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AEW Dynamite Results – May 18, 2022 

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on May 18, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results – May 18, 2022 

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for another completely and utterly stacked episode of AEW Dynamite. The Owen Hart Foundation Tournaments ramp up, it’s wildcard Wednesday as both Britt Baker & Samoa Joe have mystery “Joker” opponents and also, we get the first Semi-Final in the main event when Jeff Hardy who defeated Darby Allin takes on Adam Cole who defeated Dax Harwood. There’s plenty more too but let’s waste no more time, with JR, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling. 

Samoa Joe defeated “The Joker” Johnny Elite via Pinfall (10:25) in the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarter Final 

We get to find out one of the jokers to start the show as Samoa Joe enters followed by, of all people, Johnny Elite, the former John Morrison. I saw nobody making that prediction but it gets a great reception from the crowd who seem to firmly be in the corner of Joe at first but do make some noise for Johnny too. Johnny starts with an elbow strike and that’s a mistake as Joe soon has him in the corner and hits a big chop. Johnny Elite fights back with some good mat wrestling and forcing Joe to make the ropes. Elite tries to kick Joe and Joe kicks him back twice as hard before following that with more chops and strikes. Elite comes back with strikes of his own and Joe takes him down with a big shoulder tackle. Joe brings his opponent to his feet before dropping him with a headbutt and a kick before he locks in a hold and regains energy. Elite fights out and hits a Superkick to drop the big man before Johnny goes for Joe’s taped up elbow and then it’s Joes turn to fight out. Joe goes for a Back Body Drop and Elite lands his feet before hitting a Cartwheel Clothesline to send Joe outside and then he sends us to break with a Cannonball from the top rope onto Joe. Joe fights back by using the barricades to his advantage and sends Elite back in the ring but when he follows, Johnny takes over with Elbows and Kicks but Joe comes back with a big STO for two. Joe locks in another Chin Lock and Elite fights out. 

We return and immediately Joe sends Johnny inside-out with a huge Shoulder Tackle. He hits the Manhattan Drop and then gets a two count from a Running Senton. Johnny fights back with body shots but tries to lift Joe up and fails and then Joe drops him with a huge chop for two. Elite crawls to the corner so Joe lifts him up there to set up for the Muscle Buster. Joe has him up but he manages to come out of it before hitting Joe with the Samoan Drop and then a 450 Splash but he “didn’t get all of it” so Joe kicks out. He follows with a Knee Strike and goes for it once again but goes instead for the Split Leg Moonsault but Joe’s knees are up and then Joe fights him to the corner and gets the Muscle Buster for the win. 

Joe is immediately jumped by Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt with a pipe. They beat him down until Satnam gets there to make it worse. Holding Joe up for Jay to hit him with the pipe. Eventually, Rocky Romero, Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor make the save but is it too late to help Joe in his upcoming Semi-Final in the tournament.  

The Hardys Interview 

Lexy tells us Jeff is medically cleared and Jeff says stuff before The Bucks turn up and tell Jeff they’re worried about him and asks him to take the night off tonight because otherwise Cole will hurt him. Jeff tells them to leave and then Matt calls the Bucks Hardy Cosplayers and says if they interfere tonight, Cole won’t be the only one getting beaten up tonight.  

Hangman Adam Page defeated Konosuke Takeshita via Pinfall (12:14)  

CM Punk comes out in a shirt that reads “Abortion Rights Are Human Rights” and I couldn’t agree more. He joins commentary and he can’t possibly play Heel in that outfit. He’s followed by Konosuke Takeshita who makes his way to the ring before The Champ arrives. Hangman gets between the ropes after a prolonged look at his challenger at Double or Nothing. The match begins with a huge boot from Takeshita and elbow strikes back from Page before his fall away slam sends Konosuke outside and Hangman soon follows him to beat him down until Takeshita fights back with a dive onto the champ. They head back inside the ring and Hangman fights back with elbows and reverses a Back Suplex. Takeshita tries to go up top and the champ pushes him off the ropes. They fight on the apron with chops and then Hangman lets Takeshita charge in and Hangman drops him on the apron and follows it with the Orihara Moonsault to send us to break with the champ standing tall. Hangman takes his opponent back inside and Hangman puts on an Ankle Lock before dropping Takeshita when he fights back and gets a two count. They exchange chops before Hangman hits a Death Valley Driver from nowhere for another two. Punk admits on commentary that the champ is looking good tonight. He locks in a Sleeper and the crowd chant CM Punk’s name which might well piss Hangman off. 

We return to the action and Takeshita hits a few elbows and ducks a Hangman clothesline to hit a flipping Clothesline of his own before a Blue Thunder Bomb earns him a two. Hangman goes outside and then Takeshita follows him with a Tope Con Hilo, hitting the target bang on. The crowd chant this is awesome before both men exchange big boots on the corner and then exchange release German Suplexes before they both go down in the middle from dual clotheslines. Hangman breaks the Double Down as does Takeshita and they exchange strikes once again. Hangman picks up Takeshita and hits a Tombstone Piledriver for two. The Hangman stares at Punk whilst he goes for the Buckshot but takes too long and Takeshita evades it. They both reverse each other till Takeshita hits a huge strike and a Powerbomb for two and then he hit his finisher, a Jumping Knee strike for two also. The champ won’t stay down. Takeshita hits a German Suplex but he comes up holding his neck. Takeshita goes for another knee but Hangman blocks it and then reverses a flying Lariat with an elbow strike. He pulls Takeshita to his feet then takes him up top where they fight. They both come down and after a back and forth, A Buckshot Lariat and then a Go to Sleep ends the night for Takeshita. Let’s get to Double or Nothing right now.  

Punk tells us he’s ready on commentary before he heads to the ramp and stares at the champ. Hangman calls for his music to be cut and then they continue to stare down on the ramp. Punk approaches Hangman, Hangman circles him before leaving with the crowd chanting Punk’s name.  

Dark Order & Fuego Del Sol Call Out House of Black 

Fuego, Evil Uno & 10 face off with House of Black on Rampage. 

Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee defeated The Workhorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry) via Pinfall (2:24) 

Next up is a tag match as we find out that Swerve & Keith are ranked 5th now. Keith starts with JD as the crowd serenade him but JD doesn’t let him enjoy it and chops him. Keith hits a Double Chop and then brings Swerve in who attacks JD but JD hits chops and tags out to Henry. Henry tries to outwrestle Swerve but eats a huge kick to the face in the corner before a Diving Uppercut and a Flatliner gets him on top. JD comes in to help and Swerve brings in Keith who gets rid of JD and then Pounces Henry before they hit a Stomp/Powerbomb combo called Full Glory to earn the win. That was a great squash.  

Keith Lee grabs a mic to address his state on the mic and he lets the crowd know that they’re ranked in the top 5. They’re interrupted by Team Taz. Out come Hobbs & Starks who tell them to stop talking and calls them selfish jabronis. Swerve responds criticising his fashion before they’re all interrupted by the actual champions, Jurassic Express. Miller will love this on Ups & Downs. Christian Cage tells Ricky to shut up and also criticising his fashion. Christian says Jurassic Express are the best team and then makes the Double or Nothing match a three way. He then adds that he wants a Three-Way singles between Jungle Boy, Starks & Swerve next week.  

Kris Statlander & Red Velvet Interview 

Velvet says they saved each other but things are different now but Kris says she’s taking this opportunity to the top but this is strictly business. Jade comes in with Sterling & the Baddies and tells Statlander that Velvet tricked her to thinking they’re friends and then says she needed real leadership. 

Wardlow’s Ten Lashes From MJF 

Max comes out with a mic and is followed by Spears. He then gets some cheap heat by pretending to almost vomit just saying Houston, Texas and he berates the crowd who call him an asshole. He tells them they must be talking about Wardlow. Max says Wardlow can’t retaliate or he loses the match and any future AEW contract.

He calls Wardlow out and he is walked in by security. It takes a while but he gets to the ring and MJF spits in his face immediately. Wardlow just smiles and turns around. He laughs off the first one and doesn’t flinch on the second. He flexes his pecs so MJF takes off his shirt and lays in the third followed by the fourth, fifth, sixth & seventh in quick succession and Spears has to stop him.  

Wardlow still hasn’t moved and Spears has a go. Still nothing from Wardlow. The ninth hurts from Spears and Wardlow reacts for the first time but he tells Max one more. MJF then low blows him and whips him over and over before choking him with the belt and letting Spears hold him up so Max can knock him out with the diamond ring. He tells Spears to get him so Spears hits the C4 and pins him while Max makes the three count and tells him that’s his fate next week.  

Roppongi Vice Interview 

Trent says it’s been a weird few months but Roppongi Vice are back and they’re going for the ROH titles, the IWGP titles & then AEW titles. He challenges FTR and says Brett would accept.  

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes via Submission (12:00) in the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarter Final 

This match starts off with Kyle trying to keep Fenix on the mat via any means necessary and struggles. They begin to exchange holds and counters on the mat and Fenix shows he’s not slouch before Fenix hits a couple of chops but Kyle uses his kicks. Fenix ends up on the top rope and Springboards out of wrist control before sending Kyle to the outside and hits the Tope Con Hilo to takes over briefly. He goes for the Frog Splash back in the ring and Kyle locks him in a Triangle to counter. Fenix escapes outside via the ropes and Kyle follows him, tossing him into the ring post to send us to break as the crowd chant for Fenix. Kyle lays in some kicks on the outside but Fenix reverses to send Kyle into the post this time. Both of them roll back into the ring to break the count but head back outside once again and Kyle lays in more kicks. He puts Rey on a chair and hits a huge Dropkick then rolls Fenix back in and attacks the arm. He uses more kicks and then cuts Fenix off with a knee.  

We return to the action and Kyle lays in more strikes but Fenix fights back with huge chops after selling his knee and then the knee seems to give out again but Fenix still catches O’Reilly with a kick and hits a weird looking Powerbomb for two. O’Reilly gets hit with a Roll-Through Hurricanrana for two and then he hits a pop-up kick and more strikes and catches Fenix’s comeback to hit two Butterfly Suplexes. He goes for a third and Fenix comes back with more kicks and then the two go back and forth with comebacks once again. Both men go down after yet another excellent strike exchange and we get a double down. O’Reilly goes for the Cross Arm Breaker but Fenix fights out and he hits an Enzuigiri and a Thrust Kick. O’Reilly heads to the apron so Fenix rope walks then takes him to the floor with a Hurricanrana. He sends him back in and then Rey goes for the cutter but O’Reilly catches him in the Cross Arm-Breaker and forces Fenix to tap eventually. What a match. This was a beautiful clash of styles. Well worth watching.  

Chris Jericho Face-To-Face with William Regal 

Bryan Danielson comes out and he brings Regal with him and they both head to the ring. Excalibur says Yuta is in NJPW fighting in the Best of the Super Juniors. Danielson and Regal are followed to the ring, through the crowd, by Moxley, Kingston, Santana & Ortiz. They’re soon joined by the Jericho Appreciation Society and Angelo cuts off the music and the Pyro. Jericho says the crowd cheered for them getting beaten up last week which is why. Jericho says it must have been Regal who orchestrated the attack but the crowd sing Judas and Jericho tells them to shut up. The crowd then chant for Regal and Jericho says he thought he’d be dead by now. The crowd call him an asshole and Jericho says Regal could have been one of the greatest of all time but he ended up an addict instead. He says he’s been fired from every company until he got to AEW. Jericho then runs down everyone in the ring, Santana & Ortiz, Kingston (who the crowd all cheer for), Danielson (another pop), and Moxley. Jericho tells Regal to go home and stay out of his business or he’ll get fireballed because Jericho is a wizard.  

Regal finally gets a chance to speak and tells him that he’s had to listen to Jericho’s voice since 1997 and he’s sick of it. He says Jericho might have hit some truths but one thing kept him going is going to Jericho’s bag every time they’ve been on a show together, he’s put Jericho’s toothbrush up his bottom and when Garcia protests, he says he did it to his last week too. Jericho says that they want a fight so he offers a Stadium Stampede. Moxley cuts him off before he gets there because he ain’t doing that sports entertainment shit. Moxley says he wants a match where he can beat them properly. Jericho agrees and then talks about the issues between the group in the ring whilst Eddie paces back and forth. Eddie finally gets to talk and says he wants to fight so get in the ring and fight but the JAS run away and Kingston tries to follow and Danielson stops him so they brawl in the ring. 

Matt Sydal & Dante Martin Promo 

Matt tells Dante to look at the Blackpool Combat Club not getting along and offers them a fight on Rampage.  

Britt Baker defeated “The Joker” Maki Itoh via Submission (6:44) in the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarter Final 

Britt Baker makes her entrance and comes down to the ring to await her opponent. IT’S MAKI ITOH. She sings her way down to the ring and realises it’s Britt so they hug. Maki lays down to let Britt pin her and cradles her for two instead. Maki cries and then stomps on Britt’s foot and flips her off. Britt gets dropped with a Shoulder Tackle but Britt dodges the Kokeshi and goes for Lockjaw early. Maki fights out so Britt drops her with a Slingblade as we head to break with Baker laying in strikes. Britt dominates throughout the commercials as she easily outwrestles Maki and seems to have her off her game. Itoh-chan fights out of a Jaw lock but Britt drops her again with strikes. 

Britt tries a cover as we return and then lays in strikes in the corner. Britt pulls out the glove and calls for the Lockjaw. She tries to throw Itoh into the turnbuckle but it fires Maki up so she hits the headbutt and then a Tornado DDT for two. Maki stomps on Britt and goes for the Kokeshi once more and hits it for two. Britt comes back with a Superkick and finally gets the Lockjaw in to get the win. 

Toni heads out to the ramp to stare down Britt after the match. 

Tony Schiavone Talks? 

Schiavone hits the ring and begins to talk, he talks about Double or Nothing but Serena Deeb interrupts him to tell him off for suggesting Thunder Rosa will win. Serena said he’s an idiot and then she calls Dustin out because he did the same. Out comes Rhodes who is appreciated in Texas as always. Serena says Texas always cheers failures and Dustin is the poster boy of it. She says JR is the only one with brains around here. Serena says she respected Dustin because he knew what she went through. She talks about how she had to get breast implants and shave her head to get where she is now and asks Dustin why he said Rosa will win and he doesn’t. Serena says that when she wins the title, she’ll get the respect she deserves. She hits Dustin and Rosa comes out to make the save. Dustin restrains the champ but she inadvertently elbows him and when she tries to apologise, Deeb grabs the belt and takes the champ down with it.  

Adam Cole defeated Jeff Hardy w/ Matt Hardy via Pinfall (7:10) in the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Semi Final  

Main event time! This is a first-time match and a potential classic. Not if Adam Cole has anything to do with it as he jumps Hardy before the match starts. They head in the ring but Hardy hits a Body Slam and heads up top. Cole rolls out so Hardy follows him and takes him out. Cole rolls through the ring and back out before he takes over with a kick and throws Jeff into the ring steps. They head back in the ring and Cole hits a Backstabber and we go to break with Cole taking over in the corner with kicks. He sends Hardy across the ring into the other corner then chokes him using the ring ropes. Cole hits the Hanging Neckbreaker for two and then locks in a Chin Lock. He then drops him with a hair pull and digs his knee into Jeff’s back. Hardy fights to his feet but Cole drops him again with an elbow twice in a row.  

We return to the match as Jeff fires in body shots and then hits a Russian Leg Sweep and drops Cole into a pin for two. The two exchange strikes in the ring before Cole takes over with an Enzuigiri only for Jeff to hit a Face Buster for two. Hardy goes for the Whisper in the Wind but Cole counters with the Superkick and Hardy grabs the rope to escape. Jeff avoids the Boom and hits a Stunner and a Neckbreaker. He heads up top and misses a Swanton Bomb and Cole lowers the boom to get the win. Cole advances to the final at Double or Nothing. 

Matt Hardy berates Cole for the way he started the match but the Young Bucks make a run in. The Hardys see them coming and turn around but Cole takes them down from behind. The Bucks hit Matt with a BTE Trigger and then Darby Allin & Sting make the save. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly rush down and take out Darby with the High-Low on the ramp and Sting fights them all off including no-selling the chair shot from O’Reilly but the Bucks take him down with the Double Superkick. They Pillmanise Sting’s ankle and the show closes as the Undisputed Elite stand tall. We get to see this continue on Fite with Darby trying to make the save but the numbers quickly catch up before The UE leave with The Hardys, Sting & Darby all left broken in their wake. 

Another great show but not as incredible start to finish as last week. What did you think though? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be back for another early, but less early, Rampage on Friday. Also, give me a follow on Twitter @Knapphausen. Adios.  

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