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AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen Full Recap – July 28, 2022 

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Jul 27, 2022

AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen Full Recap – July 28, 2022 

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for another episode of AEW Dynamite and this week it’s the annual charity show, Fight for the Fallen. This year, AEW are partnering with Oceana and this week, they’re coming from Worcester, MA with some big title matches. We’ll see a rematch as AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa takes on Miyu Yamashita from TJPW who has a recent win over Rosa. Also, Rush will put his 10-match winning streak on the line for a chance at the AEW World Championship against Interim Champion, Jon Moxley. There’s much more in store too but let’s waste no more time and get straight to the wrestling. The commentary team to begin are Excalibur, Taz & JR.

Jon Moxley defeated RUSH via Submission (13:54) to retain the AEW World Championship

We’re starting off with a title match but it’s the one I thought would close the show! Rush makes his entrance with Jose and then Moxley heads through the crowd as Regal joins commentary. The challenger jumps the champ before the bell but the referee calls for it even though this match is starting on the outside. They soon head back to the ring and Rush stomps down Moxley and takes his shirt off before hitting splashes in the corners and then locks in a choke and seems to bite into the head of Moxley. The champion rolls away and is bleeding already and El Toro Blanco continues to attack outside, even tasting Mox’s blood at one point. Rush breaks the count of the ref and then tries to use a chair on Moxley’s leg whilst Jose distracts the ref. Moxley escapes to hit a Tope Suicida and come right back into the match, much to the crowd’s excitement. The champion hits a Snap Suplex on the floor and then breaks the count himself. He returns to Rush and uses headbutts and the ring steps to get the advantage. They head back to the ring and Mox attacks Rush in the corner before they begin to exchange chops in the middle of the ring but Rush gets a two count from a Powerslam. The challenger chokes Mox on the bottom rope and then they head outside once again where he chokes Moxley with the camera cables to send us to break. Regal corrects me and everyone by saying that the chops are actually palm strikes to the sternum as Rush takes Moxley back into the ring and lays some of those in. He gets too cocky though and Moxley grabs a choke but Rush fights out and lays in a big elbow to drop the champ again. Moxley manages to avoid a Rush attack on the outside and the challenger meets the ring steps. Rush beats the count at nine and Mox attacks him in the ring when he returns.

We return and Moxley powers Rush over with a Superplex but he can’t get to a cover so they exchange strikes once more in the middle. They go back and for the but Moxley looks to have an advantage until Rush catches him with the German Suplex. Moxley pops up with one of his own and then he lands the King Kong Lariat. Rush uses the momentum of his opponent to reply with a German but can't’ make the cover quicky enough. He tries a Crossface and then Moxley escapes and stomps his head into the mat but Rush isn’t done and sends Moxley into the turnbuckles with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Rush tries for his own Superplex and Mox escapes with a bite. Jose distracts the ref and Andrade rushes out to push Moxley off the top rope. Lucha Bros come out to chase him and Jose off but Moxley almost wins with a roll up back in the ring. He hits a Lariat but Rush gets him with a Straight Jacket Piledriver but Moxley kicks out. Rush goes for the dropkick in the corner but Moxley escapes and then locks in a Sleeper. Rush escapes with a back headbutt but Moxley catches him with the Death Rider. Rush kicks out but he’s immediately locked into a Bulldog choke to get the submission victory. Great match to open.

After the match, Chris Jericho’s music hits and out he comes with Angelo, Sammy, Tay and Anna Jay. Angelo cuts the music off and asks the AEW Galaxy to appreciate them. Jericho praises Moxley on the match and the win but the Jericho Appreciation Society is on a bigger roll than Moxley. Jericho explains how all of the JAS who fight tonight will win then turns to Anna. Anna says she took an opportunity last week and says she’s the sexiest and toughest and threatens to choke everyone out. Jericho resumes and talks about his match with Eddie last week and the crowd chant Eddie’s name so Jericho says he beat Eddie and he’ll beat Moxley too. He demands his rematch from two and a half years ago in two weeks at Quake by the lake.

Moxley says he hates Jericho and Sports Entertainment and he used to look up to Jericho. In his own way, he is the GOAT but everything he’s doing is pathetic. He says if Jericho has the balls, he can step in the ring with Mox but he demands Jericho leave the JAS at home and he wants the Lionheart Chris Jericho.

Trios Titles

FINALLY! We get trios titles in AEW and they’re crowning the inaugural champs at All Out.

Dante Martin Interview

Dante says Sammy will have Tay in his corner because he knows he can’t hack it so Dante says he’ll have Skye Blue in his corner....

Ricky Starks defeated Danhausen via Pinfall (1:31) to retain the FTW Championship

Another title match and it’s Danhausen time! He gets a huge ovation and so does the champion as Tony Schiavone joins commentary. Ricky Starks also gets a bad ass video package beforehand too.

The bell rings and we get a slow start before Danhausen tries a curse but mocks Ricky’s pose and eats a boot to the face. Ricky poses now and Danhausen hits the kick this time and a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for two. Ricky fights back but Danhausen nearly rolls him up after Ricky misses in the corner but Ricky responds with a Spear and that’s all she wrote.

Ricky grabs the mic after the match and says he has a little more in the tank and calls for another challenger and he’s serious this time. Hook’s music hits and he heads out ready to fight.

Hook defeated Ricky Starks via Submission (1:32) to become the NEW FTW Championship

Hook is in orange trunks and the bell rings. Ricky tries a quick cheap shot but Hook manages to take over with some body shots before a headbutt and then a huge Pump Handle Suplex. Starks comes back with a Back Suplex of his own but Hook flips out of a Hip Toss but then Ricky manages to hit the Spear. He tries for the Roshambo but Hook transitions to the Redrum and makes Ricky tap! HOOK WINS!

They bump fists after the match.

Ricky Starks Interview

Ricky says he’s no stranger to losing and he says he made the FTW a tie from a noose. He cuts a really fired up promo where he says his time is now but then Hobbs drops him from out of nowhere. He follows that with a Spinebuster as Taz is apoplectic on commentary.

The Acclaimed Promo

Max says he’s going to roast them and will announce the match stipulation in a music video.

Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Conti defeated Dante Martin w/ Skye Blue via Pinfall (8:48)

This match begins and we immediately start with back-and-forth mat wrestling. Reversal is met with reversal but Sammy seems to come out on top of each exchange in the end until Dante pulls out a Dropkick and then mocks all of Sammy’s in ring mannerisms. Sammy gets angry and sends Dante outside and we get another excellent back and forth in and out of the ring. Sammy pretends like he’s going to leave with Tay and Dante chases him and pushes him off the ramp. He follows that by a big dive onto Sammy before returning to the ring and sending us to break. Dante gives Skye a kiss on the cheek and then Sammy crawls back to the ring. When he gets there, Dante immediately attacks but gets distracted by Tay to allow Sammy to regain control with a Snap Suplex. Sammy dodges a Springboard move from Dante then sends him shoulder first into the ring post. When Dante gets back to the mat, Sammy kicks him in the ribs then sets up for a Powerbomb.

We return to the match and Dante counters and sends Sammy outside. He goes for a Springboard dive but meets Sammy’s knee in an awesome counter on the floor. Sammy follows up with a dive of his own then back in the ring he gets a two count from a Spanish Fly. Sammy calls for the end of the match and goes for GTH but Dante responds with a Backslide. Sammy escapes but Dante drops him with a Suplex for two and then Dante goes for the Nosedive. Sammy sees it coming and intercepts but Dante lands on his feet and hits a Standing Spanish Fly of his own for two. Dante gets another two count then gets distracted by Tay so he misses the Nosedive and Sammy hits his Double Springboard Cutter before the GTH is all she wrote.

After the match, Sammy continues to attack Dante and Skye stops him but then Anna Jay runs down where they beat down Skye together until Eddie Kingston, Ruby Soho and Ortiz make the save.

Daniel Garcia Interview

Garcia berates Danielson for not being here the last couple of months and says he’s been here getting better in that time and he’ll send Danielson on vacation for another couple of months.

Jay Lethal’s Gang Promo

Oh god, they’re back. I hoped after Death before Dishonor that would be it but they’re back to challenge Best Friends for a trio's match on Rampage.

Jungle Boy Interview

Schiavone calls out Jungle Boy and he returns to the ring but he’s alone for a minute until Luchasaurus does eventually join him. Schiavone asks him to respond to Christian’s remarks over the last few weeks. He takes his time but explodes by calling Christian the biggest pussy he’s ever seen in his life. He said Christian has been talking bullshit for weeks to become the most relevant he’s ever been in his career. He questions Christian’s motives and realised Christian is strapped for cash because his wife divorced him. Schiavone questions Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy says Christian needed someone to protect him but Luchasaurus is Jungle Boy’s best friend and the reason he was doing it was so Jungle Boy could get his hands on him first.

Jungle Boy says three years ago he buried his dad but Christian interrupts him to tell Luchasaurus that he threw away opportunity to just be the lap dog of Jungle Boy. He then threatens to put Jungle Boy next to his dad and says he’ll use Jungle Boy’s secrets against him.

Cutler Cam

The Young Bucks don’t want to cut a promo but are intrigued by being in the Trio’s tournament and then bump into Hangman and they go to talk until Dark Order interrupt.

Swerve Strickland defeated Tony Nese & Mark Sterling via Pinfall (6:44) in a Handicap Match

Not sure on this match getting time on Dynamite but we move. We see Keith Lee, banned from ringside, watching from the back as Swerve takes early control of Tony Nese with a Backbreaker and a Lariat but then gets distracted by Sterling. Nese tries to get the jump but misses until a Cross Chop to the throat gains himself an advantage. We’re sent to break with Nese dropping Strickland on the apron. Nese dominates throughout the break, even letting Sterling get some stomps in.

We return to the match with Swerve making a comeback and forcing a tag to be made. Swerve takes Nese out with his uppercut to the back off the top. He compounds that with another shot and then Stomps to the floor before Sterling is alone in the ring and Swerve hits a huge kick and gets the win. Still don’t know why this was on TV.

After the match, Keith Lee is seen laid out and then Josh Woods is seen over him. Nese attacks Swerve with his own belt after the match.

House of Black Promo

Malakai directly tries to appeal to Miro to come join him. Brody follows up by telling Darby he’s going to keep attacking him until he’s underground before offering Darby a coffin match.

PAC video Package

We see PAC defending the AEW All Atlantic title in Ireland to lead into...

Thunder Rosa vs Miyu Yamashita Video Package

We see highlights of Yamashita beating Thunder Rosa in TJPW to lead into (after a break) ....

Thunder Rosa defeated Miyu Yamashita via Pinfall (10:02) to retain the AEW Women’s World Championship

Miyu Yamashita heads out first and the Champion follows her to the ring looking fired up. The match begins with both women trying to outwrestle their opponent but coming to a clear stalemate. They exchange roll ups and pin attempts before we get a stand-off. Rosa tries to go for a Dustin Rhodes punch but Yamashita blocks and takes over when she takes Rosa to the apron. Rosa fights back and then they struggle on the apron before Yamashita sweeps the legs and then goes for running knee to the floor. Rosa ducks and hits a Dropkick before laying in some chops against the barricade. Yamashita comes back with an excellent Enzuigiri to send us to break. Yamashita lays in some kicks and gets a two count from each of them, including a spinning roundhouse. Yamashita transitions to submissions but Rosa always manages to counter into a pinfall to make Miyu break the hold. However, Yamashita’s strikes are lethal and have Rosa in trouble until she finally lands the Dustin Rhodes Punch and then a cutter.

We return and Rosa attacks in the corner then has Yamashita against the ropes where she hits two Dropkicks before a Northern Lights Suplex and Bridge earns her a two count. Rosa goes up top and Yamashita stops her with a High Roundhouse to the head. Back on the mat the two women trade elbow strikes and then kicks and knee strikes before Yamashita hits a huge German Suplex with a bridge for two. The champion is in trouble but ducks a Heel Kick and tries for the Fire Thunder Driver. Yamashita escapes again and lands the Skull Kick and Rosa grabs the ropes at 2.999. Yamashita rolls up Rosa, Rosa retaliates with one of her own. The challenger lands two big kicks but Rosa withstands both and hits her own Roundhouse before she followed with the Fire Thunder Driver and got the win.

Daniel Garcia defeated Brian Danielson via Referee Stoppage (17:10)

Main event time on Dynamite and (after Garcia enters) Bryan Danielson finally returns to AEW! Jericho is on commentary and Danielson jumps early with the big dropkick and his kicks in the corners. He hits another Dropkick in the corner then lays in some Uppercuts, Garcia gets a kick in but then is sent outside and Danielson welcomes himself back with a Tope Suicida and then the Crowd welcome him back too. Garcia gets Danielson caught in the ropes but Danielson gets back into it with Elbows. Garcia hits two Uppercuts and an elbow before Bryan fights out of a Neckbreaker. Garcia lands it in the end for a one count and then sends Danielson outside and tosses him into the barricades. Garcia rips up the padding from the floor and tries to use the barricade again but Danielson fires back with an elbow. He breaks the count and then attacks Garcia with kicks and a big Dropkick against the barricades. Bryan heads up top and finds his target with a Missile Dropkick but Danielson stays down and Garcia gets up first and attacks. He lays in some chops but Danielson comes back before collapsing in the middle of the ring. Danielson rolls to the outside and Garcia throws him into the steps before hitting a DDT on the concrete to send us to break. I’m going to say right now that this match is giving me anxiety from how they’re playing on real life worries for Danielson’s head. Bryan is bleeding and Garcia stops the doctor from looking at him to send him back between the ropes before tossing him into the turnbuckles and choking him in the ropes. Garcia goes back to work with a headbutt.

We return to the match and Garcia continues to dominate until Danielson lays in a big elbow to get space but Garcia comes back with a dropkick and stomps to the ribs. Garcia lays in a chop in the corner and then claws at the wound. He lays in an uppercut and then takes Bryan up top. He lays in a chop and then bites at the wound before going for a Superplex. Danielson escapes and hammers at the back of Garcia before he goes for his own Avalanche Back Suplex. Danielson once again stays down but he gets up before Garcia this time. We get a strike exchange in the middle of the ring and Danielson takes over with kicks and then more kicks when Garcia drops. He ends with a kick to the head but drops to his knees instead. He tries to stomp Garcia into the mat but gets countered and then Danielson escapes to hit Cattle Mutilation and then a Suplex. Garcia kicks out then lands the hammer and anvil elbows but Danielson flips the script for his own elbows and then a Shoulder Capture Suplex is kicked out of by Garcia. Garcia tries to hit Bryan quickly and hits a clothesline and then Suplex for two. Danielson almost wins with a roll up before one last strike exchange in the middle is ended with a Danielson Busaiku Knee. Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock but Garcia escapes to the floor. Bryan hits a diving Knee and sends Garcia back into the ring but someone grabs his ankle as Danielson heads back into the ring. He holds him long enough for Garcia to recover and then Garcia hits a Piledriver and locks in a Sharpshooter. Danielson can’t escape and passes out to give Garcia the shock victory.

After the match, we discover that the hand from under the ring was Jake Hager and he celebrates with Garcia. They’re joined by Jericho who was either on commentary topless or took his shirt off on his way to the ring.

Well, nobody saw that one coming did they. Still not sure I like the optics of Danielson being allowed to compete if he’s going to sell a brain injury every match but a big win for Garcia! The rest of the card was solid too so I had a good time but let us know what you thought in the comments below. You can find me on Twitter too @Knapphausen but until Friday, adios.


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