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AEW Rampage Full Recap & Results (December 16, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Dec 16, 2022

AEW Rampage Full Recap & Results (December 16, 2022)

It’s Friday, you know what that means! It’s time for the fastest hour in professional wrestling, AEW Rampage! Tony Khan is still trying to make Rampage great again, so we have another good card tonight including Sammy Guevara vs Jon Moxley amongst the four matches that we have to look forward to. After a tremendous Dynamite episode on Wednesday, can AEW follow up here with another good episode of Rampage tonight? There’s only one way to find out, let’s get straight to the action, commentary begins with JR, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone.

Jon Moxley defeated Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Melo via Referee Stoppage (15:35)

It’s Rampage so the entrances for our opening match are made on YouTube. Sammy heads out with Tay before Moxley makes his way to the ring through the crowd to Wild Thing. The show itself starts and after it does, so does the match. Guevara gets out the blocks fast with a running knee strike and following up with a chop in the corner. He bites Moxley but then gets his next chop reversed so Moxley can fire in some of his own as we see Daniel Garcia watching on backstage. Moxley hits a lariat and Sammy spills to the outside, when Moxley joins him on the floor, Tay distracts Jon and allows Sammy to hit another knee strike and then position Moxley on a chair next to the barricade whilst he chops him but Moxley crotches Sammy on the barricade and knocks him into the crowd with a lariat. Sammy throws Moxley back in the ring once he recovers but when Guevara joins him, Moxley is waiting with a cutter before taking Sammy up top for a superplex which earns him a two count. Mox follows up with some strikes and Sammy turns the tables for his own before we get a strike exchange leading to Sammy’s corkscrew dropkick. Moxley spills to the floor this time and Sammy climbs to the top to do something crazy. Jon cuts him off up there and the two men scrap atop the turnbuckles with Sammy winning the battle and knocking Mox to the apron and follows up with a great looking double foot stomp on that to send us to break. Sammy throws Mox into the ring steps and then rips the stud from Moxley’s ear with his teeth and continues to bite at the ear.

When we come back to the match, Sammy is beating Moxley down in the ring and Jon is selling the left knee which he tweaked on the apron. Sammy takes control as the blood begins to pour from Jon’s ear and continues to bite at the former champion. Moxley fights back with a few chops, but Sammy takes him down with a kick to the knee before clobbering Moxley with strikes and choking him with the rope. Tay delivers a slap to Mox behind the referee’s back and also pulls at the bleeding ear before Sammy comes out to kiss her with Moxley’s blood still on his mouth. Gross, or kinky? You decide. Moxley decides it’s the former, so he aims a tope at the pair of lovebirds, connecting with Sammy and knocking him to the floor. Moxley takes the fight back between the ropes and fires himself out before hitting Sammy with a barrage of lariats and right-hand strikes before trying for a German suplex. Sammy lands on his feet and then outmanoeuvres Moxley to land an enzuigiri in the corner and quickly following it with a top rope cutter for two. Sammy tries for the GTH, Moxley transitions into a Powerbomb but Guevara turns that into a Walls of Jericho, locking Jon in and pulling him away from the ropes. Moxley fights out with brute strength and up kicks before we get a huge strike exchange. Sammy looks to be winning but then drops Sammy with one shot and delivers a kerb stomp for a two count. Sammy rolls out the ring to get away, but Jon follows him to put him through the timekeeper’s table. Sammy reverses and then lands a knee strike to put Moxley on the table before hitting a 360 senton to send Moxley through it. Both men head back to the ring where Guevara tries a crossbody from the top, Moxley takes it and rolls through to stomp Sammy into the mat and follows with a piledriver for two. Moxley transitions straight into the bulldog choke and looks to be in trouble until he escapes by rolling Moxley up for two. Moxley lands a huge lariat, but Sammy escapes a death rider and hits a kick to Mox’s knee before delivering his own death rider and following up with a senton atomico from the top rope, but Moxley kicks out at two again. Sammy decides to go big or go home and takes Moxley to the top rope. Moxley fights him off at first but Sammy lands on his feet and comes right back before he hits a Spanish Fly. Unfortunately for him, Moxley takes it and transitions straight into a rear naked choke and then transitions that into the Bulldog. Meanwhile, Sammy transitions from conscious to unconscious, giving Moxley the well-earned victory.

Garcia looks on backstage with a disapproving yet smug look on his face and Tay retrieves her husband from the ring. Moxley grabs a mic and calls out Hangman before telling him that he isn’t waiting all night. Hangman comes out and pushes Evil Uno out of the way so Page can engage in a fight with Moxley. Hangman wins the opening exchange and Moxley retreats into the ring before a swarm of staff come out to separate the two men. Hangman pushes them all off so he can hit a Buckshot Lariat, but Moxley sees it coming and moves so Hangman just hits a member of staff instead. Moxley tries to escape the ring and Hangman just follows him. The two briefly engage once more before the swarm of security and staff finally separate the two. This match will be amazing.

Saraya Promo

Saraya puts over Jamie Hayter and Hikaru Shida before she reminds them, she will be coming for that title and then Saraya turns to Britt and her tickets from last week and tells us Britt & Jamie are menaces backstage and she has a plethora of options to be her partner.

FTR Promo

We come back from break to FTR in the ring who say last week sucked because not only because they lost the ROH titles, the AEW title shot or that Dax broke his ass bone but because on top of that, they feel like they let the fans down when they’ve spent the year lifting FTR up and making this one of the best years of their lives. The crowd tells them that they deserve it and Cash turns his attention to the Gunns and tells them that a couple of dumbass boys won’t end their legacy. Dax tells us another story about his daughter asking why people like him so much. Dax couldn’t answer her but says that he’s wanted to have the crowd react to him like that since he was 8 and they say Austin & Colten ruined their vibe before saying they’ll beat the Gunn’s ass on Dynamite.

Jade Cargill Promo

Jade and the baddies talk about winning last week before Leila seems to be trying to make Jade hate Red Velvet, successfully as well.

Dr Britt Baker D.M.D w/ Jamie Hayter & Rebel defeated Skye Blue via Pinfall (6:14)

Britt and her girls make their entrance, Jamie Hayter suits that title belt. Skye is already in the ring and the match begins with a lock up. Skye shows Britt that she’s no pushover with a nice opening exchange, but Britt soon wins out and hits a butterfly suplex for one. Skye fights back with a couple of nice arm drags before pulling out a jack knife cover for one and then immediately transitioning to a thrust kick to send us to break. Britt pulls the ref in to distract him whilst Skye is climbing to the top rope, only for Jamie and Rebel to cut her off and Jamie to leave her a sitting target with an elbow strike. Britt collects her prey with a hanging neckbreaker for two as Britt begins to dominate off the back of the Hayter assist. That’s where the momentum stays throughout the remainder of the picture in picture break with Britt pulling out strikes and submissions all the way to the blackout.

When we do finally return to the action, Skye ducks a lariat and lands a thrust kick for a two count but Britt comes right back with a slingblade and then hits a butterfly powerbomb looking move for another two count. She calls for the glove and looks to go for the lockjaw, but sky hits a rising knee strike then rolls Britt up for two. She follows up with a nice kick and then tries for the code blue but Britt escapes and hits the kerb stomp to pick up the victory.

Britt puts on the lockjaw after the bell and Shida makes the save with her kendo stick. She takes out Rebel then Britt before she and Jamie exchange words until the world champ leaves.

Preston Vance Interview

Boo this man. JR sits down with the child hater himself, Preston Vance, FKA 10. He asks him why he turned his back on the dark order. Preston asks JR who his boss is, JR says it’s Tony Khan, Preston says so it’s not a 10-year-old kid, because now, neither is his anymore. Preston then distances himself from Dark Order saying Brodie chose him but the other guys with just stragglers picked up by The Dark Order. JR asks why he compounded the misery of poor negative one and Preston agrees that no kid should have to go through what he did two years ago but that he’s turned into a brat the last two years and then ends the interview by telling him to grow up. I repeat, boo this man.

Wardlow defeated Exodus Prime via Pinfall (2:08)

Wardlow time as he makes his way to the ring with violence in mind. His opponent waits in the ring, and I almost feel bad for him until Justin Roberts tells us his name is Exodus Prime and now, I’m ready for the symphony to begin. The bell rings and after a slow start, Prime fires in multiple strikes but Wardlow is unmoved and delivers a huge headbutt followed by a wind-up lariat. The symphony finally begins and goes through four movements before this one is over.

Wardlow grabs a mic after the match and calls out Samoa Joe. Joe replies but doesn’t come out, he tells Wardlow he can have a match in Colorado in a few weeks before declaring that the king has spoken.

Mark Henry Main Event Interview

Mark asks Trent Seven why he attacked Orange Cassidy last week and Kip interrupts him with some interesting points/inane bullshit. Butcher wants a fight with some crumbs and Blade promises to do some blade stuff. Mark goes to end the interview, but Dustin stops him to ask if they get a chance to talk but they have nothing to say so it looks like we’ve had enough talk, it’s time for the main event.

Dustin Rhodes, Orange Cassidy & Best Friends (Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor) w/ Danhausen defeated Kip Sabian, Trent Seven, The Butcher & The Blade via Pinfall (10:42)

Excalibur covers how all men on Kip’s team know each other as they head to the ring before Best Friends & Friends come out to join them. Danhausen and Dustin Rhodes have immediate chemistry together which is excellent to see before the match begins with Beretta and Sabian in the ring. Trent wants Trent so Kip tags Seven in. Beretta and Seven exchange strikes as the crowd chant Trent and the two battle over their name before hitting a double clothesline and causing the aprons to empty with a brawl. Kip and Orange go back and forth in the ring before Orange sends Kip outside. He goes to follow with a dive, but Penelope & Bunny appear from nowhere to protect Kip and letting Butcher to attack Cassidy and let Kip attack Orange outside. Beretta comes in to attack Butcher but Blade comes in too and the two men hit the one man with a brutal looking kick to the ribs as we go to our final break. Trent Seven finally tags out to Blade and throughout the break, Trent Beretta is isolated by Butcher, Blade, Kip and Seven. Beretta does eventually tag out to Orange Cassidy, who after getting a DDT blocked, soon becomes the one being isolated.

When we return to the match, Cassidy finally tags in Dustin Rhodes after hitting a stundog millionaire and the natural comes in, first taking down Trent Seven followed by Blade, Butcher & Kip, all of them getting a powerslam before Seven accidentally hits a splash on his own teammate in Kip. Dustin hits the flip, flop and fly but Butcher & Blade break the pin up at two before Orange tries remove them with a double hurricanrana. They block it and hit drag the lake on Cassidy, Trent Beretta takes them out with a dropkick from the top rope and then follows with a hug and then stereo tope con hilo’s with Chuck. Kip hits those two with a springboard moonsault before Dustin appears with a cannonball senton for Kip. Chuck delivers Kip into the ring with Cassidy waiting for an Orange punch, but Penelope distracts the ref and Bunny gets in the ring. Orange pretends she attacked him, and the ref turns around to see this. Penelope also gets in the ring and Danhausen copies Orange’s lead and it works, the referee has no choice but to throw the girls out of here. Danhausen celebrates, Kip low blows him and then dodges an Orange punch to hit a pop-up knee. Everything breaks down but Trent Seven almost pins Beretta after an avalanche gut wrench powerbomb, but Beretta tags out to Dustin and in comes Kip too. Rhodes hits an Atomic Drop and then a destroyer before setting Kip up in the corner for the unnatural kick. The ref tries to stop him but can’t stop Orange coming in to do the soft version of it repeatedly. The ref pulls Orange away and that lets Dustin complete his move before Seven comes in and eats an Orange Punch and a Bulldog from Dustin to end the night. This match was so much fun. If you like comedy wrestling, this is a must see.

They did it, another enjoyable hour of wrestling on a Friday. That’s an 8/10 Rampage for me, but what did you think? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen, and have a great weekend.

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