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WWE NXT 2.0. Results (9/6/2022)

Posted By: Guy Incognito on Sep 07, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0. Results (9/6/2022)

Here are your WWE NXT 2.0. results for September 6th, 2022: courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan at Rajah.com!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (Sept. 6, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Opening Video: NXT Worlds Collide Recap

We open with a video highlighting the Worlds Collide event and its trio of NXT/NXT UK unification bouts. The card was filled with great matches and the end saw Mandy Rose, Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker retaining their titles, and Pretty Deadly capturing the unified NXT tag titles.

In the Ring: Tyler Bate Speaks; Gallus Replies

The final NXT UK Champion makes his way out to great welcome from the NXT Universe. They cheer for him and he thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart. He's interrupted a few times by chants, such as "thank you Tyler." He thanks everyone in attendance, everyone "who's backed NXT UK from the very beginning"--and that illicits a "UK! UK! UK!" chant--then also wants to thank Bron Breakker. He applauds Breakker for living up to the surname. He states he's grateful to have shared such a magical moment--the NXT/NXT UK unification match--with all of the beautiful NXT Universe peeps. He notes that his name is the last listed in the annals of NXT UK Champions and hopes that he lived up to the mantle as champion. He's interrupted by Gallus. They chastise Tyler for letting the UK down, and the entire NXT UK locker room. They state he had one job and he blew it, and let down the entire continent of Europe. Harsh! They ask "whatever happened to the 'big, strong boy'?" The fans chant "he's right there," haha. Bate acknowledges that he failed to capture a unified title but so did Gallus, who failed to capture the titles in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination match at Worlds Collide. Gallus finally reach the ring and threaten Bate, pointing out they've got him outnumbered three-to-one. Gallus then attack Bate and beat him down. They keep security out of the ring but soon we hear the air raid siren and out comes NXT Champion Bron Breakker to make the save! Breakker gets on the mic and states that Gallus has caused nothing but problems. "On Sunday, Worlds Collided. But tonight, Worlds Unify!" He states he'll stand with Tyler and challenges Gallus to a tag match!

Backstage: NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly

Kit Wilson and Elton Prince are backstage staring at their two sets of tag belts on a podium. They often speak and finish each others sentences, and call "jinx" a lot. Lash Legend joins them and praises their performance from Worlds Collide. She then tells them rumors she's heard backstage and on social media, criticizing Pretty Deadly. Prince & Wilson are upset and storm off.

Tag Team Match: Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop vs Toxic Attraction

Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne--Toxic Attraction--are out first. We head to break, leaving the NXT Universe in attendance with three minutes of additional time to admire the former two-time tag team champions. After the break, we return and get Nikki & Doudrop's entrance. Nikki starts off with Gigi and quickly brings in Doudrop. Dou & Nikki use quick tags to isolate Gigi, briefly, until the redhead forces Nikki into the Toxic corner. Jacy Jayne comes in and takes Nikki down with a snapmare, then begins to taunt Nikki, all accented with kicks to the ribs. Nikki turns things around, quickly driving Jacy into the mat and covering for two. Nikki slaps on a shoulder lock and the crowd pops for Jacy. Gigi bounces on the apron, looking for the hot tag, but Nikki drives Jacy back to a seated position. Jacy powers to her feet but is dropped by a neckbreaker from Nikki. Nikki climbs the turnbuckles but Jacy Jayne recovers in enough time to shove her off the turnbuckle. Nikki falls to the outside! Jacy wipes out Nikki with a roar and a running apron senton. Doudrop angrily storms around the ring, talking smack to Jacy Jayne--and Gigi viciously kicks her in the face with a running apron punt kick! Dou drops fast and is down as we head into a commercial break! Throughout the break, Toxic Attraction maintain control, frequently using working holds to slow and ground Nikki A.S.H. Doudrop gets the hot tag and comes in, cleaning house, using big shots and stiff suplexes to send Toxic flying around the ring. Jacy Jayne attempts to interfere and a busted-open Doudrop, from that punt kick earlier, gets a little help from Nikki who drags Jacy Jayne out of the ring and traps her between the apron and the ring skirt! Nikki takes care of Jacy, allowing Dou to hit a running cross-body to a seated Gigi to pick up the win! Toxic Attraction look on from the ramp, stunned.
Your Winners, Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop!

Singles Match: Wes Lee vs JD McDonagh

JD is out first, followed by Wes Lee. The ref calls for the bell and we get dueling chants from the NXT Universe. Both men circle and jaw off-mic at each other. JD slaps on a side headlock and we're off! Both men jockey for position, with McDonagh turning to a more technical style. Lee gets bursts of speedy offense in, showcasing his high-flying style in turn, but JD manages to ground the cruiserweight and turns to a series of arm holds and locks, sending us to a break. Throughout the picture-in-picture break, JD continues to focus on grounding Lee. JD targets Lee's left shoulder, working it with a variety of holds as he "systematically dissects" Wes Lee. After weathering the two-minute string of offense and holds, Wes Lee finally escapes and starts his comeback sequence! Lee flies around the ring and around the bigger JD, battering the Irishman with kicks and strikes from all angles. At one point, JD McDonagh exits the ring (thanks to a step-up Enziguri from Lee) and holds his neck, possibly attempting to leave. Lee takes him down with a suicide attack out of nowhere and the crowd erupts in a "holy shit" chant that continuously gives the censors hell. Lee takes it back into the ring and hits a Meteora for a close cover! Lee fires up more kicks until JD attempts a Powerbomb. Lee floats out of it and both men drop each other with a series of strikes that ends with an ugly-sounding headbutt from McDonagh that leaves both men down! McDonagh again looks for a Powerbomb but Lee rolls over and rolls JD up for a near fall yet again! McDonagh holds on and rises first, kicking Lee in the face as the fans chant "this is awesome." JD hits his Devil Inside finisher quickly and that's all, folks!
Your Winner, JD McDonagh!

Singles Match: Roxanne Perez vs Meiko Satomura

Roxanne Perez is out first, sending us to break! We return and the legendary Meiko Satomura, whose career goes as far back as WCW in the mid-nineties, makes her entrance to a great pop from the NXT Universe. The bell rings and both Superstars shake hands in respect. They lock up and break, with Rosie rebounding off the ropes and off of Meiko. Meiko doesn't flinch as Perez rebounds off the ropes a few times, each time trying to run her over with a big shoulder. Each time, however, Satomura shakes it off! Meiko takes Roxanne down to the amt and looks for an arm bar. Perez escapes by pushing Meiko's shoulders back, threatening a pin. They break up and both circle the ring. Frustration starts to build between the two. Meiko seems more than evenly matched for Perez as she routinely counters Perez. Meiko relies heavily on holds as she weakens the joints up. Perez attempts a crossface but "the Final Boss" manages to crawl across the ring, grabbing the bottom rope. Perez pulls Meiko up; Meiko fires off a kick to the hamstring. Perez answers back with a dropkick and follows it up with a suicide dive that wipes out Meiko at ringside! We see Cora Jade watching backstage with a weapon and we head to break!
Meiko takes control throughout the break, focusing on holds to slow down Perez. This continues throughout the break and just as we return, Perez begins to fire up. Perez strings together a lot of offense in a comeback attempt, battering the veteran back into a corner. Meiko's resilient, however, and rocks Perez with a stiff kick to the side of her head! Perez looks for an arm bar and the more-experienced Meiko escapes. Satomura with a rapid spinning heel kick that drops Perez! Satomura ascends the turnbuckles but Perez intercepts her and the two battle for position on the turnbuckles! Perez with a modified Avalanche attack for a near-fall! Meiko and Roxy engage and again, Perez is rocked with a kick to her jaw! Meiko hits the Scorpio Rising and picks up the win! After the match, Cora Jade attacks with what looks like a kendo stick taped up with electrical tape. She whacks Perez in the back but Satomura returns to the ring to make the save!
Your Winner, Meiko Satomura!

Video: Damon Kemp Explains Why He Betrayed the Diamond Mine

Kemp, essentially, was jealous that he wasn't more important to the Diamond Mine. He felt unheard and disrespected; he admits to beating Brutus' "bitch ass" in college wresting and felt Julius was jealous. He then orchestrated the troubles that have plagued them the last few months in an effort to pit the two "alphas"--Julius Creed and Roderick Strong--against each other and do more harm.

Singles Match: Ricochet vs Trick Williams

Ricochet makes his way out and we head to break! When we return, North American Champion Carmelo Hayes joins commentary as Trick makes his entrance. Ricochet and Carmelo Hayes had a barn-burner at Worlds Collide, definitely a premium live event worth seeing. Trick takes control early on in the match, easily countering Ricochet's springboard with a back body drop. Trick works Ricochet around the ring as Hayes talks smack as a heel commentator. At one point, Ricochet is sent to the outside and Melo has Trick slam Ricochet's face into the commentary table five times in a row as Hayes tells him, "You're not coming back here anymore." Ricochet tries twice to string together offense but is shut down by Trick time after time. Williams with a beautiful swinging neckbreaker before he attempts a spinning roundhouse. Ricochet ducks under and starts up his comeback sequence in earned, dropping Trick twice in a row! Ricochet with a spear in the corner! Trick's face is introduced to both the top turnbuckle and Ricochet's left boot before Ricochet drops him with a flying forearm. Ricochet tells Trick to get up and hits the Recoil! Ricochet eyes Hayes, on commentary, and tell shim he's got eyes on hi. Ricochet heads up top and connects with his finisher to put away Williams.
Your Winner, Ricochet!

Best of Three Series, Round One Match: Nathan Frazer vs Axiom

Out first is Nathan Frazer in the first match of what is, presumably, a multi-week best of three series. His opponent Axiom--formerly known as A-Kid--will be out next after this word from their sponsors! Both men work well together, exchanging control frequently. Both men are very agile and speedy, and Axiom shows off some great agility as the "comic book hero" repackaging of A-Kid is slow in taking off. The NXT Universe is quiet for this, excluding the big spots, but they cheer for both Superstars. Frazer attempts to bring the crowd alive and sends Axiom to the outside, then wipes him out with a suicide dive that finally gets the crowd into the match! We head to break. During the break, Frazer takes it back into the ring and starts to use working holds to keep Axiom grounded. Axiom slips free, countering an arm wrench into a slam. Axiom begins to kick Frazer around the ring, targeting his left arm, then transitions to an arm bar. Frazer refuses to tap so Axiom rises and kicks the leg, then begins to stomp ruthlessly on Frazer's left shoulder and elbow! The ref counts a warning. Axiom pulls Frazer up and whips him into the ropes and double-palm strikes Frazer in the stomach on the rebound! Axiom hooks the left arm behind Frazer and attempts yet another hold. Frazer powers to his feet but Axiom won't let go of the arm, driving him shoulder-first into the mat! Axiom looks for a Gory but Frazer still hangs in there and we return from our break! We return and both men shift into high gear, picking up the pace drastically. Bodies begin to fly as Axiom uses the ropes to his advantage, hammering Frazer to the mat. Frazer chains together some offense into a suplex and pin attempt. Axiom looks for another arm bar but Frazer escapes. Frazer pulls Axiom into a Boston Crab and the crowd chants for him to tap! Frazer modifies the hold and grabs Axiom's right ankle, wrenching the leg and knee back as Axiom screams in pain. Finally Axiom reaches the ropes. Both men rise and Axiom hits a snap Superman punch, covering for two. He catches Frazer with a rising heel kick and picks up the win!
Your Winner of the First Match, Axiom! Score: Axiom 1, Frazer 0

Tag Team Main Event Match: Gallus vs NXT Champion Bron Breakker & Tyler Bate

Gallus is out first ahead of our main event and we head to break! We get the champ and Bate's entrance then start off with Bron Breakker and Joe Coffey. Both men take turns with side headlocks. Bron tries to run over Joe with a big shoulder but both men just bounce off each other. Bron again attempts to run him over, this time ducking under a clothesline and mowing Joe over on the rebound! Tyler is tagged in and takes Joe back to the mat. Tyler starts to work the left arm. Joe catches Tyler with a forearm uppercut and brings in Mark Coffey. Wolfgang watches from ringside as the Coffey brothers double-team Bate. Bate is quick to recover and slaps on a side headlock yet again, wrenching the neck. Bate escapes a wrist lock with an acrobatic spectacle and brings in Bron Breakker. Bate and Breakker work together to execute side-by-side suplexes to both Coffey's, sending them rolling to the outside! Breakker and Bate pose in the iconic Steiner position, with Bron taking his father's place in the dog position as Bate takes his uncle's place, slightly modified with the iconic Bate pose. We head to break!
We return from break with Bate having maintained control for most of the break. Gallus takes the lead when Wolfgang factors in at ringside, attacking Bate when the ref's back is turned. From there, it's nothing but Gallus working over Bate for several long moments until Bron Breakker gets the hot tag. Breakker with a belly to belly to both Coffey's! Breakker with a huge spinebuster, then tags in Tyler Bate and hoists Coffey up. Together they hit the Steiner Brothers' Doomsday DDT! Frazer takes out Joe with a clothesline and connects with his sit-out Powerbomb to put away Gallus and pick up the big win!
Your Winners, NXT Champion Bron Breakker & Tyler Bate!

After the Match: JD McDonagh Attacks!

As Breakker and Bate celebrate, a really irate Irish mate named JD McDonagh doesn't hesitate to attack Bate from behind! Breakker hits the ring and the crowd boos loudly as JD smiles wickedly from the crowd.

Next Week on NXT 2.0's One Year Anniversary Special

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly defend against the Creed Brothers. Javier Bernal faces Hank the mouthy security guard. Tony D'Angelo & Channing Lorenzo take on Cameron Grimes and a partner of his choice. "The Super Diva" Quincy Elliot will finally arrive after weeks of vignettes. Carmelo Hayes will face an opponent selected by the NXT Universe, most likely via a poll on social media or their site.

Source: rajah.com
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