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AEW Dynamite Results – May 25, 2022

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on May 25, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results – May 25, 2022

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for another episode of AEW Dynamite and it’s Double or Nothing week meaning this is the go home dynamite! AEW tend to really excel with their final shows before PPV’s with one major exception coming to mind, and this card looks like it should be another good one with Owen Hart Tournament Semi-Finals as well as Wardlow vs Spears in a cage. But let’s not waste any more time, with Excalibur, JR & Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling!

Wardlow defeated Shawn Spears via Pinfall (6:53) in a Steel Cage Match with MJF as Referee

MJF kicks off the show, making his entrance in his Burberry referee outfit.Spears follows him in a mask and with two chairs and then Wardlow is led through the backstage area by security in handcuffs. The crowd chant his name as he heads out and MJF pretends he’s lost the keys to the handcuffs. Spears jumps him and MJF starts the match. He finds the key but he lays in some shots to Wardlow alongside Spears instead. Spears is dropped twice by Wardlow before MJF begs Wardlow to hit him before spitting in his face and then Wardlow rips through the cuffs and he takes out his anger on Shawn. He tosses him into the Cage and Spears tries to climb out but Wardlow stops him and then hits a Senton Atomico but MJF won’t count the pin. The crowd tells the ref he sucks and then MJF tries to get Wardlow to hit him again. Spears gets caught in Powerbomb position but MJF low blows him and Spears hits the C4 instead. MJF counts fast but Wardlow still kicks out at two. Spears heads outside to get the steel chair he brought to the ring and goes to hit Wardlow but he misses and MJF goes down instead!

The crowd tell him he messed up and then Wardlow imposes that by rising behind Shawn and lowering the straps. The Powerbomb Symphony begins and quickly reaches 3. The crowd calls for more and Rick Knox appears as a replacement ref and Wardlow hits his fourth Powerbomb on the chair to get the win.

Wardlow lays out twenty-five or so Security guards and then tosses the final one into the Cage Wall. MJF has escaped to the ramp and Wardlow climbs atop the cage to celebrate.

Jericho Appreciation Society Promo

The JAS wander through backstage and throw a fireball into the face of a guy in a Moxley shirt. I didn’t think I’d ever type those words.

CM Punk vs Hangman Page in Ring Face-to-Face

Tony Schiavone hits the ring and introduces the challenger, CM Punk. Punk comes to the ring and Tony does the same for the champion, Hangman Adam Page. He joins the two men already in the ring and Schiavone provides a small bit of exposition before asking CM Punk if he’s ready to become the next champ. The crowd chant his name whilst some boo and Punk says the biggest moment of his career so far happened here, in Las Vegas. He says he’s ready to walk out champion on Sunday. Hangman is offered the chance to respond and he asks if he stuttered last time, he told CM Punk what he would do and he assures Punk that he can’t take the title away from him. Punk asks why he’s taking it so personally and then puts him over as a great champion and Hangman says he said last week he was going to destroy, embarrass and annihilate him but he’s going to do it right now instead of Sunday.

He said he’s imagined this for months, about lighting a pipe bomb and watching it explode in Punk’s face. Hangman says he can’t do it though, not because he’s afraid, but because he doesn’t want to do what Punk would do. Hangman says he almost pities Punk and doesn’t respect what he’s done in AEW. He says he doesn’t think Punk is ready to be AEW champion and that AEW is his home. He says on Sunday, he’s defending AEW from Punk. Punk asks once again why he’s taking it personally but Punk says if Hangman is so upset that Punk is here, he’ll have to do something on Sunday but he paved the way Hangman took. Punk chopped down trees so Hangman could build this house. Punk then demands a handshake and Hangman responds with a right hand. Hangman is exactly where Punk wants him.

Jade Cargill vs Anna Jay Video Package

Jade questions why Anna is getting a match again although I’m pretty sure she asked for the match. Nonetheless, this might be good.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston defeated Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) via Pinfall (7:24)

Regal quietly joins commentary, Jericho gets a big entrance with his entire JAS and then cuts a promo on Las Vegas, cutting Judas off for them as he also joins commentary. Eddie and Moxley make their entrance through the crowd and Eddie barks at Jericho before Private Party follow them to the ring. Kingston charges Kassidy on the ramp whilst Moxley takes on Quen in the ring as the bell sounds. Mox makes the attack in the corner and Quen fights back only for Mox to bring in Kingston who begins the attack on Quen. Eddie tries a Paradigm Shift then brings in Moxley and they hit some double teams. Quen hits a Pele kick and then brings Kassidy in as they hit some moves onto Moxley before Mox explodes with a Lariat then tosses Isiah to the mat to send us to break. Regal and Jericho have a fascinating back and forth on commentary and Jericho calls Matt & Angelo “tosspots”. Meanwhile, Kingston and Mox wipe out Private Party on the outside, using the barricades and ring steps before Mox locks in a Cloverleaf back between the ropes. Eddie attacks Quen outside and Mox hits a couple of release German Suplexes.

Back from commercial, Isiah tries to fight back and hits an Enzuigiri and then Quen comes in with some great kicks. He follows with a dive over the top and so does Kassidy. Isiah hits a cutter on Mox and then Quen follows with a Shooting Star Press from the top for two. Private Party try the Silly String, Mox counters, Eddie hits the Spinning Backfist and Mox the Lariat. Mox gets the win with the Paradigm Shift on Isiah whilst Eddie has Quen stuck in a Stretch Plum.

The JAS attack from commentary after the match and Eddie meets them head on before the rest of the Blackpool Combat Club joins the fight. Regal promises the JAS will suffer on Sunday.

Owen Hart Foundation Tournaments Video Package

Talking heads discussing the matches that have happened and those left in the tournament along with some footage of Owen.

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) defeated Roppongi Vice (Trent Beretta & Rocky Romero) via Disqualification (10:28) to retain the ROH Tag Team Championships

Bobby Cruise makes the ring announcements and Caprice Coleman joins commentary for the ROH title match. Roppongi Vice are followed by FTR. There’s hostility before the bell but we still start with a handshake. Cash and Rocky lock up to start us off and we get a nice back and forth on the mat involving reversals and pins before Rocky takes over with two shoulder tackles. Cash comes back with one of his own but misses a Dropkick and Rocky nearly rolls him up twice before locking in the Cross Arm Breaker and making Cash escape via the ropes. Cash comes back in and tags out to Dax whilst Rocky brings in Trent. Dax tries to outmanoeuvre Trent but Trent catches him and then both men exchange chops in the corner. Dax hits a big Backdrop Suplex and tags in Cash but when Cash tries to roll Trent up, Rocky blind tags in and then Trent hits a Half and Half Suplex on him in the confusion and Rocky gets a two count to send us to break. Cash gets stuck in the Roppongi Vice corner and they keep him there, exchanging tags and attacking Cash, cutting him off. Cash comes back with a Body Slam at one point but Trent tags out quicker and Rocky cuts him off.

When we return to the match, Cash hits a big Back Drop on Rocky and Trent tags in to cut him off but fails as Dax tags in and wipes out Trent and Rocky on his own with some big strikes until Trent sends him Sternum first into the turnbuckle. Trent follows with two German Suplexes but Harwood switches and hits two of his own. They battle on the third but Dax hits it and Rocky has to break up the pin. Rocky tags in and then tags out when he gets hit with the Atomic Drop and Roppongi Vice hit the Double Knees before the Knee Drop with Dax over the ropes for two. Cash cuts off the Stong Zero and Dax nearly rolls up Trent. They go back and forth and then Roppongi Vice hit the Strong Zero and Cash breaks up the pin at 2.9. All of a sudden, Jeff Cobb and Great O-Khan appear and attack to cause a disqualification.

They wipe out Roppongi Vice and then FTR all over the ring and outside before holding the ROH titles up.

The Hardys Promo

Matt Hardy explains the similarities between the Bucks & The Hardys and then goes on to say why the Hardys are better than The Bucks but they wouldn’t be here without them. Jeff says AEW is a clean slate for him and the Bucks are stepping stones to the titles.

Swerve Strickland defeated Ricky Starks & Jungle Boy via Pinfall (9:36) in a Three-Way Match

Straight into the next match, all three men head to the ring on their own and looks like they won’t be messing around here with outside interference. The bell rings and Ricky escapes the ring to let Swerve & Jungle Boy fight it out before they all try to roll each other up and then go back and forth with strikes and Hurricanranas. Jungle Boy stands on top briefly till Ricky takes him out on the outside with a Clothesline then sends Swerve into the barricade to send us to break. Ricky maintains his dominance before rolling Jungle Boy back in and getting him up for a Delayed Vertical Suplex for two. Swerve comes back and Starks kicks him out quickly before going back on the offence on Jungle Boy, hitting his rope walk/strut in the process. Swerve comes back in and attacks Ricky as he now takes over.

Back from commercial, Swerve and Ricky fight on the apron and then Swerve takes out Ricky with a kick and Jungle Boy hits him with a Hurricanrana then takes him back into the ring but Ricky breaks up the pin. Ricky then gets planted by JB himself but kicks out at two. Swerve comes back on the attack, focussing on Jungle Boy for a Superplex. Ricky joins them up top but gets sent down and then JB tries another Hurricanrana but Swerve lands on his feet!

Ricky takes out Swerve with a kick but he comes back with one of his own, Swerve eats a Spear from Starks whilst he has JB up. In the end, Ricky hits the Roshambo on Swerve but Starks gets locked in the Snare Trap from Jungle Boy. Starks makes the ropes so JB pulls him back into the middle and Swerve breaks it up with a kick and then he gets the win with the Swerve Stomp on Ricky.

Powerhouse Hobbs wipes out Swerve and JB after the match. Luchasaurus tries to make the save and then so does Keith Lee.

Men of the Year Promo

Dan Lambert calls Sammy and Tay idiots and says he ordered Sky a new title belt which he’ll get on Friday.

Thunder Rosa Interview

Tony Schiavone calls out Thunder Rosa and says she’s worked for what she has without complaining because she’s a champion and then says Serena isn’t a champion because she complains and says she should look in the mirror and blame herself for her failures. She does all this whilst looking down the camera with no face paint on. So much fire.

Red Velvet Interview

Tony Schiavone asks Red about losing last week and she says she should be facing Ruby Soho on Friday. Ruby hears her name and comes in but Red gives her a book with tips on how to beat Kris. Ruby says she doesn’t need it.

Britt Baker defeated Toni Storm via Pinfall (9:06) in the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Semi Final

Jamie offers to come to ringside but Britt sends her back. No funny business, is Toni in her head? The match begins with a strong lock up before Toni grabs wrist control and Britt counters and then takes Toni down with a Snapmare. Storm fights back to wrist control and Britt does it again and so does Toni. Both women hit Side Headlock Takeovers and then Toni uses her legs to trap Britt’s head and force her to make the ropes. Britt fires in a low kick but Toni hits a Low Dropkick to respond. Britt rolls out the ring and Toni follows, sending her into the Ring Post. Britt counters but Toni retains control, Britt has to poke the eyes and then she sends Storm into the ring steps face first to send us to break. Britt takes Toni back inside and just beats her down in the corners. She begins to use the ring post to injure Toni and then gets a two count from just pulling Toni down to the mat hard. Britt locks in a Chin Lock but Toni fights out.

We come back to a strike exchange in the middle of the ring and Britt hits the Superkick to take over. She sets up for the Pittsburgh Sunrise but Toni counters with the Swinging DDT. She follows up with a Hip Attack and then a Waterwheel Drop. Toni goes for Storm Zero but Britt counters with the Air Raid Crash for two. Jamie Hayter comes out to ringside and this distracts Britt, Storm nearly rolls her up but Britt regains control and hits the Swinging Neckbreraker for two. Toni counters the Ripcord Lariat with a German Suplex and then Toni takes Britt down outside. Jamie heads onto apron and this Toni takes her out before she catches Britt’s superkick and then Britt rolls her up and grabs the ropes to get the win. The match didn’t go as well as it could have and I hated the finish.

Samoa Joe defeated Kyle O’Reilly via Submission (11:58) in the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Semi Final

The last semi-final begins with Kyle trying to out strike Joe but quickly getting smothered by Joe. O'Reilly tries a take down instead and Joe stops that too. Kyle almost gets choked out but escapes and then Joe drops him with a strike. Joe lays in a chop in the corner then hits a Body Slam. He follows that with kicks and a huge Elbow Drop and gets a two count out of it. Joe hits some more strikes then gets a one count from a Suplex. Joe remains calm but O’Reilly hits a rising knee then drops Joe whilst attacking the arm. Kyle lays in some kicks and then some more knees to Joe but Joe hits a big Back Elbow. Kyle comes back with a Dragon Screw through the ropes then a Knee Drop from the top onto Joe. O’Reilly locks on the Cross Arm Breaker and we go to break as Joe makes the ropes. Joe heads outside, Kyle follows him and attacks him there but Joe retaliates when Kyle tries a running Dropkick with a huge strike and then Joe hits a running boot before they head back into the ring. O’Reilly drops Joe again and lays in some strikes before he attacks the arm some more.

We return to the match and Kyle lays in strikes until Joe has enough and takes O’Reilly down with a super quick leg sweep. Joe lays in the punches and then an Atomic Drop and a kick to the head before a Senton gets him a two count. Joe lays in some knees but Kyle stops him only to run into a Samoa Joe Lariat for another two. Joe backs Kyle into the corner with Palm Strikes and goes for the Muscle Buster but Kyle attacks Joe’s arm to escape before locking Joe in the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Joe makes the ropes and Kyle comes back with kicks to the arm. Joe fights back and both men exchange haymakers before they both get up and Kyle ends up trying to roll Joe up and ends up getting choked out by Samoa Joe.

Adam Cole comes out to stare down with his Double or Nothing opponent to end the show.

After my hype at the start, I wonder if I cursed AEW. This wasn’t a bad show by any stretch of the imagination but there was a lot you could have improved upon too. What did you think? Am I being too hard? Or am I not being harsh enough? Let us know in the comments, let me know on Twitter @Knapphausen and see you again for Rampage this Friday. Adios.

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