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WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (July 4, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jul 04, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (July 4, 2022)

The following are the ongoing live results of tonight's edition of Monday Night RAW, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Happy 4th of July from the WWE

We open with the anticipated patriotic-themed video package as our narrator encourages to grab our best bro, get ready to live big-time and we're gonna burn it down. Corey Graves and Byron Saxton--as well as a boisterous crowd--welcome us to San Diego. Kevin Patrick fills in on lead commentator position it seems as Jimmy Smith is off tonight. Asuka faces Lynch in a No Holds Barred match; the Judgment Day take on the Mysterios in tag match. New SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan will be present as will new United States Champion Bobby Lashley who will team with the Street Profits to take on the Alpha Academy & "Mr. Money in the Bank" Theory.

New United States Champion Bobby Lashley and "Mr. Money in the Bank" Theory Have Words

The new champ is out to a nice welcome, albeit a bit subdued, and he comes out all smiles and excited to see the crowd as Lashley is, once again, fully face. Lashley celebrated the 4th of July with the fans and cut a promo stating that there's not another person on this brand--or on any brand an din any promotion, oooo!--that can beat him. "Mr. Money in the Bank" Theory makes his way out. He asks why Lashley gets to open Raw as everyone's been waiting to hear from Theory after his MitB win. He states Lashley did get his win but the world is "talking about the youngest" Money in the Bank winner in history. The fans loudly cut him off with a "you suck" chant, and Lashley reminds him that they're talking to him. "Shut up, Bobby," Theory snaps back before going on to whine about having the odds stacked against him, but adds "I made it happen." He then compares himself to Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and "the both of them combined." He hoists up his MitB briefcase and states he proved it to the world that he can do this "all day." Lashley calls Theory, essentially, an arrogant asshat who had to call in favors to get into the position he's in. They exchange words again and Theory states that he was informed today that at SummerSlam, he gets a rematch against Lashley. The fans boo Theory who states it's "just the start of (my) SummerSlam plans," threatening to cash in on the winner of Reigns/Lesnar's Last Man Standing match, adding "whoever is the last man standing is going A-Town Down. And only at 24 years old, I'm going to cash in my Money in the Bank Contract and I'm going to walk out of Nashville as the" youngest and greatest unified champion in WWE History. Lashley reminds him that he's forgetting the "ifs," including "if you make it to SummerSlam!" Theory with a cheap shot, then uses the MitB briefcase to beat Lashley in the corner! The briefcase pops open off camera and Theory closes it. Lashley finally fights back and hoists Theory up sky-high for a helluva single-handed Spinebuster! Damn! Theory rolls out of the ring and flees, sending us to break...a picture-in-picture break that showed the Judgment Day beating up Rey and Dom prior to their match's official start.

Tag Team Match: the Judgment Day vs the Mysterios

Prior to the bell, and throughout the awkward picture-in-picture commercial break, we see Finn & Damian--unaccompanied as Ripley is out on injury--make their way down and beat down Rey and Dom. At some point during the break, the ref calls for the bell and we watch as Finn and Damian take turns dismantling Rey in the corner. WE come back from break with Rey rallying, using a headscissors to take down Finn and make the hot tag to the White Power Ranger Dominik Mysterio. Dom establishes dominance, briefly, and brings Rey back in who quickly concedes the lead to Priest. WE head to a second break not even three minutes after the prior, and it's another picture-in-picture that focuses on Damian and Bálor using quick tags to isolate Dom in their corner. The ref checks on Rey but he's shown fine and in the corner, looking for a hot tag of his own. The San Diego crowd is excited to see hometown hero, Rey, for the first time in a WWE match before them in nearly a decade (per Rey). After a series of several 619's and counters, Rey & Dom hit a double-619. Finn takes a steal chair from Dom but Rey pretends Finn hit him with it, dropping back and selling it a la Eddie Guerrero, leading to the ref to call for the bell!

Your Winners, the Mysterios!

Backstage Interview: Megan Morant w/ the Miz

The Miz is asked about his reaction to Logan Paul's signing of a WWE contract before declaring he's coming for the Miz. The Miz states he's proud; he loves confidence and outlandish statements that get people talking, which is how Logan's earned his millions (and millions...) of dollars. He states in the outside world it's been a successful strategy but in the WWE? It won't work. The Miz reminds us he was on the Real World back at the turn of the century, and doesn't want Logan to make the "same mistakes" the Miz has. He tells Logan to retract his statement and together they can become WWE Undisputed Tag team Champions "but if you don't accept my offer, I will make you earn everything and you will be humbled." He's asked about quitting his match against Styles last week, and takes offense to the phrase "quit" after stating he had to fight two matches last week. She starts to remind the Miz this all started with the Miz's "tiny balls." The Miz tells her "no Megan. Not you!" He then tells us he's going to remind us how ginormous his balls are because he's the Miz and he's...awesome.

Singles Rematch: AJ Styles vs the Miz

AJ Styles makes his way out and we head to break! When we return, we get more hype for the Logan Paul signing. After a commercial and several segments, we get our match underway--seven or eight minutes after Style's entrance. The two brawl back and forth and send us to yet another picture-in-picture break that shows the Miz attempt to cowardly avoid Styles while Styles gives pursuit--and runs right into a trap from the Miz, giving the A-Lister the first commanding lead of the match. The match goes back and forth once again until Styles picks up the win over the Miz. Post-match, Ciampa attacks AJ Styles! The Miz helps Ciampa lay out the Phenomenal One and the two shake hands afterwards, leaving together.

Your Winner, AJ Styles!

New SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan Addresses the WWE Universe!

After hype and clips from Money in the Bank, we finally get the NEW SmackDown Women's Champion out--Liv Morgan's first championship in WWE. She's all tears and the crowd's all cheers for Liv. The crowd is awake for this, chanting "you deserve it" as Morgan thanks them and corrects them, stating "we deserve it!" She praises the crowd for always having her back and believing in her--and giving her something to believe in when she had nothing else. The crowd pops for her and she bounces in joy, legitimately excited and overjoyed. She praises the crowd for giving her the confidence to win Money in the Bank and beat Ronda Rousey to become the new champ. She states the title isn't just for her, but all of the WWE Universe. Natalya comes out on the mic and states Morgan should thank her for "destroying Ronda Rousey('s) knee with the most dangerous submission lock" in the biz.

She states she'd take a "thank you" but would much rather take the SD women's championship. Morgan reminds Nattie that she lost to Ronda, but as Morgan's the new champ "it makes complete and total sense that you'd come after the giant target that's on y back. But since we'll now be sharing a locker room together on SmackDown, if you really really want a chance at my title...you know exactly where to find me!" And out comes Carmella with new music and tron, again. Carmella tells them to take their butts back to the blue brand then mocks Nattie for not winning the title, then tells them to go back to SmackDown and leave the spotlight on herself. Morgan reminds Carmella that she lost Saturday night, too, and states Carmella's had enough shots in the spotlight. She then tells Carmella if she really wants her out of the ring, she should make her get out. Carmella announces it gives her a good idea and and the two pink-and-purple bad girls shockingly team up and double-team Liv Morgan until Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair hits the ring to make the save! Both brands' champions fight Carmella and Nattie out of the ring until WWE Official Adam Pearce makes his way out. He informs us that we're having a tag match, starting right now (or, rather, after this word from their picture-in-picture sponsors).

Cross-Brand Tag Team Match: Carmella & Natalya vs Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair & SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan

We start our match mid-break and both pairs of women take turns opening us off with turns in the ring. Each pairing of superstars jockey for control throughout the break, with no one taking a firm lead until we return. Belair and Carmella counter each other and Belair taunts Carmella with her butt-slap hop. Both women look for roll-ups as well and, again, Belair taunts Carmella by slapping her own butt. Everyone's wearing shades of black, purple or pink tonight. Fascinating. Liv comes in and looks for a roll-up on Carmella but she perseveres. Natalya and Liv brawl for a few moments, with Natalya attempting covers frequently. The action continues back and forth until the champs pick up the win.

Your Winners, Liv Morgan & Bianca Belair!

Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs Ezekiel

After a video showing a snafu earlier, in which Ezekiel accidentally squirted ketchup in the eyes of Seth "Zeke'n" Rollins," we get this match. Zeke is out to a nice pop and the Architect is not a happy camper as we get the bell. Rollins windmill hammers Zeke into the corner and stomps a mudhole into him as the ref warns him. Rollins is shut down with a snap German Suplex, and Zeke follows Rollins outside the ring and in--and walks right into a pop-up rope-hung neck drop, followed by a neckbreaker and ac over from Rollins. Both men get stretches of offense in during yet another picture-in-picture break (again, we never get those on Raw; NXT, sure but Raw? No). Ezekiel rocks the multiple-time champion with a pair of Stinger splashes but fails to follow up. Rollins looks for a middle rope double-axe handle and catches a knee to the jaw from Zeke. Zeke rallies and hits a rolling cutter for a close three. Rollins hangs in there, however, and despite Zeke's best efforts, the Freakin' One pulls a victory off after Ezekiel's backslide attempt is countered into a Stomp.

Your Winner, Seth Rollins!

Six-Man Tag Match: United States Champion Bobby Lashley & the Street Profits vs Theory & the Alpha Academy

Lashley & Profits are out first. After roughly fifteen minutes of filler, we finally get the start of this match. Dawkins start s off and finds himself at the mercy of the Alpha Academy, who use their typical playbook of quick tags and working holds to contain the future Hall of Famer. Dawkins makes a diving tag about two minute sin to Ford, who comes in with a springboard attack to Gable followed by a clothesline from hell. Ford has to show off that superior core strength with a kip-up and Moonsault combo. Lashley comes in on tag as the ref loses control and the US Champ and the Profits work together to double-team Gable and Theory with dueling stalling suplexes from Lashley and Ford! Both Marines order Dawkins to go for the sky and Angelo does, wiping out their competition and sending us to a break! Finally some life in our program tonight! And another picture-in-picture. Throughout the break, the Academy successfully shut down Ford, containing him to their half of the ring. Otis comes in and uses his raw power to whip Ford around the ring, interspersed with some ham-hock-sized clubbing fists and headbutts. Theory and Gable help whenever the ref isn't looking, and finally we return from break with Ford looking for a comeback attempt against the Academy, fighting out of the corner and battling big-man Otis briefly.

A DDT lays out Theory and Ford sends Gable flying out of the ring. Outside the ring, Otis runs over Dawkins as Theory continues to maintain control until Lashley gets thee hot tag. Lashley sends Gable flying with suplex after suplex, then uses a facebuster to lay out the 4.0 GPA mastermind. Lashley takes a swing at Theory and Otis; Theory dodges it but Dawkins pulls a page out of the Braun Strowman page and runs him over, sending him flying into the commentary section! Gable with a Powerslam on Gable in the ring but Otis, suffering from eating 23 hot dogs at the 4th of July celebration earlier, holds his abdomen and fails to follow up immediately. Lashley spears Otis after he wipes out both profits. For rallies for his heavenly Frog Splash; Gable eliminates the Profits from the ring with suplexes and catches Lashley with a spinning Urinage. Gable heads up to and hits a moonsault off the top for a close two on the US champ! Impressive spurt of offense from Gable. Gable looks for another German Suplex but Lashley dodges, ducks under and hits a spear to pick up the win! After the match, Otis threw up in the ring.

Your Winners, United States Champion Bobby Lashley & the Street Profits!

Backstage: Megan Morant and Becky Lynch

Megan starts to ask about Otis when "Big Time" Becs shows up and tells us no one cares about Otis. Lynch is frustrated with having had to fight her way into a Money in the Bank Ladder Match and other title shots. She states Asuka is trying to ruin her life, but tonight's No Holds Barred Main event will see the Big Time one be ready for Asuka "but she isn't ready for "no holds barred Becky," Lynch states, walking off angrily.

R-Truth's 4th of July Celebration/Impromptu Singles Match

Truth comes out dressed in a corny "Uncle Sam" costume and we head to break! The segment turns into an impromptu match after Ludwig Kaiser & Intercontinental Champion Gunther came out. In sixty seconds, the new IC champ squashed Truth.

No Holds Barred Main Event Match: Becky Lynch vs Asuka

Lots of stalling in tonight's program. After nearly fifteen minutes, we're finally ready to start tonight's main event. Lynch's entrance saw Big Time set up a table at ringside prior to Asuka's entrance. We find that during the lengthy wait, Lynch kept herself busy by setting up multiple tables and a stack of chairs. Asuka's wearing her Jason Voorhees mask again as she makes her way out with a trash can. Asuka dances for about two minuets and commentary keep the banter going until the ref calls for the bell. Lynch attempts to wedge a chair in the corner after quickly striking Asuka. Lynch takes forever setting up the chair, buying Asuka ample time for a key lock combo. Asuka positions a chair and attempts a drop toehold onto it, but Lynch blocks it. The chair falls out of the wedged corner and Lynch again attempts to set it in position, leading to Asuka blindly attacking her.

Lynch is whipped towards the chair but hits the brakes; Asuka attempts a running kick in the corner and the two battle to the apron. Asuka looks for a German Suplex off the apron tot he floor but Becky throws elbows to break free! Lynch frees herself of Asuka, and Asuka eats an apron leg drop from Lynch! Lynch drives Asuka onto the pile of chairs, clears off the commentary table, and begins to work over the Empress of tomorrow with a steel chair! Asuka counters with a chair toss and the two battle at a barricade, where Asuka sends Becky through it with a Hip Attack! We head to commercial-in-commercial break again! During the break Lynch takes control and the duo battle into the crowd, the ref in tow. The ref constantly yells at them to take it back to the ring. Asuka starts to fight back after taking the beating for the bulk of the meeting, throwing a foreign object in Lynch's face. Asuka battles Lynch with kicks and strikes towards the barricade, then sends her over with as pinning heel kick. Lynch attacks Asuka as she crosses the barricade an sends her into the ring, then retrieves a table. Off-camera it appears security have to detain someone--the camera cut aside quickly, and the disruption was quickly removed from the screen.

We return from break as Lynch takes Asuka into the ring and sets her upon a pile of steel chairs. Lynch places one on top of Asuka and uses a another chair to attack Asuka. Lynch ascends the turnbuckle but Asuka uses a steel chair to stop her ascent. Asuka re-stacks the pile of chairs and looks for a Superplex on top of them! The crowd chants for tables but rises up as Asuka connects with a middle-rope Superplex on the stack of steel chairs! The ref checks on both women! Asuka covers for a close two. Asuka positions Lynch and places the trash can over Lynch, then fires off her Asuka Kicks and a hand-kick combination! The crowd cheers her on. Asuka climbs up top and connects with a missile dropkick off the top! "Asuka the Grouch," as Corey calls her, looks for a cover but only gets a two. Again the crowd chants for tables, so Asuka exits the ring and complies--here come the tables!

Lynch and Asuka battle in the ring again, with Lynch setting up the table. Asuka attempts an Asuka-Lock but Lynch squirms free and Asuka exits the ring, retrieving a Wagasa (Japanese umbrella). Asuka looks for the mist spit but Lynch counters; Asuka got some of it, however, and positions Lynch on a table. Asuka climbs the top ropes but Lynch hops off the table and looks for an Electric Chair position. The two battle in the corner and Lynch hits a Manhandle Slam off the top, through the table, and picks up the win!

Your Winner, "Big Time" Becky Lynch!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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