocks his hat off before sending Ethan outside, nearly hitting Stokely, and following him with the elbow suicida. Ethan Page heads back inside and Danielson gets distracted by Stokely to let Ethan knock him from the apron with a pump kick to send us to break. Page dominates Bryan throughout the commercials, attacking him outside the ring and sending him into the ring post before beating him up back between the ropes.

We return to the action and Ethan is still on top, but Danielson drags himself to his feet, only for Ethan to drop him with one strike. Page berates Bryan but then Danielson pulls out a German suplex and then follows up with a strike exchange. Both men bring it, and Page looks to have the upper hand, but Bryan drops Ethan into the turnbuckle and then hits him with some heavy chops and kicks, finishing with a hurricanrana. Danielson starts to nail his round kicks to the chest; Ethan avoids the head shot but spills outside where Danielson hits him with a dropkick but misses a knee from the apron thanks to Stokely saving Page. Ethan sends Bryan into the ring steps and then nails a powerslam on the floor before heading back into the ring for a cutter that earns him a two count. Danielson tries to fight back and nails a desperation DDT as a counter and then gets a two from a head kick. Danielson transitions to the LeBell lock and Ethan makes the ropes after looking to be done for momentarily. Danielson looks shaky but heads slowly to the top rope and Ethan cuts him off before setting up for the Ego’s Edge. Danielson fights out and hits the hammer and anvil elbows up on the top but Ethan Page fights Danielson into an avalanche powerslam and Danielson still kicks out at two. The crowd chant this is awesome as Page tries to lift up a deadweight opponent, hoisting him up for the Ego’s edge but Danielson slips out and nails him with the busaiku knee. He follows up with the BCC stomps before making Page pass out with a submission hold.

Danielson shouts at MJF up high after the match and MJF just seems to mock him.

Samoa Joe vs Wardlow Video Package

Joe and Wardlow share their side of the story of WarJoe and will battle tonight. Joe speaks in a video package and Wardlow begins to be interviewed by Renee, talking about Powerful actions as Joe attacks him with a metal pipe and seems to lay him out.

Hangman Adam Page Interview

Renee asks for an update on Hangman, and he gives her a cold reply given that who her husband is before saying there's no update. He gets riled up when Renee says Mox & Claudio vs Top Flight is next. The doctor tells him he needs to keep calm as he could be back in two weeks if he does.

Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley) defeated Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) via Pinfall (13:25)

As Renee told us, we head to the ring where Wild Thing plays out as Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli enter through the crowd. Top Flight follow them to the ring and they attack Moxley and Claudio before the bell. It doesn’t go well for them as Mox and Claudio both get the upper hand. Darius is sent in the ring and Moxley joins him to begin the match properly. Mox and Claudio exchange quick tags and beat Darius down in their corner. Claudio continues to attack and cuts Darius off with ease before it’s Mox’s turn again and this has been all BCC so far. Moxley takes the elder Martin into the corner and attacks him with kicks, chops, bites and scratches. Darius fights back and comes back with a shotgun dropkick. Dante tags in and hits Mox with a crossbody and Claudio with an enzuigiri before hitting a dropkick onto Mox and getting a two from a standing moonsault press. Dante fires in some low kicks but Moxley just nails a big suplex before hitting the hammer an anvil elbows. Mox looks to hit the Paradigm shift, but Darius hits a chop block to Moxley’s knee to save him and send us to break. Darius tags in and targets the leg of Moxley on the outside, using the barricades to his advantage. This time it’s Top Flight’s turn to exchange quick tags and isolate someone in their corner, Jon Moxley and his injured knee take all the punishment as he desperately tries to tag Claudio in.

We come back to the action and it’s much the same, Darius is continuing to attack the knee of Moxley and keep it away from his corner. Moxley blocks a suplex to escape Darius’ clutches and finally tags out to Claudio. Dante tags in too but gets met by so many flying uppercuts that I lose count. He finally ends the sequence with a dropkick for two as the crowd beg for the swing. Claudio begins to oblige but Darius saves him. Darius gets swung instead and Dante leapfrogs Darius to stop it with a roll up for two. Top Flight pepper Claudio with moves, almost pinning him twice more following first a DDT and then a senton. The brothers try to suplex Claudio together but Claudio suplexes them instead. Dante and Darius avoid Claudio before pinballing him with strikes and Moxley has to come in to break the pin at two. Darius and Mox get taken down, but Darius comes back to save his brother from a pop-up uppercut. Claudio accidentally throws Dante into Moxley outside before Darius hits a Spanish Fly for two. Claudio tries the uppercut again but Darius reverses with a backslide for two, Castagnoli hits the neutraliser and Darius kicks out at two. Claudio is enraged so uses the hammer and anvil elbows. Dante tries to break it up, but Mox takes him out with the King Kong lariat. Moxley hits Dante with a paradigm shift on the floor. Darius strikes Claudio’s face, so Claudio smashes him with an uppercut and pins him.

Best Friends & Kip Sabian Interview

Renee says Kip has asked for this time and speaks in riddles before asking for his All-Atlantic title shot but Orange says Trent gets a shot before Kip because he eliminated Kip. Trent vs Orange on Rampage.

Hook defeated Baylum Lynx via Submission (0:57)

I didn’t see this announced but oh well! Hook starts off with strikes and then more strikes in the corner. He hits huge hip toss and just throws his opponent around before locking in the redrum after the cross-face strikes.

After the match, Stokely comes out and tells Hook he’s not a badass like his dad tells us. Stokely is followed by Big Bill and Lee Moriarty who look to attack but Jack Perry comes out to attack Lee whilst Hook and Big Bill square up in the ring. Big Bill tries to chokeslam Hook, but Jack saves him with a two by four.

Chris Jericho Video Package

We see Jericho losing to Action Andretti and then getting rejected by Ricky Starks followed by the fireball on Andretti. Jericho follows up with a promo on Ricky Starks where he says he made a mistake not joining him and he’ll show him next week.

Mogul Affiliates Interview

Renee asks Swerve about last week after we see the attack on Keith Lee last week. Swerve introduces his guys, kind of, before Wheeler Yuta turns up and challenges Swerve to a match on Rampage.

The Elite (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Kenny Omega) w/ Michael Nakazawa & Brandon Cutler defeated Death Triangle (Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix & PAC) w/ Alex Abrahantes via Pinfall (17:11) in Match Six of Seven for the AEW World Trios Championship. Score 3-3

Disappointed that this isn’t the main event so they could smash up the set ahead of the new one next week but oh well! Don Callis joins commentary, and the match begins with a huge brawl backstage. The Elite seem to have the advantage to begin but it’s very back and forth once we join the fight. Penta takes over with a trashcan before PAC hits Kenny Omega with a brainbuster on some pallets. PAC climbs up to high ledge to hit a moonsault onto both Young Bucks below. Penta & Matt brawl by a catering table before Matt puts Fenix through it with a back body drop. Nick puts PAC on a crate with wheels and pushes him into a Matt superkick that Penta breaks up at two. Penta has Matt ready for a fear factor, but Nick saves him with a dive through the table. Penta kicks out at two as the men seem to brawl closer to the rampway. Eventually, Nick and Penta make it out to the stage, followed by Matt & PAC. Fenix appears atop a tunnel and The Bucks superkick his partners before Fenix hits them with a tornado. Kenny appears from nowhere with a V trigger and then battles with PAC on the ramp, PAC winning out with a German suplex with a bridge for two. Matt had to save Kenny and now he picks up the fight with PAC as the crowd sound their appreciation. Matt hits the locomotion northern lights suplexes down the ramp. He hits one on Fenix and PAC to close out after Nick leaps over them to take out Penta. We head to break with a two count. The brawl continues, briefly heading into the ring before quickly leaving again as Death Triangle seem to regain control over The Elite. PAC is with Kenny by the ring and Penta has Nick Jackson in the crowd whilst Fenix attacks Matt Jackson on the outside by the barricades. Penta uses a scarf and crutch to choke Nick whilst Fenix argues with a fan and chops Matt on a chair. Kenny and PAC head into the ring.

We return and PAC is choking Kenny on the ropes with Penta soon joining him in the ring where they begin to isolate Omega. PAC and Fenix get weapons, namely a trash can which PAC puts on Kenny’s head before they all hit dropkicks for a two count. Death Triangle kill time and it’s a mistake as Kenny fights back, sending both Lucha bros outside but PAC cuts him off. Kenny escapes his clutches and Nick comes in to take the fight to PAC. Penta takes out Nick, Matt takes out Penta, Fenix takes out Matt and you know the drill in these matches. We get back to Kenny and PAC with Kenny nailing the snapdragon suplex and then grab the trashcan to hit the bastard with. Kenny puts it over PAC’s head before hitting the V trigger and following with the gutwrench doctor bomb onto the trash can but PAC kicks out at two. Kenny tries for the one-winged angel but Penta saves him and drags Kenny outside so he and Fenix can hit him with the assisted fear factor on the floor that Matt and Nick have to break up. Fenix deals with both Young Bucks in the ring and dives to the outside to take out Kenny too. Nick and Penta fight on the apron and it’s Nick who wins the battle. Matt picks Penta up and Nick hits the Meltzer Driver with Matt, PAC breaks it up at two and takes Matt Jackson into the ring. PAC hits a pump kick and goes for the Black Arrow. Matt avoids it and Nick hits him with a chair, PAC gets the chair too before they get Penta in position for the BTE trigger. They hit it but PAC breaks the pin up at two and Nick hits him with a superkick. The Bucks go for another Meltzer driver, but PAC avoids it and nearly rolls Matt up. He quickly transitions to and locks in a brutaliser, but we see Kenny with Fenix up for a one-winged angel too in the crowd. Kenny hits it through some tables and pins Fenix before Matt taps out and The Elite tie the series! We’re going to LA for escalera de la muerte!

The Acclaimed Music Video

Max Caster is an artist. Give him a Grammy. He cooks Jeff Jarrett here.

TayJay A.S (Tay Melo & Anna Jay A.S) defeated Ruby Soho & Willow Nightingale via Pinfall (11:59)

Main Event last week but back in the death slot this, we have the ladies next. TayJay A.S head out first and Ruby and Willow follow them to the ring. Willow has to hold Ruby back before the bell and starts the match against Tay Melo who keeps avoiding lock ups. Willow eventually gets her and throws her to the mat before hitting a pair of overhand chops. Ruby tags herself in and charges at Tay who avoids Soho and tags out. Anna Jay comes In and she gets Ruby’s anger taken out on her face with right hands instead. Anna is taken to Ruby’s corner where Willow tags in. Ruby and Willow exchange tags and hit a move before tagging out again, working together well until Tay stops Willow tagging Ruby and letting Anna turn the tables on Willow back in the ring. TayJay A.S isolate Willow in their corner this time, exchanging tags like their opponents did as we head to break. This is the pattern of the action until we come back from commercial.

We return and Willow is still in trouble as Anna and Tay beat her down. Anna gets a two count with a leg lariat in the corner, but Willow comes back with her own lariat after blocking a strike from Anna. Ruby tags in and so does Tay and Ruby takes over with heavy strikes immediately. Ruby drives Tay into the turnbuckles and then chases Anna around the ring before taking her down with a leg trip. Tay attacks Ruby from behind but eats a no future kick from Soho instead for two. Anna takes out Ruby, but Willow then comes in to take out Anna before Tay hits Nightingale with a pump kick as all four women go down. We get a quadruple down and Willow is up first to take Anna out before Willow and Ruby hit Tay with a nice sequence and Anna has to break the pin up at two. Anna throws out Willow but Ruby attacks her and Tay hits Ruby with a DD-Tay that Willow breaks up at two. Willow takes Anna to the floor and nails a snap suplex as Tay and Ruby exchange strikes in the ring. They both hit headbutts and Ruby falls into a pin on Tay, but Melo wakes up at two to save herself. Anna sends Willow into the ring post and tries to hit her with a chair, but the ref stops her. Meanwhile, Tay throws a chair to Ruby and nails a pump kick behind the ref’s back before hitting the DD-Tay for the victory.

The Gunns Interview

Lexy Nair asks Austin & Colten why they’re leaving, and they say they have a reservation before saying they’ll address their win over FTR next week.

Ricky Starks Interview

Renee asks Ricky about fighting Jericho next week. Ricky says he’ll get revenge for Action Andretti by beating Jericho and tells Jericho that he’s a star, but one Jericho can’t control.

Samoa Joe defeated Wardlow via Referee Stoppage (12:12) to retain the TNT Championship

Main Event time, unsurprisingly Joe comes out first after what he did to Wardlow earlier on. Joe heads out with both his titles and stands tall in the ring before Wardlow’s music hits and there’s no sign of him. Joe grabs the mic and tells us that Wardlow has stage fright so won’t be coming out tonight before bagging on the Denver Broncos. Wardlow then storms out, pushing medical staff and referees out of his way before hitting the ring and attacking Joe with strikes. The bell rings as he does so and we’re underway with the challenger attacking Joe with all he has. Wardlow tries to avoid putting weight on his bad leg and Joe kicks at it, but Wardlow still manages to pull out a spinebuster on Joe before hitting him with strikes. Wardlow tries for a splash in the corner, but Joe hits an ura nage but Wardlow fires back with a clothesline as he manages to get Joe in trouble again. That is until Joe pulls out a Knee breaker to Wardlow and sends us to break with the challenger on the floor. The referee calls the doctor over as soon as the break starts and it’s not looking good for Wardlow. More medical personnel emerge from backstage and it’s really not looking good. Wardlow fights to his feet and beats up the EMTs and the referee begins to count him out. Wardlow heads back into the ring and Joe stops him, brutalising the leg before Wardlow falls back to the floor.

We return to the match as the ref almost counts Wardlow out again and when he does make it back in, Joe swarms him once again, keeping him on the back foot. Joe continues to attack the knee of Wardlow with a submission before hitting headbutts in the corner and then placing Wardlow up top and peppering him with jabs. Joe joins him up there and tries for a superplex but Wardlow fights him off and hits a Senton Atomico but can’t capitalise with a pin because of his knee. The referee begins a count for a double down and Joe is up first, Wardlow joins him, and the giant men slug it out until Wardlow pulls out two German suplexes and even manages to hit a springboard cannonball to Joe for two. Wardlow tries for his big lariat but Joe escapes with a choke, Wardlow rolls out and escapes with a headbutt before hitting the lariat, but Joe comes back with a low sweep of the legs. Joe takes Wardlow up top but the challenger escapes with a powerbomb! He goes for another one and he can’t get Joe up from a standing position. Joe hits a chop block and then locks in a rear naked choke which Wardlow passes out in.

Joe celebrates retaining his title in the ring before turning back to Wardlow who has just come back around. Joe pauses as if he might shake Wardlow's hand in respect but instead hits him with one of his belts before pulling out a toolbox from under the ring. He pulls out some scissors and cuts off Wardlow’s ponytail after headbutting the referee who tries to stop him. Joe’s celebration afterwards is cut short by Darby Allin’s music. Darby attacks from behind with a skateboard and stands tall with the TNT title belt to close out Dynamite in 2022.

That was a pretty good episode, nothing too spectacular but every match was somewhere between good and great with the highlight for me being the trios match. A solid 8.5/10 to close the year for Dynamite in my opinion, but what’s your opinion? Let us know in the comments or let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen. See you back here for Rampage! So long, and goodnight.

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