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WWE NXT 2.0. Results (6/7/2022)

Posted By: Guy Incognito on Jun 07, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0. Results (6/7/2022)

Here are your WWE NXT 2.0. results for June 7th, 2022: courtesy of Mike Hogan from RAJAH.com

NEW North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams Address the NXT Universe

The A-Champion is back! The crowd is about 60-40 boos-cheers. Barret sings Hayes praises as the "a champ" and is glad Hayes is our two-time NA champ. Melo poses and soaks in the heat and love before hopping on the mic. Trick attempts to fire up the crowd and asks them to show some love for their two-time champ. The crowd mostly boos and Hayes takes it all in, thanking them for the love. Melo states he is the gold, and continues as the crowd boos. "Melo don't chase dreams; dreams chase Melo. And honestly, I'm what all you people aspire to be. As I look around in this crowd and I see some of you scrubs in here, haha, you wish you could do what I do...I bet every time you shot your shot you missed. You'll never be me. I'm standing at the top of my accomplishments while y'all losers are reaching, reaching for your goals. You could never be me. SO I tell ya that to tell ya this. I am the most illustrious North American Champion in history and let's be honest, y'all, I got right now!" And then he's interrupted by who has next, Solo Sikoa!

Solo Sikoa and Grayson Waller Confront Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes!

Solo comes out to chants from the crowd, reminding him he's next. He cuts a promo on Hayes until Grayson Waller comes out. He mocks Solo Sikoa, stating he doesn't care who his family are and says Solo's alone. Solo tells him to shut the hell up because he's never alone as he's got the NXT Universe. He tells them if they wanna fight, they should, then attacks Melo! Melo, Trick and Waller are too much for the solo Uce to contend with and after a few comments, he succumbs to their attack. The three heels leave, talking smack, as officials send them off.


Singles Match: Von Wagner vs Josh Briggs

Briggs is out, and Wagner's joined by Robert Stone. It's a short match that sees Briggs swinging out of the proverbial gate. Briggs attempts to batter Wagner in the corner and along the ropes but Wagner powers out of it and starts a short spurt of dominance. Tatum Paxley and Briggs' tag partner, the injured Jensen, cause a distraction that allows Briggs to sucker strike Wagner and pick up the upset win!
Your Winner, Josh Briggs!

Singles Match: Nathan Frazer vs Santos Escobar w/ the D'Angelo Family

Nathan's out first to a great welcome from the NXT Universe. Tony D'Angelo ordered Santos Escobar, in a segment from earlier this afternoon, to get ready for this match. For those who missed In Your House, Tony D'Angelo's faction defeated Legado Del Fantasma. LDF now report to Tony D, the Don of NXT. We head to break. When we return, Tony D'Angelo, Stacks, 2 Dimes, Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde, Santos Escobar and Elektra are out--they are the newly-christened (for tonight, at least) the D'Angelo Family. We get the bell and Tony D joins the commentary team. Santos and Frazer quickly go technical, looking for a commanding control on each other. Tony D tells them this is "boring" and tells Santos to do something else. The two change from a technical playbook to a lucha-friendly one. Frazer uses a wicked headscissors takedown to send Escobar flying. Escobar heads to the outside of the ring and side-steps a possible Suicide Dive, causing Frazer to put on the breaks. Vic Joseph asks Tony D what he "just slipped in Wade Barret's pocket" and Tony tells him to mind his own business, haha. Escobar and Frazer clash at the ringside. The crowd might not like his boss, but they still love el jefe as he hits a beautiful suicide strike through the corner ropes! The crowd starts to chant "Legado" and Tony D yells at them to stop. We head to break as Escobar begins focusing in on Frazer's back. Throughout the break, Escobar maintains complete control. Any offensive effort by Frazer is shut down immediately. Escobar uses working holds to ground the agile and speedy Nathan.
When we return from break, Escobar uses a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to get a close cover. Frazer attempts to fight back but Escobar maintains control. Escobar slaps on a beautiful surfboard stretch submission and holds Frazer in it a lengthy time. Impressive escape by Frazer, though, as he manages sit up in the hold! Escobar drops him down and attempts a cover. The crowd chants "one more time." Escobar slaps a Boston Crab on Frazer but the NXT UK veteran manages to reach the ropes for a break. Throughout the match, Santos and Tony yell at each other as Santos isn't so fond of Tony's coaching. Frazer starts his comeback sequence, and both lightweights run off the ropes. A cross-body mid-air collision at ninety miles per hour lays both men out and the crowd rips off some more love for the two! The two battle and Frazer is sent flying out of the ring. Escobar uses a beautiful ripcord revolution knee to stun Frazer! One of Tony D's goons slips a crowbar into the ring and the crowd chants for Escobar to not use it. He refuses to but this causes enough of a distraction to allow Nathan Frazer to steal the win!


Raise the Woof: NXT Champion Bron Breakker Addresses the NXT Universe

The champ is in the house and the crowd welcomes him back. He addresses his match with Gacy a few nights back, then segways to praise NXT itself as being a special place. The crowd agrees with an NXT chant. He states then that everyone wants a piece of him and he asks who's next? And it's...Apollooooooo!

Apollo Crews Confronts the Champ!

Breakker and the crowd all light up when we hear Crews' name! Breakker can't help but hide his smile as the former United States Champion and former Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring. The crowd shows him tons of love. He comes out in jeans, a black tee and black leather jacket. Crews lost his accent! Apollo praises the NXT universe and they welcome him home loudly. He congratulates Breakker--and throughout this entire bit, the crowd constantly chants things like "welcome back" and "we miss you" and such. Crews praises Breakker for being one of the best athletes in the entirety of the WWE. Crews states he left NXT too soon the first time, and he left a lot of things unaccomplished on the table. "But I am back to correct history. I am back to change history. Apollo Crews is back to make history! Brother, i envision that someday sooner rather than later, you and I will be making some history together. Until that day? I'll see ya down the road, champ!" Breakker seems excited at the prospect and both men shake hands in respect to end the segment!


Joe Gacy's "the Dyad" to Debut Next Week

WE get a vignette showing Gacy and his two disciples in the back. He praises them for clearing their minds and opening their hearts to him, and states they've made great strides towards shaping the world "by maximizing our exposure on the platform we have each and every week. Our message is far more important than any worldly possessions or symbols. But now...now we can focus on your progression. Forget what you've been called, you are...the Dyad and you will continue to be an extension of me when you compete in a ring for the very first time.

NXT Women's Breakout Tournament Finals: Roxanne Perez vs Tiffany Stratton

The winner of this match will get a future title shot (this is the NXT version of Money in the Bank). Tiff is out first, Roxy second. Roxanne is the obvious crowd favorite. We get our introductions and the historic match is now off! The NXT Universe confirms their bipolar nature by using loud dueling chants for both Roxy and Tiffany. Both women lock up and Tiffany strikes first with a takedown, but her cover doesn't even get a one. Stratton shows off some agility but Perez is having none of is and sends Stratton flying with a headscissors. Stratton lands on her feet, starts to pat herself for the effort, and immediately takes a basement dropkick to the knees! Roxy stomps Tiff's foot then slaps on a wrist lock and uses it to work Stratton's shoulder. We get an official announcement--Solo Sikoa vs Grayson Waller & Carmelo Hayes later tonight. Stratton slows the pace considerably as she resorts to working holds to ground Perez. The bipolar crowd again starts off loud dueling chants as Perez makes her comeback. We head to break and when we come back, Stratton is firmly in control. Stratton impresses as a rookie wrestler. Highlights include a suicide dive from Roxy, a sit-out powerbomb from Stratton that nearly sealed the deal--and the Moonsault that Stratton missed, setting up Roxanne Perez's Pop Rox finisher! Roxy is hugged by her friend Cora Jade afterwards and presented with the contract. And then...
Your Winner, Roxanne Perez!

Toxic Attraction Come Out to Congratulate Roxanne Perez

For about the fifth time tonight, someone references Perez's past need of public transportation. It's almost as if riding a bus is a foreign concept. Any who, Rose and Toxic Attraction make their way down to the ring with Rose on the mic. Rose congratulates Perez for her win, then tells her, essentially, shit just got real and blatantly states "Roxanne, fi you challenge me, you will fail. I mean, just ask your best friend Cora Jade. She not only had one opportunity, but she had two and failed both times. SO this title isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And you," she turns to Jade, "If you think your little skateboarding act--" Rose is cut off as Roxanne decks her! Cora and Roxanne are joined by Indi Hartwell, and the trio chase off the champs!

Backstage: Chase University

We cut to the back, where Vic Joseph informs us that Chase University are in a fit as someone attacked Bodhi Hayward. Chase U swarm him and ask what happened, and we're sent off to break. The game's afoot, Rajahmaniacs.

Tag Team Match: Pretty Deadly vs Chase University

Bodhi, injured from the pre-commercial ambush, is unable to help Andre out. Andrew essentially fights a two-on-one match. At one point, Thea Hail hits the apron and attempts to be tagged in to help out Andre. She slaps a member of Pretty Deadly but it's not enough, and the duo pick up the (essentially handicapped) win.
Your Winners, Pretty Deadly!

Backstage: the D'Angelo Family and Carmelo Hayes with Trick Williams

Tony and Melo exchange words backstage. Tony warns Carmelo to stay out of his way and Trick tells Tony that D'Angelo may be the Don of NXT but Carmelo is the "Sun of NXT." Tony calls him "son," and Melo takes offense. Okay.


Singles Match: Alba Fyre vs Tatum Paxley

After a break, we return and get this match under way. Paxley is looking a little less country than as of late. Tatum looks for a cover early but gets nothing. Fyre uses a standing switch to take Tatum down, using a Crucifix pin attempt for a close two early on. The match goes back and forth--as does the hot NXT crowd, showing love for both women--with Fyre taking control for the bulk of the middle of the, admittedly, short match. Fyre hits a perfect Gory Bomb and follows it up with a Fyre Bomb (top rope modified Senton) to pick up the win! After the match, Lash Legend attacks Alba.
Your Winner, Alba Fyre!

Backstage: the Diamond Mine

Roddy Strong confronts the Creed Brothers and praises them for their performance at In Your House and congratulates them for winning the NXT Tag Team titles. Edris Enofé & Malik Blade walk up and congratulate the new champs. They then ask the champs for a tag title match. Both teams are down for the friendly competition and hug it out. The Creed Brothers agree to put the titles on the line next week against Edris Enofé & Malik Blade. After the challengers walk off, Strong switches from praise to chastising the champs for just giving away title shots. He states this is the one mistake he'll "allow" them to make as champs.

Two-on-One Handicapped Main Event Match: Solo Sikoa vs Carmelo Hayes & Grayson Waller w/ Trick Williams

Hayes, Williams and Waller are all out together, followed by Solo Sikoa. The three attempt to jump him early on but Apollo Crews makes his way down...and joins the match.
Match Changed

Tag Team Main Event Match: Apollo Crews & Solo Sikoa vs Carmelo Hayes & Grayson Waller w/ Trick Williams

The ref's allowing it and this is now a tag match. Crews shows off some truly impressive core strength by hoisting Waller up in a thirty-second, yes the crowd even counted to thirty, stalling suplex! Solo and Apollo work together well, utilizing frequent tags to take it to Waller. Waller gains enough separation with a back elbow to tag in Hayes. Crews is caught off-guard as he failed to see the tag, and Hayes uses a speedy tilt-a-whirl arm drag to drop Crews. Hayes and Waller begin cutting the ring in half, isolating Crews away from Solo for a lengthy period. Crews takes the beating for a few minutes, sending us into commercials for the final time tonight. Crews uses a side headlock to take control of Waller and cranks the neck. Waller uses an Irish Whip to attempt to gain separation but Crews runs him over and brings in the fresh Solo Sikoa!
Solo takes a commanding lead for four minutes, battering Hayes and Waller both. Waller eventually takes control back and hits his leaping basketball elbow drop for a close cover. We hit overrun territory right as Carmelo looks for a springboard elbow drop--but Sikoa moves! Solo with a big right chop that drops Hayes; Hayes fires back an attack to Solo and tags in Waller. Waller and Hayes double-team Solo Sikoa, and Hayes exits the ring holding his mouth where Solo smacked the shit out of him. Waller uses a headlock to hold Solo in place for several knee strikes. Waller looks for a Crossface Crippler and locks it on, but Solo manages to scratch and crawl his way to the ropes for the break. Waller desperately attempts to stop Sikoa from tagging in Crews; Solo backs Waller up and Waller accidentally bumps Hayes off the apron.
Crews gets the hot tag and takes down Waller, then attacks a recovering Hayes. Crews with multiple German Suplexes to both Hayes and Waller! The crowd chants "suplex city" for Crews as he uses leaping forearms and elbows to continue to batter Waller! Crews with a standing moonsault for a close two, but Hayes dives in to make the save. Waller and Crews go back and forth until Waller looks for his rolling cutter finisher--but Crews catches him in midair, slams him down with a Powerslam and picks up the win!
Your Winners, Solo Sikoa and Apollo Crews!

In Closing

Thanks, Rajahmanics, for stopping by and visiting a spell with us! What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!


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