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WWE NXT 2.0. Results - May 31, 2022

Posted By: Guy Incognito on May 31, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0. Results - May 31, 2022

Check out a quick recap of Tuesday's WWE NXT on USA Network below, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.

Tag Team Match: the Diamond Mine vs NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly

Our program opens as The Diamond Mine are shown backstage, walking with Roderick Strong. Roddy tells the Creeds and Ivy Niles to take the night off and heads out with Damon Kemp as they'll represent the Mine tonight. Out next are the NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly, to loud boos. Strong starts off and quickly falls victim to the frequent-tag tandem offense of the tag team champs. The crowd heckles them, chanting "Pretty Ugly." Strong and Kit Wilson (the brunette) spar briefly, with Strong taking control. Damon Kemp is tagged in and Wilson scurries back to his corner, tagging in Elton Prince (the blonde). Prince taunts Kemp, yelling "who's the wrestler" while strutting and toying with his partner. Kemp questions Strong; Strong steps up on the bottom rope and slaps the shit out of Damon Kemp! Strong tells Kemp to get in there and the man-beast is absolutely on fire!
Kemp flies around the ring, dropping Prince over and over with quick suplexes and shoulder thrusts. The crowd fires off an "NXT" chant for the youngster. Strong tags in and chops Prince in the corner. Prince uses a low kick to shake Strong, and continues to kick and stomp him back into the Pretty Deadly corner. Wilson tags in and rams Roderick strong into the apron from the outside. Wilson takes it back into the ring and chops and punches Strong, who fires off some of his own. Wilson bull rushes Strong into the corner so Prince can make the tag. Prince with a suplex release for a quick cover attempt on Strong. Wilson and Prince resume using frequent tags to attempt to cut the ring in half. Wilson whips Strong, who grabs the ropes and allows Kemp to tag in. Kemp takes it to Wilson with suplexes yet again, including a beautiful rolling cutter suplex. Kemp pummels Wilson in the corner. Strong enters the ring as does Prince, and the Diamond Mine hit stereo backbreakers to the tag champs! The crowd pop loud and we head to break!
Back from the break. Prince works Kemp over with a headlock and takes Kemp into the PD corner. Wilson comes in off the tag and drops knees across Kemp's back then uses a shoulder lock to target Kemp's left extremity. Wilson slows the pace with working holds alternating with blows to the back. Strong and the crowd get behind Kemp, who weathers a few lengthy locks and begins to battle to a vertical base. Kemp throws fists to Wilson's gut to gain some separation and attempts to run past Wilson to reach strong. Wilson grabs Kemp's arm and holds him just inches from Strong's touch! Kemp sends Wilson crashing into the PD corner and Prince as he enters, allowing Kemp to tag in Strong! Strong and the crowd are on fire as Roddy fires off multiple chops to Prince. A big back breaker is followed up with a lung buster! Prince eats a pair of back elbows from Strong.
Strong catches an entering Wilson with a chop, then fights off both of the tag champs with chops! The crowd woo's for each and every one! Strong throws Wilson into Prince, causing Wilson to somewhat spear his partner. Prince manages to make a tag to Wilson; Strong sends Prince flying to the outside and hits a back drop suplex on Wilson. Kemp is taken out at ringside by Prince, unbeknownst to Strong! Prince and Wilson use a distraction from the ref to retrieve their tag belts. Wilson distracts the ref, but Prince's surprise attack is blocked by Julius Creed, who takes the shot for Strong! Sadly, this distracts Strong and allows Pretty Deadly to hit their Spilt Milk tag team finisher to pick up the win!
Your Winners, NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly!


The Don of NXT Sits Down with El Don de NXT

We get a vignette that shows Tony D'Angelo and Santos Escobar having a sit-down on Escobar's yacht, each accompanied by their faction. They both, ultimately, reach an agreement for a six-man match this weekend at In Your House: Legado Del Fantasma vs Tony D'Angelo, Stacks & 2 Dimes. The losing faction will be absorbed by the winning faction. Both men agree to it and Escobar kicks them off his ship.

Singles Match: Elektra Lopez vs Cora Jade

Cora Jade is out first and we're sent off to break before our second match of the night! When we return, Lopez has made her entrance. Lopez starts off strongly in control and brutalizes Jade, slamming her face-first into the mat and kicking her in the gut as the youngster attempts to crawl away. The crowd tires to fire up Jade, but Lopez answers with a suplex toss followed by mounting Jade and slamming her head into the mat repeatedly! Lopez torments Jade, pulling her by the hair repeatedly as the ref warns her. Lopez removes some rings and scoop slams Jade. Lopez talks smack as she looks for another scoop slam. Jade finally starts to show some life, battling Lopez briefly with rights. Lopez dodges a corner attack and drops a knee to the back of Jade. Lopez with the Alley Oop to Jade! Lopez follows it up with a cover attempt.
Lopez starts to focus on Jade's left leg as she slaps a half-crap ankle lock. Lopez slams Jade's face into the mat again then slaps on the half-crab ankle lock. Jade slowly, excruciatingly slowly, makes her way to the rope. The ref calls for the break; Jade uses the momentum to send Lopez to the outside. Lopez is quick to recover, only to catch Jade as she starts up her comeback! Jade with a huge leg-scissors followed by a dropkick. Jade with a rope-assisted double-foot stomp for a close call. Lopez fires off a sit-out powerbomb but Jade grabs the rope to prevent the pin attempt. Lopez battles Jade on the apron, and the two end up battling at the corner. Jade knocks Lopez down with a rising knee, then climbs the top turnbuckle and fires off a back elbow drop! Jade hooks the leg and picks up the huge win!
Your Winner, Cora Jade!

Singles Match: Wes Lee vs Xyon Quinn

Prior to the match, we see Wes Lee and Sanga backstage. Sanga encourages Lee and states while Lee seems to want to take on all the giants in NXT, and while Lee may be smaller physically, he has more heart. After a break we get to our match, where Quinn takes an early lead. Quinn kicks Lee in the ribs and lower back, toying with Lee. Quinn repeatedly shuts down Wes Lee in the early minutes, ramming Lee into the corner repeatedly despite ref's warnings. Lee tries to fire off a string of offense but Quinn catches him mid-air and counters a headscissors by flinging Lee across the ring with a huge Lawn Dart and into the ring post like a toy! The crowd rips off a loud "holy shit" chant. Lee suckers Quinn in, rolls him up, and flees the ring after stealing the win!
Your Winner, Wes Lee!

Six-Woman Championship Summit, Hosted by Wade Barrett

Toxic Attraction, who hold all the women's gold, sit opposite Wendy Choo & KC2. Both teams talk smack to each other; Katana states that she's heard TA's BS for the last eight months and is tired of it. Toxic Attraction point out that KC2 have never been on a TakeOver and this will be their first premium live event. Jayne mocks Kayden Carter for "represent(ing) the Lollipop Guild." Both sets of women talk more smack, hyping up their match this Saturday night at In Your House. Rose eve claims she's the one under more stress than anyone else on the card. The crowd loudly chants "sign the contract" over and over, yelling over Rose who resorts to yelling to be heard. She yells at the crowd, mocks Choo's attire (cow pajamas), and finally both teams sign the contracts before a full brawl breaks out. KC2 wipe out Dolin & Jayne with springboard attacks to the outside. Rose, Katana and Kayden triple-team Mandy Rose and put her through a table with a diving elbow from Choo--much to the crowd's elation. The crowd fires off another "holy shit" chant and KC2 & Wendy Choo hold up the women's titles over the fallen Toxic Attraction.

Backstage: Kiana James and Ivy Niles

James, who's look lives up to the name, talks smack to Ivy about the Creeds losing their tag title shot this weekend. She states she did the math and the numbers aren't good for them. Ivy slams James against the locker and asks for the numbers on chances Niles beats her arse. Ivy says it's the same as the Creed Brother's chances of winning, and Niles ends the segment stating "we'll see."

Singles Match: Solo Sikoa vs Duke Hudson

Hudson waits patiently as Solo makes his entrance. Finally we get things under way, with both men exchanging the lead often. Hudson batters Solo with fists; Sikoa drops Hudson with a big running cross body. Solo sets up Hudson in the corner but Duke wisely ducks out of the ring to big boos from the NXT Universe. Solo grabs Hudson by the hair as he walks past; Hudson uses the top rope to drop Solo's throat across, breaking the hold. Hudson takes it to Solo in the ring, pounding big rights after a springboard snap Suplex rocks Sikoa. Hudson takes the lead for a bit, using working holds to slow Sikoa and contain him. Solo eventually battles free, firing off rights to Hudson before using a Samoan Drop to great effect in laying out Hudson. Solo with a huge, loud smack to Hudson's face. Ouch! Sikoa hits a running hip attack to rock Hudson in the corner. Solo climbs up top and hits the Solo Splash to Hudson to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Solo Sikoa!


Backstage: Thea Hail Graduated; Chooses College

After trying on a hat, it's announced that she'll be attending Andre Chase University. We see Chase U applauding and excited before cheering for her.

Singles Match: Grayson Waller vs Josh Briggs

Waller gets on the mic and tells Briggs to send "horse face" and his partner to the back to make it a "fair" fight. Briggs is hot for the opening moments but Waller quickly takes control and locks on a lengthy neck lock, firing off knees to Brigg's face throughout. Waller straddles Briggs when he's on all fours and pretends to ride 'em, cowboy. Briggs starts a spurt of offense but a missed elbow drop sets up another round of offense from Grayson Waller. Waller fires off more knees and big rights to Briggs, taking him into the corner and throwing an elbow. Waller drives Briggs down and attempts two covers, back to back, then mocks Briggs again by pretending to be a drunk redneck. Briggs takes exception to this and starts his comeback sequence! Briggs drives Waller into the mat with a back drop. Robert Stone & Sofia Cromwell make their way down the ramp to boos. Briggs hits a big boot to Grayson Waller, followed by a clothesline and a shoulder tackle that sends Waller out of the ring. Von Wagner attempts to enter the ring but Briggs chases him off--allowing Waller to hit a cutter and steal the win!
Your Winner, Grayson Waller!

After the Match: Von Wagner Strikes

Wagner looks to do some damage to Briggs but Jensen hits the ring, despite being injured, to make the save. Robert Stone Brand--Robert Stone, Von Wagner, and Sofia Cromwell--head off, sending us to commercials.

Singles Match: Ivy Niles vs Kiana James

It's time for our penultimate match of the night. The librarian-reject Kiana James and Ivy Niles start off fast, with Ivy--the clear fan favorite--easily taking down James with her MMA background. James gets a bit of offense in, most of which is wasted on a slow working hold, but Ivy fires off her comeback quick. Ivy batters James with rapid-fire kicks and strikes, then hits a modified Helluva Kick to James in the corner to pick up the close fall. James spears Ivy in the corner and yells about "brains over brawn." Niles attempts a submission but James uses a snapmare to escape. James looks for a cover but gets nada. Ivy fires off a huge right that drops James and lays into her with more fists and precision kicks. Ivy with a suplex slam to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Ivy Niles!

Singles Main Event Match: North American Champion Cameron Grimes vs Nathan Frazer

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams join the ringside area/commentary ahead of our main event. Hayes will face Grimes this Saturday night for the North American title. With just under eight minutes left in our allocated broadcast time, you know we're going into overrun territory tonight. Finally we start the entrances of both the North American champ and his opponent tonight. Lightning graphics welcome Nathan Frazer, who rises up through the floor Aleister Black-style. Frazer gets a great reaction from the NXT Universe. With 6 minutes left, we get our bell and we're off! Both men circle and look to lock up but continue to counter each other in the early moments. The crowd rips off weak dueling chants as Grimes uses a wrist lock to take Frazer down. Frazer flips and flops as he squirrels out of the lock and drops Grimes. Both men kip up at the same time and the crowd pops for them both. Frazer takes control briefly, but Grimes is quick to recover. Frazer shows off a lot of impressive athleticism--he flips and flies across the ring, his body almost like quicksilver with how fast and fluid his movements are. Frazer looks for a suicide dive but Grimes avoids it and hits a running punt kick along the apron! We go to break!
Despite promises of picture-in-picture, we get nada until we're back from the break. Grimes charges at Frazer but Frazer sends Grimes' face into a turnbuckle. Vic Joseph informs us that Grimes maintained control throughout the break. Frazer, however, is firmly in control now and hits a beautiful springboard inverted cutter to a huge pop. Frazer's got insane agility. Frazer and Grimes start to wind our match up, slugging it out. Grimes whips Frazer, who comes off the rebound with two take-downs to the champ. Grimes counters a suplex attempt into a facebuster and runs over Frazer with a pair of shoulder charges. Grimes runs at Frazer--and right into a Superkick!
Both men are down as we enter overrun territory and the crowd fires off an awesome chant. Grimes counters a Frazer charge by getting his feet up; Frazer rolls through and looks for a roll-up. Frazer springboards and lands awkwardly on a knee, but Grimes gives him no time to recover as he hits a pop-up face slam to the mat for a close two! Both men are slow to rise again, and as they reach their knees they began to throw slow blows. They make their way to their feet and the crowd woo's back and forth as each man throws rights. Frazer rocks the champ with a big elbow but the champ drops him with a kick to the thigh. Frazer pops back up and eats a huge left, but rocks the champ with a step-up Enziguri of his own. The crowd chants "fight forever" as both men continue to engage. Frazer counters a powerbomb attempt with a hurricanrana into a roll-up but Grimes hangs in there!
The action spills to the outside but Frazer takes it back on in, holding his ribs before entering the ring. Frazer ascends the turnbuckles and looks for a Moonsault, but Grimes hops up and runs up the ropes, hitting a snap German Suplex off the top! Grimes hits a wicked-looking Cave In to Frazer's face and picks up the win!
Your Winner, North American Champion Cameron Grimes!

After the Match: Trick & Melo Attack

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams both attempt to attack the champ in an effort to weaken him before their clash Saturday night, but Grimes fights them off to end our program.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's show! What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown! And don't forget--NXT In Your House is THIS Saturday!

Source: rajah.com
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