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WWE Monday Night RAW Results (11/7/2022) - Mia Yim Returns! Theory Loses MITB Cash In!

Posted By: Guy Incognito on Nov 07, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (11/7/2022) - Mia Yim Returns! Theory Loses MITB Cash In!

Here are your WWE Monday Night RAW results for November 7th, 2022: courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan at Rajah.com!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (November 7, 2022): Mohegan Sun Arena - Wilkes-Barre, PA



Welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Our opening "credits & theme" lead into pyro as the Wilkes-Barre crowd pops big and we're welcomed by Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick. We head straight to the ring as it's time for Da Ones.

In the Ring: Solo Sikoa & the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos

The Usos lead out the Enforcer of the Bloodline and commentary hype their huge win over the Brawling Brutes barely 72 hours ago! We're reminded that Friday, the Usos defend against the New Day--and the titles, as well as the record for lengthiest title reign, are up for grabs! The Usos hop on the mics as we're reminded Sami Zayn's been missing since SmackDown last Friday. (He couldn't make the trip to KSA). Jimmy announces "the Bloodline is now in your city!" Great way to not remember the city! The Usos remind us that mere days ago, the Usos smashed the Brawling Brutes and the Tribal Chief smashed Pogan Laul. They throw us to a screenshot of the Bloodline celebrating at the end of the Crown Jewel event, then acknowledge that's in the past. Jey hypes their match against the New Day, the longest-reigning champions in SmackDown history. The crowd issue a very light "New...Day Rocks" chant, very light, and Jey acknowledges it--then promises that they'll defeat the New Days Friday and become the longest-reigning tag team in WWE History. "Because they da twos and we Da Ones!"
They're interrupted by The New Day! Kofi tells them to hold up, stating they're getting ahead of themselves. "First and foremost, lets go ahead and congratulate the Usos in their victory against the Brawling Brutes at Crown Jewel! Congratulations," Kofi adds, and they enter the ring. Woods asks how they're feeling and they crack that they're jet lagged but "you wouldn't' know anything about that." Woods addresses the WWE Universe, stating that in four days on "SmackDown you'll see the longest WWE world tag team champions defending our reign against" the Usos. Woods tells them that yes, the New Day will once again be champions Friday, but also their "reign of 483 days as champions will stay intact!" Jimmy pauses before speaking, trying to give the weak crowd time to react. Maybe ten people do a "Kofi" chant. Good god this crowd is dead. The Usos state they're record-breakers, breaking down barriers, winning multiple championships. They give the New Day props for their Up Up Down Down YouTube fanfare and their "Netflix" work, and states they should be proud! He says they should be very proud to be "the second-best teams in the WWE."
Woods reminds the Usos that the New Day hold the record, so "you are chasing us! You're chasing the guys who built this (division) from the ground up....you are chasing first-generation superstars! You see, y'all had people who were coddling you...teaching you how to do this. Y'all got tryout7s based on what your family members did before you! You built your legacies off the back of your cousins, your fathers, your grandfathers while we built (our) legacy off our own backs!" Jimmy snaps back at Woods, stating he doesn't know what it's like to be in their family and all the pressure it takes to stand up to the legacies of their family. They hype themselves up as Da Ones and Solo continues to stand behind them silently. Woods warns them, "do not speak to us like you know what pressure is! Pressure is sitting in catering week to week not knowing if you're getting fired! Pressure is building an entire YouTube channel outside of this company just to make sure you can get noticed at work! Pressure, pressure, is (building) the greatest three-man group in the WWE" and coming to work to get booed at it. He warns them not to talk to them about pressure. Finally, Wilkes-Barre wakes up--albeit, very lightly--to do a "New Day Rocks" chant. The New Day exclaim its the pressure they were under that turned them into diamonds.
The Usos asks if those diamonds were like the ones in "King Woods" crown, and point out they stomped it to the ground. They state they're the real kings as they've got the gold on their shoulders. The Usos take a cheap shot, claiming "if the Usos hadn't ever forfeited that match, there'd never have been any Kofi-Mania." They mock him for having his kids run around the ring excited when he won and told him to stay home with his kids Friday. Kofi questions what kind of a father would he be if he went home and told his kids he forfeited to the Usos. To the New Day, this record represents a time "when we were saddled with the giving of being, the positivity preaching" (not sure what Kofi meant by that). He goes on to state it represents the time when they had to claw, fight, bite, and eek out their legacy bit by by, unaided by a family legacy. Kofi states that the New Day elevated the Usos in the process of earning their record, so no, they'll not forfeit their title and "this Friday, we defend the record--" And they're interrupted by Brooooo.
Matt Riddle makes his way out, apologizing for interrupting. "But I saw New Day and I had to come out here!" Riddle gets int eh ring, still sporting bongos around his neck. "So Woods, me and Elias are kinda forming a band and we could really--" Before he can address Kingston's musical abilities, the Usos snap at him to shut up. He tells them that when he's stressed, he likes to sit back, relax, and "hit the bong." He asks if Kofi and Xavier wanna hit the bong, and they hit the bongs around his neck. Haha. "C'mon, Bloodline Bros, what about you dude, you wanna hit my bong?" He offers it to Solo Sikoa who just mean-mugs him. "Alright, strong silent type, Ig et it! What about you, Jimmy, you know this one!" Riddle hits a few notes on the bongos and so does Jimmy, playing a rhythem until Riddle reminds him the rules--"tap tap pass, dude, don't be hoggin' it! What about you, Jey? Y'know, a special someone--Sami--has said you've not been, y'know...Ucey." Jey slaps Riddle's bongos. "No man slaps my bongs! No man, yeet!" Riddle exclaims they should have a "good old fashioned xi-man tag, yeet!" He leads the weak crowd into a still-weak New Day rocks chant and we head to break at 8:17pm!


Six-Man Tag Match: the Bloodline vs the New Day w/ Matt Riddle

We return from the break at 8:20pm and find our match under way. The New Day start off in control as Kofi gives way to Woods, with both men grounding "Main Event" Jey Uso with a series of agonizing working holds. Woods all but dislocates Jey's arm by wrenching it back, setting up a short pin attempt before bringing Riddle into things. Jey with a stiff shot to the face, rocking Riddle! Riddle uses headscissors to send Jey over the ropes to the outside! Riddle sets up a possible Floating Bro off the apron but Solo Sikoa clocks him hard, sending us right back to break at 8:23pm! We return and have two more commercial breaks throughout the course of this match. The Bloodline take a dominant lead for nearly ten minutes as Solo Sikoa brutalizes the competition, allowing the Usos' frequent-tag game to keep them fresh against their foes. Woods and Kingston take long stretches in the ring, leading through the second break, and it takes a comeback from Riddle to get their side back into the thick of things. Riddle fires off a textbook comeback, using a floating Bro to great effect after a blitzkrieg of German suplexes helps level the playing field. The Usos rally, looking for an Uso Splash after Riddle loses control but the New Day rise just in time to make the save! Solo Sikoa brawls with Woods, sending him across the commentary desk before catching Kofi mid-suicide-dive with a huge right that drops his momentum! Riddle picks up the pace for our finish, hitting a Floating Bro to Solo outside the ring! Not to be outdone is Jimmy Uso who brings the crowd alive with a Suicide Dive to Riddle! Jimmy sends Riddle into the ring and follows, eating an Orton DDT for his efforts! Riddle fails to see Solo tag in and hits the RKO on Jimmy! Riddle turns into a Swinging Samoan driver from Solo Sikoa to secure the win, finally, for the Bloodline at 8:41pm!
Your Winners, the Bloodline! (21 minutes)

Singles Match: "the Modern-Day Wrestling God" Baron Corbin w/ JBL vs Cedric Alexander

We get the familiar limo and tunes as JBL makes his way out, before and after a break, ultimately introducing his latest pupil and the "modern-day wrestling god" Baron Corbin. Cedric Alexander makes his way out and JBL joins commentary, immediately using Irish stereotypes to insult play-by-play commentator Kevin Patrick. Our bell comes at 8:52-8:53pm as a few dozen people in the weak-assed crowd chant "bum-ass Corbin." (Sorry, Wilkes-Barre folks, don't' blame me for your kinsman's weak-assed chants. I've heard rowdier crowds at a funeral.) Corbin dominates the match for the opening moments, using the usual fare of whips and strikes as JBL constantly harasses KP on commentary. Cedric Alexander gets about a half minute of offense in but Corbin picks up the win with a counter to a springboard attack, leading to an inverted Urinage-style facebuster. Corbin easily covers at 8:54pm and picks up the win.
Your Winner, Baron Corbin! (~2 minutes)

United States Championship Open Challenge Derailed; NXT Star Returns!

When we return from break, Rollins makes his way out and the crowd sings his theme. First time tonight the crowd's shown any sign of life. Rollins welcomes the "great people" of Wilkes-Barre to Monday Night Rollins. After the two dozen active fans weakly sing his theme, he speaks, awkwardly stating that while he could listen to them serenade him all night, it's time for an open challenge. We get the theme of the Judgment Day and the lights go out. The spots pull up, showing Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest on the ramp to weak boos. The foursome make their way down to the ring as commentary question who may challenge Rollins, with Graves speculating it could be Rhea Ripley in shades of Chyna. Finn begins to address Rollins, stating that they've got unfinished business. Lucky for Rollins, the OC come out to new music. Both factions stare-down each other across the ring and Rollins slips on out of harm's way. AJ and Finn exchange words, with Balor mocking Styles by claiming the only thing over in the ring is the Judgment Day. Styles states their problem is that "ti's always been the three of us against the four of you. And Crown Jewel was no different." Styles states that they tried to find someone to take care of the Rhea problem but couldn't' find anyone, and Rhea mocks them, stating that it's because no one likes them. Styles states that the person they needed found them and they all turn to see a returning Mia Yim take out Rhea Ripley! Both factions brawl, with the OC dominating and Yim beating Ripley with a kendo stick! Gallows spears Priest across the commentary table as Ripley's sent over the barricade by Yim. Balor and Styles are left standing in the ring, mano a mano, and both men begin to slug it out! Balor escapes after a speedy exchange, only to have Karl Anderson attack him from behind! Dominik Mysterio attempts a springboard attack to Styles, who counters it with a Styles Clash! The Judgment Day flee up the ramp as the OC, now with Mia Yim, stand strong in the ring!

Singles Match: Otis w/ Chad Gable vs Elias

Both competitors make their entrance and our ref calls for the bell at 9:18pm. Before we continue, all of us at Rajah News and eWrestling want to send our heartfelt thoughts and prayers out to Elias, Elrod and the family of injured superstar Ezekiel, whose medical condition has kept him in the ICU for all these months. Otis starts off strong against Elias as Graves mentions the injured Ezekiel. Elias looks for a body slam on Otis, but the bulk is too much and he falls back. Otis with a leaping elbow drop to the pecs before locking on a trapezoid hold. Gable yells at Elias, calling him an idiot. Elias rallies off of a missed spear from Otis that bangs Otis' head off the ring post. Elias hits two leaping knee strikes to Otis' jaw and covers for a short two. This match is absolutely dead, just like the crowd. Elias climbs up top and takes out an interfering Gable with a leaping knee. Otis uses the distraction to body slam Elias, yelling "See ya!" As he executes the move. Otis picks up the cover at 9:20pm.
Your Winner, Otis! (~2 minutes)

Backstage Interview: the Judgment Day

The Judgment Day are interviewed by Byron Saxton backstage, and they seem a bit upset as he mentions that the OC have a solution to "the Rhea problem." Ripley reassures everyone that Yim's not a problem and she can handle it. As they leave, they come across Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair. Ripley greets her smugly and we head to break!


In the Ring: Bianca Belair, Asuka & Alexa Bliss; Damage CTRL

Belair starts to cut a weak promo when Damage CTRL interrupt them. Kai awkwardly states something about Damage CTRL not seeing Belair as having beaten Bayley 72 hours ago (which she did, clearly, in a Last Woman Standing match). They then pivot to taunting Bliss & Asuka about beating them for the titles Saturday, leading Bliss to remind them that they should thank Nikki Cross for their title win. Asuka and Iyo Sky speak in Japanese to each other, leading to Asuka to take off her robe and both women really get feisty. Fun/sad fact of the night: Asuka and Iyo Sky's arguing in Japanese got the best pop/reaction of the night. It ends with Iyo calling Asuka a bitch in English, and both factions head to blows. Damage CTRL are battled out of the ring. Belair gets back on the mic, stating this isn't a fight or a match, "this is war! And this is ending at WarGames!" Belair's then attacked from behind by Nikki Cross, leading to Damage CTRL gaining the upper hand as they beat up the faces four-on-one. Cross continues to aid Damage CTRL, laying out Bliss with a twisting DDT in the corner. We're unsure if Cross is officially part of Damage CTRL or not, but Bayley has definitely hinted that they may align with her for WarGames.


Singles Match: Austin Theory vs Shelton Benjamin

We return from a break and yet more Crown Jewel stills and video recaps, including from the main event match that saw Reigns defeat Logan Paul. Theory makes his way out and takes selfies as we're reminded Golden Corral is proud to support the stuffing of our faces with carbs. Out next is "the Gold Standard" and one half of the World's Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin! We get a video from "earlier today" during which Benjamin offered Theory advice, which Austin rejected with insults. The ref calls for our bell at 9:41pm Eastern and Shelton starts off quick, taking Theory into the corner. Benjamin throws rights and elbows into Theory then whips him into the opposite corner. Theory avoids a charge and takes Benjamin down, pummeling him with strikes briefly. Both men exchange blows, battling back and forth across the ring until Theory drops a running Shelton with a lariat. Theory attempts a leaping elbow but Benjamin dodges it and slaps on the Ankle Lock! Theory escapes but eats a German Suplex from Benjamin, who covers for two! Benjamin with a running step-up knee to Theory's jaw in the corner! Benjamin attempts an Irish Whip but Theory slaps on the brakes. Theory uses the ropes to assist a neckbreaker and climbs up the turnbuckles. Shelton looks to interrupt him but Theory gouges the eyes, unseen by the ref! Theory hits the A-Town Down and picks up the win at 9:44pm.
Your Winner, Austin Theory! (~2 minutes)


In the Ring: the Miz Disputes the Truth with Johnny Gargano

The Miz addresses "each and every one of (us) with honesty" as he confirms that Gargano's interview was a complete sham. He calls it a "blatant smear job" with evidence that's "clearly doctored." He rambles on about it, even claiming he's spoken to a top Hollywood producer who wants to "tell his story" until Gargano makes his entrance, incensed that he has to defend himself to his friends and family--including his own father, who believes Gargano. Sigh, gotta hate it when two Clevelanders hate on each other. The ten or so folk in attendance who are still awake do a very, very weak "Johnny Wrestling" chant, which he thanks them for. Cringe. Gargano blows the whistle on himself, stating he was hoping the Miz would be shamed into paying Dexter Lumis. This led Gargano to realize that he needed stronger evidence "and you know, I did something just--just a little deceitful to get it. I hired someone! Miz, Mike, ya know what? You know that big 'Hollywood movie producer' you had dinner with? She was actually a private investigator! And she was wearing a hidden camera! And I happen to have the footage, and luckily for all of us I brought a universal remote from home and it happens to work on this tron!" He uses the remote to roll that beautiful bean footage. During it, the Miz is shown stating "everything John (Gargano) is saying is true. I orchestrated the whole thing." He then admits to paying Dexter Lumis and goes on to state it's boosting his career, his agent's phone is blowing up, et cetera--that everything was going perfectly until he stopped paying Dexter. He claims he did that because WWE Corporate were asking too many questions so he had to "kabosh everything" and stopped paying Lumis. The Miz is shown then disputing he should even pay Lumis and claiming Lumis should pay him. Johnny's music plays and he makes his way down for their match--after this commercial break.

Singles Match: Johnny Gargano vs the Miz

We return from break at 10:00pm to find this match underway. Gargano takes the lead early on, with Johnny getting a reaction out of the live crowd as he beats the Miz outside of the ring, to commentary and back. Gargano uses a side headlock on the Miz, then shuts down the Mia's comeback by slapping onto the ropes and causing the Miz to leap up into the air and crash back down to the canvas, hard, without a target. Gargano takes a bow as the crowd pops lightly and kicks the Miz in the hand. Johnny Wrestling uses a wrist lock to take the Miz into the corner and Graves praises Gargano's technical prowess. The Miz counters a springboard attempt with a kick to the face, sending Gargano tumbling across the ring.
The Miz kicks Gargano with a running kick to the chest before wrenching his jaws apart as the ref counts a warning! The Miz begins to chain together offense, battering Gargano around the wring with slow, calculated kicks and strikes. Johnny Wrestling continues to keep the crowd behind him, as subdued as it may be, and weathers through the Miz's remaining offense. The Miz looks for a mid-rope leaping strike but Gargano adjusts his stance, causing the Miz to atomic drop himself! Gargano and the Miz continue the back-and-forth action inside the ring and out, with both men exchanging the lead every half minute or so. The Miz uses a Superkick to rock Gargano and sets up a barricade-assisted chair spot, sending us to break at 10:06pm!
We return from break at 10:10pm, just as Gargano begins his comeback sequence! Gargano sets up the One Final Beat springboard DDT but doesn't pick up a cover. The Miz looks to rally, catching Gargano with a big right as Johnny starts to leap. The Miz runs off the opposite ropes and rebounds right into a slingshot spear from Gargano for a close cover! Johnny Wrestling looks to pull the Miz to his feet but the Miz throat-chops him. The Miz with a low-angle/kneeling DDT to Gargano for a close cover of his own! Impressive spot that saw the Miz duck under the rolling roundhouse on that maneuver. Impressive. The Miz starts up his world-famous "It Kicks" to Gargano. The crowd find enough energy to boo almost-decently as the Miz prepares the final It Kick. Gargano ducks under and eats a SUperkick from the Miz; Gargano fires off a Superkick of his own to the Miz! Both men rebound off ropes and Gargano unloads on the Miz!
The Miz runs off opposite rope and Gargano goes for another slingshot spear, but the Miz has it scouted--Johnny Wrestling eats a knee to the jaw mid-move! The Miz sets up the Skull-Shattering Finale but Gargano rolls through for a close cover. Gargano with a low-angle Superkick for another close cover! The Miz rolls outside and Gargano sizes him up, then fires off a suicide dive that perfectly connects! The Miz's back is rammed against the commentary desk and he's down! Gargano rises but the Miz is faster to recover than expected. The Miz shoves Gargano into the barricade, then sends him into the ring. A dropkick from Gargano sends the Miz to the floor. The Miz is drug under the ring! The Miz exits from under with a turnbuckle tool or metal rod (damnit, Jim, I'm a writer, not a ring technician!) and clocks Gargano with it as the ref looks under the ring, convinced by the Miz that Lumis may have been under it. The Miz tosses the weapon aside and covers Gargano, picking up the win at 10:16pm!
Your Winner, the Miz! (16 minutes)

After the Match: Dexter Lumis Attacks!

As the Miz celebrates up the ramp, Dexter Lumis charges down and catches him with a chair shot to the back! Lumis plops the chair down and sits in it, briefly watching the Miz in pain, until security chases him off.

Backstage: Damage CTRL's Recruiting!

We catch Damage CTRL and Nikki Cross backstage. Dakota Kai tries to recruit Cross, stating that after clashing with her last week, they now see her as a valuable ally and want her to join them. Sky weighs in and the faction suggest Cross destroy Dana Brooke (yes, random). That match is next!

24/7 Championship Match: Dana Brooke(c) vs Nikki Cross w/ Damage CTRL

Damage CTRL escort out Nikki Cross. Dana Brooke is out to new music, as is Cross, and after a rather long time spent, we get our bell at 10:25pm. Bayley joins commentary and Graves asks her about recruiting Cross, while in the ring Cross aggressively takes it to Brooke. Bayley tells Kevin Patrick to watch the match and "have some respect" when her asks Bayley about her intentions with Cross. Cross uses a crossed-arm neck hold and the ref checks on Brooke. Cross dominates the entirety of the short match, picking up the win less than two minutes later and the title.
Your Winner AND NEW 24/7 Champion, Nikki Cross!


Backstage: Damage CTRL and Nikki Cross Channel Medusa

After a break, we return to find Damage CTRL walking backstage as Nikki Cross stares euphorically towards the ceiling. Cross then trashes the 24/7 title on-air and they walk off. RIP 24/7 Championship. The 24/7 Championship lasted 1,267 days, had 165 reigns (157 official) spanning 60 superstars, with R-Truth having held the title for most reigns (54) and days (425 collectively). Brooke was in her fifteenth reign, and the title ended officially tonight with Nikki Cross' tenth reign.

United States Championship Open Challenge Part II

Seth comes back out after we return to the ring. He mentions its his tenth anniversary in the 'E and the crowd show him as much love as the Wilkes-Barre law allows. Rollins thanks the WWE Universe for coming along on the ride. The crowd rips off a half-decent "thank you Rollins" chant. Rollins tells us this title means a lot to him as it's "been far too long since Seth 'Freakin'' Rollins had held gold here in the WWE. But in just a few short weeks I have made this the title to have here on Raw!" He pauses and the dozens (and dozens!) of cheering fans sing his tune. He states he's ready for an open challenge and tells someone to come on down. He tells them to be ready for a fight as he's not giving up easily, as he's a revolutionary, a visionary, an architect--he is Seth 'Freakin' Rollins. Mustafa Ali is shown on the tron. He states Seth doesn't have to look any further as Ali's going to....Ali's yanked off camera and we hear the sound of a physical altercation. Bobby Lashley then is shown on camera! He states he only lost the title to Rollins because of Lesnar. He reminds us he beat Lesnar a few days ago and states he's accepting Rollins challenge, here and now!

United States Championship Open Challenge Pre-Match: Seth Rollins(c) vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley makes his entrance but as he reaches the ring, he attacks Rollins! The action begins before the bell with Rollins taking a beating from Lashley around the ring and in. Rollins hangs on, however, biding his time until he can interrupt a spear with a knee to the face. Rollins looks for a Pedigree outside the ring but Lashley dumps Rollins over his back. Lashley mounts and pounds Rollins until a squad of refs and officials pull him off. Rollins rises and Lashley breaks free, taking it right back to Rollins. Lashley beats Rollins more at the ringside area, sending him into the barricade before swinging Rollins' head into the ring post! Lashley's on a warpath as he strips off the top of the commentary desk to a mild pop! The officials attempt to beg Lashley down but the All Mighty One won't listen! Lashley puts Rollins through the commentary table! Adam Pearce, security and more officials hit the ring and attempt to check on Rollins as Jamie Noble and co. tell Lashley to go to the back. Lashley is escorted around the ring and up the ramp by officials. The match never officially started. Lashley celebrates on the ramp, crowd-taunting as he heads to the back. Lashley mocks Rollins, conducting the crowd, so to speak, when Austin Theory comes out, Money in the Bank case in hand! The crowd boos and we go to break at 10:50pm!
When we return at 10:54pm, Austin Theory hands his case to the ref and its announced he's cashing in!

United States Championship Main Event Match II: Seth Rollins(c) vs Austin Theory

Theory immediately takes Rollins down and covers for a two. Rollins kicks out so Theory again rives Rollins into the mat and covers for two. Rollins gets the arm up. Theory looks for the A-Town Down but Rollins reverses it into a Pedigree attempt! Theory escapes and uses a big left to drop Rollins, then a package driver across the knee! A Pedigree from Theory sets up another cover for a close two. Theory misses tie a running clothesline and attempts a second, only to be dumped to the outside by Seth Rollins! The crowd sing to Rollins, who counters a rolling neck cutter with a power bomb! Superkick from Rollins to Theory, then a pair of big rights and down goes "Mister Money in the Bank!" Rollins rises and the crowd comes alive, finally, as he sets up the Stomp! Theory counters, popping Rollins up and hitting the A-Town Down! The ref counts but Bobby Lashley rips the ref out of the ring!
Theory yells at Lashley, screaming "you ruined it! You idiot, you ruined it!" Lashley snaps, dragging Theory out of the ring! Lashley begins to dismantle Theory, mount-and-pounding him before ramming Theory's head into the ring post! The ref, and Rollins, are still down and Lashley continues to brutalize Theory! Lashley sends theory into the barricade and then again rams his head into the ring post! Lashley slaps on the Hurt Lock! Theory's out! Theory's out cold! Lashley throws Theory's lifeless body to the floor and the crowd pops--finally Wilkes-Barre, you've woken up! Lashley taunts and then walks off, leaving Rollins and Theory both down and unconscious! Kevin Patrick questions what this means and Corey Graves doesn't know what to make of it as Lashley walks off. The ref begins to count Theory out--he's down on the ringside! The ref counts to ten and Theory slides in right at what should have been an eleven! As soon as Theory slides in, Rollins connects with the Stomp! Rollins covers and picks ups he win at 10:59pm!
Your Winner AND STILL United States Champion, Seth Rollins!

Survivor Series: WarGames Match Announced

Damage CTRL--Bayley, 24/7 Champion Nikki Cross and WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky--will take on Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and a fourth as-yet-unnamed partner.

This Week on NXT & SmackDown

The NXT Women's Tag Team Championship is up for grabs tomorrow night on NXT, as are the Undisputed WWE Tag Team titles when the Usos take on the New Day--and their longest-reign record!

Source: rajah.com
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