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WWE Monday Night RAW (10/24/2022) Results

Posted By: Guy Incognito on Oct 24, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW (10/24/2022) Results

Here are your WWE Monday Night RAW results for October 24th, 2022: courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Oct. 24, 2022): Spectrum Ctr. - Charlotte, NC

Welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Our commentary team of Vic Joseph and Corey Graves welcome us to the Queen's City for Monday Night Raw with Crown Jewel only a week from Saturday!

In the Ring: the Judgment Day

Alter Bridge and light FX announce the arrival of Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest--the Judgment Day! They head to the ring. The Judgment Day come out at 8:02 to huge boos. They take turns on the mic doing the usual heel schtick--threats to kick this person's butt, that person's arse, and end so-and-so's career, et cetera. Dominik gets the most heat of them all, especially when he calls himself "this generation's Eddie Guerrero." The OC come out and take issue with denigrating the famous Guerrero name. The two factions exchange words--they'll fight at Crown Jewel in 12 days--and Anderson calls Dom this generation's "Jimmy No-Chin" James Ellsworth. Finally, after too much of this, we get our first match!

Singles Match: Finn Bálor w/ the Judgment Day vs Karl Anderson w/ the OC

We get our match started at 8:10pm. Finn and Karl go back and forth until Karrrl takes the early lead, sending us to break at 8:11! We return at 8:15 and find Bálor in control as Vic and Corey hype Crown Jewel. We're reminded that Bálor and Anderson have history going back to the indies--NJPW, the Bullet Club, whatever else--and Bálor loses control, temporarily, when Anderson changes tactics and begins to focus his strikes on Bálor's left knee. Korrl holds his ribs as he begins to chain together offensive strikes and holds, taking Bálor into an opposite corner. Precision strikes by Korl help him maintain control, punishing Bálor with calf kicks as well as using the middle rope to aid a Dragon Screw! Anderson covers for two. Bálor limps on the knee as Korrrrrl's offense stretches past the two minute mark. Bálor takes control and punishes Anderson with forearm strikes to the base of his skull. Bálor turns to working holds, using a rear chin lock as Graves praises Bálor's mat game. The crowd pops for Korral Anderson and he powers to his feet, but Bálor shuts that shit down with a neckbreaker. Bálor covers for a close two, and Rhea yells at the ref "That was a three, Eddie!" Anderson continues to resist Finn and takes a stretch in the lead as we head to break at 8:20pm!
We return at 8:24pm and the two Superstars continue to go back and forth, with Anderson selling an injured abdomen and Finn still selling the knee. Finn hoists Korrrrrl Anderson up but his knee gives him issues, causing him to end the move prematurely. Bálor stalks Anderson across the ring and stomps hm into the canvas, then follows him into a corner. A strong Irish Whip from the Irishman leads to the two coming to blows int he opposite corner. Bálor looks for a step-up Enziguri on a seated-on-the-turnbuckle Anderson but Korllll has it scouted! Anderson fights it off and sends Bálor down to the mat, following it up with a middle-rope neckbreaker for a close cover! Anderson clubs Bálor's skull and the rear of his neck with forearms against the ropes as the ref warns him. Bálor runs off the ropes and hits the Sling Blade! Shotgun Dropkick from Bálor! He climbs high--time for the Coup de Grace--but Anderson's back on his feet! Anderson attack's Bálor's knee, taking his leg out from under him! Karllllll hits the Superplex! Anderson is slow in covering Bálor and it costs him moments; Dominik Mysterio distracts the official, costing him more, until AJ Styles attacks Mysterio! Damian Priest attacks Priest until Luke Gallows takes him out with a Big Boot! Rhea Ripley shoves Gallows into the ring post then scoop slams Luke Gallows! Anderson is about to pick up the win in the ring when Dom again distracts the ref, allowing Ripley to chopblock Anderson's knee. Bálor covers and picks up the win at 8:28pm!
Your Winner, Finn Bálor! (19 minutes)

The Miz Addresses the WWE Universe, RE: Dexter Lumis

We cut to footage from last week, when Johnny Gargano hinted to the Miz he knew some deep, dark secret between the Miz and his tormentor, Dexter Lumis. Tonight we cut to the back and the Miz tells Gargano, "I want to know what you know." Gargano again plays coy, his words from last week still echoing in our ears--Dexter won't stop until you give him what he wants. We head to break at the Miz makes his way out at 8:32! We return from break at 8:35pm. We're shown Dale Earnhardt, Jr in the audience and the crowd pops. The Miz verbally assaults Dale, telling him things such as he's a faster driver, and Dale Junior is shown saying "f--- you" to the Miz, haha. The Miz turns his attention to Dexter Lumis. He acts innocent, at one point proclaiming it wasn't his "boyish good looks" or his "A-Lister status" that had Lumis target the Miz; it was because "of my mind. And I'm not talking about some Hannibal Lecter thing," instead stating it was about his wrestling knowledge. He then accuses Lumis of being jealous of Tommaso Ciampa "stealing the career" that was meant for Lumis. He then addresses Ciampa, who's still missing, and begs for anyone with knowledge or information of Ciampa's whereabouts to please come forward.
Johnny Gargano comes out on the mic and calls the Miz a huge liar, stating he just texted Ciampa a few minutes ago--he's not missing, silly, he's injured! Gargano enters the ring and tells the Miz, again, that if he wants Lumis out of his life, all he has to do is "tell the real truth...or else Mike, you know what's going to happen! I've got a whistle and I'm not afraid to blow it!" The crowd pops and he asks if they want him to blow the whistle. The Miz raises a hand and reminds us what that means, yelling he's been giving us the truth since--oops, wait, here comes R-Truth! Truth raps his way down the ramp to the ring, having some new rhymes for the Charlotte crowd. The Miz and Gargano both look baffled. This is the most R-Truth's rapped in years.
Gargano asks Truth what's up. "Charlotte, North Carolina, make some noise," Truth starts. "Wassup?! You (the Miz) said you want to tell the truth? Dog, I'm here!" The Miz asks him, simply, "what?" Gargano points out R-Truth has a point as he is the "real truth." The Miz asks if they've lost their minds and ate "too much crappy Carolina comfort food" and its clogged his brain? Haha cheap burn! Truth warns him, "dog, you're not gonna stand there and talk (crap) about our mac and cheese!" Truth and the Miz exchange words, with Truth stating it's bad enough the Miz brought him down here and won't tell him his big secret but now he's here, in R-Truth's hometown, insulting their mac and cheese! Truth offers to give him a hometown ass-kicking. Gargano tells the Miz, "I know Dexter deflated your balls, I didn't know he (took them) before he left!" Ohhhh! The Miz wants a match, yelling "I want Truth!" Gargano and R-Truth say at the same time, "You can't handle the Truth!" We go to break at 8:44!

Singles Match: the Miz vs R-Truth w/ Johnny Gargano

We return at 8:48pm and get the bell. Both men circle and Corey Graves gets hot on the commentary mic, questioning what Gargano and Lumis are up to while also praising Gargano and pointing out they go back ages. The Miz, meanwhile, spends the opening moments with a working hold. Truth escapes and hits a pair of shoulder thrusts followed by a buster slam. Truth holds up a hand and does the "U Can't C Me" Cena schtick, but before he can attempt a 5-Knuckle Shuffle, the Miz attacks. The Miz drops Truth with a running knee and taunts the crowd. He stares off into the crowd and begins to yell for security--there's a person in a black hoodie with gloves at the barricade! R-Truth rolls up the Miz at 8:51pm, stealing the win as the Miz is distracted by the cloaked person...who turns out to be Johnny Gargano!
Your Winner, R-Truth! (3 minutes)

Backstage: Elias, Matt Riddle, and the Alpha Academy

Elias is shown walking backstage with his guitar over his shoulder. He comes across Riddle, who has bongos, and the two have words. Elias gives Riddle a slight warning about a misunderstanding last week when the Alpha Academy walk up. Gable goes on a rant, wondering if they're in a band and if so, is their name "Blink 1-8-Shoosh?" Haha! He then makes a comment about currently-injured WWE Superstar, Ezekiel--Elias' younger brother--and that angers Elias. He sticks up for his injured brother and threatens Gable, setting up a match later tonight most likely.

Singles Match: "Mr. Money in the Bank" Austin Theory vs Mustafa Ali

Theory is out first to boos and more verbal slobbering from Corey Graves, who has a thing for Theory's physique--shades of Vinny Mac. A pre-recorded promo from Theory shows Austin complain about Ali. Ali is out next to a decent pop, and we get our bell at 9:02pm! Seth Rollins joins commentary and is sung out by the audience, who continue singing his theme well beyond his entrance. Theory and Ali look to lock up but Ali disengages. Theory and Ali lock up again, with Theory transitioning into a side headlock. Ali breaks it by whipping Theory into the ropes; Theory catches Ali with a clothesline on the rope rebound. Theory yells insults at Ali as he rises and the duo circle once again. Theory uses the middle rope and knee strikes on Ali as the ref counts a warning. Theory throws his shoulder into Ali's gut repeatedly and the ref gives him another warning. The crowd once again sing Rollins' theme as he cackles maniacally. Ali starts to fight back but Theory shuts it down with a kitchen sink knee and a pin attempt. Ali starts to fight back and the crowd chants "we want Seth." Ali ducks under a clothesline attempt and rebounds off the opposite ropes, connecting with a tornado DDT. Ali takes Theory into the corner and sits him upon the top turnbuckle. Ali with big rights to Theory's head, buying himself time to climb to the top rope. Theory throws rights into Ali's side and shoves him off. Ali lands on his feet and as Theory leaps, Ali catches him mid-air with a dropkick! Theory rolls out of the ring smartly to avoid any cover attempt.
Ali stares down Rollins, who yells to Ali that he's just there to watch. The distraction gives Theory the lead as we head to break at 9:07pm, with Theory using the hard apron floor to aid with a neckbreaker! We return at 8:11pm and find Theory still in control and Rollins still in his "glow stick" neon yellow/green/eye-acid suit. Theory sends Ali rolling into the ring and pauses on the apron to get his phone. He asks the crowd if they want a selfie and he takes one--only to catch a dropkick to the back of the head from Ali! Theory crashes hard ringside, and Ali follows it up with a 450 Splash! Ali takes the action back into the ring and ducks under a swing from Theory. Ali with rights and lefts, battling Theory in the corner. Theory switches but Ali with a switch of his own! Theory whips Ali but Ali slides to avoid the upcoming charge and culminates a string of counters with a neckbreaker for a close two! Rollins sets his belt down, rooting for Theory, seemingly nervous. Ali--who doesn't even look like he's sweated a single drop--counters a suplex attempt. Theory sends Ali to the corner and charges into a Superkick from Ali! Ali nearly the win over Theory and Rollins sits, putting his headset back on. Ali climbs the turnbuckles as Theory's in the drop zone. Ali looks for the 450 but Theory moves and Ali rolls through! Ali with an elbow strike to Theory. Ali attempts a Tornado DDT but Theory counters it with a package driver! Theory covers for a two, but Ali gets the shoulder up! Rollins yells repeatedly for Theory to "put him down," and calls for the A-Town Down. Ali resists, grabbing the nearby top rope to escape. Theory charges in and Ali hits the backstabber. Ali sees Theory's in the drop zone and climbs up top quickly. Seth enters the ring to distract Ali, allowing Theory to kick the top rope! Ali loses his footing and crotches himself! Theory pops up, hoists Ali off the ropes and onto his shoulders, and hits the A-Town Down to pick up the win at 9:15pm!
Your Winner, Austin Theory! (13 minutes)

After the Match: Rollins and Ali

The United States Champion, Seth Rollins, enters the ring and throws the battered Ali out of it. He yells "you don't belong in the ring with me" and urges Ali to stay down as he sends him over the barricade and into the timekeeper's area. Rollins tells Ali to "quit fooling yourself" and leads him to a nearby chair and barricade, sending him crashing into both. He tells officials to "get him out of here, get him out" and storms off, leaving Ali laid out. Mustafa's not done, however, and as the Architect gloats and struts up the ring, Ali races after him, beating him until Rollins flees.

Backstage: Johnny Gargano, "JBL" John Bradshaw Layfield and Baron Corbin

Gargano comes across "the Wrestling God" JBL and "the Modern-Day Maharajah Wrestling God" Baron Corbin. They have words, with JBL taking potshots at Gargano's size and that he spent "ten years in the (junior leagues)" because of his perceived lack of talent. Gargano mocks Corbin, and questions which Corbin is it--Baron, Sheriff, Happy, Bum-ass? JBL takes offense with this, setting up a match for later tonight! We head to break at 9:20.

4-on-1 Handicapped Squash Match: Omos w/ MVP vs Four Local Talent

Omos and MVP come out to huge boos as we're told tonight's squash match will be a four-on-one! How exciting! MVP speaks before we start, addressing last week on SmackDown when Omos came face-to-face with Braun Strowman for the first time. The 6'8" Strowman was "unceremoniously tossed out of the ring like a child" by the 7'4" Omos, per MVP. He then tells the four squashlings that if Omos can do that to Strowman, what can they expect him to do to them? He beckons them close and they hesitate. He promises they'll be fine, so they step closer. "Now Braun Strowman likes to say" you can get these hands. He has Omos show off his hand, the size of someone's face, and MVP says he's got a fist "like a Christmas ham. Now gentlemen, I want you to know (that) I respect your ambition...(and) your courage." He makes sure they've got good insurance and it's all paid up. He then warns that Strowman will find out at Crown Jewel that there's only one monster and it's Omos. MVP calls for the bell at 9:32pm, exclaiming, "let the carnage begin!" I've been informed that Cletus Kasaday is not present, however. I could give you play-by-play but, really, it's Omos squashing four short white boys. It took seconds and they did nothing but earn their $50 the hard way.
Your Winner by Squash, Omos! (roughly 90 seconds)

Singles Match: Elias vs Chad Gable w/ Otis

The Alpha Academy make their way out first to mild heel heat. Elias is out next to a great pop. It's Elias' first match in a year. He comes out to his single, "Amen," dimmed lights and lighters (err, phone flash lights). Elias soaks it in and the ref calls for the bell at 9:41. Gable immediately takes Elias down, taking it to the mat for the opening second. Elias recovers and slaps on a side headlock, then uses a running rebound to take Gable down to the mat, slapping on another headlock! Gable powers to his feet and whips Elias off, looking for a hip toss; Elias counters with one of his own. Gable looks for a kick combo but Elias steps back, avoiding a reverse heel kick. Elias shooshes Gable and attempts a backslide for a two. Elias shows off some impressive core strength by staying latched on to Gable despite the quick changing of positions from mat to standing, culminating in a stalling suplex! Gable and Elias engage in another "run off the ropes" bit, but this time Otis is waiting and trips up Elias behind the ref's back! We head to break at 9:44!
We return from break with Gable in control, albeit briefly as Elias begins his comeback sequence. Shoulder thrusts drop the Academic Master and Elias seems to hit him from every angle. Elias posts up in the corner, exclaiming, "who wants to walk with Elias?" Otis hops up on the apron, distracting him, and giving Gable control once again. Gable is truly impressive with his core strength, especially for his size, even firing off a gut-wrench butterfly suplex! Gable heads up top and looks for a Moonsault but Elias times it perfectly and catches him with a rising knee strike! Gable shoves Elias into the corner and out of the ring. Otis charges but Elias side-steps him and send the big man into the ring post. Elias enters and hits a big boot on Gable, then a spinning suplex slam to pick up the win at 9:51pm!
Your Winner, Elias! (10 minutes)

After the Match: Academic Suspension for the Academy

Elias celebrates his victory until Otis attacks him. Otis and Chad Gable double-team Elias, beating him down until Matt Riddle hits the ring to make the save. Riddle hits the Bro-to-Sleep and chases the Academy out of the ring.

Backstage: the OC Discuss Rhea Ripley

AJ Styles tells Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows that they've got a Rhea problem for their upcoming six-man tag match at Crown Jewel. Luke Gallows states he's great with women and he plans to charm Rhea or the such. He storms off to find Ripley as Styles and Anderson both remark he's horrible with women. After we return from the break, Gallows is shown with the OC, even more beaten up than before. Apparently his advances weren't taken well.


JBL Gives Charlotte Some Love

JBL works the Charlotte crowd as only he can, insulting both their 2-5 Carolina Panthers and even states Charlotte is the place where careers go to die. He mocks Charlotte for turning "Michael Jordan into a loser." Haha. He welcomes the "modern day wrestling god" and out comes the Baron.


Singles Match: Johnny Gargano vs "the Modern-Day Wrestling God" Baron Corbin w/ JBL

Gargano makes his way out to a solid pop and we get our bell at 10:04! Graves predicts we're about to see a "mauling." Baron Corbin takes the lead for a few seconds initially, but Gargano quickly fights back, relying on his agility to drop the big man. Gargano looks for a springboard attack from the apron tot he ring but Baron Corbin catches him with a huge right, knocking Gargano out of the ring. Corbin pursues and hoists up Gargano, ramming his back into the ring post. We return from the break and are informed Corbin's maintained control throughout it. In fact, it's nothing but Baron Corbin for damn near ten minutes. Gargano endures it and attempts a comeback, starting with a step-up Enziguri. Johnny Wrestling eventually moves to the outside, taunting JBL by taking his cowboy hat and wearing it. Gargano turns his attention to the ring, finally, but JBL trips him up as he enters the ring, allowing Corbin to pick up the win at 10:19pm.
Your Winner, Baron Corbin! (15 minutes)

Singles Main Event Match: Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair vs Bayley w/ Damage CTRL

After hype for the Lashley/Lesnar match at, we finally get the entrance from Damage CTRL--Bayley and the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai &*Iyo Sky. After another break, we return and get our champ's entrance. Belair bounces out in all-red to a decent pop from the mostly-subdued Charlotte crowd. Not the hottest crowd tonight. We get our introductions and the ref checks both competitors, calling for the bell at 10:37pm! Bayley and Belair seem equally matched and spend our opening moments exchanging control frequently. Belair looks to use powerful suplexes to combat the multi-hyphenate Bayley. Bayley strings together a brief spurt of offense but Belair takes control once again, and we head into the break at 10:41 with Bayley laid out on the floor and Graves wondering if she can recover and get back into the fight. We return at 10:44 to find Bayley in control. Bayley looks for a pin early on after a suplex but gets no joy. Bayley focuses her offense on Belair's left shoulder, working it with holds and targeting it with fists and elbow strikes. Belair attempts to fight back but Bayley continues to batter the champ. Bayley screams "you suck" at the audience before getting a few mounted punches in on Belair. Belair escapes and looks for the KOD but Bayley wisely grabs the nearby ropes and escapes. Bayley takes Belair into the corner and continues to work over the champ's arm. Bayley with a scoop slam; she attempts to follow it up with an elbow drop, twice, but Belair rolls out of the way both times.
Bianca Belair starts to chain together some offense, getting a few strikes in before using the ropes to avoid a spear attempt through the ropes that sends Bayley crashing to the outside! Belair with a suplex but pounds her arm on the canvas, trying to work some feeling into it. Belair starts her comeback proper, dropping Bayley with two strikes before mount-and-punching Bayley as the audience counts along! Belair gets to thirteen blows before Bayley escapes. Bayley uses Belair's braid to pull her down as Belair's braid is perfectly legal. Belair looks for a handstand Moonsault but Bayley gets the knees up! Bayley looks for a Bayley-to-Belly but Belair escapes. Bayley drops the champ, climbs the middle turnbuckles and looks for an elbow drop. Belair gets the knees up! Belair with the handstand Moonsault for a close cover. Bayley wisely rolls out of the ring, causing the champ to pursue her outside. Belair runs a Bayley, who dumps her over the barricade, then ripcord pulls her back into it! Bayley sets up a spike DDT off the barricade to the floor and the champ's in trouble as we go to our final break at 10:50pm!
We return at 10:53pm and find Belair standing on the middle turnbuckles with Bayley seated on the top of the ring post. Belair looks for a Superplex but Bayley shoves her off. Belair lands on her feet, runs back up and looks for it again. Bayley slides to safety and looks to hit the KOD--Belair's finisher--on the champ! Bianca escapes and hits the Bayley-to-Belly suplex on Bayley for a close two! Move thieves abound! Belair is pulled out of the ring, braid-first, by Bayley, who then uses the braid to send the champ into the barricade. The ref starts his count-out. Bayley finds herself whipped into the steel steps by Belair, who then takes it inside. Belair enters the ring and pulls Bayley up. Bayley with a right forearm blast; Belair with one of her own! The two Superstars exchange forearms and rapid-fire fists until they both run off opposite ropes, looking to one-up the other. Belair hits a spinebuster for a close cover. Belair climbs up top and Iyo Sky distracts her.
Bayley with a big right to the distracted champ! She follows it up with a Bayley-to-Belly suplex off the top! Bayley covers but no joy! Bayley directs Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky to clear the commentary table and they do. Belair starts to fight back, slugging both Kai and Sky before pulling Bayley up into a Powerbomb carry! Belair powerbombs Bayley onto the commentary desk but isn't done yet, maintaining her hold on Bayley so she can bomb her against the ring post, then the apron! Belair throws Bayley back into the ring and is attacked by Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai while the ref is distracted! Iyo restrains Belair and Dakota hits a pump kick! The ref turns in time to see them sending Belair into the ring and suspects something. The ref starts to ban them from ringside when someone flies down, crashing into Damage CTRL and the ref! In the ring, Bayley eats a KOD from the champ but the ref's down!
Corey Graves wonders who it is as Belair looks for a ref. Belair's then attacked by Nikki Cross! RIP Nikki A.S.H.! Bayley rolls up the champ when a new ref hits the ring and steals the win!
Your Winner, Bayley! (21 minutes)

After the Match: Don't Cross Nikki

The days of almost being a superhero are over as Nikki Cross returns! She beats down first Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair, then Bayley. We end our program with Cross standing tall!

Next Week on Raw

Brock Lesnar returns as it's our go-home edition ahead of Crown Jewel.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

Source: rajah.com
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