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WWE Monday Night RAW Ongoing Live Results (July 18, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jul 18, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Ongoing Live Results (July 18, 2022)

The following are the ongoing live results of tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

"The Big-Time Becs Express" Addresses the WWE Universe

Becs makes her way out wearing a more revealing, and new, look. She still gets more of a pop from the crowd than boos; the piped-in, or digital audience, boo her every chance possible despite the crowd not doing the same. Becs talks about the little train that could and compares it to her, stating that we can "all get off at appreciation station when I become your next Raw Women's Champion!" She then states she's just been informed by officials that the winner of the championship match that's about to take place tonight will face Lynch at SummerSlam for the Raw Women's Championship. "Yes, yes, yes, the Big-Time Becs Express could, can, and will be your new Raw Women's Champion!" Speaking of, out comes Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair in an effort to make me type that phrase often.

Belair points out Lynch had to cause Belair to get counted out in order to lose a match. The crowd interrupts her with a loud EST chance for a moment. Belair tells us this is "not the Becky Lynch WrestleMania comeback story! NO, see, this is the Bianca Belair comeback story from last year's SummerSlam. Because losing that tile to you in 26 seconds was one of the lowest moments of my career...but every since that moment, I vowed to myself that I was going to look at every single opportunity as a chance to redeem to reputation." She points out that now, a year later, she's done just that. "And after I whoop and beat Carmella tonight, oh, I'm gonna rewrite the last chapter in my come back story and kick your little caboose right back to Ireland. Choo choo!" Carmella comes out, stating Belair is overlooking Carmella "because I'm a bad-ass with a great ass."

Carmella gets in the ring with the other two superstars and takes verbal jabs at both. "Tonight if you just so happen to get count out again, not only will Mella be money...she'll be your new Raw Women's Champion!" The crowd boos and Belair gets on the mic. She starts to remind us that she's the tough-est, the great-est, and gets attacked by Lynch from behind! Lynch and Carmella double team Belair. Lynch hits the Manhandle Slam on Belair and Jimmy Smith on commentary yells for the match to start. We watch Belair roll in pain as we head to our first break of the night!

Raw Women's Championship Match: Bianca Belair(c) vs Carmella

We return from break as a ref checks in with the champ. Belair state she's okay to fight, so the bell's called for and we're off! Belair's sporting new ring-wear, with the most specific change being that she went from pants to shorts. Becky Lynch joins Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton on commentary for the match. Carmella and Belair scuffle and the champ takes an early control. After much ado about nothing, Belair attempts to hit a KOD on the outside of the ring. Carmella wisely grabs the nearby turnbuckles and ropes and pulls Belair back into the ring post. Carmella hits a Superkick to the champ outside the ring, and Belair is down at the timekeeper's area! Graves raises his voice and yells support for Carmella and while Lynch is talking, he still yells "shut up, Saxton!" Carmella tries repeatedly to get Belair counted out. The champ is down by the steps and begins to move at seven, throwing her body into the ring at eight. We head to break with the challenger taking the upper hand. After a break, we return and are informed Carmella's maintained control throughout the body and attempts to use working holds to wear down Belair. Belair starts a rally with a beautiful driver. Belair uses a few grapples to quickly set up Carmella for a KOD! Belair covers and picks up the win!

Your Winner and STILL Raw Women's Champion, Bianca Belair!

The KO Show, featuring Riddle

Kevin Owens makes his way out to a nice pop before the digital boos are turned up. We're told it's time for another episode of the KO Show, and "the original bro" Riddle is tonight's guest. We head to break. When we return, KO announces the return of the KO Show. He says he knows people have been wondering where he's been, and he'll address it, but first he needs to call out his guest. Riddle comes out as we're reminded that he'll face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam next weekend. Riddle comes out, mic's up, and speaks. "Bro! I just wanted to say thanks for having me on the show but you know hwy I"m here, you promised me a Mountain Dew Baja Blast so where is it?" KO denies any knowledge of that and they both sit. KO states he's not been around, but he knows Riddle's in his "own little world" and may not have noticed. Owens admits he's nearly driven himself crazy trying to convince everyone that Ezekiel and Elias are the same person. So Owens took a step back and went on a nature retreat.

Owens goes on a rant about needing to relax and makes a veiled 420 joke that has Riddle trying not to laugh. Owens gets to his point, though, and the reason why he called out Riddle. It's Riddle's match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. Owens reminds Riddle that Seth used to be KO's best friend, but Rollins betrayed him. He compares it to Riddle losing his best friend Randy Orton. Mild boos. "Everybody needs some backup, especially here in the WWE and I realized the answer is right here in front of me. Riddle, bro, RK-Bro is good but 'Bro-KO' could be great."

The crowd begins to chant and Riddle tells everyone not to get ahead of themselves. "Kev. If I'm being honest bro, you're the biggest liar I know, dude." Owens, for the umpteenth time in his career, vows that if he's given a chance he can prove he's trustworthy. He points out Riddle became besties with the biggest snake in the business, Randy Orton. Riddle angrily snaps at KO that if he'd known KO had invited him out here to talk crap about Randy, he'd have just brought the fists. Rollins music starts to play and Riddle stares up the aisle but nothing happens. He looks behind him and around then accuses Owens of it. Owens denies, and again Rollin's music plays. Again, Riddle looks up the aisle. Seth Rollins attacks Riddle from behind, dropping the original bro. Rollins lines up Riddle for the Stomp and executes to boos. Rollins taunts the downed Riddle by laughing over him.

Backstage Interview: Seth Rollins; Ezekiel Speaks

Seth Rollins, who will face Riddle at SummerSlam, is asked by Kevin why he's been targeting Riddle. That was apparently a hard concept for the poor interviewer to understand. Rollins starts to babble on until Ezekiel shows up. Zeke needs to speak to Rollins, and he's angry that Rollins hit the Stomp on Riddle with no concern for Riddle's health. Rollins yells he'll stomp whomever he wants and the two angrily end the segment hinting at a match.

Pre-Match Promo: The Judgment Day

Damian Priest and Finn Bálor stand side by side in the ring and Priest gets on the mic. In a slight nod to their indie days, Priest demands the crowd stand "for a prince and for a punisher." He insists that tonight, Dominik Mysterio will join the Judgment Day, for real this time. Priest asks us to remember what happened the last time a WWE Legend interfered with the Judgment Day and demands they roll that beautiful bean footage. We get clips of Edge being attacked right after Bálor joined the Judgment Day ranks. He's interrupted by the Mysterios as they make their entrance.

Singles Match: Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik vs Damian Priest w/ Finn Bálor

The lights go purple, the distorted chords hit and out come Bálor and Priest. Jimmy Smith questions on commentary who could be the next person to join Retribution the Judgment Day. We're reminded that they've been attempting to recruit Dom for weeks and we head to break. We have the above in-ring promo, and a second break meaning Bálor & Priest have been in the ring over ten minutes by the time we return from it. The match is under way and Priest is firmly in control for the first minute or so. Mysterio attempts a facebuster counter; Priest nearly reverses the counter himself but Mysterio connects, introducing Priest's face to the canvas. Mysterio heads up top and uses a Hurricanrana to counter a Priest charge. Priest charges and is sent into the ring post. Rey with a top-rope Senton followed by a springboard senton for a close two. Priest attempts a powerslam but Rey converts it into a DDT! Mysterio sets up for a 6-1-9 but Bálor distracts him. Dom gets into with Bálor, distracting Rey again. Priest catches Mysterio with a Superkick as Rey attempts a 619. "The Punisher" Damian Priest covers and nearly picks up the win. Mysterio rallies, starting his comeback by sending Priest across the ropes. Rey connects with the Six One Nine! Rey looks for a diving Hurricanrana but Priest counters it into a powerslam! Priest picks up the win!

Your Winner, "the Punisher" Damian Priest!

Dominik Joins the Judgment Day...or Not?

Priest punishes Rey with a steel chair and gets on the mic, demanding Dominik join the Judgment Day. They continue to taunt, threatening to behead Rey, until Dominik slides in the ring. Dominik agrees to join the Judgment Day if they'll stop. Priest states "now you'll join the Judgment Day?" He tells Dom "that's not how (this) works" and attacks Dom with a steel chair, ending the segment.

Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs Ezekiel

The "Freakin'" one is out and the crowd sings along with his theme as he makes his entrance. The match is hyped and we head to break as Graves makes a comment about Elrod. We return and Ezekiel makes his entrance as we're shown clips from two weeks ago, when Ezekiel accidentally shot Rollins' street wear with ketchup at the Independence day party backstage. We're then show clips from later that night when Rollins easily beat Ezekiel in singles action. Finally we get the bell! Both men go back and forth for a minute until Ezekiel slaps a side headlock on Rollins. Zeke keeps Rollins grounded for a few moments before Rollins escapes with a whip. Zeke counters Rollins' attempt to attack him and takes Seth back to the math with a side headlock once again. Rollins again manages to reach a vertical base and again breaks the hold with a whip. This time, Rollins has had enough.

Rollins unleashes a combination of light and heavy strikes on Ezekiel in the corner. Rollins whips Zeke to the opposite corner and chases him, but Zeke uses a reverse mule kick to gain some separation. Both men run around the ring and into--and Zeke catches Rollins with a pop-up! Rollins flies up, then crashes down hard into the canvas! Ezekiel looks for a top-rope attack but Rollins recovers and intervenes before Zeke can prepare. Rollins drives Zeke into the canvas and we head to a break with Rollins in control of the momentum. We return just as Ezekiel begins his own comeback sequence, running from rope to rope before dropping Rollins with a running splash. Ezekiel looks for a pin but no joy. Rollins rises faster than Ezekiel and hits a low-angle superkick to Ezekiel! Rollins posts up in the corner and attempts a Stomp but Zeke had it scouted! Zeke attempts a roll up for two, then a backslide for two.

Rollins attempts a Famouser or one-legged Stomp but again Zeke counters! Impressive sequence of move and counter-move, ending when Ezekiel counters a Rollins move into a Powerbomb pinning combo for another close two! Both men rise and take shots at each other. Rollins with a chop; Ezekiel answers with rights. Rollins drops Ezekiel with a spinning leaping kick. Rollins awaits for Ezekiel to rises and looks for a clothesline, flying over the ropes yet catching himself with the ropes! Rollins attempts to use his own momentum for a top-rope springboard cross-body but Ezekiel runs and leaps high, hitting a rising knee to Rollins! Perfectly timed and placed! Ezekiel covers for two! Zeke begins to climb the turnbuckles. Rollins Hulks up, popping up and running up the turnbuckles to hit his Superplex/Falcon Arrow combination! Rollins covers but only gets a two! Ezekiel with a bomb to Rollins for a close two! Rollins with two forearms to the back of Ezekiel's head, stumbling him over, allows Seth to hit the Stomp and pick up the hard-earned win!

Your Winner, Seth Rollins!

Singles Match: Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford vs Omos w/ MVP

Prior to the match, the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos, cut a short promo and decide to watch this match from the ringside. Omos and MVP are out first, followed by future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford. Dawkins and Omos go right at it with the bell. Omos easily overpowers Dawkins early on, using clubbing blows to stagger the future megastar. Dawkins starts his comeback quickly, hitting a corkscrew splash in the corner! Dawkins runs off the ropes and MVP trips him up with his cane--and is caught by the referee!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Angelo Dawkins!

Tag Team Match: the Street Profits vs Omos & MVP

WWE Official Adam Pearce comes out on the mic after much confusion ensues and demands that this become a tag team match. Everyone resets during a commercial and the match starts when we return, with Dawkins and Omos as our legal men. MVP is shown on the apron still wearing his suit vest and pants and Corey Graves decries that MVP has to wrestle in an expensive suit. Omos starts off strong as he did in the prior match, running over Dawkins with big shoulders. Omos stands on Dawkin's left hand, torturing him before stomping it. MVP yells that the Street Profits aren't going to make it to SummerSlam. MVP tags in and kicks Dawkins in the face, mocking Dawkins and talking smack.

Dawkins gets angry and attempts to rally but MVP withstands it and drops Dawkins, then hits his baller signature. Both men make hot tags and in comes Ford, absolutely on fire as he uses the ropes to defy gravity and lay into the Giant Omos The giant is rocked by the offensive spurt but manages to tag in MVP. At ringside, MVP is whipped into the Usos, causing them to angrily yell and distract Omos. The Profits set up Omos for a double-team and Ford connects with his skyscraper Frog Splash but Omos kicks out at one! Ford climbs up the ropes and looks for another Frog Splash. The Usos hit the ring and attack, causing yet another disqualification. After the match, the Usos and Omos dismantle the Profits quickly. They're both left laid out with a double chokeslam from Omos. The Usos stand over their fallen SummerSlam challengers, belts held high, taunting them because they the ones.

Your Winners by Disqualification, the Street Profits!

Pre-Match Promo: "Mr. Money in the Bank" Theory

Theory cuts a great heel promo, playing off the crowd and interacting with them enough to keep them hotly engaged. He talks about Roman and Brock, and again threatens to cash in his Money in the Bank contract next weekend after the SummerSlam main event. He brags about taking out whatever's left of whomever's left standing. He snaps at the crowd, and later makes sarcastic, snarky remarks to the crowd, whenever they "what?" him. He pivots to talk bout Dolph Ziggler and claims he's jealous, too, and we get clips from last week when Ziggler attacked Theory, turning face. He's interrupted as his opponent begins his entrance.

"Theory out here makin' some big promises. So why don't I make a promise," Styles states as he makes his way down the ramp. He tells Theory he doesn't know what Theory will do, but whenever he does cash it "I'll be the first in a long line of people who's gonna take that from you. And just so you know, kiddo," the Phenomenal One says while soaking in a hot chant from the crowd, "the locker room? They're not jealous of you. We just think you're a big jackass."

Theory starts to tell Styles that he's too-easy out figure out and the crowd loudly "what"'s him. He snaps "if you idiots say what one more time..." They do and he takes a breath, then cuts into Styles verbally, mocking his Georgia upbringing and the longer road it took Styles to stardom. Styles defends his background and attacks Theory, sending the youngest Mister Money in the Bank crashing to the outside. Dolph Ziggler's music plays and out he comes, dressed in a suit! We head to break.

Singles Match: AJ Styles vs "Mr. Money in the Bank" Theory

Theory is out first, case in hand, and we head to a break. We return and get the bell. On commentary, Saxton points out that Theory's made some powerful enemies early on, ranging from Roman Reigns to John Cena and Bobby Lashley. In the ring, both men take turns on offense early on. Styles slows the pace by taking Theory into the corner and throwing shoulders to his gut. Theory eventually breaks free and uses a strong Irish Whip to bounce Styles off the opposite turnbuckles, and covers for a two. Theory slaps on a side headlock and the crowd are pretty quiet. Theory attempts another cover, and again goes to a headlock when he fails to gain the pinfall.

Theory takes control after Styles misses with a strike attempt, and Theory maintains the control for over four minutes as we go to another break. We return to find Theory still working Styles' neck. Styles finally starts to show some life and hits his a leaping forearm. Styles hits a flipping neckbreaker on Theory for a pin attempt. Styles looks for Styles Clash but Theory counters with a roll. Theory takes up position on the apron and hits his springboard rolling dropkick! Theory with a beautiful modified fisherman's suplex backbreaker that nearly picks up the win! Theory looks to work AJ's leg but Styles rolls through and locks in his calf-crusher! Theory gains the bottom rope and gets a break, then rolls to the outside. Dolph Ziggler watches from a chair in front of the commentary desk.

Theory quickly pops up and threatens to send Styles into Ziggler but Ziggler moves out the way. Theory throws AJ Styles into the ring and the ref turns to check on him. Dolph Ziggler hits a Superkick to Theory behind the ref's back! The ref's completely unaware! The ref resumes her count and Theory fails to get in at ten! Ziggler watches smugly from ringside as an upset Theory is hit with a Styles Clash from the Phenomenal One, for shits and giggles.

Your Winner, AJ Styles!

Six-Person Tag Match: Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Dana Brooke vs Tamina, Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H.

This match is nothing but a smokescreen for multiple 24/7 title changes. I think every participant becomes a 24/7 champ until Dana Brooke wins it one last time and hauls ass, running for her life. Nikki A.S.H. and Asuka enter the ring and sure, we'll go with them as legal. Asuka slaps on an Asuka Lock to mercifully put this match down. Asuka and Bliss celebrate by dancing together in the ring to Asuka's theme.

Your Winners, Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Dana Brooke!

Main Event Miz TV, featuring Logan Paul

The Miz is out, followed by Logan Paul. The Miz declines Logan's challenge at first, stating that Paul is a rookie. The Miz attempts to explain away their disagreements as a misunderstanding. Logan Paul speaks about how people doubted he could (insert whatever accolade he bought here), and threatens to show him what "this rookie" can do. Logan Paul then states the Miz has blueberries in his pants and leads the crowd in a "tiny balls" chant. The Miz rips open his top, revealing his new black tee with a "Hello, my name is..." graphic on it that says "Hello, My Balls Are Massive!" The Miz attempts to attack Logan Paul but he dodges it. Ciampa attacks Logan Paul from behind without provocation, and Logan Paul eventually escapes Ciampa's wrath and heads up the ramp. Ciampa and the Miz stand side by side as the Miz again reiterates that he will now accept the challenge. The Miz and Ciampa say the "and I'm Awesome" part of his catchphrase together. So yep, it's official--they're a couple/faction/whatever.

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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