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WWE NXT 2.0. Results (7/12/2022)

Posted By: Guy Incognito on Jul 13, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0. Results (7/12/2022)

Here are your WWE NXT 2.0. results for July 12th, 2022: courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan at Rajah.com

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (July 12, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome to NXT 2.0!

Commentary team Vic Joseph & Wade Barrett welcome us to NXT, opening with a video recapping the events of Great American Bash last week.

Backstage: Ambushed

We cut to the back where we find Roxanne Perez was attacked by as-yet-unknown parties (*cough cough, Toxic Attraction, cough*). Cora Jade checks on her partner as do NXT Officials and our commentary team question if our main event women's championship match will take place after all.

Singles Match: Apollo Crews vs Giovanni Vinci

Kicking off tonight's program is Raw's veteran, Apollo Crews, taking on the former Imperium member Giovanni Vinci. Vinci is out first, followed by Crews. Crews looks like he's been adding some more muscle bulk. Vinci starts with working holds as the NXT Universe gets behind Crews. Vinci frequently applies various headlocks in an effort to contain "the All Tiny" Apollo Crews. Both men separate and again engage, with Vinci switching to a series of knee and fist strikes. Crews counters a back drop into an Irish Whip, but Vinci dodges, ducks, dips, dives, and dodges every attempt to attack from Crews, instead using a ramped up rope-to-rope-to-rope momentum to drop Crews hard! Crews absorbs a few chops before dropping Vinci, taking his first lead of the night to a big pop. Crews and Vinci again lock up, and after a brief struggle it's Vinci who takes control yet again. He pummels Crews outside the ring and takes it back into the ring as we head to our first break of the night!
During the break, Vinci continues to maintain control. Vinci uses a strong Irish Whip to send crews rebounding off the turnbuckles and slows the pace, taunting the crowd and taking a breather. He eventually approaches Crews and grabs him by the ears as the ref warns him. Crews throws a trio of rights before whipping Vinci into the ropes. Crews looks for a leap front or a leaping strike but Vinci reverses it into a slam of his own. Vinci slaps a head lock on Crews, keeping it in place for several long moments as the ref continues to check on Crews. The crowd is shown clapping hard and trying to fire up Crews. Crews, again, attempts to start a streak of offense but, again, Vinci drops him with a strike and begins toying with Crews. Vinci pulls Crews to his feet only to club him with a forearm, back to the canvas, where Vinci slaps on the same head/neck hold once again. Vinci holds the lock for over half a minute. Finally, the fans get behind Crews enough to rally the Raw Superstar up to his--nope, never mind. Vinci quickly slams Crews' face into the mat and again slaps on the lock as we return from break.
Vinci continues his control for about a half minute until Crews drops Vinci with a desperation strike. Both men are down and rise simultaneously. Vinci charges Crews in the corner but Crews avoids it and starts his comeback sequence, battering Vinci with running strikes and a splash in the corner. Crews counters a back jump attack into a Suplex City! The real one, with three holding-on German Suplexes, not that "one at a time only" crap Lesnar does now. The crowd chants "Suplex City" for Crews as both men rise. Crews looks for a back drop but Vinci counters with a modified arm drag that sends Crews to the corner. Crews comes out fighting and Vinci lays him out with a powerful clothesline. Vinci crawls back to the corner and pulls himself up with the ropes. The ref warns him to stay back from Crews as the ref checks on Crews. Vinci attempts to approach the downed Crews but the ref holds him off until he can check on Crews.
Crews attempts to rally an d looks for a spear off the ropes but Vinci catches him mid-spear and hoists Crews up into a huge brainbuster suplex! The crowd rips off a "this is awesome" chant for the Superstars. Vinci and Crews quickly pick up the pace, with both men striking each other as we build towards our finish. Crews looks for a cover but Vinci rolls out of the ring and to the ring side. Vinci snatches a fan's camera and Crews sends him into the ring. The ref stops to pick up the camera, which fell in the ring, and Xyon Quinn attacks Crews behind the ref's back outside the ring! He's sent into the ring and Vinci hits his finisher, picking up the win to a chorus of boos!
Your Winner, Giovanni Vinci!


Cameron Grimes Addresses the NXT Universe

Grimes mopes his way out, a sad-sack for having lost last week to Breakker. He gets on the mic and the fans chant "to the moon" for him and "you got robbed." He states he had a game plan, he got robbed, he hit the Cave In on Bron but the "three (count) never came." Grimes mentions Breakker's at home with his arm in a sling and addresses the North American championship. The fans correct him and he quickly adds that it's on his mind, too. He goes on to address that he lost the title last month "and that's just life." He states he then went all-in on Bron Breakker and someone yells "loser" so he responds that he is. He said he's Cameron Grimes and he's supposed to go to the moon "but instead I crashed into the sun." JD McDonagh, formerly known as Jordan Devlin, makes his way out.
"I hate to kick a guy when he's down...but lemme kick a guy while he's down, would ya?" He then claims he's teasing and tells Grimes he watched the match last night and Grimes did a great job. He then states Grimes needs to "wrap up this pity party and maybe do your crying in the back because I hate to be the one to break the news to ya, but about sixty seconds after Bron Breakker pinned you last week, you became old news around here!" He states he's the Irish Ace and he changed the game when he came to NXT 2.0. JD calls Bron Breakker a "meathead" and Grimes cuts him off, stating he saw what JD did last week--referring to the unprovoked attack after Grimes' & Breakker's match. Grimes asks him if he's gonna take a cheap shot at him like he did Bron, then states all the fans see is an Irish asshole. The fans chant that, accordingly, and JD attacks Grimes. Grimes curses at JD and yells for him to get back in the ring but Devlin refuses. We cut to the back.

Backstage: Damon Kemp and Roderick Strong

Strong chastises Kemp, blaming him for holding back last week when the two Diamond Mine members challenged fellow Miners, Julius & Brutus Creed, for their NXT tag titles. Kemp attempted to explain himself; Strong insulted Kemp, stating he's not as good as he thinks he is. Strong then announced he'll face Kemp in singles action next week where he plans on "embarrassing him."

Singles Match: Tatum Paxley vs Kayden Carter w/ Katana Chance

Chance & Carter are out first, sending us to a break! We return and Tatum Paxley is already in the ring. We're shown a clip last week from Paxley and Carter's confrontation, as well as Ivy Nile telling Paxley to get to the "dojo" the next day for training. Back in the ring, the ref calls for the bell and we're off! Paxley and Carter take it to the mat and Pax uses a gator roll into a pin attempt. Carter easily kicks out and takes a short lead, using a stomp to the gut and a bottom-rope springboard basement dropkick for a cover attempt of her own! Paxley rolls to the outside where Ivy Nile joins her, helps her up and gives her some advice. Paxley enters the ring and the two Superstars engage in another spurt of back-and-forth until Carter uses an inverted Figure Four on Pax! Niles encourages Pax over, and Tatum crawls to the bottom rope to force the break. Ivy gives her more advice and Paxley holds the top rope. Carter looks for an Alley Oop Bomb but Paxley counters it and picks up the pin, enraging Carter!
Your Winner, Tatum Paxley!

Singles Match: Sanga vs Duke Hudson

The ref calls for the bell and both big men meet in the middle of the ring. The 6'5 Hudson unloads on the bigger Sanga, using shoulder thrusts in the corner to attempt to wear down the big man. Hudson looks for an Irish Whip but Sanga slaps on the brakes, sends Hudson into the corner, this a standing splash and uses a Lawn Dart on the opposite turnbuckle! Sanga runs over Hudson, sending him outside the ring. Hudson exits the ring to get a breather then catches Sanga between the middle and top ropes, attacking him. Hudson takes a brief turn in control but Sanga is quick to stop his offense, using big shots to the gut to force Hudson back across the ring. Sanga uses a beautiful Sidewalk Slam on Hudson and follows it up with a dropping elbow! Sanga hoists Hudson up easily but Duke wiggles free and hits Sanga with a Big Boot. Sanga bounces back to the opes and rebounds, using the momentum to grab Duke by the neck and hit a big Chokeslam to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Sanga!

Singles Match: Solo Sikoa vs Von Wagner w/ Sofia Cromwell & Mr. Stone

Solo and Wagner are out and the ref calls for the bell. Both men seem evenly matched at first, as Wagner's brute strength is tested to its limits against the Samoan technician. Solo looks to drop Wagner with a shoulder block and, on a second attempt, does. Wagner is sent out of the ring and we're sent to a break. We return to find Wagner in charge, working Solo's neck with a hold. Commentary repeatedly calls Robert Stone as "Mr. Stone" and the "Robert Stone Brand" isn't mentioned these days. Wagner looks for a cover but Solo kicks out, pissing off Wagner. Wagner begins to stomp and pummel Solo then uses the middle rope to choke him as the ref issues a warning. Solo weathers several minutes of abuse from Wagner before beginning his comeback. Solo send Wagner into the corner and hits a charging hip attack to a seated Wagner. Wagner rolls outside and Solo follows him, where the two begin to brawl at the commentary table. Both men exchange big blows after Wagner bounces Solo's face into the commentary table. The two brawl around the ring and up the ramp and the ref counts them out. They battle up to the entrance and refs separate them. The two escape and then attack each other, brawling as we cut away.
Your Result, Double Count-out!


Chase University Visits London, England

We get a video package showing Andre Chase, Bodhi Hayward and Thea Hail visiting London. Chase is so out of touch it's funny. He states that the huge welcome sign at the Metro is for them; he then claims a wing renovation at (what I assume is) Buckingham Palace is a future Chase U branch and states he's going to be knighted there.

Singles Match: Indi Hartwell vs Lash Legend

Lash is already in the ring when Indi makes her welcome to a decent pop from the NXT universe. The two exchange blows and Suplex attempts, with Legend slapping on brakes and Hartwell floating over to avoid them, respectively. Legend flees outside the ring and Hartwell follows her, walking into a strike from Legend. Legend sends Hartwell into the ring and begins to work over the NXT veteran as the crowd loudly chants for Hartwell. The ending comes quick, and boy is it ugly, but after a distraction from Alba Fyre, Indi Hartwell picks up the win. Fyre then attempted to beat Legend with a baseball bat but Lash wisely fled the ringside area.
Your Winner, Indi Hartwell!

Tag Match: the D'Angelo Family vs Edris Enofé & Malik Blade

Tony D'Angelo and his soldato, Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo (fka Channing Lauren), lead Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro (fka Raul Mendoza) out to the ring and we head to break! We return and Edris starts off with Channing as both men seem to go back and forth for a few moments. Tony D'Angelo, "the Don of NXT," whips Edris into the ropes and drops him with a lariat before taking him into the corner. The D'Angelo Family use quick tags to isolate Edris and the ref warns him as they take turns stomping Edris into the corner. Malik Blade gets the hot tag and takes it to the D'Angelo family but the short match wraps up with Tony D picking up the big win. After the match, Tony D ordered Wilde & Del Toro to beat down Blade in the ring, yelling at them to "do it." The two, reluctantly at first, beat Blade down as ordered to prove their loyalty to D'Angelo.
Your Winners, the D'Angelo Family!

Backstage Interview: Nikkita Lyons

Lyons is asked about the ambush Roxanne Perez experienced earlier tonight, as has most anyone put in front of a mic tonight. Lyons states if she had an issue with Perez she'd take it to the ring and her face, not behind her back. She states she'll take on Mandy Rose if need be tonight.

Backstage: Toxic Attraction is on the Roam

We see Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne as they walk backstage ahead of our main event match. We head to break! We return and the trio are in the ring, where they cut a promo on Roxanne Perez and claim she's not "woman enough" to face Rose. Jade came out, bought a few more moments, and was then joined by Perez for our main event! We head to break!

NXT Women's Championship Main Event Match: Mandy Rose(c) w/ Toxic Attraction vs Roxanne Perez w/ Cora Jade

Perez hits the ring and Rose immediately makes the rookie regret it, focusing her attacks on Perez's ribs which were injured earlier tonight in her ambush/beatdown. Rose uses snap suplexes and brutal stomps and strikes to soften up Perez's ribs. We head to break as Rose uses the bottom rope and kicks to torture Perez's injury. We return from the break and the NXT Universe is on it's feet as Perez battles back, fighting Rose blow-for-blow despite her injury. Perez drops the champ multiple times and uses a top rope dive that hurts them both. Perez continues her momentum, using a modified side sweep and a leg hook to nearly pick up the win. The crowd is on it's feet and loudly chants "that was three." Perez looks for Pop-Rox but Rose avoids it. Rose attempts a spear in the corner but Perez moves and Rose spears the ring post! She rolls outside and Perez hits a suicide strike to the outside! Perez attack Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin at ringside then hits a Pop-Rox on Rose! Jade encourages Perez to get Rose back in the ring as the ref finally begins to count them out. When the ref is distracted by Rose, Cora Jade turns heel and attacks Perez! Jade smacks Perez with the tag title! Perez tries to question her but Rose hits her finisher to pick up the win!
Your Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion, Mandy Rose!

After the Match: Cora Jade Speaks

Jade enters the ring and kneels by Perez, yelling at her and calling her selfish. She yells repeatedly that she brought Perez into this and that she "made" her as she beats her with her skateboard (which appears to disintegrate mid-swing before making contact.) It's also revealed that it was Cora Jade who ambushed Perez earlier tonight.

Source: rajah.com
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