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AEW Dynamite Full Recap & Results (November 2, 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Nov 02, 2022

AEW Dynamite Full Recap & Results (November 2, 2022)

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s AEW Dynamite and it’s an hour earlier for a bunch of people not in America because of time changes! Hopefully, those people have remembered that, because I almost didn’t! We have a stacked card with three title matches amongst the six that we have in store including a ROH World Championship match with a mystery opponent for Chris Jericho. As mentioned though, I’m running late, so let’s waste no time and get straight to the wrestling! Commentary starts with Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone.

Jay Lethal defeated Darby Allin via Pinfall (9:05)

Darby opens the show and has his ribs wrapped up as he comes out and he’s all fired up as he attacks Lethal on Jay’s entrance, and they brawl on the outside before the bell rings and out come Sonjay and Satnam as Jay is in early trouble. Satnam lets Jay get on top on the outside before Darby is sent into the ring steps and then trapped under the barricade and put in a figure four. Darby makes it back to the ring where Lethal maintains his dominance and sends us to break with a release German suplex to Allin on the apron. Lethal sends Darby into the steps again before taking him back in the ring to lay in more punishment, at one point launching Darby high in the air so he lands hard on the mat.

We return to the action and Darby claws at the nose of Lethal to escape his grasp then hits him with a coffin splash but Lethal takes it and then counters with a boot in the corner before planting Allin on his face and then heads up top for an elbow drop, Allin counters with a crucifix pin and then a roll up, both for two, Jay tries a Lethal injection and Allin counters with a rear naked chokehold. Allin has it on for a long time before Lethal escapes into an Allin stunner and then it’s Darby’s turn to head up top. Lethal rolls out to avoid the coffin drop and then Darby tries a Tope and bounces off Satnam who doesn’t move. Satnam and Sonjay get sent away from ringside before “Sting” attacks Darby outside the ring with a baseball bat and Lethal hits the Lethal Injection and pins Darby.

After the match, it’s revealed that “Sting” is Cole Karter.... Okay. Sting’s music then hits, and Jeff Jarrett turns up in AEW to lay Darby out with his guitar. Okay again... Jarrett says Allin got a lesson from the last outlaw and anything Darby worships becomes his weakness and now we know that’s Sting. Jarrett then tells the AEW roster and staff and fans that his family have been in the wrestling business for 75 years and they always leave an impact (lol). The crowd tells him he still sucks as he continues that his families' fingerprints are all over AEW and he basically declares war on AEW.

The Firm Video Package

Just a reminder of The Firm standing tall over MJF and Jon Moxley last week before...

Jon Moxley Promo

The champion speaks about how excited he is to fight Lee Moriarty tonight, putting him over before saying that he’s not violent enough for the BCC but Mox will give him a lesson tonight.

The Elite Video Package

Another video package where clips of The Elite’s accomplishments are played but this time they’re played alongside clips of the current Trios champs, Death Triangle.

Jon Moxley w/ William Regal defeated Lee Moriarty w/ Stokely Hathaway via Submission (9:50)

We come back to Jon Moxley emerging through the crowd with William Regal who joins him ringside for once. Lee heads out with Stokely and Ethan, and Page joins commentary. The match begins with Moriarty trying to outwrestle the champion but has no real success, so he changes to kicks and Moxley drops him then punches and bites Lee in the corner. He throws him out of the corner with a suplex before Moriarty fights back with strikes and then lands some running uppercuts in the corner, Moxley answers with a lariat but misses a dive and hits the ring post to send us to break as Lee begins to immediately target the arm. They head outside where Mox is sent into the ring steps and put in further trouble as Moriarty takes over and continues to target the arm.

We return to the match and Moxley reverses a Brainbuster to get back into the match and offers Lee a strike exchange which Jon dominates but Lee comes back with a springboard elbow strike and then a northern lights suplex for two. Moriarty goes to give Moxley the BCC stomps but Moxley fights back up and outmanoeuvres him to hit the King Kong Lariat before stomping Moriarty’s head. Lee counters a Paradigm Shift to target the arm and Mox comes back with a cutter for two. We get another strike exchange and Moxley wins out again, but Lee pulls out a pop-up knee. The two men exchange suplexes and submissions before Lee has the Border City Stretch in and Mox nearly rolls out before Moxley lands the Hammer & Anvil elbows and taps Moriarty out with a juji gatame for the win.

Ethan Page throws down his headset then runs down to lay out Moxley with a boot.

Saraya & Britt Baker Sit Down Interview With Renee Paquette

Britt doesn’t show up, so Saraya says she’s selfish and doesn’t have what it takes to be a star. Saraya says that she’s built a division everywhere she’s been, and Renee asks her why she’s back now and why AEW and Saraya gives a great answer about how great AEW is. Renee then asks Saraya where she stands medically, and Saraya says she’s saving the answer to that for another week so she can consult another doctor.

William Regal Interview

Regal says Max has all the potential in the world but has a long way to go to become a true villain and it won’t be enough to beat Moxley

Daddy Ass’ Birthday Bash

Max Caster raps: Let’s go.

Bowens says it's been a tough weekend after what Swerve did last week and Daddy Ass can’t scissor anymore. The Acclaimed then announce their foam scissor fingers so Billy can still scissor. The Acclaimed continue with the presents and they put him over and give him a world's greatest daddy trophy. The crowd chant for Billy and this is just a really nice and wholesome segment which ends in Billy officially adopting The Acclaimed.

Just before he can officially sign, Colten & Austin come out and get huge ass boys chants. They ruin it by bringing W. Morrissey with them to attack Billy from behind and then the three Firm members attack The Acclaimed & Billy until FTR come out to make the save.

Britt Baker Interview

Britt says she only gets interviewed by Tony Schiavone because of conspiracies and Jamie says she’s sick of conspiracies and then Britt asks for her and Jamie to get a tag match on Rampage.

Chris Jericho w/ Daniel Garcia & Jake Hager defeated Colt Cabana via Pinfall (8:55) to retain the ROH World Championship

ROH Championship time. Ian Riccaboni joins commentary and Jericho calls out his opponent once he’s in the ring. They only went and brought back Colt Cabana... Fuck CM Punk I guess! The bell rings and both men show a varying array of emotions before they shake hands and Colt backs Chris into a corner and attacks. He drops Jericho with the big shoulder tackle and does it again before swarming the champ with strikes. The crowd chant his name as Colt Cabana gets a good roll up in the corner and then Jericho escapes the ring for a breather. Cabana follows him and continues the assault on the outside before Jericho hits some strikes of his own before both men take a tumble from the top turnbuckle to the floor in order to send us to break. Early in commercial, Jericho comes back with a dropkick to send Colt to the floor, and he manages to retain control in the ring throughout the remainder of picture in picture.

We return to the match and Cabana hits flying apple to get back into it, following up with chops and elbow strikes and gets a two from a splash from the top rope. Colt tries to go up top again and this time Jericho cuts him off and then gets him up in an electric chair, but Colt gets a victory roll for two and then a cradle for two. He goes for the punches; Jericho pokes the eye and then misses the Judas Effect. Colt locks in the billy goat’s curse and Jericho escapes and Hager saves Jericho at two on the superman pin. Hager eats a moonsault and Chris counters in the corner with a codebreaker once Colt gets back in the ring to get the win.

After the match, the JAS try to attack Ian Riccaboni again, Claudio and the rest of the JAS make the save and security break them up.

Death Triangle Interview

Renee asks Rey Fenix about his match, and he wants to be double champ and PAC tells Fenix to use the hammer.

Orange Cassidy defeated Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes & Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage via Pinfall (9:57) to retain the AEW All Atlantic Championship

All Atlantic Championship time and Christian comes out with Luchasaurus whilst Fenix brings Alex Abrahantes. The champion comes out alone with his title in a bag and if you’re not a fan at this point, I can’t help you. Fenix and Orange circle Luchasaurus and they both go after the big man, but he fights them off before finally succumbing to the thrust kicks and a double dropkick to send him to the floor. Cassidy and Fenix go to work with some back and forth wrestling as they go back and forth with arm drags until Cassidy nails a DDT for two and Fenix reverses with a roll up for two. They show respect to each other as Luchasaurus comes back and Orange changes his mind about putting his hands in his pockets. The dinosaur manages to dominate both men on his own with splashes in opposite corners as we go to break. During the break, Christian wanders up to join commentary as his right hand of destruction dominates both Fenix and Cassidy with ease.

We return to the action as the dominance of Luchasaurus continues until Cassidy and Fenix get their act together to remove him from the match again. They try to make it more permanent with stereo dives to the big man, but he catches them both, tossing Cassidy into the ring steps and putting Fenix through the timekeeper’s table. Luchasaurus takes Orange up the ramp and catches an Orange punch to answer with a headbutt. Jack Perry saves him with a chair and beats the hell out of Luchasaurus before sending him off the stage with a dive.

Cassidy and Fenix head back to the ring and PAC runs down to give Fenix the hammer but Fenix refuses and immediately almost gets rolled up. Fenix lands a thrust kick, but his rolling cutter is met with an Orange Punch to get the win.

PAC attacks Cassidy after the bell and Katsuyori Shibata makes the save with Best Friends with Rocky Romero make the save. Shibata points at the All-Atlantic Championship and he’ll be the challenger on Friday. OH MY GOD.

Swerve Strickland & Rick Ross Interview

Tony asks Swerve about last Friday and Rick tells him to stop so he can say that Rick is here to make Swerve the number one recording artist and wrestler in the world. Keith Lee turns up to question Swerve, but Rick Ross reunites them. This was wild.

Jade Cargill w/ Leila Grey defeated Marina Shafir via Pinfall (2:15) to retain the TBS Championship

Marina Shafir heads to the ring and Jade follows her. The match begins and out comes Nyla and Vickie for commentary on the ramp as they talk over Jade taking her anger out on Marina inside & outside the ring. Jade goes to get Nyla and nearly gets counted out. Marina tries to take advantage but Jade fights back with her huge pump kick and finishes it with Jaded.

Kiera Hogan is laid out on the ramp by Nyla who runs off, still with the belt.

Main Event Video Package

This was cool but I saw it on Dark Elevation and Road to already.

House of Black Video Package

Spooky and strange but intriguing. Sums up House of Black. Someone tell them that Halloween was on Monday.

Samoa Joe defeated Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana via Submission (10:59) to retain the ROH World Television Championship

Bobby Cruise announces the main event competitors and Brian Cage heads out first with Prince Nana. The champ comes out alone and the bell rings to get us underway. The crowd tell Cage that Joe is going to kill him and then Cage withstands two shoulder tackles from Joe and answers with a right hand, so Joe gets enough momentum to drop him the third time. Cage gets Joe in the corner but Joe fights back with punches and chops before splashing Cage and following with an enzuigiri. Joe hits multiple kicks and then gets a two from an elbow drop. Nana distracts Joe with his voice to let Cage hit a leaping knee strike before beating Joe down in the corner. Brian lays out Joe with a huge lariat, Joe comes back with jabs, but Cage lands a kick and big German suplex to send us to break. It’s all Cage throughout picture-in-picture as he keeps forcing Joe to kick out at one or two. Eventually Cage locks in a deep chin lock and wastes some time but Joe fights out of it and spills to the floor.

We return to the match as Cage hits Joe with a dive to the outside and then returning him to the ring and wasting time by flexing, Joe comes back with the jabs, but Cage hits a spin kick. Joe comes back with an atomic drop before getting a two count from a senton. Joe hits a Powerslam for another two count before Cage catches him with another rising knee and a tiger feint kick and then hits an elbow drop from the top rope for 2.9. Cage hits a pumphandle facebuster for yet another 2.9 and then Joe dodges a discus lariat to lock in a choke, but Cage hits a slam and then the discus lariat earns Cage another two. Joe locks in the choke again and this time when Cage tries to counter, he switches arms and sits out with it to make Cage tap.

After the match, Joe is attacked by Gates of Agony until Wardlow makes the save and runs them off. Powerhouse Hobbs grabs him from behind for a huge spinebuster afterwards though and that’s how we close the show.

That was a pretty solid episode of Dynamite. Definitely seen better and definitely seen worse. 7 out of 10 for me with plenty of intrigue for seeing Shibata on Friday and The Elite next Wednesday (please). What did you think though? Let us know in the comments or let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen. See you all for Shibata vs Cassidy on Friday. Words I never imagined typing. Adios.


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