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Team Bianca Belair Defeats Team Damage CTRL at Survivor Series

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Nov 26, 2022

Team Bianca Belair Defeats Team Damage CTRL at Survivor Series

In the opening bout of tonight's WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view, Team Bianca Belair defeated Team Damage CTRL in the Women's War Games Match.

Results courtesy of Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Women's WarGames Match: Team Belair vs Damage CTRL

Team Belair is out first, with the freshly-squeezed returned Becky Lynch out first. Mia Yim, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair round out their team. Out next are their opponents, Damage CTRL, as represented by the combined forces of Bayley, Women's Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky, Nikki Cross, and Rhea Ripley. We're reminded that Belair is the only person on her team with experience in a WarGames match; Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky can make the same claim for their team. Team Belair will start with Bianca; Damage CTRL seems to be nominating four-time WarGames veteran Dakota Kai to start things off. We get the bell to start this match (Unofficially?) at 8:12pm. Belair and Kai look to lock up as Michael Cole and Corey Graves praise both women on commentary. They go so far as to remind us of Kai's betrayal on Tegan Nox a few years ago at NXT's WarGames event. Kai looks to use Belair's pony tail to her advantage but the champ uses it to send Kai into the ring. We've got our WarGames Advantage clock up, crossing the three minute marker now. Remember, Damage CTRL has the advantage and will get the first entrant.

Iyo Sky is the first to join Kai in the ring and helps her tag championship partner establish a slow, steady beatdown of Belair. For three minutes, the duo completely dominate Belair until Asuka is out first for Team Belair! Asuka takes down Kai and squares off with her former bestie, the artist formerly known as Io Shirai. Sky and Asuka streak across the left, ramp-entrance ring back and forth as Kai watches over the downed Raw Women's Champion and allows her partner to go one-on-one with the Empress of Tomorrow! Asuka fires off a series of strikes, battling Iyo down to the mat. Asuka climbs up top but Kai follows and the two battle on the back-to-back turnbuckles from the double-ring setup! Belair rallies picksup Kai in a pres, throwing her against the steel cage! Asuka follows it up with a drop kick and the two stand on the ropes, surveying their damage as their team takes the first control of the night! The clock continues to count down, with seconds remaining until Damage CTRL is joined by Nikki Cross!

Cross gets little reaction until she starts to fetch weapons from beneath the ring. Cross takes some kendo sticks, trash can lids and such into the ring. Cross helps Damage CTRL take a lead for the remainder of their advantage (three-minute period). Cross uses the trash can lids to batter Belair. Kai hands Cross a kendo, and Nikki uses the stick for a modified jaw lock. Asuka suffers in something similar at the hands of Sky and the crowd counts us down to our next entrant--Alexa Bliss, who stops to move a camera cable out of her way. Bliss is wearing blue and gold and a revamped color palette for her outfit and makeup. Looks sharp! Bliss drops former tag partner Cross with a mule dropkick then helps Asuka double team Iyo Sky! Belair stomps away at Kai int he corner and Asuka hits a bulldog on Sky, ramming her face into the trash can lid! Bliss DDT's Kai onto the lid. Cross attempts to fight back, throat-chopping Bliss. All six women rise and begin to battle as the clock counts down. Nikki Cross climbs the cage and straddles it, watching as Belair, Bliss and Asuka beat the hell out of Kai & Sky with kendo! Cross laughs at the carnage, watching...waiting...then dives off the top, wiping out everyone with a Cross Body!

Bayley is next to join her team and drags a pair of ladders from out under the ring, tossing them inside. Bayley's got a new 'do and ring gear that's more reminiscent of her gear prior to her injury. The crowd loudly chants "we want tables" so Bayley complies, pulling out a table to a HUGE pop! Bayley slides the table in and finally enters the WarGames cage with about 85 seconds left of their advantage! Bayley and Kai pull up the table and slide it from the left (ramp-side) to the right (commentary-side) ring with the assistance of Sky. They position Belair between the two rings, on the back-to-back, metal-plated apron, and use the table to pin her in the corner! Damage CTRL work to triple-team Bliss, hitting an assisted Moonsault. Bliss is favoring her knee. Bayley with a belly-to-belly on Asuka. Kai with a double-stomp to the abdomen of Asuka! The crowd counts us down with Damage CTRL and Cross posing around the pinned-in-the-corner Belair. Yim joins us next and starts to toss trash cans into the ring! Yim goes under the apron repeatedly, tossing can after can after can into the ring. Finally Yim enters and takes it to Bayley, ramming her with a can!

Kai leaps of the top and Yim deflects her by throwing a can at her, crashing it mid-air into Kai's face! Yim uses a can lid to throat chop Iyo Sky! Yim gets Dakota Kai stuck between the ropes and cage and batters her with kicks before sending her face into a trash can lid once again! Cross hops on the back of Yim, looking for a sleeper. Yim struggles in the lock. Yim finally whips her off the back and hits a suicide dive from one ring to the other to spear Bayley! Belair, Asuka and Bliss start to rally and our eight women square off. Bayley and Belair battle from one ring to the other as Bliss takes it to Cross in the corner. Kai and Yim both start to climb a corner--heck, all eight women battle in pairs on differing corners! Our superstars all hit high-risk moves off their respective corners, taking everyone down. The crowd counts us down and Damage CTRL get their last advantage, as three-time WarGames veteran Rhea Ripley hits the ring! Ripley doesn't bother with weapons and instead starts taking down various opponents, giving her team time to catch a breather. Ripley with a brutal German Suplex to the champ, then a stalling suplex to Bliss! "The Eradicator" of the Judgment Day continues to eradicate others in the ring, taking her time as she picks a target to stomp or club. The heels have the advantage as we still have two minutes left before Becky can join the fray! Finally at 8:40pm, she enters and we get the official start to WarGames!

Lynch motions for Damage CTRL to come get some, and they surely do try. But "The Man" fights them off one by one, finally focusing on Sky as she slams her face into the steel cage then a ladder! Lynch with a spinning back kick to Sky, then dodges an attempted trashcan smash from Cross! Cross nails her own team mate! Lynch positions the can and uses Cross to ramp the can into Sky, then puts the can over Sky's head! Lynch with a leg drop off the top turnbuckle to Sky! Lynch motions to Bayley, yelling "getup you little bitch," three times to make sure the camera picked it up. Bayley rises and the two start to slug it out! The two former Horsewomen of NXT exchange blows until Lynch unloads on Bayley! Another spinning back kick to send Bayley into the cage, then Lynch stomps her between the ropes and steel! Ripley approaches Lynch and the two jaw off. Lynch throws fists but Rhea blocks, smiles and nods "nuh uh" then follows it up with a headbutt! Ripley looks for Riptide but Lynch avoids it. Ripley goes for it a second time and hits it, covering for a two! Asuka with a kick to the back of Ripley's head to make the save! Asuka and Lynch team up to battle Ripley, with Asuka hitting the Poison Mist to Ripley's face!

Bayley and Asuka start to battle in the corner. Lynch and Asuka team up against Bayley and attempt a pin fall. Bayley rallies, putting Lynch in a Tree of Woe. Bayley with a Pendulum Dropkick! Bayley mocks "The Man" and yells "I'm the damn Role Model!" Bayley hits the Rose Pant on the steel covering between the two rings! Bayley covers for a two but Asuka makes the save once again! Cross and Sky rally and start to double-team her. Belair is up and catches a whipped Sky with a pop-up facebuster attempt. Sky floats over to the cage and attempts to climb. Asuka follows her and Belair and Bayley and Kai all start to brawl at the base of it. All four to five women engage in a corner brawl, climbing up. Yim and Bliss get involved and it's NXT WarGames '20 as we're setting up for a triple-tier, ten-woman superplex! Cross refuses to let history repeat itself and hits Belair with a kendo! The human construction starts to fall apart as various Superstars hit different moves of nondescript interest. Finally Iyo Sky climbs up top and hits the Moonsault off the top, wiping out Belair and Yim! Everyone is down! The crowd with an appreciative "this is awesome" chant.

Cross retrieves a pair of long-chained black cuffs and cuffs herself to Bliss. Asuka rises and hits knees to the face of Ripley after Bliss and Cross wipe each other out. Asuka looks for a Hip Attack but Ripley catches her and counters with a German Suplex. Mia Yim unloads a combination of strikes to Ripley; Ripley looks for a Riptide but Yim floats over and slaps on a sleeper! Ripley breaks the hold by running backward and ramming them into--and through--a ladder set up in the corner! Becky Lynch & Bianca Belair are the last standing for their team. Bayley, Sky and Kai--Damage CTRL's core trio--line up and the five start to battle! Belair takes down Bayley as Lynch fights on Kai & Sky. Belair looks for the KOD but Kai land son her feet--and Lynch drops her with a Manhandle Slam! Lynch looks for a Manhandle on Sky but she floats over and right into a KOD from Belair! Lynch starts to climb the cage as Belair sets up a table, puts Kai & Sky on the table. Bayley looks to climb up after Lynch but Belair rips her off and this the KOD against the side of the cage! Becky takes up position at the top corner and hits a leg drop off the top of the cage, through Kai & Sky through the table, and covers to pick up the win at 8:52pm!

Your Winners, Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Mia Yim! (40 minute run time, WarGames official run time of 12 minutes)

WWE Survivor Series Live Results & Coverage (Nov. 26, 2022)

The following are the live results of tonight's WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view event, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah [...]

— Caylon Knox Nov 26, 2022 08:52PM

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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