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WWE Friday Night SmackDown [6/10/2022] Results

Posted By: Guy Incognito on Jun 10, 2022

WWE Friday Night SmackDown [6/10/2022] Results

Tonight's WWE Friday Night SmackDown is in the can. Here are your results for June 10th, 2022: courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan @ RAJAH.com.

Welcome to SmackDown!

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to Baton Rouge and run down our card tonight. Ricochet defends his Intercontinental Championship against Gunter; we'll have some Money in the Bank Qualifying matches tonight; and in a special-stipulation match, Riddle faces Sami Zayn. If Zayn wins, Riddle is barred from SmackDown. If Riddle wins, he'll face Roman Reigns next week for the Undisputed Championship.

False Start: Drew McIntyre, Five Yard Penalty

We get Drew's music and cut to the Gorilla, where Drew has a brief encounter with Pete Dunne. Finally his music plays and he starts his entrance proper.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus

Drew's entrance is followed next by the "found of Fight Night," Sheamus, escorted by Butch. Sheamus attempts to get the jump on Drew right out of the bell, but Drew battles back in the corner. Sheamus looks for a whip but McIntyre counters with a clothesline before taking Sheamus into the corner. Drew chops away at the Celtic Warrior's creamy pecs. Sheamus runs McIntyre over with a shoulder but a second attempt sees Drew using a Michinoku Driver to nearly pick up the win over Sheamus. Drew and Sheamus battle at the ropes, and Sheamus sets up McIntyre for the Ten Beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus gets about four of them off before McIntyre reverses it and fires off a speedy, inverted Ten Beats of the Bodhran to Sheamus, punishing him with rapid-fire forearms. Butch distracts McIntyre and Sheamus uses it to hit the White Noise on McIntyre on the apron, sending us to a break!
When we return, Sheamus lays out McIntyre with an Alabama Slam as McAfee attempts to, I'm not sure...wax poetic about the irony of an Alabama Slam done in Louisiana. McIntyre mercifully begins his comeback sequence, using belly-to-belly's to keep Sheamus airborne. McIntyre kips up and looks for a Future Shock but Sheamus catches him with an elbow.l McIntyre counters with a spinebuster and a jackknife cover for ac lose two. Drew pauses to dramatically stare at the two hanging MitB briefcases above the ring. Sheamus uses a Future Shock to lay out McIntyre with his own move and covers for a two. Sheamus takes his time approaching, then ascending, the corner, giving McIntyre ample time to recover. Drew chops Sheamus then throws punches, climbing up the middle turnbuckles. Drew hoists Sheamus up and hits a middle-rope White Noise, taking a page out of Sheamus' playbook! Drew picks up a close two.
Drew sets up for a Claymore but Sheamus intercepts McIntyre first, hitting a leaping knee right to Drew's jaw! A very, very, very sweaty Sheamus posts up in the corner and rips off a Celtic battle cry, announcing his move in plenty of time for Drew McIntyre to counter the Brogue Kick with a Powerbomb! Both men are slow to rise and Sheamus hits a Claymore on McIntyre! Sheamus climbs the turnbuckles and dives to the outside, dropping Drew with an axe handle. Both men spar in front of the commentary team, with Drew and Sheamus dumping over into the timekeeper's area. Both mean grab chairs and both hit each other with the chairs simultaneously! The ref calls for the bell. Both men continue to brawl as Cole asks the question you're all thinking--did anyone even qualify? We go to break.
Your Result, Double Disqualification!

The Brawl Continues...

When we return from break, Drew and Sheamus are still brawling around the ringside area. A small army of officials are out, futilely attempting to break the brawl up. Butch attempts to get involved but is quickly restrained. The refs finally separate both Superstars in the crowd, with Drew retreating to the ringside area as Sheamus posts up on the steps in the audience. Both men stand there staring it down and we cut to Pat and Cole as Drew and Sheamus are separated off camera. Okay.

Cody Rhodes Injury Update

Cole & McAfee mention Rhodes underwent successful surgery and will be out of action about nine months.

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with Lacey Evans

Evans is wearing new camo-based ring gear in urban camo colors. Evans is still in that "tweener" phase of heel/face. She looks forward to the challenge of Xia Li after her issues with her dad, and speaks of how she overcame adversity to become a marine and mom, etc etc etc.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Lacey Evans vs Xia Li

Evans and Li make their entrance and this match is finally under way. Xia Li actually gets booed, for little bit of a crowd reaction she gets. Nice Mortal Kombat/Raiden-inspired entrance, though. Xia Li takes control early and uses a working hold to bring the pace to a crawl. Evans weathers it for about a minute then fires things up, picking up the pace. Evans with a Pendulum Bronco Buster for a close cover. Evans gets a lil' bit of a pop when she gets her offense in but the Baton Rouge crowd isn't very...spicy. Suddenly Xia Li charges Evans and eats the Woman's Right, knocking her out cold and giving Evans the win.
Your Winner and Advancing to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Lacey Evans!


SmackDown Women's Champion Ronda Rousey Addresses the WWE Universe

Rousey makes her way out as we're shown clips from last week, when Rousey confronted her new number one contender Natalya. We're promised to hear from Ronda after these words from their sponsors. When we return, Ronda cuts a short promo on her future opponent, Natalya, and criticizes her use of a "watered-down" version of the Sharpshooter whereas Ronda uses a perfect replica of her mommy's world-famous arm-bar. Shotzi interrupts her and challenges Ronda to a match tonight.

SmackDown Championship Match: Ronda Rousey(c) vs Shotzi

After the break, we return to a short match. Shotzi takes a few long moments in control until she upsets Rousey. Rousey mounts a short comeback during which she fires off her Rousey combo, hits a rolling Piper's Pit and taps Shotzi out in her arm bar. After the match, Natalya attacks Rouse and slaps the Sharpshooter on the champ.
Your Winner, Ronda Rousey!


Backstage Interview: Riddle

Riddle is asked about the "pressure" of his match with Zayn tonight. Riddle reminds us this is all for Orton and all he has to do is beat "that twerp Sami Zayn"--then Riddle can get his hands on the Tribal Chief and his Undisputed Championship.

Admire Your Ring General...

Ludwig Kaiser is on the mic at the top of the stage and demands we admire our tribal ring general. Out comes Gunther as the red-clad remnants of what once was a great faction sadly makes a mockery of itself on live television.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Ricochet(c) vs Gunther w/ Ludwig Kaiser

Gunther and Kaiser stand at attention, sending us to a break. Finally the champ's out and we get our introductions. Gunther starts off with a side headlock and whips Ricochet through the air with it. Ricochet runs off the ropes and clashes into Gunther, then fires off forearms and kicks but Gunther doesn't budge. Ricochet attempts to use his agility but Gunther chops him to hell. Gunther hoists up Ricochet and lays him across the ropes in the corner, then climbs the turnbuckles. Gunter pushes Ricochet's neck and spine in differing directions and sends the champ crashing to the outside as we head to break! When we return, Cole informs us that Gunther maintained control throughout the break. Ricochet looks to fight back as we come back but Gunther nearly kicks his head off his shoulders. Ricochet with a desperate sunset flip counter to a Powerbomb attempt, nearly securing the win. Both men rise and Ricochet unloads into Gunther.
Gunther absorbs the kicks from Ricochet until a headscissors sends him into the corner. Ricochet spears Gunther's midsection then looks for a springboard strike. Gunter catches ricochet and slaps a Sleeper on him! Ricochet counters with a neck whip. Gunther looks for a German Suplex but Ricochet floats over and hits a rising knee to Gunter. Gunther fires back with a huge clothesline from hell that spins Ricochet 360 degrees. Ricochet finds himself at the mercy of the challenger as Gunter attempts to use the ropes to work down the champ. Ludwig distracts the champ briefly but Ricochet doesn't let it stop him, using a Standing Shooting star Press to nearly secure the win yet again! Ricochet with a low-angle kick to the chin; Ricochet climbs the turnbuckles and looks for his 630 but Gunther's to his feet. Ricochet with a shotgun dropkick; Gunther pops up and hits a shotgun dropkick of his own! Gunther with a Powerbomb and cover and we've got a new champ!
Your Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion, the artist formerly known as WALTER, Gunther!

Backstage: Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn

Heyman approaches Sami backstage and tells Zayn that if Zayn wins tonight, he'll "give" Heyman "the ammunition" he needs to get Zayn into the Bloodline. However, if Zayn loses...and the threat is left unsaid as Zayn's music plays.

Singles Main Event Match: Riddle vs Sami Zayn

Stipulation: if Riddle wins, he'll face Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Championship next week on SmackDown; if Zayn wins, Riddle is barred from SmackDown. After ten minutes of time filler, we finally get Riddle's entrance ahead of our main event...and get sent to the third consecutive commercial since Zayn's entrance. Finally things get under way. Riddle battlers Zayn inside the ring and out as Zayn attempts to escape. Riddle takes Zayn back into the ring and uses a gut-wrench suplex, then another deadlift gut-wrench, to drive Zayn down. Riddle attempts a few quick covers. Heyman joins commentary. Riddle chops Zayn on the ropes and whips him, but Zayn quickly ducks out of the ring. When Riddle pursues, Zayn catches him with a clothesline.
Zayn slams Riddle's face into the desk and takes it back into the ring, covering for two. Zayn again goes for an immediate cover, only garnering two yet again. Zayn uses a headlock to work on Riddle's neck. The crowd starts to show a smidge of life with a weak Riddle chant. Riddle escapes Zayn and uses a Pele to send Zayn back into the corner. Riddle hits a pair of running forearms to Zayn and follows it up with a running knee to Zayn, covering for two. Heyman takes exception with Cole insinuating Riddle could possibly defeat Reigns next week. Riddle and Zayn clash again, with Sami sending Riddle crashing down to the barricade. We head to break!
We return to find Zayn still in control; Sami uses a Brainbuster on Riddle but only picks up a two. Zayn takes it to the outside and sends Riddle's face into the ring post not once, but twice. Zayn leaves Riddle down at the commentary table and enters the ring. Referee Charles Robinson starts to count, but Riddle slides in right as Lil' Naitch hits nine! Riddle and Zayn battle in the corner as Riddle calls for a Super RKO. Zayn shoves him off and dives but Riddle catches him with a GTS in the face! Riddle covers but Zayn barely gets the shoulder up right at three! Zayn looks to add some insult to injury by hitting the Spike DDT to Riddle! Heyman yells for Zayn to cover Riddle repeatedly.
Instead, Zayn chooses to continue to mock Orton, calling for an RKO. Riddle fires up and takes it to Sami, battering him out of the ring and chasing him with a Floating Bro to the outside! They go back inside and Riddle catches Sami on a rope rebound with an Orton spinning snap powerslam! Riddle positions Zayn and hits the Spike DDT! Draping DDT, whatever you wanna call it, Cole--it's the Spike DDT. Riddle calls for an RKO and goes for it but Zayn counters with a Blue Thunder-bomb! Zayn nearly picks up the win! Heyman yells for Sami to stay on him and cover him again. Heyman nearly falls victim tot he Bro Derek. Zayn catches Riddle with an Exploder Suplex into the corner and looks for the Helluva Kick--
--but Riddle catches him with an RKO out of nowhere and covers! Riddle's got a title shot!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Riddle!

Next Week: Roman Reigns vs Riddle for the Undisputed WWE Championship!

With the win, Riddle secures the match--next week!

After the Match: Riddle Faces the Bloodline

Jimmy & Jey Uso attack Riddle. Riddle weathers it and fights the Undisputed Tag Team Champions off, clearing the ring. Riddle holds up The Ones finger gesture and taunts the Usos as Cole and McAfee hype next week's huge title match, live on SmackDown. Riddle yells into the camera that he's coming for Roman and his title.

In Closing

And that, folks, is a wrap. Have a great weekend, stay cool in this crazy heat, stay frosty in this crazy world, and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

Source: rajah.com
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