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WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (June 20, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jun 20, 2022

WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results (June 20, 2022)

The following are the ongoing live results of tonight's edition of Monday Night RAW, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

In memory of referee Tim White.

Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair Addresses the WWE Universe

As Belair makes her entrance, we're informed Riddle faces Omos in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. Belair gets on the mic and informs us of breaking news, that Rhea Ripley is not medically cleared to compete at Money in the Bank. Belair guarantees Ripley will be back and will get a title shot. Belair and the crowd question who will replace Ripley at the MitB. She announces a fatal-five way for the vacated spot. So let's cue all the entrances...

Becky Lynch, Asuka, Liv Morgan, Carmella, and Alexa Bliss All Weigh In With Their Thoughts

Lynch is out first, on the mic, stating that she had Asuka beat at their recent triple-threat title match but Belair "stole" the win. Lynch claims she's had to jump through many obstacles but winning tonight will make taking her title "back so much sweeter." Asuka is out next on the mic. She resorts to her recent jokes, calling Lynch "Big Time Baby." Lynch reminds Asuka that the last two matches they had saw Asuka's shoulders on the mat. Out comes Liv Morgan who reminds Lynch & Asuka that they've not won a chance to qualify for the MitB yet, whereas Morgan has, but Morgan will happily vacate her spot to go one-on-one with Belair. Carmella is out next on the mic, wearing a pink leopard-print outfit. She questions why Liv Morgan is in the match tonight as she's the only non-former champion out here. Carmella suggests they kick the "lovable loser" Liv out and make it a fatal 4-way. Morgan threatens to injure Carmella; Mella mocks Morgan, claiming she only made it to the MitB match by "riding Alexa Bliss' coat tails" and out comes "the Goddess" herself. Alexa Bliss is on the mic and mocks Carmella for "lov(ing) to name drop." She asks if she should name drop the "weird guy with the chin" who helped Carmella win the MitB in the past. She states Carmella has never been able to be successful on her own "so why don't you do us all a favor and stop being a hypocrite, and stop messing with Liv before I have to beat your face myself." Belair states she knows they can run their mouths but the WWE Universe is ready for some action (cheer) and we're going to break--this match is next!

Women's Championship Contenders Fatal 5-Way Match: Becky Lynch, Asuka, Liv Morgan, Carmella, Alexa Bliss

We return from break and the ref calls for the bell. Morgan and Bliss immediately clear the ring, shake hands then engage in a series of reversals, leading to an extended gator-roll/rolling-pin that had the ref crawling circles, literally, around the ring attempting to keep up and make multiple one-counts. Morgan smirks at Bliss and again the two friends engage in yet another back and forth, this time with a rolling cradle as they loop three times around the ring. This is ridiculous. Both women connect with strikes simultaneously, staggering them both. Carmella attempts to pin each woman, twice, going back and forth and hoping to steal the win. Graves makes a crack about taking out a million dollar insurance policy on Carmella's face so if her face is injured, "neither one of (them)" have to work again.

Lynch and Asuka factor back into the match after extended naps at ringside. Lynch sends Asuka outside and goes after Bliss inside, but misses on a leg drop off the top rope. Ouch! Bliss and Lynch go at it, with Bliss using a hurricanrana to send Lynch out of the ring! Carmella attacks Bliss from behind and attempts a cover, then screams in Bliss' face before slamming her face-first into the mat. Please note that for the majority of this match, there's only two--three at most--competitors in the ring at any given time. The rest are presumably "stunned" and down at ring side. Morgan re-enters the fray and takes it to Carmella after Carmella ejects Bliss, only to find herself flying as Carmella shoves Morgan off the top rope--and right out to the huddled group of Lynch, Asuka and Bliss, wiping them all out and sending us to another break. When we return, Lynch sends Bliss out of hte ring.

Morgan enters and hits a middle-rope shotgun dropkick on Lynch and screams in rage, then hits an interesting counter that slams Lynch's face into the canvas yet again. Morgan covers for a close two. Lynch lures Morgan into the corner and attempts a dirty pin, then climbs the ropes--only to be attacked by Carmella! Mella smacks Morgan then uses a handstand to flips Lynch down and onto Morgan, attempting a cover! Asuka dives in and makes the save, barely. Asuka and Carmella clash, with Carmella screaming and shrieking like the old days as she taunts Asuka--and again when Asuka slaps on the Asuka-Lock! Bliss makes the save with double knees, but Lynch sends her out of the ring. Asuka attempts an Asuka-Lock on Lynch, but Liv Morgan drops Asuka with a dropkick. Lynch sends Morgan out of the ring and Asuka attempts an inside cradle on Asuka as Morgan climbs the ropes!

Lynch with a Manhandle slam on Asuka but Bliss follows it up with a Twisted Bliss on both! Bliss covers but Morgan makes the save! Bliss is taken out by Lynch, as is Asuka. Morgan and Lynch clash but Morgan fails to take out Lynch with a knee strike. Lynch with a Manhandle on Morgan! Asuka battles Lynch to the outside and Bliss dispatches them both. Bliss looks for a Twisted Bliss but Morgan gets her knees up! Bliss rolls out of the ring. Morgan hops up and right into a Superkick from Carmella, who picks up the win.
Your Winner and NEW Number-One Women's Contender, Carmella!

Backstage: WWE Official Adam Pearce and "Big Time Begs" Becky Lynch

We bookend a commercial break with Lynch complaining to Scrap Daddy, upset about not winning. Pearce reminds her that she did originally have a qualifying match scheduled, and we'll have that tonight. She's upset about that when...

Out Comes Vince McMahon!

The Old Man himself is in the house and comes out to a great pop. "Tonight marks the one-thousand, five-hundred seventeenth edition of Raw...which continues to make it the longest running episodic show in history. And for that, I say thank you! Raw's been on the air for almost thirty years. Twenty of those thirty years have been dominated by the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. That man makes his return to Raw live here next week...Mister Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, John Cena!" The crowd pops and VKM leaves, once again showing everyone he can do what he wants.

Riddle Addresses Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Omos

Riddle again paid tribute to the injured Orton with his now-usual bit about Randy hopefully able to return, et cetera. He then pivots to having found a legal loophole to get around that whole "can't challenge Roman Reigns again" stipulation he's stuck with after losing to Roman barely 72 hours ago. He's determined to win the Money in the Bank, allowing him to cash in on Roman. He addresses Seth Rollins and states he doesn't appreciate Rollins hitting "my boy Cody" with a sledgehammer in the chest, so Riddle is eager to hit Rollins in the back with a ladder. Omos & MVP make their way out, threatening Riddle. MVP jokes about Riddle getting high from Omos throwing him around, and Riddle stated he's gonna get high with the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment. We head to break.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Riddle vs Omos

We return and this match gets under way with Riddle firing off some marginal offense, at best. Omos then essentially squashes Riddle, some what literally with a series of brutal bear hugs. Riddle attempts another spurt of offense but Omos shuts it down after shoving off an RKO attempt. After the match, MVP orders Omos to again two-hand chokeslam Riddle down. Riddle is definitely selling the "injured ribs" from Friday's match against Roman Reigns.
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Omos!

Seth Rollins Comes On Down

Rollins dances down the ramp to the ring in his pink suit as the fans sing his theme, grinning as a very, very, very sweaty Riddle rolls in pain in the ring, attempting to get to at least a seated position. He attacks Riddle, sends him out of the ring, and gets on the mic. Rollins mocks Riddle for being a "loser," in that he lost his bestie Randy Orton, he lost against Roman Reigns last week, and he lost his Money in the Bank qualifier tonight. Seth claims only one man has Roman's number and it's he--the Architect. He states Roman's been dodging him since he "emotionally dismantled him at the Royal Rumble." He then states he'll win and Roman can run but Seth will fall him and if we thought his first cash-in was something, then we've seen nothing yet. Riddle attacks! But Rollins immediately lays him out with the Stomp. Tough night for the Bro.

United States Champion Theory Makes His Entrance

It's not a match, and it's not a pose-off...what is it? We'll find out after this word from their sponsors! We return to find Theory standing on a podium, set up in the ring, with his belt at his feet. He's on a headset mic. He's apparently worked the crowd up a bit during the commercial break as Theory's got a hot one, compared to earlier. Theory mocks beating Lashley's "physique" then talks about John Cena's appearance next week. He mocks Cena, paving the way for that rumored Cena vs Theory SummerSlam match. Theory calls the crowd losers, yells at them to shut up, and holds an "invitational Theory pose-down." He yells for people to shut up as he puts oil on. He then does a series of poses with a spotlight on him. When he goes for the third one, he claims its his--and the crowd's--favorite. He stars to hear cheers and mistakes the crowd's enthusiasm for Bobby Lashley appearing behind him as support. He flexes Hulk-style then goes to pose for a selfie. In it, he notices Lashley behind him. Lashley blinds Theory with the bottle of oil, just as Theory did to him last week, and spears Theory! Lashley reiterates his goal to recapture the US title.

Catching Upon on the Judgment Day

We get clips from two weeks ago when Finn joined TJD and then led the group in turning on Edge. We're treated to clips of them throwing Edge through the commentary table and using a steel bar to apply a crossface before putting the Hall of Famer out with a con-chair-to. We're reminded Edge is out indefinitely due to injury.

Singles Match: Jey Uso w/ Jimmy vs Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford

The WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions are out as Angelo Dawkins is set to take on Jey; Montez Ford took on Jimmy last week, and these two teams will face off at Money in the Bank for the Undisputed Tag titles. We head to break! When we return, Angelo and Jey go back and forth. Highlights include an Enziguri from the future Hall of Famer Dawkins that lays out Jey. Jey rallies and sends us off to yet another break. When we return, Dawkins starts his comeback sequence, firing off big ham-hock rights that batter the tag champ. Jey attempts to shut it down but Dawkins hits a beautiful corkscrew elbow to lay out Jey once again! Dawkins covers, garnering a close fall. Jey uses a missed splash from Dawkins to connect with a back drop cutter for a close cover. Dawkins bulldozes a charging Uso, hits a double-underhook neckbreaker and nearly picks up the win yet again. Dawkins eats a Superkick, setting up an Uso Splash--but Dawkins counters with a sit-out powerbomb to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Angelo Dawkins!

It's Time to Walk With Elias & Ezekiel!

We cut to a room set up backstage, containing both Elias and Ezekiel! Elias strums his acoustic guitar and the two share fond memories. Zeke catches Elias up about his rookie year, and Elias approves of what he's seen and approves of the "Speak with Zeke" slogan. Elias states he's excited to play in front of Nebraska, and is honored in fact, despite having said bad things about towns like this in the past. Elias and Ezekiel part ways--the concert is up next! We return to the ring, where Elias is set up! Elias thanks Nebraska for welcoming him back and reminds us of the universal truth--that WWE stands for Walk With Elias! Kevin Owens comes out, calling Elias a liar and yelling at him. Ezekiel appears on the tron and states KO is wrong. Elias leads the crowd in singing "KO is a liar." Owens yells for Elias to stop then rips his guitar away, throwing it out of the ring. Elias drops KO with a jumping knee to the jaw then smashes an acoustic over the back of KO's head to a great pop. And with that, Elias leaves us once again. He thanks the audience, bids adieu and leaves us once again.

Backstage: Kevin Owens Limps upon Ezekiel

Kevin Owens limps backstage and along the halls until Jonathan walks up to ask if KO's convinced. KO states he's not convinced as it's probably a glued-on beard with a pre-recorded video. All KO knows is his back is killing him and next week he's challenging "Elias, Ezekiel, or their even younger brother we haven't met, Elrod--"...and he's interrupted by Ezekiel, who walks up clean-shaven and accepts! KO hits his face on the table and frustratedly yells "Elrod!"

Mystery Gauntlet Match: Bobby Lashley vs Three As-Yet-Unnamed Superstars

"The All Mighty" Bobby Lashley comes out and we're informed he'll face three mystery opponents. If Lashley wins, he'll face Theory for the US title at MitB. If he loses, none of these competitors become the contender. It's Lashley's shot only. We head to break! When we return, the first competitor is announced--Chad Gable, accompanied by Otis! He a-thanks-yew and the ref calls for the bell!

Gable looks for a rear waistlock but Lashley performs a standing switch and transitions to a side headlock. Graves comments Lashley is showing respect to Gable by changing from his usual "smash-mouth style" to a technical play-set. Lashley definitely does just that, reminding us of his amateur wrestling background as he and Gable jockey repeatedly for control with varying locks. Gable moves almost as fluid as water as he flips and twists out of Lashley's locks, but he makes a fatal error when he smacks Lashley and yells for him to Shoosh. Lashley drops Gable with an impressive technical combo, slaps Gable, and yells "shoosh" at Gable! Lashley sends Gable flying off the apron with a charging forearm, sending Gable crashing into the commentary table. Lashley continues to dismantle Gable at the ringside area, smashing him into the barricade and ramming Gable's face into the ring-post with a sickening thud. Gable staggers to the apron and eats a lengthy Stalling Brainbuster Suplex as Lashley goes a little bit old school, holding Gable single-armed in it and waving for the crowd to encourage him on as he must surpass twenty seconds, surely! Gable is slammed and recovers in time to use a drop-toehold to trip up Lashley mid-spear! Gable slaps on the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring and the ref checks on Lashley! Lashley is in the lock for about a minute before he finally manages to escape. Gable impresses, running Lashley over with a shoulder block and hitting a beautiful Moonsault off the top rope for a near fall! Gable is definitely impressive tonight. Gable stalks Lashley, threatening a German Suplex, but Lashley uses a standing switch to execute a suplex toss! Lashley slaps the Hurt Lock on but Gable with a standing switch, followed by one by Lashley! Lashley gets the Hurt Lock on and Gable taps!

Chad Gable has been eliminated! 9:57-10:03pm EST.
Otis attacks Lashley after the match, beating Bobby in and out of the ring. There's a bit of confusion as Otis seems to become the next challenger, unannounced, and beats Lashley around the ringside area before and after a break. Otis misses on a corner splash and Lashley its a beautiful inverted Urinage to rock the big man. Otis, having maintained control from the get-go, falls prey to a Hurt Lock just like Gable. Lashley took a few tries and a lot of struggling but, ultimately, was able to lock it on the tree-trunk of a man. Chad Gable ends up "making the save" by attacking Lashley, causing a DQ victory for Lashley. The Alpha Academy spend a few moments beating down the All Mighty one. And it looks like the third opponent is...

Otis has been Eliminated! 10:03-10:11pm EST.

United States Champion Theory is out last! Theory hopes to take advantage of a weakened Lashley. Lashley fights back early on, taking Theory to the ropes. Theory uses a rolling cutter to rock Lashley and attempts an A-Town Down--only to have Lashley roll him up in an inside cradle and secure the win and the title shot!

Theory has been Eliminated! 10:12-10:13pm EST. Your Winner and NEW United States Championship Contender, Bobby Lashley!

Miz TV, featuring "the Phenomenal" AJ Styles

The Miz came to play as he makes his way out to the ring ahead of this break. The Miz does his usual heel bit, addressing Cody Rhodes, AJ Styles' defense of Cody, and insults Cena ahead of the "Cena-bration" next week to honor John Cena's 20th anniversary. Styles gets under the Miz's skin, causing the A-Lister to lash out at Styles after criticizing the size of the Miz's cajones. The Miz attempts to get Styles to lose his cool but Styles refuses to give in. Styles laments not being in the Money in the Bank ladder match, but takes responsibility. Styles takes responsibility for his recent misgivings that the Miz wanted to criticize. Styles states that when he gets disrespected, he doesn't run his mouth off, he--and he slugs the Miz! Ciampa attacks Styles out of nowhere and sends us to break!

Singles Match: AJ Styles vs Ciampa

We return from break and this match has been made official and the Miz is on commentary, where Corey Graves proceeds to gush over the Miz and his "hit" show. Ciampa and Styles keep the match short but fast-paced as both veterans make the best of their few minutes allotted. Ciampa uses stiff running knees to nearly pick up the win from Styles. Styles rallies with his Phenomenal Combo, followed by an old school Ushi Garoshi to get a spurt of offense in. Ciampa attempts to rally but Styles hangs in there and uses a Phenomenal Forearm to finish off the NXT Original. The Miz looks for a cheap shot afterwards but is caught by Styles who hits a Styles Clash on the Miz before jacking his shades.
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

Money in the Bank Qualifying Main Event Match: Asuka vs Becky Lynch

Lynch and Asuka start off our main event, going back and forth as the duo battle in the ring and along the apron. Asuka delivers a hip attack that sends Lynch crashing to the floor as she seeks to establish some momentum. Asuka follows Lynch outside and walks into a kick to the gut as Lynch, instead, takes control. Lynch climbs the turnbuckles and eats a slap from Asuka, but counters a Superplex attempt with shots to the ribs, dropping the Empress of Tomorrow to the mat. Asuka looks to follow it up with a jumping strike but instead etas a running Meteora, followed by the Asuka Kicks. Lynch counters, however, and counters an Asuka hop onto the turnbuckles with a big forearm smash that sends her crashing to the floor. Lynch grins and we head to the final break of the night.

We return and both veterans go back and forth, putting on as stellar a match as you'd expect from the two frequent foes. Lynch looks for an Asuka Lock on Asuka; Asuka counters with an ankle lock. Lynch nearly secures the win off a Manhandle slam. Asuka applies an Asuka Lock on the apron, using the ropes to inflict more pain to Lynch as the ref counts a warning! Asuka chases it with a missile dropkick and another near fall. Asuka and Lynch battle on the apron and Asuka attempts an apron bomb but Becs catches Asuka with a leg drop across the throat on the apron! Lynch looks for a running apron attack but catches a knee to the jaw for her effort and both women are down as the ref counts! The ref gets to nine and both women roll into the ring just in time. Both women battle from a prone position, to their knees, to their feet. Lynch looks for a Manhandle but modifies it into a pin attempt. Lynch looks for the Dis-Arm-Her but Asuka breaks free and clocks Lynch with a roundhouse, covering and picking up the win! After the match, Lynch rages at ringside and has a temper-tantrum (but does not walk-off Raw). We get a very lengthy post-match look at a sad, despondent Lynch. Weird.
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Asuka!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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