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AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door Results – June 26, 2022 

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Jun 27, 2022

AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door Results – June 26, 2022 

It’s Sunday, you know what that means! It’s time for the show that everyone has been anticipating as AEW and NJPW combine forces to bring us Forbidden Door in Chicago! We have an absolutely stacked, yet snake-bitten card as this show has been plagued with injuries but we have still come out the other side with a fantastic line-up to look forward to. We have two matches on the pre-show and a commentary team of Excalibur, Taz and Kevin Kelly so let’s get straight to the action! 

Bishamon (Yoshi-Hashi & Hiroki Goto) defeated The Factory (QT Marshall & Aaron Solo) via Pinfall (8:56) 

We start off the card with a tag match and Solo dominates Yoshi-Hashi early on before both men tag out and Hiroki Goto squares off with QT Marshall with the NJPW man showing he’s too good for Marshall who tags out to Solo to escape and The Factory take over with cheap shots. Goto fights back and he and Yoshi-Hashi take back over. They celebrate to the loud Chicago crowd which lets QT and Solo recover and then after taking over, QT hits the QT special onto Bishamon and then Solo hits Goto with some foot stomps from the top for two. QT and Solo exchange quick tags and take over with Goto looking in trouble until he counters Solo and hits a big Suplex. Solo tags out first and QT cuts off Goto only for Hiroki to smash him with a lariat and get the tag out. Yoshi-Hashi comes in with some huge chops and a Back Body Drop before he lands a Head-hunter Neckbreaker from the top and Solo has to make the save. Solo sends Goto outside and takes down Bishamon with a Tope Con Hilo and then QT calls for the Diamond Cutter and hits it but Goto makes the save this time. The Factory throw Goto out and Marshall misses a 450 and avoids Solo to make the tag. Solo attacks Goto but ends up getting taken out by a Yoshi-Hashi superkick and the Goto hits QT with the Ushi Goroshi. They hit Solo with Shoto and that’s all she wrote.  

Lance Archer defeated Nick Comoroto via Pinfall (6:06) 

Archer starts off the match with a Cannonball before the bell then lays in some big chops. Comoroto fights back but then runs into a big boot but then uses the ropes and Archer’s hair to get him in trouble on the apron and then pushes him to the barricade. Comoroto attacks Archer outside the ring and then returns to the mat where he hits an Elbow Drop but can’t even get a one count. Archer fights back into it with Elbow Strikes but then runs into a Comoroto Backbreaker. Archer withstands some big shots from Comoroto before firing back with a huge Ura Nage. Archer rips his Suzuki-Gun shirt and exchanges strikes with Nick back and forth Comoroto tries a Knee Lift but Archer replies with two clotheslines and a big boot in the corner. Archer heads up to the top rope and walks it before the Moonsault Press earns him a two. Archer takes Comoroto up top for the Blackout but Nick fights back and then hits a big Powerslam onto Archer for two. Comoroto climbs the ropes by skinning the cat but Archer comes in and cuts him off before the Blackout earns him the victory. 

Clark Connors Interview 

Alex Marvez introduces us to Clark Connors who cuts a good little babyface promo. 

Swerve in Our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee) defeated Suzuki-Gun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) via Pinfall (12:09) 

Keith Lee and Swerve seem to be on the same page as they follow Desperado & Kanemaru to the ring. The bell rings and its Kanemaru vs Keith Lee, who basks in the crowd basking in his glory before locking up. Kanemaru asks Lee to lock up with him in the ropes due to the height difference then cheap shots Lee to take over until Keith finally overpowers him and the tags are made. Swerve comes in to face El Desperado and Desperado can’t take down Swerve with a Shoulder Tackle and then Desperado almost locks in a Submission. Swerve escapes to the outside and El Desperado locks in the Numero Dos on the outside instead. Back in the ring Swerve comes back with his DDT off the bottom rope then tags in Keith but Desperado dodges and Swerve takes out the knee of Keith Lee which Desperado targets immediately. He tags out to Kanemaru who also goes after the knee of Lee. Desperado takes out Swerve on the apron before Lee manages to fight them off with a chop and then uses Kanemaru as a battering Ram but Desperado attacks the knee as Lee has Kanemaru up for a Spirit Bomb and that lets him take Keith down with a DDT.

Desperado tags in but Lee manages to fight him off and tag in Swerve who comes in hot, taking both men down before the Uppercut to the back of Desperado. Swerve hits an awesome looking sequence which ends in a Brainbuster for two and then Strickland gets rolled up for two. The two men go back and forth until Desperado hits a Spinebuster and then Kanemaru comes in for a double team that is worth a two count. Suzuki-Gun take out Keith Lee and isolate Strickland but he fights back with some kicks and chops. He hits a huge backbreaker but Desperado comes back with a Lariat and Swerve returns with a Facebuster. Both men tag out and Kanemaru goes right after the knee again and Keith is down on the mat and gets locked in the figure four before Swerve gets locked in the Numero Dos. Keith grabs Desperado and throws him onto Kanemaru to escape but he misses the Sunset Flip and Lee gets him up for the Spirit Bomb. Desperado manages to help him escape and Kanemaru mists Lee with Whiskey but Lee still kicks out. Swerve comes in to help and then takes Desperado with the Stomp and then Lee hits Big Bang Catastrophe to get the win. 

After the match, Hobbs and Ricky shout at Swerve and Keith from a sky box and looks like we get a rematch soon.  

The Gunn Club & The Acclaimed (Max Caster, Austin, Colten & Billy Gunn) w/ Anthony Bowens defeated NJPW LA Dojo (Yuya Uemura, Alex Coughlin, The DKC & Kevin Knight) via Pinfall (5:32) 

Max Caster saved one of his best raps for tonight! I popped big. As I did also for “scissor me daddy ass”. And even bigger for Danhausen who appears on the screen to give the Ass Boys a gift. The sons run off and the bell rings. 

The LA Dojo swarm Max and Billy 4 on two before Coughlin gets a two from a Gutwrench Suplex on Caster. Kevin Knight tags in and he hits Caster with a splash in the corner and Body slam for two. Yuya Uemura tags in next and he a and Knight take out Caster with some double teams and we get another two count. Uemura attacks Billy and that lets Caster fire back into the match but Uemura corners him and hits a Bulldog for two. He tags out the The DKC who fires in chops and strikes to Caster and then hits a Snap Suplex for two. Knight tags back in and fires in multiple shots to Caster who’s in all kind of trouble but finally tags out after a Back Body Drop. Billy Gunn attacks all of the LA Dojo and does pretty damn well, hitting the Fame-Asser on The DKC before Caster tags in and gets the win with the mic drop. 

Le Sex Gods (Sammy Guevara & Chris Jericho) & Minoru Suzuki w/ Tay Conti defeated Eddie Kingston, Wheeler Yuta & Shota Umino via Pinfall (18:50) 

We start off with Karaoke as Judas is followed by Kaze Ni Nare but Eddie Kingston still gets the biggest pop. The winner of this match has the advantage at Blood & Guts. Sammy starts with Yuta but Jericho tags himself in and laughs at Yuta and Jericho gets slapped down by Yuta who hits him with six German Suplexes in a row without letting go. Jericho elbows his way out but then eats a Samoan Drop for two. Yuta transitions to a Crossface but Sammy breaks it up and then this turns into a brawl with all men involved. Yuta and Eddie end up being tossed into the ring steps before Sammy tags in and targets Yuta between the ropes but winds Eddie up and Yuta arm drags him and Eddie just attacks Sammy till the referee makes him leave. Sammy hits his Corkscrew Dropkick but Yuta fights back with a Body Slam and Standing Senton for two. Yuta tags Shota Umino in who comes in with a big dropkick but Sammy backs him up to the ropes with thumbs to the eyes and tags out to Jericho. Chris fires in some big chops to Umino who fires up with elbow strikes then stomps in the corner. Umino finally brings Eddie in and begs Jericho to attack him but Jericho brings in Suzuki instead. Eddie and Suzuki willingly exchange chops in the middle of the ring and Eddie wins out with Machine Gun Chops but then Minoru walks into them and lays Eddie out with a single Forearm. Jericho tags himself in to help Suzuki beat up Eddie but Eddie fires in his chops to Jericho who can't take it like Suzuki. Suzuki locks Eddie in a Juji Gatame in the ropes and then Jericho attacks the arm. 

Jericho tags out to Suzuki who takes out Shota and Umino before a PK gets him a two count on Eddie. Kingston tries more chops but gets caught in the Octopus hold and then Sammy has Umino in a Cross Face and Jericho locks in a Abdominal Stretch on Yuta. Kingston falls into the ropes to escape and the ring clears. Suzuki tags Sammy in who climbs to the top but Kingston catches him with an Exploder and a trip to allow Eddie to tag out to Umino. Shota flies in to attack Jericho then turns on Sammy with some quick offence but Suzuki cuts him off and then Umino takes down Suzuki with a Back Elbow. Guevara gets squashed in the corner then Jericho saves him out of a Fishermans Suplex at two. Shota takes out Jericho with a dive, Sammy hits a Shooting Star Press onto him and Yuta takes him down with a Cannonball Senton and Eddie follows with an Elbow Suicida. Wheeler tags in after Suzuki teases a dive and then gets rid of Jericho before rolling Sammy up for two. Eddie makes a blind tag, Sammy hits Yuta with a Spanish Fly but Eddie comes in with a Back Drop Driver and then locks Sammy in a Stretch Plum. It all breaks down into every man hitting their big moves to cause everyone to go down. Kingston and Guevara remain legal but Kingston brings in Shota who Sammy takes out then Jericho tags in and goes for the Walls but Umino counters only to run into a Code Breaker for two. Jericho lays in some knees and then heads up to the top rope but Umino cuts him off and then hits an Avalanche Powerslam but Sammy and Suzuki make the save. Eddie and Yuta clear the ring but Sammy hits the GTH on Yuta and Eddie hits Jericho whilst mid Lionsault but Umino can only keep him down for two. He fires in some shots but Sammy hits Yuta with the bat, Jericho tries a Judas Effect before a DDT and a Brainbuster get a 2.9 for Umino. Shota locks Jericho in his own move and Sammy and Suzuki break it up and then Suzuki hits a Headbutt on Shota then takes Eddie out with the Piledriver. They all attack Shota but Umino fights back only to walk into a Judas Effect which gets them the win. What a way to start the night.  

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) defeated Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta) & United Empire (Jeff Cobb & Great O-Khan) via Pinfall (16:24) in a Three-Way match to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships & become NEW IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions 

Tag team turmoil next as we get a three-way, winner take all battle for the ROH & IWGP titles. Bobby Cruise makes the ring announcements. Trent starts off with Dax and have a great exchange to begin with neither man having the advantage. Jeff Cobb blind tags Trent and now its Jeff vs Dax. Cobb has a clear advantage on strength but Dax is a better technician but as Cobb takes over, Rocky tags himself in. Dax attacks Rocky and then brings Cash in to continue. Dax comes back in after a few chops but seems to pop his shoulder out. Cash comes back in and Rocky hits forever Clotheslines and a Hurricanrana to Cash, O-Khan tags himself in off Rocky and Cobb attacks Cash before feeding him to O-Khan as Dax is lead backstage. United Empire isolate Cash in the corner and beat him down. Cobb hits his Surfboard onto Cash and throws him into the corner before taking him for a ride with a huge throw. Again, United Empire focus on the quick tags and Cash has to tag out to Trent after escaping with a Headbutt on O-Khan. Trent takes the match to United Empire but Cobb comes in and changes the match as the illegal man but then Rocky stops him with a Hurricanrana. The two teams brawl outside the ring and United Empire lose their advantage on the outside. Roppongi Vice hit some double teams on O-Khan but he kicks out at two. Cash tags in from Trent and attacks both of UE but they manage to gang up on him and take Cash down before dealing with Trent & Rocky too.  

Dax suddenly appears on the ramp all taped up and returns to the apron. Cash tags out to him immediately and Cash deals with United Empire single-handedly with right hand strikes. Harwood levels O-Khan with Lariats and then hits multiple German Suplexes on Jeff Cobb. Jeff escapes in the corner and then climbs up top but Harwood cuts him off and then goes for a Superplex. Trent joins Dax to help. Cash tags in and turns it into a Powerplex but Cobb kicks out at 2.9. Trent and Dax fight each other until O-Khan cuts them both off and then Rocky tags himself in and hits Cobb with a Spiked Piledriver then takes out Cash who he hit it with, with the sliced bread. They set up Cobb for the Strong Zero but Cobb escapes with a Powerbomb and then everyone ends up in the ring. United Empire take over and fold Trent up with a double team for another 2.9. Rocky tags in off Trent and takes out O-Khan and Dax with a Tope and Roppongi Vice hit Cobb with the strong Zero and Cash saves the match by breaking it up. Dax tags in from Cobb and Rocky almost wins with an O’Connor Roll and then more roll ups but Dax won’t stay down and all of a sudden, Cash appears in the ring and FTR to hit the Big Rig and pick up the win. SEVEN STAR FTR! 

Bullet Club Interview 

Juice Robinson and Jay White are with Schiavone and Juice says he’s the IWGP US champion (he’s not) and then Jay talks up the Juice before saying he’ll beat Hangman, Cole & Okada tonight.  

PAC defeated Miro, Malakai Black & Clark Connors via Submission (15:15) in a Four Way to become the INAUGRAL AEW All-Atlantic Champion 

Time to crown our first All-Atlantic Champion. PAC jumps at Malakai when the bell rings but Miro tries to go for PAC. Instead, PAC & Black fight to the outside and Miro focuses on Clark Connors in the ring and unsurprisingly takes over. Connors fires up and sends Miro to the outside but Miro catches his dive and slams poor Clark to the floor. PAC & Malakai head into the ring when they fight on the top rope and Malakai counters a Sunset Flip Powerbomb but Miro head into the ring and takes both PAC and Malakai down on his own. Malakai comes back with kick but then Connors tries to come back in a Black locks Connors in a Submission. Miro “saves” him by dragging him out by his hair then Miro catches PAC in the ring and hits a Fall Away Slam. Connors fires in shots at Miro but then gets caught with the Ura Nage for two. Miro begins to really dominate Connors and Black and PAC are nowhere to be seen as he does it and gets two counts. Suddenly they brawl back into the ring and Miro and Black ream up on PAC and then they talk in the middle of the ring before they disagree on who gets to beat up the bastard. They start to brawl and Miro wins out but then PAC comes back into it and Miro deals with him via a Samoan Drop for two. He calls for the Superkick on PAC but he walks into one and then PAC also deals with Connors and Malakai. He heads up top and hits the Shotgun Dropkick onto Miro and then German Suplexes Malakai.  

Black hits a kick and then everyone fights everyone at once and it ends with Malakai getting a one count on Miro. Black heads under the ring and pulls out a table which he sets up against the barricade. He tries to send Miro into it but can’t get him to go and Miro sends Black into the steps. PAC gets caught on a dive and Miro ends up getting sent into the steps and Connors drives him through the table. In the ring, Connors hits a Powerslam on Black and the Trophy Kill onto PAC but it only earns him a two count. Clark removes Malakai and focuses on PAC but then the Bastard hits a Superkick and heads up top for the Black Arrow. Black cuts him off before Connors and Black head up top before Miro hits the Tower of Doom. He singles out PAC and hits the huge kick and calls for the Game Over. Miro locks it in and Miro can’t get it to work so hits it again but then Malakai mists him and kicks him with the Heel Kick. Connors and Black fight on the mat but PAC hits the Black Arrow onto them and taps Clark out with the Brutaliser. That was so good.  

Dudes with Attitudes (Sting, Darby Allin & Shingo Takagi) defeated Bullet Club (The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) & El Phantasmo) w/ Hikuleo via Pinfall (12:56) 

Schiavone joins commentary for this one. The entrances are made but there’s no Sting. Bullet Club head out but then the lights go out and Sting appears in the rafters and then the lights go out again and Sting reappears on the top of the Entranceway where he dives onto Bullet Club. Darby takes out Hikuleo with his Skateboard and the bell rings with Shingo Takagi and El Phantasmo battle with Shingo getting the advantage and tagging out to Sting who goes move for move with Takagi. Darby comes in and Phantasmo cuts him off and Matt Jackson gets a blind tag and the Young Bucks take over, taking out Darby, Sting and Shingo. They isolate Darby in the ring with quick tags and double team manoeuvres. El Phantasmo comes in and clears the opposite apron before doing an insanely complex back rake. Matt does one of his own. The Bullet Club really begin to isolate Darby but somehow Darby hits a Spider German on ELP and then a Code Red.

Darby tags out to Shingo and Phantasmo to Nick. Shingo takes on both of the Young Bucks and comes out on top somehow. He gets a two from a Snap Suplex. Nick tries to fight back but ends up eating a Death Valley Driver and then Shingo brings Sting in who takes out The Bucks with Strikes then Phantasmo finally gets taken out with a Stinger Splash. Sting goes for a Scorpion Death Lock but ELP hits a low blow and then Sting no sells a Double Superkick and takes out the Bucks with a double Lariat before going down and tagging in Darby. Darby hits the Coffin Drop but Matt Jackson gets his Knees up and then we get More Back for your Buck and Thunderkiss 86 but Shingo breaks it up. The Bucks hit dives and ELP follows before Sting eats a Triple Superkick. The Bucks go for the BTE Trigger but Sting ducks and hits a Double Scorpion Death Drop. Shingo hits some Boxing Elbows on Phantasmo before he hits the Pumping Bomber for two. Shingo hits the Last of the Dragon to get the win.  

Shota Umino Interview 

Schiavone tries to talk to Umino but they’re interrupted by the JAS who say they respect him then Jericho throws a fireball in his face. 

Thunder Rosa defeated Toni Storm via Pinfall (10:39) to retain the AEW Women’s World Championship  

We get a handshake in this one and then a great back and forth on the mat for the first minute or two with it always ending in a stalemate. Rosa takes over with wrist control and strikes and then go back and forth with roll ups. Rosa lays in some hard chops to Toni but Storm comes back with a Shoulder Tackle for one and then another one count from a Snap Suplex. Toni tries another suplex and Rosa rolls her up for two before they exchange slaps, chops and forearm shivers. Toni seems to have won out but Rosa pulls out a Stunner from nowhere. She follows with some moves in the corner and then the Dropkicks to her opponent against the ropes. Rosa hits a Northern Lights with a bridge for two and then rolls Toni up for two and hits foot stomps for another two count. Storm escapes a Submission and tries a DDT on the floor but Rosa hits another Northern Lights Suplex onto the hard surfaces instead. Toni drives Rosa off the apron from the ring but Rosa catches her on the top rope and then Toni hits a German Suplex and then the DDT to the floor finally.

Toni calls for the hip attack and hits it before she hits another DDT for two. Toni lays in some Uppercuts before trying for the Storm Zero but Rosa escapes and then hits a Running Knee Strike and a Death Valley Driver. She hits the Fire Thunder Driver and looks to have the match won but Toni kicks out at 2.9. Rosa kicks at the shoulder of Toni and then tries to PK her but Toni stops it and then hits a German Suplex before Rosa attacks the arm of Toni before pulling the Final Reckoning from Dustin’s playbook and picks up the win! 

Will Ospreay w/ Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) defeated Orange Cassidy via Pinfall (16:46) to retain the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship 

Jim Ross’ turn to join commentary. Orange hands over his sunglasses but puts his hands in his pockets and the bell rings. They stay in the pocket as the two men go back and forth but they soon come out and Cassidy hits Ospreay with his crazy takedown then mocks Ospreay’s pose. Ospreay comes in and hits a big boot to knock Cassidy down then sends him outside before sprinting around the ring for an assisted splash via Aussie Open onto Orange. Ospreay lays in a chop and then throws Cassidy into the Turnbuckle before doing sit ups. Will hits a spinning Backbreaker for two and then beats Cassidy down in the corner before throwing him hard into the opposite one for a two count. Ospreay locks in an Abdominal Stretch and then puts his hand into Orange’s pocket. Cassidy counters out with a Hip Toss but Ospreay stays on top and Cassidy has to come back again by slamming Will into the Turnbuckle then trying for a Crossbody. Will catches him and rolls through before slamming him to the mat. He hits a Diving Elbow from the top rope to the back of Cassidy’s head for another two count before setting up for the Hidden Blade and Cassidy collapses. Ospreay lays in some Kawada Kicks instead then Cassidy stands up and puts his hands back in his pockets before taking Ospreay down with a Dropkick.  

Orange hits some weak Kawada Kicks of his own and then catches Will with a Superkick and then real Kawada Kicks. Will comes back with a Hook Kick and misses an Os Cutter which lets Cassidy pin him deep. He hits the Stundog Millionaire and then Michinoku Driver for two. Cassidy misses a Splash and Will goes for the Cheeky Nandos but Cassidy manages to counter and then he hits a DDT and a Tope Suicida. He takes out Aussie Open with the Mariposa then hits Ospreay with another DDT for 2.9. Ospreay comes back with a Spanish Fly and then finally hits the Cheeky Nandos kick and heads up top but Cassidy joins him up there and then drives Ospreay into the camera. They go back and forth once again after Cassidy plays possum and then Cassidy nearly wins with Beach Break. Orange calls for the Orange Punch but Ospreay counters with a cutter then an Os Cutter for two and then The Hidden Blade is missed and then the Stormbreaker is countered into a Hurricanrana for two. Ospreay hits a Lariat and the Hidden Blade but Cassidy still kicks out so Ospreay turns to the Stormbreaker to get the win. Wow. 

Aussie Open attack Cassidy after the match until Roppongi Vice make the save but United Empire are still too strong but all of a sudden, Katsuyori Shibata’s music hits and he makes the save and then lays into Will Ospreay. United Empire leave with their tail between their legs.  

Claudio Castagnoli defeated Zack Sabre Jr via Pinfall (18:31) 

Zack heads to the ring and then out comes Claudio Castagnoli! He gets the ovation you’d expect, he hits ZSJ with a huge European Uppercut and the Neutraliser but somehow Zack kicks out. Sabre rolls outside so Claudio follows him and throws him into the barricade but Zack counters the next one. They head back into the ring and Zack aims for the arm of Claudio but gets dropped with an uppercut. Claudio tries to follow up but Zack attacks his arm over the rope but Claudio fires back with a big boot and a delayed Vertical Suplex for two. Zack comes back with a Knee Bar in the ropes and another one over the apron, releasing both on the ref’s count of four. Zack heads back in the ring and works on the arm of Claudio. ZSJ fires in some weak kicks so Claudio tries to come back and Zack lures him in to do more work on the arms of Claudio. Zack moves his body around, manipulating the limbs of his opponent in ways that you don’t see anyone else doing. Claudio suddenly fires up with two huge Backbreakers and a Running Uppercut in the corner for two. 

Claudio tries to hoist Zack up but ZSJ rolls into an Arm Bar which Claudio fights out of with strength and both men fall over the top rope. ZSJ keeps hold of the arm so Claudio hoists him up, walks up the ring steps and dumps Zack into the ring. What a feat of strength. Claudio goes for the Giant Swing but gets caught in a Guillotine which Claudio fights out of by dumping Zack on the top turnbuckle. Claudio follows him up there and locks on an Octopus Hold in the ropes but Claudio fights back once again and then hits an Avalanche Gutwrench Slam. He follows up with an Uppercut and tries another Giant Swing but Zack escapes to the bottom rope. Claudio chooses instead to fire in some Uppercuts and nearly gets a win of a big one. Finally, the swing happens but Claudio’s arm can’t hold on. Zack fights out of Sharpshooter with Up Kicks then locks in a Heel Hook of his own. Claudio escapes and then hits Double Foot Stomps for two. Zack locks him up once more, focusing on the arms this time but Claudio makes the ropes. ZSJ lays in some kicks instead and Claudio absorbs them all before laying in an Uppercut and a Lariat for two. ZSJ locks in a European Clutch for two and then Claudio fights back and hits an Uppercut, a Pop-Up Uppercut and a Ricola Bomb to get the win.  

Jay White w/ Gedo defeated Adam Cole, Kazuchika Okada & Hangman Adam Page via Pinfall (21:03) in a Four Way to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship 

Everyone comes out alone except the champ who brings Gedo to the ring with him. The introductions are made and the crowd chant holy shit as the bell rings. Jay White rolls out of the ring to start off and Adam Cole follows suit. Okada and Hangman bump fists and go to wrestle but Cole pulls Hangman out as Jay White jumps Okada from behind but a big boot from Okada gets him back into it and he then teams with Hangman to take Jay down. White and Cole try to come up with a plan but Hangman and Okada come out to get them and now they pair off on the outside. Hangman gets control of Cole but Jay White takes out Okada on the apron and saves Cole on the ramp. White and Cole hit a Delayed Vertical Suplex together on Hangman and then the two of them attack Okada in the ring. White lays in chops and then rolls outside to attack Hangman some more but Hangman tosses him into the ring steps. Cole hits him with a Pump Kick but then Okada tries to catch Cole with a Piledriver but White makes the save. Hangman heads inside and ends up dealing with both Cole and White before getting a two count from a top rope Crossbody onto Adam Cole. Page lays in chops to the chest of Cole before Jay White tries to make a save and fails but then when Page goes for the Orihara Moonsault, Cole takes him out with a perfectly placed Superkick. Okada comes back in to take on Cole and White alone and wins out, sending both men outside before rolling out to join them. Okada throws White into the Barricade then sends him over it with a Boot before sending Cole after him before hitting them both with a Crossbody over the Barricade. He climbs back into the ring with Cole before he locks in the Money Clip and Jay White stops him and hits a Saito Suplex to take Okada down. Hangman heads back into the ring and takes White down with Chops but White counters and Hangman counters again with a Jack-knife cover that Cole breaks up with a Superkick to the head.  

White and Cole seem to still be in cahoots but Cole turns on him with a Backstabber and then nearly pins him. White kicks out at two but White then dodges The Boom and hits an Ura Nage onto Cole. White calls for a Sleeper Suplex but Cole battles out of it only to fall to a White chop. White hits Cole and Okada with Dragon Suplexes but Hangman fights back and then all four men end up on the mat following huge lariats. All four men get up and exchange strikes in pairs. Cole and Okada, Hangman and White but Cole and White win with Eye Gouges then fight each other till Hangman and Okada fight back. Hangman drops everyone then gets a two from a Powerbomb onto Jay. Page goes for Buckshot; Cole stops him so Hangman takes Cole and Okada with the Moonsault then Gedo tries to stop him too, so he hits him as well. White and Hangman go back and forth until Hangman hits the Deadeye and then the Buckshot but Okada breaks up the pin! Hangman and Okada remain so they square up and exchange strikes. Okada tries for a Tombstone but Hangman escapes and Hangman has Okada set up for the Buckshot but Cole stops him and then tries for a Panama Sunrise onto Okada only to get countered. Okada heads up top and hits a big Elbow Drop and then goes for the Rainmaker and Cole intercepts with Superkicks to Page and Okada. He hits more superkicks but Okada kicks out at two. Okada comes back with the Dropkick but Cole counters the Rainmaker and the Buckshot Lariat with Superkicks but another Dropkick from Okada drops him. He tries another Rainmaker but instead gets caught with The Blade Runner from Jay White who then pins Adam Cole to retain.  

Jon Moxley defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi via Pinfall (18:20) to become Interim AEW World Champion 

Mox walks to the ring through the same entrance the Bulls take and he’s accompanied by William Regal. Tanahashi comes out alone. The introductions are made and the bell rings and the match begins with multiple standing switches from both men. They exchange holds back and forth with neither man having an advantage. Tanahashi hits a huge Crossbody and Moxley responds with some big forearms. Tanahashi fires in his own responses but he’s playing a dangerous game with Moxley. Tana takes over with two dropkicks to the Knee of Moxley and then a Dragon Suplex compounds the damage. Tanahashi targets the leg of Moxley with a submission and forces Moxley to reach the ropes but Mox pulls a cutter out of nowhere once he’s back on his feet and we return to a strike exchange, elbows, forearms and chops before Moxley takes Tanahashi to the top turnbuckle and Superplexes him off the top before hitting a Piledriver for two. Moxley locks in a Submission of his own then begins to stomp Tanahashi down and then locks in a Cloverleaf. Tanahashi goes for the ropes and Mox transitions to a Crossface but Tana does make it in the end.  

We get another strike exchange but Tanahashi wins this one with a flying elbow strike. He puts Mox on the Mat with a Body Slam and follows with a Somersault Senton for two. Moxley sends Tanahashi outside and follows him before putting him through the Timekeeper’s table. Moxley heads back into the ring and the ref begins to count Tanahashi out, forcing him to make it back in at 9. Moxley lays in some kicks to a kneeling Tanahashi which fires him up but Mox counters a Dragonscrew with a Juji Gatame and Tanahashi escapes before stomping Moxley into the mat and then pulling out the Slingblade and Moxley emerges busted open. Tanahashi hits a High Fly Flow to Moxley on the floor and then both men return to the ring. Mox plays possum and then goes for the Paradigm Shift but Tanahashi escapes to hit Twist & Shout. Moxley returns with a Paradigm Shift but Tana still kicks out and then Moxley moves straight into the hammer and anvil elbows but Tanahashi counters another Paradigm shift with a Headbutt. Tana hits a Kamigoye and Moxley looks in trouble as Tana hits a Crossbody and High Fly Flow but Moxley kicks out at two and then locks in the Bulldog Choke. Tanahashi fights out of it but Moxley headbutts him before Tanahashi tries a couple of pins. We go back to a brief strike exchange ending in a one count off a Moxley King Kong Lariat before more Hammer and Anvil Elbows and a Sleeper has Tanahashi in all kinds of trouble and Mox transitions to another Bulldog before and the Death Rider earns Moxley the title. So well deserved.  

After the match, a massive brawl ensues between the combatants of Blood & Guts Wednesday.

Phew. What a show; and now we have Blood & Guts to prepare for Wednesday. I need a lay down. See you all then! Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments below or let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen. So long and goodnight! 

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