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AEW Dynamite Results – June 2, 2022

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Jun 01, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results – June 2, 2022

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for another episode of AEW Dynamite and it’s our first look at AEW since CM Punk won the championship at Double or Nothing! Of course, that’s not the only story coming out of Sunday’s PPV and tonight we’ll hear from MJF and see plenty of stars from Sunday back in action. AEW is in Los Angeles tonight and I believe this is their first Dynamite in California, where many of their stars are from. With the stage set, let’s not waste any more time. With Excalibur, JR & Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight into the action.

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) & CM Punk defeated Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn) & Max Caster w/ Billy Gunn & Anthony Bowens via Pinfall (11:50)

We’re starting off with the new champion himself as CM Punk comes out on the video ramp AEW are using tonight! You have to say, he suits that belt really well as he drops it and jumps into the crowd, reminiscent of his return in Chicago all those months ago. He’s joined on the ramp by his partners tonight, FTR and they head to the ring. They’re soon joined by Gunn Club & Max Caster who make their exuberant entrance. When the match begins, Dax hugs his partners then heads to work against Austin. They battle for supremacy and Austin lands a cheap shot in the corner then a shoulder tackle but Dax replies with a Back Elbow and a chop. In comes Cash who gets Austin down for two but soon he has to deal with his brother Colten off the tag and a big back body drop gives Cash the upper hand. He hits a deep arm drag but Colten brings in Max Caster but Cash evades them both then grabs Caster in wrist control and brings in Punk, much to the crowd's happiness. Caster flips the script in the corner and then stomps Punk down but Punk fights back and he hits a Cross Body and then brings Caster across to his corner. He makes the tag to Dax and they hit a Triple Move which gets Dax the two counts. Caster escapes and tags Austin in and the Gunns and Caster attack Dax together to beat him down in their corner. Colten gets a two count from some nice offence from him and his brother before they tag out to Max. Billy Gunn eventually gets an opportunity to lay in a cheap shot behind the ref’s back. Dax eventually fights off all three opponents but as Dax crawls for the tag, Caster takes his partners off the apron and the Gunns drag Dax back to their corner to send us to break off a two count. Bowens takes his chance for a cheap shot from his wheelchair and Caster continues to beat down Dax in the ring and try to pin him. Dax rolls out the ring to try and get some space and when he comes back in, he hits Caster with a big German Suplex. Both men take each other down with a double clothesline.

We return as Caster goes to put a Sharpshooter on Dax and Harwood fights out. Austin tags in to cut him off but it doesn’t work and in comes Punk, taking down Colten & Austin with Body Slams & Neckbreakers. Cash & Punk hit rising knees then Cash dives onto a pile outside before Punk hits a huge Elbow Drop from the top rope on Austin. Punk calls for the Go to Sleep but Billy Gunn comes in for a distraction. Austin tries to roll Punk up but Punk kicks out and then Austin goes for the Fame-Asser. Punk lifts Austin into a Powerbomb which knocks Billy off the apron then Dax tags in. Punk hits a GTS; Austin falls into a Big Rig and Dax gets the pin.

After the match, CMFTR celebrate and then Punk grabs a mic. He says he’s never done drugs but imagines that this is what it feels like. He says he still has a long way to go and he’s going to keep learning and getting better. He says they can call him positive or negative but they’ve got to call him champ. Dax says he has done the things Punk hasn’t and they feel good but not as good as this. He says the only thing that means as much to him as wrestling is his family. They move on to discuss NJPW and Punk demands to see who he’s got at Forbidden Door and it’s Hiroshi Tanahashi! What a dream match.

MJF Promo

MJF comes out to a cacophony of noise, mostly boos. The heat is nuclear as he walks alone to the ring, mic in hand. Max says he’s in a lot of pain after Sunday but everyone wants him to talk. He takes off the scarf and he says it’s Max Friedman talking. He says it would be bad if something bad happened tonight with all the executives watching tonight. The crowd tells him to shut up and Max said he had to write his own way in the company but still gets no respect. Max says nobody is on his level and everything he touches turns to gold. Max says he’s expected to hit Grand Slams every week and he does it. He says he’s the only person capable of carrying this company on his back and has done for months. He says he doesn’t want to be here anymore and then tells the crowd they’re uneducated marks and their opinion aren’t worth a damn because they know nothing. He goes after the fans for fluctuating opinions. Max screams that he’s the best in the world because he’s the only one who makes us feel without doing a bunch of BS to get there. He directs this back to Tony Khan and then he says he’s the second biggest minute-for-minute draw in this company. He then says that TK is hoarding all the money to pay ex wwe signings who couldn’t lace his boots. He asks if he’d be treated better if he was ex WWE. He then tells Tony that he should be behind the guardrail and begs Tony to fire him because he’s a fucking mark. Holy shit.

Miro defeated Johnny Elite via Submission (6:07)

Johnny Elite comes out and then we hear from Miro for the first time who says he’s coming to redeem everyone. The redeemer himself emerges at a sprint from the tunnel and heads down to the ring where Johnny awaits his fate. Miro walks around the ring at first before entering, much to the happiness of this crowd who have been excellent so far. Elite tries a Capoeira style kick to start off but Miro takes him down with a clothesline then attacks with his feet, hands and elbows. Elite fights back with shots of his own and Miro just muscles him into a back suplex to send us to break. The Bulgarian just brutalises his opponent throughout picture in picture, cutting off anything Johnny throws at him and then putting him down again. He gets a two count from a falling headbutt and then locks him in a Chin Lock.

We return as Elite fights back to his feet and tries a Crossbody but Miro catches him and slams him to the mat with an Ura Nage. He calls for the former Machka Kick but Elite dodges it and then hits a Roundhouse of his own. He fires in body shots and then attacks further in the corner then hits a Dropkick and Standing Shooting Star Press for one. Elite drops a Knee then heads up top but Miro avoids his move and then hits the kick he was looking for. He has Johnny down and calls for the Game Over. He locks it on and falls back and Johnny has to tap out. Miro has returned.

Anarchy in the Arena Recap

We get a video package from Double or Nothing and see the Jericho Appreciation Society win.

Jericho Appreciation Society Celebration Promo

Speaking of which, the JAS (without Garcia) come out, resplendent in white once again. The crowd sing Judas and Jericho cuts it off before the end. Angelo Parker announces that they dominated Anarchy in the Arena and tells the AEW Galaxy they need to appreciate them. Matt Menard asks if everyone saw them become “The princes of pape” on Sunday. Jericho then says they don’t deserve to sing but they do deserve the winners of AitA, the JAS. Jericho says they paid a price for that match and then berates Eddie’s behaviour and say Garcia will beat Moxley tonight because Sports Entertainers always win.

Eddie Kingston interrupts them with William Regal beside him. Eddie says he wants to fight them and Regal says he wants to fight them at Blood & Guts. Eddie storms to the ring and Jericho says he’s not getting Blood & Guts and whilst the rest of the JAS attack Eddie, Ortiz appears behind Jericho to hit him with the Madball and then cuts a lock of Jericho’s hair off. Jericho screams at him and now gives in to the Blood & Guts match but only if we get Jericho vs Ortiz in hair vs hair. Jericho then says he’ll shave him bald and burn him because he’s a wizard.

Samoa Joe Attacked

We see Joe getting his arm seen to after Double or Nothing and Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh attack him.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), ReDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) & Hikuleo w. Brandon Cutler defeated Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus), Christian Cage, Matt Hardy & Darby Allin w/ Jeff Hardy via Pinfall (12:00)

Adam Cole comes out with ReDRagon & Hikuleo to join commentary and then the Bucks come out with Cutler. Matt comes out with Jeff; Darby joins them first and then we get Jurassic Express & Christian Cage. The match begins with Jungle Boy and Kyle O’Reilly and it's Jungle Boy on top early on as he proves too quick for O’Reilly. Both men make tags and it’s now Christian and Bobby Fish who are legal before Matt Hardy tags himself in as Bobby ends up in trouble. Bobby tags out to Matt Jackson and Hardy brings in Christian Cage who gets the upper hand and gets a two count from a Swinging DDT. Things begin to break down and it leads to Jungle Boy taking Bobby Fish off the apron with a Hurricanrana then it all breaks down after Christian lands the Diving Headbutt. We get dives from Darby and the tag champs before The Bucks hit the Superkick on Cage then Nick dives onto the pile outside to send us to break. Christian almost rolls Matt up whilst he’s thrusting in the air and then comes back with a dropkick before Kyle O’Reilly tags in before we get a chain of tags which leads to them all hitting Christian and leaving the 6’10 Hikuleo in there for the first time. He dominates Christian for a while then tags out to Nick Jackson who comes in to spit at Luchasaurus. He keeps Christian down on the mat and then tags out to Matt.

We return as the Bucks miss Superkicks and Christian hits double reverse DDT’s and tags out to Luchasaurus who makes light work of all 5 opponents, often two at a time. Nick comes back with some kicks and Luchasaurus plants him with a Tijeras and Jungle Boy hits a Destroyer before Luchasaurus almost wins with the Standing Moonsault Press. Hikuleo comes in and the two big men fight before double clotheslines lead to tags. Darby comes in to fight Kyle O’Reilly again. Bobby helps Kyle but Darby beats both of them and hits Coffin Splash after Coffin Splash. Darby deals with Hikuleo by sending him to the outside but then Hikuleo takes Darby's Coffin Splash and catches him before ReDRagon attack him and take him out. Matt Hardy takes out ReDRagon & Young Bucks but Hikuleo comes in to cut him off. Christian helps out and then Matt Hardy hits a Twist of Fate. Christian then takes him out with a Spear off the apron and then we go crazy with everyone hitting their big moves. It all ends with Jungle Boy eating a Meltzer Driver and getting pinned by Matt.

Swerve & Keith Lee Interview

This is weird but basically, Swerve and Keith are really cool.

Athena Promo

Tony Schiavone introduces Athena who made her AEW debut at Double or Nothing. Athena says she’s all elite and says she’s here to fight Jade Cargill. She says all streaks were made to be broken and the Fallen Goddess is here to beat her. Jade cuts her off and comes out to confront Athena with the baddies and Stokely Hathaway. Jade passes the mic to Stokely who says Jade is a Queen and a Goddess and our TBS champion. They tell Athena she’s not getting a shot but The Baddies start arguing and out come Anna Jay & Kris Statlander and they all argue to close the segment.

Wardlow defeated JD Drake via Pinfall (1:11)

Wardlow walks through the backstage area with no security in sight and finally Wardlow gets his music back for his entrance. JD awaits him in the ring and tries a chop when the bell rings. Then another and Wardlow responds with a Lariat. Wardlow shows his agility to avoid a splash in the corner then drives JD in with his shoulder. HE picks him up and slams JD to the mat before the Straps come down and we get two Powerbombs and a pin. Wardlow continues his dominance.

Schiavone heads to the ring and tries to interview Wardlow but he’s cut off by Mark Sterling and Security. Mark Sterling says he’s suing him on behalf of all the security Wardlow has been beating up so Wardlow beats up the guy giving him the papers.

Scorpio Sky Promo

Lexy Nair asks Dan Lambert about Sky vs Dante. Lambert says Dante is great but he won’t be winning. Ethan and Sky add their two cents before Dante interrupts and says he’ll prove he’s better than Sky on Friday.

Ruby Soho & Toni Storm defeated Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter w/ Rebel via Pinfall (9:48)

Britt & Jamie come out with Rebel followed by Toni and then Ruby. I think AEW are running low on time. Ruby has to hold Toni back from Jamie before the match and Toni starts with Britt. Britt takes advantage of Toni trying to cheap shot Jamie and takes over but Storm fights out and forces Britt to retreat and Baker grabs her Owen Hart title to show off. Britt & Jamie get distracted and Toni rolls her up and then hits a dropkick to take over before bringing in Ruby. Ruby is on top till Britt grabs the hair and then bring Jamie in. Britt tags herself in and they misdirect Ruby which allows Britt to hit a DDT on the floor to send us to break. Britt spends the break beating down Ruby and exchanging tags with Jamie who does the same.

We return to the match and Britt is continuing to dominate until Ruby almost pins her with a backslide and then Jamie attacks Toni on the outside. Ruby fights back with a Saito Suplex and finally makes the tag out to Toni. Britt tags out to Jamie and Storm takes down Jamie with a Shoulder Tackle and a huge German Suplex. She hits a Hip Attack and a Swinging DDT. Hayter rolls outside and Storm tries to hit it again but Jamie catches her and plants her on the floor. Jamie eats a Cross body from Ruby then Britt takes Soho down with a Slingblade. Hayter and Storm are put on the ring by Britt and then all four women fight in the ring. Britt tags in and sets Ruby up for the Pittsburgh Sunrise but then hits a Butterfly Suplex instead. Toni takes out Jamie and Ruby hits the No Future for two but Britt transitions into Lockjaw and Ruby escapes. They exchange roll ups and then Ruby hits the Destination Unknown after Toni deals with Jamie once again to get the win. Jamie attacks Toni & Ruby with Britt’s belt after the match.

Jon Moxley defeated Daniel Garcia via Submission (11:32)

Regal & Jericho both join commentary for this main event. They begin to argue as the two competitors enter. When the bell rings, the two men lock up and Garcia backs Moxley into a corner to start. They split up and Mox locks him in a headlock then drops him with a Shoulder Tackle. Mox hits a couple of chops in the corner. Garcia comes back with chops of his own and Mox drops him and then they exchange palm strikes. Moxley takes over with a Snapmare and a kick and then does it again before getting a couple of one count. They exchange headbutts next and then Mox goes for the Paradigm Shift and Garcia charges him to the outside and then throws Moxley into the ring steps. He traps Mox’s leg between the steps and ring posts and kicks it twice to send us to break. Garcia rolls Moxley back into the ring and attacks the leg whilst Mox is bleeding. Garcia locks in a Figure Four leg lock and both men roll to the ropes once Mox rolls over and reverses. Moxley tries to come back and climbs up top but Garcia cuts him off. Garcia bites into Moxley’s cut and wipes the blood all over his face.

We return to the action and Garcia hits an Avalanche Back Body Drop for a two count. Garcia goes for a Sharpshooter but Moxley rakes the eyes to escape. Mox ends up flipping Garcia onto the ring steps and its an awful bump. Garcia gets back in and Moxley greets him with a Superplex and then Hammer & Anvil elbows. Garcia rolls through into Hammer & Anvil Elbows of his own and then Moxley locks in a Juji Gatame. Garcia counters into a different hold but Mox makes the ropes. They exchange roll ups and then Mox hits a Backdrop Driver and Garcia hits one of his own. Garcia pulls a Piledriver out for two and then goes for the Sharpshooter again, he locks it in and wrenches back but that lets Mox grab him in a Bulldog choke but Garcia escapes. They head outside and Moxley counters a choke with a backdrop onto the Timekeepers Table. They head back into the ring and Jericho runs down for a distraction and Eddie sprints out to cut him off. In the ring, Moxley locks in the Bulldog choke and makes Garcia pass out.

After the match, Moxley confirms he’ll be a part of Blood & Guts.

That show was ridiculous but in the best way possible and I am both exhausted and full of adrenaline. Wow. What did you make of the show? Let us know in the comments and join us back here on Friday for AEW Rampage. So long & Goodnight.


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