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AEW Full Gear: Full Recap & Results (November 19, 2022) 

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Nov 20, 2022

AEW Full Gear: Full Recap & Results (November 19, 2022) 

It’s Saturday in November, you know what that means! It’s time for the final PPV on the All Elite calendar as Full Gear comes to us from Newark, New Jersey! We have a stacked card with 11 matches plus three more on the zero hour so let’s waste no time and get straight to the copious amount of wrestling! Commentary begins with Taz, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone for Zero Hour, joined by JR when the main card kicks off.

Zero Hour

Best Friends (Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor), Orange Cassidy, Rocky Romero & Danhausen defeated The Factory (QT Marshall, Cole Karter, Nick Comoroto, Aaron Solo & Lee Johnson) via Pinfall (11:51)

Starting off with the definition of a party match as The Factory come out together followed by Best Friends, Rocky and Orange to Jane. They start the match with just four men and Chuck begins with Aaron Solo and gets into some early trouble until Taylor hits a flatliner to get control. In comes Trent off the tag and after a double team takedown, it’s Beretta’s turn to attack Solo. QT puts his knee into Trent’s back to slow him down and Lee Johnson tags in followed by Rocky Romero who hits some classic Roppongi Vice moves with Trent before Chuck tags in and Rocky hits the forever clotheslines before QT comes in and gets pinballed around by all three opponents in the ring and then Orange comes in to make it four and knock QT down so they can all hug. The Factory stop the hug and take over, beating up all of Best Friends and friends before they hit the hug spot. Lee Johnson is still legal, as is Trent who gets attacked in the corner by Lee and then Nick who tags in. Comoroto uses his size immediately and throws Trent out of the ring. Next is Cole Karter’s turn to tag in and he goes for a frog splash, but Trent gets his knees up. Cole makes the tag first and QT cuts off Trent and then clears the apron of everyone but Orange. QT turns around into a Beretta suplex and then both men make tags as Orange comes in to meet Comoroto. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and lays in the weak kicks before pulling out a dropkick to Nick and taking out Karter too and then Johnson and Solo with a single hurricanrana but QT comes in with big shots. Cassidy flips the script in the corner to regain control and then hits a crossbody from the top. QT blocks a DDT and drops Orange with an elbow strike as The Factory take over once again, all of them hitting a move on Orange but Trent breaks up the eventual pin attempt.

QT misses a diamond cutter and Trent hits a DDT before Solo comes in only for Best Friends to deal with him. Comoroto takes them out, Rocky returns the favour to Nick and then Johnson drops Romero. Orange deals with Johnson with a DDT but Carter takes out Orange then dives into his own team for some reason. The mistake lets Trent, Chuck and Rocky to hit their own dives. Cassidy tries for the Orange Punch but QT nails him with the diamond cutter and takes Orange out to the ring steps to piledrive him. All of a sudden, Danhausen finally turns up to help his team with a spike and a jar of teeth and different face paint. Danhausen takes the tag and immediately goes on the offence on QT with a German Suplex on WT and a release Northern Lights on Solo. He deals with Karter via clothesline and Johnson in the corner before getting the jar of teeth. Comoroto misses his chance to attack and Orange hits him with the Orange punch before Comoroto gets some extra teeth poured into his mouth and kicked out by Danhausen for the three count.

After the match, the winning team help Danhausen to hit QT with the spike before they hug him! What a great way to start.

Konosuke Takeshita Interview

Renee interviews the newest member of the AEW roster who talks up his match last night, being back in AEW and signing for the company.

Ricky Starks defeated Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana via Pinfall (9:00) to advance to the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Final

Ethan Page joins commentary before the entrances are made and Cage jumps Starks straight away but Ricky is a fighter and does just that. Cage is too strong, so Ricky slips out and Cage follows him to toss him into the barricades. Cage breaks the count, but Ricky shows more fight on the outside only for Cage to suplex him in from the apron. Cage continues to attack Ricky in the corner and then throws him around the ring. Starks tries to fight back and eats a backbreaker for his troubles and Cage follows with a boot in the corner. Ricky fights back again with boots to the face and then more right hands before trying for a DDT. Cage fights him off, but Ricky staggers him in the corner and then takes him down with a flying elbow. Ricky fires up and heads up to the top rope, but Cage catches him and hits another backbreaker for a two count. Cage hoists Ricky up to his shoulders with ease, Starks fights out, but Cage maintains control until Ricky pulls out the DDT and hits it this time for two.

Ricky pulls Cage in for a roshambo but Brian gets out and tries for the Weapon X, Ricky rolls through with a pin for two, Cage hits a thrust kick, but Ricky comes right back with a spear for two. Both men stay down for a double down but it’s Starks up first, and down first as Cage pulls out a powerbomb followed by a buckle bomb followed by a discus lariat that Ricky kicks out of at two! Cage goes up top and misses an elbow drop and the crowd cheer Ricky on as he manages to pull out a destroyer on the bigger man followed by an impressive roshambo to advance to face Ethan Page on Wednesday!

Eddie Kingston Interview

Renee asks about the match we’re about to see and Eddie cuts an emotional, almost lost for words promo about how much this means to him.

Eddie Kingston defeated Jun Akiyama via Pinfall (10:35)

Jun Akiyama heads to the ring and he’s followed shortly by Kingston. The match begins with Akiyama trying for his leaping knee early and Eddie blocking it and dropping him with a lariat. Jun shows Eddies respect as he takes his time after this to lock up with Kingston and he’s right to do so as Eddie gets the better of him in the technical wrestling exchange, eventually making it to the ropes to escape a full Nelson. Eddie lays in the first chop and Jun fires back with a forearm which leads to them trading these strikes back and forth. Eddie comes out on top until Akiyama gets a boot up in the corner, he then tries to climb to the top rope, so Eddie knocks him to the floor with a right hand. Kingston retrieves Akiyama and heads to the apron for a half and half, but Akiyama responds with a DDT and a guillotine knee. They head back into the ring and Akiyama stomps Eddie into the mat. Akiyama follows with a piledriver for two and Eddie struggles to sit up, only to be put back down when he does with a running knee. Once again, Jun climbs to the top and Eddie takes him down with a right hand before they’re both on the top rope and Eddie bits Jun to hit him with a superplex.

Eddie lays in the machine gun chops in the corner and Akiyama takes all of them to pepper Kingston with shots of his own. Eddie flips it once more before trying for a back suplex, Akiyama blocks but gets caught with the half and half instead. Akiyama hits the Exploder and Kingston responds with one of his own before both men go down for the double down after an Akiyama knee. Jun crawls to the pin and Eddie kicks out at two before fighting out of another exploder to land a DDT. Eddie gets up and nails Akiyama with the uraken for two. Eddie screams in Akiyama’s face and goes for a second uraken, Akiyama blocks and drops Kingston before exposing his knee and hitting the knee strike. Eddie somehow escapes at two, but Akiyama pulls him up and Eddie nails a northern lights bomb for his own two count. Eddie hits another uraken and that’s all she wrote; Eddie wins his dream match.

A tearful Eddie bestows all the respect on Akiyama after the match and it’s a lovely moment.

Main Card

A change on commentary for the main show as JR replace Tony Schiavone as we begin Full Gear officially!

Jungle Boy Jack Perry defeated Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage via Submission (18:50) in a Steel Cage Match

The show starts off with a grudge match as the former tag team champions Jurassic Express explode even further thanks to the manipulative Christian Cage who joins Luchasaurus on his way to the ring. The dinosaur heads into the cage and Full Gear briefly feels like Jurassic Park. That is until Tarzan Boy hits the speaker system and out comes Jack Perry with some new plain black trunks and his hair tied back. Jack follows his former friend into the cage, slamming the door behind him. The bell is rung and we’re underway. Jack tries to go on the offense early and uses his speed to his advantage to dart around and avoid Luchasaurus’ clutches, at one point leaping onto the cage before following with a missile dropkick. He maintains the advantage until running into a big boot from Luchasaurus and then being lawn darted into the cage wall. Luchasaurus heads to the apron where Jack lays and pulls him up to show us the blood beginning to trickly out of his head. He uses the cage to aggravate the wound before tossing Jack back between the ropes. Luchasaurus piles on the damage with big body shots in the corner and a big lariat followed by a side slam for two. Jack wipes the blood from his eyes and Luchasaurus sends him into the cage wall once again, and then again twice more for good measure. He goes to the well one more time as Jack tries a comebacker lariat only for it to have no impact. Luchasaurus sends him into the wall again and tries for the pin but Jack kicks out, so Luchasaurus takes Jack to the top rope and Perry pulls out a juji gatame over the ropes. Luchasaurus fights back to slam Jack onto the mat from the top and he hits the cutthroat for two. Jack refuses to give up and Luchasaurus tries to intimidate the referee.

Christian steals the keys for the cage, unlocking the door before security come to take him away. Luchasaurus leaves the cage to help but Jack follows him to get on top, only for Luchasaurus to catch a dropkick and catapult Jack into the wall once more. Luchasaurus pulls out a table and takes it into the ring before taking Jack in there too, via that mesh wall once more. Luchasaurus brings some chairs in too for good measure and even uses the ring steps to damage his opponent too. Jack begins to fight back again but once again runs into a high boot, this time he wears it and comes back with two dropkicks and then a third sends him into the cage wall for a change. Jack kicks Luchasaurus’ head into the cage wall repeatedly as his own blood covers his entire face. Luchasaurus nails him with a back body drop on the apron to fight back before finally going to his weapons, setting a chair up in the ring with evil intentions. He tries to chokeslam Jack into it, but Perry pulls out a Canadian destroyer for one before hitting him with a chair and nailing the Killswitch on the metal for a two count. Luchasaurus pulls out the chokeslam on the chair finally and Jack kicks out at two before Luchasaurus takes him to the top rope and joins him up there, Jack fights out of his predicament and pulls out an avalanche sliced bread. Luchasaurus sits up and so does Jack, they begin to brawl and Luchasaurus drops Perry with a headbutt and follows with a huge right hand. He screams at Jack to stay down but Perry fires up and the two men exchange shots again. All the anger from Jack wins out as he pulls out a piledriver for the closest two count so far.

Jack turns to the table and sets it up in the ring as a last resort, but Luchasaurus manages to fight him off and flip the table before nailing Jack with a tombstone piledriver and holds on for another for another two count. The crowd sound their appreciation before Luchasaurus puts the table back on its feet and Luchasaurus tries to end the match, but Perry moves into a sleeper, choking Luchasaurus to the floor before nailing a chair shot whilst the dinosaur lay on the table. Jack climbs to the top of the cage and comes off with a huge elbow drop before locking his former partner in the snare trap and earning the submission victory. What an incredible way to start the show.

Death Triangle (Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix & PAC) defeated The Elite (The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) & Kenny Omega) w/ Don Callis, Michael Nakazawa & Brandon Cutler via Pinfall (18:52) to retain the AEW World Trios Championships

It’s time! The death triangle come out but that’s not what we’re here for, although their entrance is awesome. They wait before the lights turn down and the big moment is here, The Elite return to AEW to Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son!

Callis joins commentary and the match begins with Omega vs PAC. They lock up and exchange dominant position, but PAC comes out on top, taking Omega down then backing him into the corner. PAC flips the script again, but Kenny hits his low dropkick and the Kotaru Crusher but PAC lands on his feet and escapes the ring to wind Kenny up after spitting in his face. Nick Jackson tags in and is joined by Rey Fenix. The exchange is as breath-taking and fast as you can imagine, back and forth they go until Nick nails the dropkick and then both men miss cutters and land head kicks. Matt & Penta tag in and the tag teams all take each other out with pump kicks and superkicks before they get up and go face to face. The Bucks win out the next exchange with a superkick party that PAC joins too. Kenny tags in and he goes on the attack, but Penta is ready for him and The Bucks until the numbers game bests him. The same happens to Fenix as the bucks deal with him and then all three target PAC to take him out on the floor. The Elite look like they never left.

PAC attacks Kenny as he tries to hit the you can’t escape on Penta and then tags in to brutalise Kenny with more kicks. Kenny is taken to Death Triangle’s corner as they begin to isolate him with quick tags. PAC takes the majority of the ring time as the bastard proves why he deserves the moniker, but Kenny manages to fight back, Matt hits the locomotive northern lights suplexes on Fenix and then Penta but Lucha Bros reverse him to hit him with the low dropkick from the top. Matt fights back against all of Death Triangle as he tries to get to Nick. PAC tags in and cuts him off and then takes out Matt’s team mates too. Fenix tags in but Fenix gets planted with a face buster and Matt finally makes the tag to Nick. PAC tags in too and Nick seems to get the advantage, hitting quick offense on PAC and his partners before bringing Kenny in to fight PAC. They go back and forth with strikes before Kenny pulls out the Snapdragon suplex on PAC and Penta. Following that, Kenny nails a perfect terminator dive, Fenix and Nick meet in the ring but Matt hits Fenix with a DDT on the apron and then Nick takes Penta down with an avalanche hurricanrana to the pile on the floor.

Kenny picks PAC up and hits a neckbreaker for two before PAC reverses a V Trigger into a release German Suplex. PAC nails Omega with kicks but then everyone hits the ring and Death Triangle hit triple tombstone piledrivers on the Elite and then hit the assisted splash onto Kenny and nail The Bucks with cutters and destroyers before PAC hits the black arrow and the brutaliser. Kenny is in all kinds of trouble and Nick breaks it up at the last moment. The Lucha Brothers hit dives onto The Bucks on the floor before Fenix tags in and nails Kenny with some brutal kicks and then an arm drag into foot stomps. PAC tosses the hammer to Fenix, and he returns it to him after considering it. Fenix eats a V trigger and a tiger driver 98 but Fenix kicks out. Kenny goes for another V trigger, but Penta pulls out sling blades on all members of the Elite, one at a time. He then runs into a triple superkick before the BTE trigger nails Fenix and PAC breaks the pin up at the last millisecond. PAC pulls the hammer out again, but Nick saves Kenny with a superkick and then dives onto PAC. Matt hits an orihara moonsault onto Penta before Fenix eats a V trigger. Kenny has him up for the One-Winged Angel and Fenix somehow has the hammer in his hands which he uses on Kenny to steal the victory.

Jade Cargill w/ Leila Grey & Kiera Hogan defeated Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero & Marina Shafir via Pinfall (8:04) to retain the TBS Championship

I missed the entrances to this one, but I think Nyla came out in an Eddie Guerrero low rider and Jade is dressed like a Thundercats character. Before the bell, Nyla attacks Kiera Hogan and Jade attacks Nyla and returns her to the ring immediately taking over with her strength. Nyla is attacked in the corner and tries to fight back before missing Jade on a dive and spilling to the floor. Jade pump kicks Nyla over the barricade and into the crowd. She brings her back over to the ringside floor the hard way before Nyla gets back into the match with the ring steps assistance. Back in the ring, Nyla hits a splash and follows with a body slam and then another. Rose earns a one count from a standing splash before hitting a cannonball in the corner. She follows that with some strikes in another corner but Jade fights back and drops Nyla to the mat before Jade climbs to the middle rope and jumps into a boot from Nyla who hits a neckbreaker on the champion for two. Jade misses a pump kick before they both try and fail for suplexes. Nyla drapes Jade over the top rope and goes for her knee drop, connecting flush with Jade’s head but only earning a two from it.

Nyla tries for a beast bomb but Jade escapes it to take Nyla down with an elbow strike. Cargill takes her chance to recover then goes for a pin, but Nyla kicks out. Jade fires in elbows and uppercuts before hitting a kick and a beast bomb of her own for two. Jade fires herself up to hit the Jaded but Nyla rolls through with it and almost gets pinned but Nyla pulls out the Jaded and Cargill has to kick out at 2.9999 to keep her title, at least for now as Nyla heads up top. She misses the Senton Atomico though and Jade pulls out her huge pump kick and hits the Jaded to finally get her belt back and retain it at the same time.

Chris Jericho defeated Sammy Guevara, Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson via Pinfall (21:42) to retain the ROH World Championship in a Four-Way Match

The title matches continue and this time it’s the ROH world title, so Bobby Cruise and Ian Riccaboni join the announce team. The match begins and Guevara brawls with Danielson in the ring as Claudio and Chris brawl on the outside. Castagnoli gets on top out there whilst Sammy has the better of Bryan until his spills to the floor and Danielson nails an elbow suicida. Jericho grabs Danielson and sends him into the ring steps before taking him in the ring and kicking him in the head. Danielson and Jericho exchange chops before Castagnoli and Danielson take turns nailing the champ with uppercuts. Sammy saves him too late and now it’s Sammy’s turn to get uppercutted back and forth. The BCC members work together to beat Sammy and Chris down in opposite corners before they shake hands and fight. They exchange huge uppercuts back and forth until Bryan counters with a juji gatame. Castagnoli hoists him up to escape and they exchange roll ups for two between each other until Jericho kicks them both to break it up. Jericho tries to attack them both before they work together again, locking Jericho in a half crab each. Sammy saves him with a double cutter and then tries for pins on Castagnoli and Danielson, both for two. Jericho hugs Sammy and they work together to attack Claudio before posing together.

Castagnoli is taken to the floor and now it’s Danielson isolated by the JAS members. They hit a delayed vertical suplex together and then begin to brutalise Danielson on the mat with strikes to the eye. Sammy sends Bryan into a Jericho Death Valley driver and tells Sammy to watch while he tries for a pin. Danielson kicks out at two and Sammy attacks Danielson in the corner before working with Chris again. Bryan fights back with elbows for Sammy and Chris followed by them both getting some round kicks from Bryan too. What a generous man. Both get dropped with head kicks, but Guevara kicks out of the pin attempt at two. Bryan targets Sammy again and takes him to the top rope but Sammy flips out of the hurricanrana attempt and pulls out a Spanish Fly after a backflip. Jericho lionaults onto Bryan and Sammy before Bryan gets pinned for a two count. Claudio comes in and begins the assault on Jericho with a slam and then foot stomps for two. Claudio tries for a springboard but jumps into a Codebreaker and then Sammy breaks up his mentor’s pin. The two JAS members argue and then begin to brawl. Sammy gets on top of Jericho, dropping him with a back elbow after some chops. Jericho fights back but Sammy nails him with a codebreaker for two!

Sammy then tries for the Walls of Jericho but Chris fights out and tries to put Sammy in it instead, having much more success than Guevara but Danielson climbs up top to break it up. Danielson leaps and Jericho catches him and locks him in the walls instead. Claudio hits a big boot and Jericho doesn’t let go so he hits another, same outcome. Eventually he hoists Jericho up and slams him before putting him in a sharpshooter. Bryan almost gets pinned by Jericho in the hold but then puts Chris in a LeBell lock at the same time and Sammy has to break it up. Sammy and Chris hug to make up but Sammy tricks him into a GTH and heads to the top rope for a shooting star press for 2.999. Jericho leaves the ring and Sammy targets Bryan with some Hammer & Anvil elbows, but Danielson just gets annoyed instead, standing up and slapping Sammy hard before sending him into a Claudio press slam into Jericho on the floor and Danielson pulls out a Busaiku knee for 2.9999! The hammer and anvil elbows are delivered to Claudio by Bryan and then to Claudio by Bryan. They exchange position a few times before Danielson counters the pop-up uppercut into a backslide before Claudio almost wins following a huge lariat. Claudio tries to hit an avalanche vertical suplex but Danielson fights out and Sammy comes in with a cutter for Castagnoli and a Spanish fly for Danielson. Bryan somehow transitions to the LeBell lock, but Jericho breaks it up and sends Bryan outside before he and Claudio spill outside and resume their brawl from the start. Danielson ends up being taken out by a Castagnoli neutraliser on the floor, Sammy follows up with a Shooting Star press on Claudio but back in the ring, Castagnoli manages to catch his dive and hit the pop-up uppercut for two. Sammy gets caught in the swing before Jericho nails him with two Judas effects to retain his title. That was fantastic.

Saraya defeated Dr Britt Baker D.M.D via Pinfall (13:31)

Huge moment for Saraya as she finally returns between the ropes for a match after half a decade. The bell rings and both women share an icy stare before locking up. Saraya drops Britt early and then slams her into the mat by her head. Britt comes back with a headlock and a shoulder tackle which cause Saraya to check her neck but it’s all a ruse as she’s fine, Saraya grabs the headlock this time and grinds Britt down before pulling out a thrust kick to drop the doctor. Britt heads outside and avoids the baseball dropkick before attacking the neck of Saraya and nailing a twisting neckbreaker from the apron to the floor. Britt attacks Saraya in front of her brother and then tries a pin back in the ring. Britt peppers Saraya with some elbows and then attacks the neck with submissions on the mat. Baker runs into a Saraya boot but Britt counters with another neckbreaker for two. Britt puts her glove on to signify a lockjaw attempt, Saraya fires in some shots and Britt comes back with another neckbreaker onto Saraya. Saraya rolls outside and counters a kick from Britt to drop her head on the apron and Saraya follows with a crossbody to the floor, earning her a two count back between the ropes.

Britt and Saraya exchange elbow strikes with whatever they have left but Saraya fights back with a trio of short arm clotheslines. Britt tries a waist lock but Saraya escapes and stomps into Britt. Britt turns the tables in the corner with the turnbuckles, but Saraya pulls out a night cap for two. Britt tries a roll up for two and transitions to the lockjaw set up, but Saraya makes the ropes to stop her. Britt tries an air raid crash instead, but Saraya kicks out again and she also kicks out of a kerb stomp as she shows her heart and resilience. Baker takes Saraya to the top rope and joins her up there, looking for the avalanche air raid crash but Saraya counters into a flipping powerbomb for two. Saraya pulls out what used to be known as the Rampaige and Baker somehow kicks out at 2.9, much to Saraya’s surprise. She locks in a reverse cloverleaf and Britt escapes, but Baker falls into the lockjaw. They exchange roll ups as Saraya escapes and then she pulls out a knee strike for yet another two count. Britt nails a ripcord elbow strike into a fishermans neckbreaker and another kerb stomp. Saraya stays alive and Britt can’t believe it. Saraya nails a knee strike for her next two count before she pulls out the Rampaige twice more and Saraya returns to wrestling with a huge W.

Samoa Joe defeated Wardlow & Powerhouse Hobbs via Submission (9:49) to become NEW TNT Champion in a Three-Way Match

Big meaty men slapping meat is a meme that is brought to life in this huge hoss battle for the TNT title. This match gets underway with Wardlow and Joe brawling to the floor as Wardlow dominates him. Hobbs waits his turn and as soon as Joe falls after hitting the ring post, Hobbs trucks Wardlow and throws him into the ring steps and then the apron. Those two head back into the ring and Hobbs maintains his control with a delayed vertical suplex. Joe returns to hit jabs on Hobbs, but Will comes back with a back elbow and Joe is down again. Hobbs puts Wardlow up top to hammer into the chest of the TNT champion. Joe comes back again and gets thrown with Hobbs thanks to an exploder. Powerhouse takes turns attacking both men as he looks utterly dominant in the early exchanges until Wardlow hits a springboard dive onto both opponents and then takes them both to the mat and nails a senton atomico on Hobbs. Joe hits the champ with a running senton to stop the momentum and then he begins to target Hobbs after throwing Wardlow to the floor. He hits the enzuigiri in the corner and then hitting a running boot.

Wardlow comes back to eat an atomic drop and a senton for two as it’s now Joe who’s in the driving seat. Joe targets Hobbs with knee strikes and locks in a standing guillotine choke. Wardlow trucks Joe who accidentally DDTs Hobbs simultaneously so Wardlow begins to attack Hobbs and then hits Joe with a big Spinebuster for two. Hobbs and Wardlow begin to fight on the floor so Joe hits them both with a tope and then tries to piledrive Wardlow on the floor. He can’t get it and Hobbs trucks Joe into the barricade at full speed! Hobbs nails Wardlow with a huge spinebuster back in the ring and somehow Wardlow escapes at two and Hobbs tries for town business, Wardlow escapes that and manages to nail him with two powerbombs as the symphony begins. He pulls Hobbs up for the third and Samoa Joe nails Wardlow with the title belt before finishing the job on Hobbs with a choke.

Chris Jericho Interview

Chris congratulates Sammy and puts himself over with Jake Hager at his side. Orange Cassidy turns up to tell Jericho that Ishii wants to fight him. Jericho accepts for Wednesday. Orange vs Hager next week too.

Darby Allin & Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal w/ Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt via Pinfall (10:44)

Darby and Sting attack on their own entrance as Allin uses a body bag as decoy and attack through some dry ice whilst Sting attacks Jeff Jarrett from behind. The bell rings with Jarrett begging off from Sting who peppers Jarrett with strikes, eventually assisted by Darby. Lethal returns and Sting deals with him whilst Allin drags Jarrett into the crowd. Those latter two head to below commentary and Darby uses the barricades and a suplex on the floor before he heads to get a ladder. Sting is dealing with Jay Lethal’s crotch on the barricade as Darby climbs the ladder for a coffin drop onto Jarrett. Satnam Singh catches his 25-foot fall to slam him onto the ramp in an incredible feat of strength. Sting and Lethal are brawling in the crowd and Jay falls, Satnam catches him, and Sting takes them both down with a cross body. Jarrett takes Darby back to the ring hurriedly, using the ring steps and a chair to further incapacitate him. Everyone gets back ringside, and Jarrett is on top of Allin. Jay Lethal tags in to lock in an abdominal stetch on Darby. Allin fights out with a hip toss but can’t make the tag and then both men clash heads before both making tags.

Sting deals with Jarrett & Lethal on his own and then lands Stinger splashes on both. Jarrett is locked in a Scorpion Death Lock and Sonjay tries to break it up. He can’t, Satnam can, and he can chokeslam Sting too. Jarrett crawls for the pin but Sting kicks out at two. Both of them then tag out so Allin and Lethal can brawl again. They go back and forth until Lethal hits the Lethal combination for two. Jeff pulls out his guitar and swings for Darby but misses and Allin hits Lethal with a stunner. Darby tries a coffin drop but Jarrett intercepts with a guitar instead. Darby no sells it and then takes out Lethal and Jarrett with backhands and a coffin splash. Sting comes in, so does Satnam and Sting cuts the big man down for a Scorpion death drop assisted with a coffin drop. Jarrett is sent outside and Lethal tries a Lethal injection, Sting catches it with a scorpion death drop and Darby finishes it with a Coffin Drop.

Jamie Hayter defeated Toni Storm via Pinfall (15:22) to become the NEW AEW Interim Women’s World Champion

The women’s world title match begins with the crowd firmly in Hayter’s corner as they lock up and exchange headlocks and position in the ring. Both these women are excellent technical wrestlers, and they really show that off in the early exchanges with fantastic transitions and reversals. Jamie tries the first move in anger with the ripcord lariat after avoiding a Storm Zero and Toni dodges it. Jamie is sent to the apron with a dropkick and Toni follows with the hip attack on the floor, following up with sledgehammer shots to her challenger. Jamie fights back and slings Toni into the barricade hard before rolling back into the ring to break the count. Hayter is sent into the ring post by Toni who repeats the action and then lays in chops to her opponent until missing the third and striking the ring post to give Jamie the advantage back. They head back between the ropes and Jamie pulls out a snap suplex for one. She repeats the move and earns a two count this time before choking Toni with her boot in the corner. She lays in chops next before a shoulder tackle shows off her strength again.

Hayter drives Toni into the mat and chokes her on the bottom rope before locking in a sleeper hold. Toni escapes but Jamie stays on top with some big strikes and Toni only gets back into the match via a big Thesz press. She follows up with a huge hip attack and heads to the top rope to nail the diving cross body for two. Toni hits a DDT and Hayter kicks out at two once again as the match begins to slow as both athletes show fatigue. They exchange elbows before a headbutt almost lets Toni fall on Jamie for the victory. Rebel all of a sudden comes out to ringside as the two women continue to battle between the ropes. Toni begins bleeding from her nose as the strikes get harder and harder. Jamie hits a big knee strike and then clobbers Toni against the ropes. Rebel hits Toni with the belt and Jamie nails a neckbreaker and a huge lariat but Toni kicks out. Rebel is ejected from ringside, and Toni hits her own huge lariat for two. Toni misses her hip attack and Britt appears from nowhere to kerb stomp Toni on the belt. Jamie pulls out the Storm Zero and Toni still kicks out! The champion showing all the resolve she can muster to survive. Toni hits a German Suplex and then the Storm zero and it’s Jamie’s turn to kick out at two. Britt distracts Toni and Jamie nails the Haytbreaker for another two. Jamie attacks in the corner as Britt removes the turnbuckle pad in the opposite corner. Jamie is sent across into Britt which knocks her down and Jamie pulls out the Ripcord Lariat, the hayterade, and pins Toni. New champ.

The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) defeated Swerve In Our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee) via Pinfall (19:36) to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships

Max gives us extra in his rap before the match begins with a four-man brawl. We’re told Bowens has a bad arm and Lee attacks it before Keith is sent to the floor with the help of Max. Caster then attacks Swerve and brings Bowens in to scissor his timbers. Bowens & Strickland are now legal as the champions begin to take early control. Swerve manages to change the momentum by attacking the shoulder and Keith tags in to continue the assault whilst Swerve attacks Max on the outside, using the barricades and then grabbing a spare barricade to bring it to ringside. Bowens fires in kicks and chops to Lee but he’s dropped by one chop in return. Strickland pulls Bowens outside to suplex him onto that barricade, but Bowens reverses it to lay Strickland out on the floor. Bowens heads back into the ring and fires in some shots to Keith again who targets the arm of the champ, hitting a splash directly on the shoulder. Lee isolates Bowens and then brings Swerve in to take over. Strickland does exactly that and Bowens is in all kinds of trouble. Keith tags in and Caster deals with Swerve and Bowens pulls out a reverse hurricanrana. Both men make tags and Caster gets the hot tag, taking out Swerve and dominating Keith until he tries to lift him. Lee manages to get back on top, but Caster pulls out a hurricanrana.

Keith regains control with Caster on the top rope before joining him up there and being sent to the mat and Caster follows with a leg drop and then hits a gutbuster onto Swerve for two. Bowens tags in to hit a knee and a double team cutter for two. Anthony goes for the arrival, but his arm gives out so Swerve almost rolls him up. Swerve almost falls into his own barricade but Keith saves him, so Caster sends Lee through it with a crossbody from the top rope. Bowens hits a DDT off the ropes for two on Swerve in the ring before Swerve pulls out a flatliner and hits his big kick, but Bowens stays alive with a kick out. Swerve hits the kick again and a third time but doesn’t try for a pin and Bowens tells him to do it again. Swerve does and Bowens kicks out once again. Swerve drags him to the corner for the Swerve Stomp, Bowens stops the first attempt and dodges the second. Bowens hits the arrival and tags Caster for the Mic Drop but Keith Lee breaks it up. The Acclaimed target Swerve but Strickland pulls out a brainbuster. Keith tags in and runs through Caster before beelling him and attacking Bowens again before Lee and Strickland hit the fall from glory and Caster somehow kicks out at two. Keith uses Caster to bludgeon Bowens after he makes a tag and then things break down when Caster is sent over the timekeeper’s table. Swerve discovers pliers, tries to break the fingers of Caster. Daddy Ass makes the save and Swerve tries to get Keith to cheat and slaps him so Keith Lee walks out on Swerve! Bowens rolls Strickland up and Swerve escapes but Caster tags in and The Acclaimed pick up the win.

MJF defeated Jon Moxley via Pinfall (23:08) to become NEW AEW World Champion

Here we are, some 6,000 plus words and 4 and a half hours later, the main event. MJF makes his entrance and is followed by Jon Moxley and William Regal. The crowd are split between both athletes with MJF probably having a 60-40 advantage and we’re underway. Moxley comes out with a huge right hand to start the match and MJF returns fire with a slap. Mox lands a huge elbow and then begins to beat MJF down in the corner. MJF mocks Moxley by strutting and then low bridges Moxley and fakes a dive. Mox comes in and attacks MJF in the corner with his teeth, but MJF turns it around and stomps Moxley down. Jon fires back with a lariat after the ref admonishes MJF for ignoring a five count. Moxley fires in cross face shots to MJF in the ropes and then just flips him over in the ring. Jon locks in a cross face but MJF bites him to escape and Moxley takes over with more heavy shots. Mox turns a Falcon Arrow straight into a juji gatame and MJF won’t let him get it in before making the ropes to break the hold. The champion continues to dominate MJF in the corner and then Max rolls outside and when Moxley heads towards him, MJF spits liquid in his eyes. Mox is nonplussed though and still send MJF into the ring steps.

MJF rolls back into the ring where the champions elbows await him but Max fires back with a clothesline and we get a double down. Both men get to their feet, MJF hits an atomic drop before pulling out some jabs and dropping Mox with a big left hand. Mox looks for a paradigm shift but Max attacks the arm to escape and ends up getting a two count. Max grabs the timekeeper’s table and puts it at the bottom of the ramp next to the ring. He heads back between the ropes and Mox nails him with a cutter and then delivers the BCC stomps. Moxley heads out to the apron where MJF is waiting for him in a heap, Mox tries for a Piledriver but Max fights it and ends up hitting the move himself on the apron, injuring his own knee in the process. He gets a two count but screams at Moxley before going for the piledriver again. His knee gives out, so Moxley kicks it an puts MJF through the table with his own piledriver. Mox heads back to the ring and looks happy to win by count out but MJF makes it back in at 9.9, walking straight into a paradigm shift for two. Mox attacks the knee and locks in a figure four, putting it in as tight as he can. Max manages to turn over and flip the pressure, making Moxley grab the bottom rope to escape. Both men hold their knees in agony, but MJF manages to pull out the Heatseeker for a near fall. Max goes for it again, but Mox throws him off and chop blocks the bad knee to take over.

Moxley begins to really zone in on the knee as the crowd get angry at the champ and Max begs him to stop. MJF crotches Moxley though when he climbs to the top rope before MJF joins him up there and Mox manages to reverse into hammer & anvil elbows and Moxley nails him with an avalanche paradigm shift and Max manages to grab the bottom rope to stay alive. Moxley thinks he has this match won as MJF is out on the floor. Mox begs for his best shot so MJF spits at him and Mox drops him with one palm strike. Finally Max exchanges with Moxley, going strike for strike with the champ until he gets his knee kicked. Moxley goes to hit the ropes and as he goes to hit MJF, Max pulls the ref in his path, so he gets hit instead. MJF pulls out his ring, but Regal comes out to stop him, Max agrees and throws the ring away. Moxley pulls out a bulldog choke and MJF turns it into a pin as Paul Turner arrives to be the ref. He gets taken out too and Moxley puts the bulldog in again, MJF taps but there’s no referee. Regal tells Moxley and when Mox turns to get the referee, Regal slips the brass knuckles to MJF who lays Jon Moxley out to become the youngest AEW World Champion ever. The MJF era has begun.


What a show! AEW delivered tonight in the biggest way an I am struggling to give this show any less than a perfect score. I'll knock a little off for length because it's very early on Sunday morning now where I am but 9.5/10 with several moty candidates is how I saw Full Gear 2022. What did you think though? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen and have a great weekend. Adios.

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