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WWE Monday Night RAW Ongoing Live Results (July 25, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jul 25, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Ongoing Live Results (July 25, 2022)

The following is the ongoing live results of tonight's edition of Monday Night RAW, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Show-Opening Brawl

We open directly on the ring where we find the Miz and Logan Paul already brawling. We're informed they've been going at it since before Raw went live. Eventually a small army of refs and officials separate the two and we immediately go straight to...

In the Ring Promo: the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos, and Paul E. Dangerously

The crowd pops for the Bloodline, and the Bloodline quickly make their entrances. Our commentary team--Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves--hype the Last Man Standing match this Saturday night when Reigns defends his title against Brock Lesnar. The Bloodline eventually pose in the ring and hoist all the gold to boos. A large part of the crowd, however, breaks out in a pro-Roman (proman?) chant. Roman gets on the mic after their nearly three and a half minute entrance and the crowd both cheers and boos loudly as they know what's coming up next. Roman's demand for acknowledgement falls on deaf ears and generates more boos--and more pro-Roman chants. The crowd is alive for this one tonight! Roman tells us he's tired of talking and passes the mic to Paul Heyman who starts a promo--and the mic suddenly cuts off. Heyman thumps the mic and takes a jab, stating their sound man must be from New Jersey. This elicits a big pop (and enough boos from the Jersey folk in the crowd). Heyman takes a jab at the recent firings and resignations, stating the sound guy will "be the next one out the door."

Heyman continues to cut a promo on Brock Lesnar and complains that he's tired of hearing the name "Brock Lesnar." He then states that Saturday night's main event will be the final two Reigns faces Lesnar. He states after SummerSlam this Saturday night, "Brock Lesnar--you won't be able to stand at all." They're then interrupted by Theory! Theory gets nothing but major heat from the crowd. Like, they really don't like him. He hops on the mic and states Roman's forgotten an important detail about SummerSlam. Theory predicts that he'll win back his United States Championship belt from Bobby Lashley, then he'll cash in the Money in the Bank immediately after the main event to also become the new Undisputed WWE champion. He stops talking and Roman asks, "you're just gonna stop right there? If you're going to come into my arena, at least acknowledge your tribal chief! C'mon, don't be scared now." Theory enters the ring with the case to boos, then eventually a "holy shit" chant as he gets in the ring and faces off with Roman. Reigns asks New York to "take it easy on him, he's nervous and it's his first time." He then asks Heyman if they like Theory; Paul replies "he's alright."

Roman tells Theory that he has no clue what he's doing with the briefcase right now. "As a matter of fact, I think he needs a wise man! You need someone to come to you, talk to you, I'll be that guy (for you) tonight." He tells Theory to look around and analyze the situation then takes a verbal jab at Vince, stating "your daddy's not here anymore. This is my ring." Ooooh! The crowd eats it up then chants loudly "who's your daddy?" Reigns continues. "I'll tell you who his daddy is because if he keeps messing up, the tribal chief is gonna be his daddy." He then tells Theory to recognize that he--Reigns--runs things now. The Bloodline start to leave when Theory attacks an Uso with the Money in the Bank case. Roman re-enters the ring and stops the Usos from attacking as the crowd chants "you fucked up." Reigns shows some patience and has the Bloodline back down, and leads them to the back as the crowd again loudly chants "who's your daddy?" We head to our first break!

Singles Match: "Mr. Money in the Bank" Theory vs Drew McIntyre

Theory gets the announcer to announce Theory as Mr. MitB, then states that's how his entrance should go. He's almost immediately interrupted by SmackDown's Drew McIntyre who comes to the ring, sword in hand! The bell rings as McIntyre delivers a clothesline and this is apparently a match! McIntyre takes the initial lead but Theory weathers it and quickly takes control. Theory wastes too much time and McIntyre recovers quickly, then fires off his usual comeback sequence that sets up a Claymore. Theory rolls out of the ring and McIntyre follows. McIntyre resumes beating Theory, at ringside this time. Theory finds himself popped up and crashes hard into the commentary table, sending us to break! When we return, we find that McIntyre is in control and has been throughout the break as he uses a spinning backbreaker to attempt a cover, garnering a two.

McIntyre pulls up Theory and whips him into the ropes, but the youngster uses the ropes to stop his momentum. Drew charges in and Theory ducks under, yanking down on the rope to send McIntyre flying outside. Theory hopes for a count-out but McIntyre reaches the ring at three. Theory attacks McIntyre as he enters and then exits the ring, sending McIntyre into the steel steps. At the ref's five count (out of ten), Theory rolls into the ring. McIntyre makes it back in the ring just in time as the crowd loudly boos at the heel tactics of Buff Bagwell's clone Theory. Theory eats a suplex from McIntyre. Both men trade blows as the crowd boos with every Theory strike, and yays with every McIntyre strike. After a spectacle, McIntyre again whips Theory and hits his trademark Spinebuster for another close cover! Drew posts up in the corner for the second time tonight, setting Theory up for the Claymore. The Brawling Brutes--Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch (fka Pete Dunne) attack causing a DQ!

Your Winner by Disqualification, Drew McIntyre!

Post-Match Brawl; McIntyre Gets Backup

The Brawling Brutes continue to beat on McIntyre for a few minutes until United States Champion Bobby Lashley hits the ring to make the save! We head to break with McIntyre and Lashley standing strong.

Tag Match: Drew McIntyre & United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs the Brawling Brutes

The Brawling Brutes escort Sheamus down to the ring. Drew McIntyre spends the first several minutes in the ring, taking punishment from both opponents. Lashley finally gets a hot tag and clears house for a few until Sheamus catches him with a sneak attack from behind in the ringside area. Butch (fka Pete Dunne) loses his cool and gets in the ring and the ref yells for him to leave. During this, Ridge Holland attacks Drew McIntyre. Again, Dunne attempts to get involves but the ref finally has enough of the Brawling Brutes and bans them from the ringside area, sending us to break! We return and Sheamus takes the lead before yelling "are you not entertained" to the crowd. He spends too much time taunting the crowd, opening him up for a slam from Lashley. The Almighty gets the hot tag as Sheamus tags in Theory and both men lock up!

McIntyre hits neckbreaker after neckbreaker, laying Theory out multiple times before kipping up. McIntyre looks for a Future Shock (butterfly DDT) but Theory avoids it. After a short sequence of counters, McIntyre catches a rebounding Theory with a pop-up sit-out slam for a close call. Drew tags in Lashley, who drives Theory into the mat and covers. Sheamus makes the save; Drew clotheslines Sheamus, Cactus Jack style, and both men crash to the outside. They brawl there until Sheamus hits the White Noise on McIntyre! In the ring both men are down. Theory rises first and looks for an A-Town Down but is distracted by the sudden appearance of Dolph Ziggler! Lashley avoids the ATD and gets Theory in the Hurt Lock! Theory taps out quickly.

Your Winners by Submission, Bobby Lashley & Drew McIntyre!

Video: 20 Years of Rey Mysterio

A video plays in which we see highlights of Rey's 20th anniversary of his WWF debut. Apparently they forgot the seven to eight years he spent in WCW. Any who, J. Balvin's remix/rap take of Metallica's "Wherever I May Roam" plays as legends such as JBL, John Cena and Randy Orton pay tribute to Rey. After the video, we see Rey and Dominik arrive. We head to break.

Backstage Interview: Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles and the Alpha Academy

Ziggler is asked about why he's been the bane of Theory's existence. Ziggler states that it's because Theory needs to be taught a lesson. AJ Styles is then shown on camera and backs up Ziggler until the Alpha Academy walk up, shooshing them. Chad Gable eventually challenges Styles & Ziggler to a tag match tonight, and they accept.

In the Ring: 20 Years of Rey Mysterio

Welp, we're not done with the celebration. Rey is announced and makes his way out to the ring with his son, Dominik, to a nice pop. Rey touches hands with lots of fans on his way to the ring and even holds his forehead to that of a child wearing a Rey mask in the front row. The crowd pops big when the Mysterios pose on the corners. Rey mentions winning the top title at WrestleMania 22, then thanks people from his past--K-Dog (Konnan), Bautista, Kurt Angle, Edge, and the great, late Eddie Guerrero. The crowd pops for Eddie and Rey gets misty-eyed as he states he misses Eddie every damn day. "I wouldn't be here without you and I know you're always watching over me. Thank you, Eddie." He tells the crowd he feels humbled and appreciative for all the love and support the WWE Universe has given him over the last twenty years. The crowd with another "thank you, Rey" chant. They then chant "you deserve it" and Rey thanks his daughter and wife, who are shown in the back. He tells Dom he's proud of the man he's become and the superstar he will become when, one day when Rey retires, he (Dom) can carry the Mysterio legacy to the fullest. He tells the WWE Universe viewing now, and everyone around the world, for accepting him, keeping him going for decades, and for "the most dope and awesome years." He then thanks the audience. "I could've been any place in the world but I'm here tonight in the legendary and iconic Madison Square Garden, celebrating twenty years. Thank you guys, I love all of you!" Rey still knows how to work a crowd. He thanks his people in Spanish. He's interrupted by Finn Bálor, then "the Punisher" Damian Priest--the Judgment Day--and sarcastically applauds Rey as we head to break.

Tag Match: the Mysterios vs the Judgment Day

When we return from break, this match is under way. Mysterio finds himself isolated by the Judgment Day. Priest and Bálor cut the ring in half by using frequent tags and applying working holds to Rey to keep him grounded. The crowd tries to rally Rey but Priest shuts it down with a scoop slam. Bálor come sin and goes back to working holds, targeting Rey's neck and chin. We're shown the Mysterio's backstage trying to "will Rey Mysterio back into this match" per Jimmy Smith. I want Tom Phillips back. Dom gets the hot tag and takes it to Bálor but fails to see a blind tag from Priest. Dom sends Bálor out the ramp-side ropes and then turns his attention to Damian Priest, who stands in front of the commentary desk. Dominik looks for a suicide dive but Priest counters, redirection Dominik into the nearby barricade and we head to break. When we return, it's Dom's time to tag in his father with a hot tag. Rey springboards onto Priest and then hits a top-rope seated senton for a close cover. Rey kicks Priest and rebounds off the ropes--and right into a Superkick from Priest! Priest covers for a close two of his own. Rey uses a Hurricanrana to set up Priest for a 619 and fails to notice a blind tag. Bálor hits the ring and drops Mysterio before he can fire off the 619. Bálor with a Shotgun Dropkick and a Coup de Grace for a near-win; only a diving Dominik Mysterio saved the match. Bálor is incensed and Priest fetches a steel chair. The ref warns Priest as he attempts to enter, allowing Bálor to get the chair in hand. Bálor tries a reverse of the Eddie Guerrero tactic in which he throws the chair to Rey and drops back, pretending to be hit. The ref is still distracted by Priest, however, and Rey uses the same tactic--tossing the chair to Bálor and dropping hard to the mat, rolling in "pain." The ref catches that, however, and the crowd goes wild. Rey quickly rallies as Bálor attempts to explain himself to the ref, hits the 619 and a Frog Splash and picks up the win!

Your Winners, the Mysterios!

Post Match Celebration/Devastation

We return from a break to find the Mysterio family celebrating and taking shots of Patron. Aaliyah, Rey's daughter, presents him with his 1997 purple outfit, mended up for her father. Rhea Ripley returns, and Dom tries to beg her off as they're celebrating. Rhea drags Dom out of the room and into the backstage hall, with Rey Mysterio in pursuit. Rey is immediately ambushed by the other the Judgment Day members. Finn exclaims it must be his birthday and they beat Rey in the back, eventually introducing a foreign object to Rey's skull.

In the Ring Promo: Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair

Belair comes out and we're shown a video hyping Belair/Lynch at SummerSlam II. Belair is eager to avenge the loss a year ago in 26 seconds. Becky Lynch starts to come out and Belair tells her "girl, nuh-uh!" She tells Lynch the EST didn't come to NYC to hear Lynch run her mouth off, then chooses to remind Lynch of all the -ests that Belair is, such as strongest, roughest, toughest, greatest, best. Lynch takes offense and clobbers Belair. Belair rises and throws fists at Lynch before removing her earrings. Lynch and Belair brawl in the ring as Corey Graves calls for officials. Belair and Lynch continue to go back and forth. Belair looks for a KOD but Lynch uses the nearby rope to block it! Lynch spills to the outside, holding onto Belair's braid and using it to drag her out of the ring. The two brawl to the commentary table and behind it. Finally, refs and officials hit the ring and attempt to break the two superstars up. The crowd chants to "let them fight" but the officials refuse to comply, ending our segment as both competitors are finally separated.

Backstage Interview: Sarah Schreiber with Alexa Bliss

Bliss is told she's facing a familiar competitor, Doudrop, and asked her thoughts on it. She dismisses Doudrop, states she doesn't understand why Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. are friends, then warns Belair and Lynch both that she doesn't care who wins at SummerSlam--she's reclaiming her spot at the top of the division.

Singles Match: Alexa Bliss vs Doudrop

Let's see how long Alexa is forced to listen to her theme on repeat before the bell rings. The bell rings, so she only had to wait six minutes. Doudrop makes her way out and the bell rings. Bliss is distracted by Nikki A.S.H. who takes Lily the doll. Bliss attacks Nikki on the apron, distracting herself. Doudrop attempts a cover off the distraction and a body slam, then slams Bliss into the turnbuckles. Doudrop begins to wrench the neck, attempting to put Bliss to sleep. Bliss hangs on and powers to a vertical base, where she throws elbows and forearms into Doudrop, attempting to break free. Doudrop just shrugs them off and drops Bliss with a Lariat, attempting another cover for two. Bliss weathers a few more moments of Doudrop's office then takes the lead, finishing off Doudrop quickly to pick up the win.

Your Winner, Alexa Bliss!

Impaulsive TV, feat. Logan Paul

After a video that showed the chaos our show started with--as the Miz and Logan Paul brawled to open our night--Logan Paul makes his way out and points out his brother is fighting at Madison Square Garden next weekend, and the crowd boos that. "But it's not next weekend, it's today. And today is tonight and tonight is Monday Night Raw and the debut of Impaulsive TV." He then calls out the Miz, stating he wants to finish what he started earlier. Maryse comes out and the crowd goes dead as she debates the average testicle size of men when the crowd chants "tiny balls" to troll the MIz. Speaking of the devil, the Miz makes his way out and the two exchange words until Tommaso Ciampa hits the ring and begins to brawl with Logan Paul. The Miz takes the opportunity to hit his Skull-Crushing Finale on Logan Paul and the crowd chants "one more time." Haha.

Tag Team Match: the Alpha Academy vs AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler (8 minutes)

The pre-match BS ran long, and was quite boring. Gable did an okay job working the crowd but eh. The teams engage in a generic tag match that sees the Alpha Academy take an early and commanding lead. Ziggler leads the comeback and picks up the win for his team.

Your Winners, AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler!

Six-Man Tag Main Event Match: the Bloodline vs the Street Profits & Riddle (20 minutes)

The Bloodline, consisting of mouthpiece Paul Heyman, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos, come out first and send us to a break. After entrances, we start with Angelo Dawkins and Jimmy Uso. Commentary praises Angelo Dawkins' growth in recent weeks as he's really coming into his own. Ford is tagged in but finds himself at the mercy of the Bloodline in the enemy corner. Roman Reigns strikes Ford when the ref's back is turned. Ford avoids a corner charge and drops Jimmy with a standing dropkick. Riddle comes in, firing off multiple kicks to Jimmy in the corner before Riddle sends him crashing to the floor. Ford tags in and hits a tope con giro, sending us to another break!

We return and the Bloodline has managed to take back control during the break. Roman Reigns finally gets his first tag of the night, and the...fluffier than normal...Reigns beats Riddle a few moments before bringing in Jey. Jey taunts Riddle and allows himself to get distracted by Montez Ford briefly. Jey looks for a running splash in the corner but the distraction gave Riddle precious moments to recover! Riddle avoids it and tags in Ford! Ford comes in absolutely on fire, dropping Jey then Jimmy on the apron before using a brutal clothesline to drop Jey again! Ford fires off a series of suplexes, unaware that Roman is the legal man, as he batters Jey. Roman attacks from behind with a chokeslam, covering for two. Roman and the Usos begin quick tags as they double team Montez Ford. Montez Ford is busted open, bleeding from his nose or left eye socket. The ref checks on him but allows the match to continue and Jimmy tags in. Jimmy stomps away at Ford and looks for a cover. Roman and Jey talk smack to Ford, then Jey tags in and double teams Ford with his twin. We head to our final break of the night!

We return as we're told Ford may have a broken nose--they're not sure, either. Roman comes in dominant and signals for a Superman Punch. Ford gets the hot tag to Riddle, however, and Riddle takes on the entire Bloodline by himself, sending both Usos down with various slams and sentons before attempting a Spike DDT on Uso. Riddle climbs the top turnbuckle and dives onto both Usos, wiping them out. We're reminded Jimmy and Riddle are legal as the two move back to the ring. Roman with another blind tag, then hits Riddle with a Superman Punch! Montez Ford makes the save just in time and pounds away at any Bloodline he can! Ford takes down Jey at the ringside; Jimmy uses a suicide dive to take out Ford. Dawkins runs over Jey, sending him flipping over the barricade! Roman enters the fray and destroys Ford at ringside, sending him into the steel steps. Roman starts to enter the ring and Riddle catches him with the Spike DDT! Riddle pounds the mat as the crowd absolutely comes alive! Riddle goes for an RKO but Roman grabs Riddle and blocks by hoisting Orton up in the air! He tosses him aside then hits a Superman Punch, this time picking up the win!

Your Winners, the Bloodline!

After the Match: Seth Rollins Makes an Appearance

Rollins' music plays and he cackles at Roman as he passes him on his way to the ring. Rollins attacks Riddle in the ring and dumps him to the outside, then begins to use the steps as a weapon. Rollins hits a Stomp on Riddle on the outside, then positions Riddle with his neck over the steel steps. The base of the steps is used as a metal floor, and Rollins connects with another Stomp on Riddle on the steel base! Rollins soaks in the crowd's singing of his theme and that's all, folks!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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