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AEW Dynamite Full Recap & Results (December 7, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Dec 07, 2022

AEW Dynamite Full Recap & Results (December 7, 2022)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! It's AEW Dynamite time and once again, AEW are in Texas for a show that has plenty to look forward to. TNT title is on the line between Darby Allin and Samoa Joe. The AEW tag titles are on the line when The Acclaimed defend against FTR. And on top of that and much more, we'll hear from the former world champion, Jon Moxley and the man the dethroned him, MJF and the women's world champion, Jamie Hayter. So, let's get straight to the wrestling. Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone are on commentary to begin the show.

Ricky Starks defeated Ethan Page, Matt Hardy, Brian Cage, Shawn Dean, "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, Dalton Castle, Dustin Rhodes, Lee Moriarty, The Butcher, Kip Sabian and Orange Cassidy in the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale (13:10)

Battle Royale starts the show after we're briefly reminded of MJF's attack last week. Ricky Starks and Jack Perry get an entrance as we are reminded that the winner of this match will challenge MJF for the diamond ring at a future date. Dustin Rhodes also gets an entrance and a huge pop in Texas as he does. The match gets underway in the usual flustercluck fashion as the Firm work together and so do Butcher and Cage as they take control. Plenty of men and women are on the outside too, making this even more confusing that necessary. Kip and Orange battle to eliminate each other but it's a stalemate until Blade eliminates Orange from his role on the outside. Kip is proud of himself until Dustin removes him from the match also. Ricky & Dustin almost get eliminated but hold on, that is until Rhodes is kicked out of the match and the ring by Butcher. The Boys save Dalton from elimination multiple times, but Brian Cage persists with a big body slam. The machine gets hit with a Jack Perry dropkick and the two fight on the apron with Jack eliminating Cage with a meteora to send us to break.

No eliminations during the break so we return to Jack Perry, Ricky Starks, Ethan Page, Matt Hardy, Lee Moriarty, Shawn Dean and The Butcher still in the match. Ricky and Matt fall to the apron and Ethan helps Matt survive then Matt, Ethan and Lee attack him, that is until Ricky escapes to eliminate The Butcher. Perry pulls out a hurricanrana on Moriarty to eliminate him but W Morrissey hits Jack with a boot to take him out too before chokeslamming him on the apron. Ethan Page orders Matt around, including to raise his hand at one point before they target Starks in the corner. Shawn Dean makes the save and fights off both men culminating on a beautiful DDT before trying to throw out Ethan. Hardy makes the save and Ethan demands that Matt eliminates Shawn rather than thanking him. Hardy refuses, Page does it and then they argue whilst Ricky recovers. Matt sees him coming and takes him out, Matt goes for the twist of fate, Ricky eliminates him instead then hits Page with a DDT, but Ethan avoids a Spear and then both men spill over the top at Ethan's behest but Starks reverses on the way over to pick up the win!

As soon as Ricky wins, MJF's music hits and out he comes with the Big Burberry Belt (TM) and a mic. He heads to the ring and joins Ricky in there. He tells Ricky to wait and tells Danielson he stayed home because he's terrified of Max. MJF says in a week's time, he'll be a four-time diamond ring winner and still the AEW champion. MJF says that Richard is popular in Texas, and he's hailed as underutilised but whilst he's good, MJF says the truth is that in comparison to him, Ricky is the absolute drizzling shits before pulling out Rock lines and calls him a dollar store Dwayne. Max says that Starks will be referred to as the pebble and MJF will put him in his pocket next week and take him to a body of water and skim the pebble back to NWA where he belongs, on YouTube.

MJF says his reign of terror has just begun before it's finally Ricky's turn to talk. He starts off with Maxy-pad and then says he should have expected a fifth rate Roddy Piper wannabe to try and steal the limelight, but MJF is running out of low hanging fruit before unleashing and absolutely beautiful onslaught of language, running down MJF's smell, clothes and tan. He says Max is cheap and the difference behind the two of them is that Ricky Starks always gives the people something to keep believing in whereas Max always lets them down. He runs down MJF for leaving for three months and ditching his meet and greet responsibilities and Ricky says that he keeps grinding no matter what, even when he was living in his car. Ricky says that next week, he'll put up and shut MJF when he takes the title and the responsibility off of Max's plate.

MJF responds with a low blow, of course he does, but before Max can land a punch with the diamond ring, Ricky Starks responds with a spear and convinces everyone that next week in not a foregone conclusion.

Darby vs Joe Video Package

Cool little back and forth to spooky music as both men put their point across well

Jon Moxley Promo

Jon says he doesn’t think last week got out of hand and he likes the fact that Hangman answered his problems with his fists saying he wants more of that and less talking in AEW before saying that Mox will be out with the BCC tonight and then challenges Hangman to come find him.

Samoa Joe defeated Darby Allin via Referee Stoppage (10:28) to retain the TNT Championship

We move onto our first title match and there will be no Sting or Wardlow who are both banned from ringside for Samoa Joe’s benefit. The bell rings and Darby tries to start fast with multiple strikes before dropping Joe to the floor with a dropkick. Allin tries to hit the cannonball senton, but Joe just casually walks out the way and Darby crashes and burns. Joe batters Darby into the barricades and ring apron as he takes control of this match. He pulls back the padded mat outside the ring and just throws Darby down on the floor. Darby escapes a powerbomb but runs into a powerslam on the exposed concrete instead and sends us to break. Joe takes Darby back between the ropes and just bullies him throughout the commercials with strikes and stretches.

When we come back Joe runs Darby headfirst into the ring post and he spins in the air before crumpling to the floor. Joe asks the ref to count him out as the doctor checks on him, but Darby makes It back into the ring. Joe kicks Darby mockingly and it fires Allin up but Joe hits him with a series of moves ending in a running senton for two. Darby tries to fight back with a dive when Joe spills outside, but Joe catches him. Allin escapes and pushes the champ into the ring steps before hitting a coffin drop to the floor from the top rope. Back in the ring, Darby lands a stunner and a code red, but Joe kicks out at two. Joe comes back with an STO out the corner and tries for the musclebuster. Darby fights out any way he can, including biting and drops Joe to the mat. Sensing victory, Allin tries a coffin drop, only for Samoa Joe to snatch him into a rear naked chokehold, forcing Darby to pass out and retaining his title. This was a fun match that never was in any doubt.

Darby comes to and still wants to fight so Joe obliges him with a headbutt before dropping Darby onto the wheels of the skateboard with a muscle buster. Brutal. Joe chokes Darby out again before Wardlow sprints out to chase Joe off finally.

Kip Sabian vs Orange Cassidy Interview

Orange offers Kip a chance to ask for a shot at the All Atlantic championship and when Kip says he can’t after Dustin Rhodes attacked him earlier, Orange tells him to find someone who can. Please be Miro.

Chris Jericho Promo

Chris talks about how he’s the greatest ROH champion of all time and he’ll beat Claudio and make him join the JAS at Final Battle.

Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta) w/ Jon Moxley defeated Jericho Appreciation Society (Daniel Garcia & Jake Hager) w/ Sammy Guevara via Pinfall (12:42)

The two teams make their entrances and the bell rings to start the action with Garcia and Yuta legal. Garcia tags out immediately and Jake throws a hat to Claudio who teases putting it on before kicking it into the crowd. This angers Hager who attacks Yuta but Wheeler fights back. Jake takes over with a kitchen sink before he tags out to Garcia in his corner. Yuta and Garcia exchange heavy chops before Yuta wins out with a body slam and a senton for one. Yuta tags out to Claudio and they hit Hager who also tags in with a double team and Claudio continues to stay in control once Yuta retreats. Wheeler soon tags in again though and hits Hager with a lovely dropkick from the top rope, hits an onrushing Garcia with a Samoan drop before hitting both with a tope when they head outside. Jake and Yuta head back to the ring and Yuta goes up top where Sammy pushes him off and Hager catches him to run him into the corner and hit the Hager bomb for two. Garcia tags in and the JAS begin to isolate a tired Yuta in the corner. Yuta tries to fight back and ends up with Garcia on one of the top ropes where he hits a superplex to send us to break. Hager tags in first to stop Yuta from tagging before he gets isolated in the JAS corner once more where he remains trapped during the rest of the picture in picture.

When we return, Yuta fights out of a Garcia chokehold and hits a jawbreaker before crawling desperately for the tag. Garcia tries to stop him, but Yuta comes back with a huge German Suplex. Both men tag out and Claudio rocks Hager with multiple uppercuts, hitting about twenty before finally taking Hager to the top rope for an awkward hurricanrana for two. Claudio goes for the giant swing, but Garcia saves Hager by jumping on Castagnoli's back. Claudio and Yuta deal with him and Hager picks the ankle of Claudio but can't get the ankle lock in, so Claudio escapes and hits the giant swing before a lariat earns him a two count. Claudio tries for the neutraliser but can't get it and then meets Sammy on the apron before Moxley runs over and removes him. Hager ends up getting the ankle lock on Claudio before Garcia puts the dragon tamer on Yuta. The BCC members escape thanks to Claudio and then he lands a huge uppercut to pick up the pin on Hager.

Tony Schiavone heads to the ring and calls for some Regal footage to be played. It's Schiavone interviewing him and asks him about Full Gear. He says that the footage is for if something bad happens to him, which it has. Regal says he gave MJF the title to make sure that everyone is chasing him, and this was the only way to get himself out of the BCC. He tells Claudio, Moxley and Danielson to help Yuta get to the top before saying his final lesson is to always stay one step ahead and with eyes in the back of your head.

We cut back to the ring for a reaction and Moxley says that he, Claudio and Yuta all live and breathe pro wrestling and at ROH Final Battle, Claudio and Yuta will win whereas Moxley offers an open challenge for Rampage. He tells us Pro Wrestling is about to make a serious statement.

House of Black Video Package

Malakai says AEW has been corrupted and the house is here to save them from dying ....by killing them before bringing in Julia, Buddy and Brody too. Seems like they'll be back in person next week.

Jamie Hayter Interview

Tony sits down with Jamie like she requested, and she asks him to ask her questions. He asks her thoughts on the division, and she reminds everyone that she's the top of the pile right now. She says that she'll be watching Shida vs Bunny and the winner gets a title match if they dare.

Jade Cargill, Red Velvet & Leila Grey defeated Kiera Hogan, Madison Rayne & Skye Blue via Pinfall (8:12)

Ladies time is here, Jade and the Baddies head out first before Skye, Madison and Kiera join them. Skye starts the match with Jade who immediately decides Skye isn't good enough and tags in Red Velvet. Red and Blue lock up and come to an early stalemate before Skye pulls out a nice roll up but Red reverses and they meet another stalemate. Red takes over via a hair pull and tags Leila Grey in as Jade and her baddies take control. Leila hits a knee strike in the corner, but Skye comes back with some nice kicks before tagging Rayne in. They hit some nice double offence before Skye tags in again and so does Red Velvet and it's Skye who takes over with a kick, only to get caught in the apron by Velvet on a baseball dropkick to resume control as we go to break. The baddies retain control throughout the commercial and Jade stays out of the match still.

When we come back from picture in picture, Red is legal, and Skye is still isolated but being resilient still. Blue escapes from the final slice before both women hit simultaneous lariats and then simultaneous thrust kicks. Skye tags Kiera so Jade tags herself in and it's Kiera who gets an early advantage with a dropkick and a sliding dropkick, dealing with both baddies too in between, Jade comes back with a huge spinebuster and tries for Jaded but Hogan escapes and tags Madison who gets to take the Jaded instead and Cargill pins her.

Saraya Interview

Tony Schiavone tries to talk to Saraya, but Britt turns up to say she'll never beat her again. Britt gives Saraya some tickets to the Kia Forum and challenges her to a rematch. Britt says she'll be with Jamie, so Saraya needs to find a partner. Bet it's Renee Paquette.

The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) w/ Billy Gunn defeated FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) via Pinfall (16:44) to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships

Main event time and this one could go either way. FTR head out first and they're followed quietly by The Acclaimed... only kidding. Max raps his way down and Anthony screams that they've arrived alongside Daddy Ass.

Justin makes the announcements and the bell rings with Dax and Anthony beginning the match. Harwood rushes Bowens to the corner and Cash makes the tag but Anthony escapes before we get an excellent back and forth with takedowns. Caster and Dax come into the action, and they go back and forth until Caster takes over with a nice arm drag after a dropkick. He tags out to Bowens who begins to exchange strikes with Harwood as the teams show just how even they are early on. Eventually we get all four men in the ring brawling and Cash is sent outside. Dax gets bodyslammed by Caster and hit with the scissor me timbers from Bowens before Dax tries for a sharpshooter and it inspires the acclaimed to use them, both locking FTR in submission at the same time. Dax escapes via the ropes and heads outside where they manage to throw Caster into the barricades before sending him into the ring apron with a catapult to send us to break. FTR do what they do best throughout the commercials as they isolate Caster and wear him down in their half of the ring, cutting off the other half.

When we come back for the last time, it's much the same story as Caster is stuck in the ring with Cash. Caster tries to rewrite the script and fights out of a superplex attempt to hit a diving crossbody and finally get an opportunity to tag out. Cash is too quick though and Dax tags in, but Caster soon escapes his grasp so that Anthony Bowens can come in and deal with FTR all on his own. His strikes both remove Cash from the ring and then get a two count on Dax as Billy motivates him from the floor. Bowens tries a kotaru crusher but instead Harwood evades and hits multiple German suplexes before a sequence where both men nearly run into Cash on the apron before Bowens hits a neckbreaker for two. Cash manages to make a blind tag and FTR pull out the spike piledriver, but Bowens kicks out at two. Cash tags Dax in once again and they go for a double suplex but Caster nails a spear and Bowens almost rolls Dax up for the win. Caster and Bowens work together for an assisted cover for another two count, before both teams collide with each other on double team attempts over and over. Out of nowhere, Caster hits the ring post and then is hit with the big rig, but Bowens breaks it up at 2.9999 in one of the best near falls of the year. FTR stay on offence, putting Bowens on the floor then taking Max to the top rope for a powerplex but Bowens comes back and saves him. He follows up with the arrival, but Caster can't hit the mic drop. Bowens takes out Dax on the floor but gets hit with a backpack driver in the ring from Cash. Caster tries for a roll up but then eats a lariat from Cash for two before he hits two more, then a powerbomb but as he goes for the jack knife cover, Max turns it into a roll up and The Acclaimed pick up the huge victory over FTR. Acclaimed Every Wednesday.

After the match, The Acclaimed celebrate in the ring and then ask FTR to scissor and they oblige. The Gunns come onto the screen and reveal that we're getting a double dog collar match between The Briscoes and FTR at Final Battle. WOW!!!!

A really enjoyable episode of Dynamite that moved a lot of storylines along in the best way possible given that hands that they were dealt. That was an 8/10 for me but what did you think? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen, and see you back here on Friday for Rampage. Adios.

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