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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results - May 10, 2022

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on May 10, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results - May 10, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (May 10, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Last Week on NXT Spring Breakin'

We open with clips of Breakker defeating Gacy last week. We're then shown footage--up on the WWE.com website and SM platforms--during which cloaked individuals attacked Breakker then abducted him. Gacy is shown next in a vehicle with Bron in the back, bag over head, and dragged out of the car. Gacy tells Breakker that it's his time to be all alone, headbutts him, and leaves the champion on the grass as Gacy cackles off.

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Toxic Attraction(c) vs Wendy Choo & Roxanne Perez

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcome us to NXT as Toxic Attraction make their entrance, toting all the women's division gold. They present their belts to the crowd showing more love than hate and Jayne dances to their theme as Barrett and Joseph hype up this title match. Out next is the new team of Wendy Choo and former Ring of Honor Women's Champion Rok-C, now known as Roxanne Perez. Perez makes her entrance but point past Toxic Attraction. They turn in time to catch Choo diving off the top rope and wiping them out. The challengers clear the ring as the ref attempts to establish order. Finally the ref calls for the bell and Choo & Perez use quick tags as they isolate Gigi Dolin. Perez shows off some flashes of agility as she takes Dolin down and nearly picks up an early win. Jayne makes a blind tag and takes it to Perez, pounding away at her as the crowd cheers the champs on. The champs briefly take control, using double footchokes on Perez in the corner, but Perez brings in Choo who's on fire. Choo clears the ring and sens the champs outside then wipes them out as we go to a picture-in-picture break!

During the break Dolin attempts to work over Choo's arm but Choo rolls her up for a quick pin attempt. Dolin separates and drops Choo with a big boot, covering for a two. The champs once again take control and Jayne comes in. Jayne with a barrage of kicks to an already-battered Choo before switching gears. Jayne drops knees into Choo's back and slows the pace, taunting Choo before bringing Dolin in. Dolin takes her time, taunting Choo by standing on her hair and pulling her arms up as the ref counts a warning. Dolin toys with Choo, letting her crawl away--and to the wrong corner, the Toxic Attraction corner. Jayne comes in and taunts Choo but finally Wendy starts to show some life. Choo throws three rights into Jayne's gut as she attempts to crawl to her corner. Jayne shuts it down and slaps on a headlock. The crowd starts to fire up for the challengers and Choo struggles in the lock. As we return from break, Choo starts to power to a vertical base.

Back from the break. Choo hangs in there, weathering more offense from Jayne and Dolin. Finally about a minute back from the break, Choo makes the hot tag to Roxanne Perez. The crowd chants for Roxy as she runs all over Gigi Dolin, dropping the redheaded bombshell with everything in her arsenal. Choo comes back in pretty quickly and looks for the cover but Jayne hits the ring to make the save. All four women in the ring. The ref restores some semblance of order and Perez comes back in. Dolin whips Perez into the corner but Perez throws up a block on the charge. Perez climbs the top turnbuckle; Mandy Rose enters the ring and helps Dolin up. Perez dives but Rose and Dolin duck under. The ref sends Rose out of the ring but in all the confusion, Dolin's able to capitalize and hits her finisher on Perez to pick up the win and retain.

Your Winners and STILL NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Toxic Attraction!

After the Match: Toxic Attraction Choo-choo-choose Wendy for a Beatdown

Immediately afterwards, Choo--who speared and tackled Rose during the confusion at the end of match--is attacked from behind by Rose, who uses her belt to strike Choo across the upper back. All three members of Toxic Attraction stomp down Choo to end the segment.

Grayson Waller & Tiffany Stratton Go Shopping

We're shown a video of the two out on a sunshiny day, shopping. Waller states he's got a teachable moment from her, then starts to tell her about the "Grayson Waller Effect." We go to break.


Joe Gacy Addresses the NXT Universe

Gacy, flanked by scarlet robe-clad minions wearing red face masks, addresses us. He talks about the start of his journey of inclusion. He states two men proved their worth to him and themselves, "they went above and beyond and joined my cause by taking that extra step." The crowd loudly chants "shut the hell up" as he speaks. He reveals the "faces of change," his minions. "Our expansion has begun, change takes place one person at a time so...I would like to appeal to NXT Champion Bron Breakker. Consider this your personal invitation. You don't have to do this alone, Bron! Join us--be a part of our movement, be a part of this change! The result is eternal joy." He pauses and goes from happy to mean-faced. "Affliction and hardship awaits those and you, those who resist." Okay, no identity reveal this week. Oh well.

Backstage: Sarray with Chase University

Bodhi and Andre Chase are backstage when Sarray shows up. She speaks in Japanese, which is dubbed for us, and basically wants to have a mixed tag match against Waller & Stratton (instead of Chase versus Waller). Bodhi Hayward translates for her, then surprises Andre Chase by informing him he takes foreign language classes at Chase U twice a week. Chase smiles when he realizes he has a foreign languages department, haha. Sarray again rants in Japanese but Chase needs no translation this time as he's "picking up what she's putting down." We head to break, this match is official and coming up!

NXT Women's Breakout Tournament, Round One Match: Fallon Henley vs Sloane Jacobs

We're introduced to all eight women in this tournament then get straight on with our first match! Henley and Jacobs are already in the ring and get started right away. Briggs & Jensen make their way to the ring to support Henley as she takes an early lead over Jacobs. Henley lets her confidence get the best of her and Jacobs hits a beautiful spinning facebuster. The crowd is hot for both women, showing the talent some love as both women rally towards the finish of this match. Jacobs uses a Hurricanrana to drop Henley as she starts her comeback sequence, culminating in a textbook neckbreaker. She only garners a one and Henley puts her away with a running knee to the jaw.

Your Winner and Advancing to the Semi-Finals, Fallon Henley!

Gang Wars 2.0

We're shown the backstage parking lot where TAFKA Raul Mendoza--now Cruz Del Toro--awaits behind the driver's wheel of his SUV. Tony D'Angelo and his goons, Tory Donovan and Channing Lauren, attack Mendoza then kidnap him. This is in retaliation for Legado Del Fantasma's abduction of AJ Galante last week.

Singles Match: Alba Fyre vs Amari Miller

Alba Fyre--the renamed Kay Lee Ray (and with a significantly less-stupid name than "Gunther")--cut a vignette prior to the match stating that she's changing things up and it's time to unleash hell. Miller is already int he ring and Fyre makes her way out to a nice welcome despite the rebranding. Fyre starts aggressive as the fans chant her on, taking Amari down twice. Miller uses a side headlock to buy herself a moment's respite but Fyre is quick to escape. The two engage in a sequence of counters until Fyre slaps the heck out of Amari's chest, hard, eliciting an "oooh" from the crowd. Miller wraps up Fyre from behind and uses a pull-back ripcord lariat to lay out Fyre, covering for a two. Amari stays aggressive, chasing Fyre to the corner and continuing her assault until a mistimed charge into the corner sends Miller rebounding as Fyre ducks. Fyre unloads on Miller with a pair of Superkicks under the jaw, then covers for two.

Fyre pulls Miller up and locks the head but Miller slugs her way out of it. Miller slaps the heck out of Fyre and the two exchange punches and forearms. Miller with rapid-fire elbows before countering a back-slide strike. Miller rolls up Fyre for two. Miller trips Fyre, dropping her on her face, then connects with a punt kick to the chest for another near fall for Miller! Fyre fires up, however, using a headbutt to rock Miller before hitting the KLR Bomb--now called the Fyre Bomb--to lay out Miller. Fyre ascends the turnbuckles and hits a senton off the top to pick up the win.

Your Winner, Alba Fyre!

Solo Sikoa Addresses the NXT Universe, North American Champion Cameron Grimes, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

Solo comes out to a huge reaction from the adoring crowd. He tells us that this was supposed to be Carmelo (Hayes) time but it's "my time now." The crowd again with loud Uso chants for Solo throughout his speech. He addresses the North American Championship and Melo's comments in the past about a one-on-one shot at Grimes. Solo's fine because he's going to be there watching, he's going to let the whole world know he's got next, and who doesn't care who the champ is because "they both can get it!" North American Champion Cameron Grimes comes out, telling Solo that he respects him just like the crowd does. He understands Sikoa wants another shot, however "at NXT In Your House it's going to be Cameron Grimes vs Carmelo Hayes one on one." The crowd chants loudly "you got lucky" to the champ. Ouch! Grimes tells Solo that he can have next shot, after Hayes' In Your House event. The crowd loudly chants "you got next" in approval as Solo leaves. Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams attack Grimes from behind int eh ring as Solo sulks up the ramp, completely ignoring the crowd. Finally he turns and notices and weighs his options as Melo and Williams set up a steel chair around grimes neck. Solo hits the ring in time to make the save, dropping both men with a Superkick and freeing Grimes from the trap. Solo hits a running hip attack int he corner on Trick and eyes up Hayes. He looks for another Rikishi splash but Hayes flees. Solo holds up the belt as the crowd cheers him on.

Outside: Legado Del Fantasma

Elektra Lopez, Santos Escobar and Joaquin Wilde are int eh parking lot and look for Cruz (Mendoza). Santos makes a comment about Cruz always being late until Wilde notices Cruz's vehicle idling unoccupied. They wonder what could have happened until Santos remembers kidnapping Tony D'Angelo's friend. He calls Tony and in the vignette, both men go from veiled threats to open threats of warfare. Tony D warns Escobar that he's the Don of NXT, not Escobar. We end with more build-up towards their match at In Your House.

Mix Tag Team Match: Andre Chase & Sarray w/ Bodhi Hayward vs Grayson Waller & Tiffany Stratton

Waller and Stratton are out first as we head to break. When we return, Sarray and Andre Chase are out to a great pop--and Chase is wearing a blue shirt. The crowd, of course, welcomes his blue shirt with a chant of its very own. Waller looks for a wristlock early on but Chase flips his way out of it. Chase runs Waller over with a shoulder and taunts him. Waller looks for a hip drag but Chase counters with one of his own then mocks Waller by doing that stupid little jig Waller performs. Waller escapes Chase's onslaught and tags in Stratton to dodge Andre. Sarray comes in and chases Stratton out of the ring then back in, only to fall prey to Stratton's strike upon entering. Sarray with a leg takedown, spanks Stratton's butt, then begins working the knees with an archer's bridge. Stratton uses the hair illegally to escape and the ref barely warns her. Sarray with a clubbing blow that drops Stratton. Waller hits the ring and Chase drops him. Chase and Sarray stomp their opponents as Chase yells out "C! H! A! S! E! U! What's that spell?" The crowd vociferously answers back "Chase U!" as he and Sarray stomp holes into their opponents. We head to break.

Back from the break. We return to find Waller controlling Chase. Stratton tags in and Waller gives her an assist on a step-up Moonsault onto Chase. Waller climbs the middle turnbuckle and mocks Chase U before hitting a beautiful middle-rope elbow drop for a close two. Waller wastes time talking smack and Chase attempts an inside cradle. Waller looks to pick the leg; Chase looks for an Enziguri counter but Waller ducks under and slaps on a sleeper to a seated Chase. Sarray and the crowd try to power on Chase, and he fights his way to a vertical base. Chase escapes and slaps on a sleeper of his own, but Waller escapes. Chase with a belly-to-back suplex to drop Waller and both men make the hot tags to their partners. Sarray and Stratton come in simultaneously and Sarray drops her with kicks. Stratton gets an offensive move in then taunts Sarray, and Sarray punishes her with a kick that drops Stratton. Waller drags Stratton out of the ring, only to be tripped by Chase from the outside. Sarray wipes out Waller with her lower rope dropkick strike. Stratton attacks an unsuspecting Sarray, using a scoop slam and a spinning splash to get a two.
Suddenly, Bodhi Hayward--with his hair in pigtails like a cheerleader--plays an air horn that startles Stratton. Stratton wipes out Bodhi at ringside and enters just in time to have Sarray hit her finisher and steal the win!

Your Winners, Andre Chase & Sarray!

NXT Women's Breakout Tournament, Round One Match: Nikkita Lyons vs Arianna Grace

Santino Marella's daughter, Arianna Grace, is set to make her mark in the biggest match of her young career to date. We get the bell and Lyons offers a hand, extended, but Grace slaps Lyons. Lyons shrugs it off and the two lock up. Grace takes Lyons down to the mat but Lyons relies on her martial arts background to escape. Grace goes toe-to-toe with Lyons and legit looks bigger than her dad. Grace uses a side headlock to ground Lyons again, attempting to keep the striker on the mat. Grace continues to use working holds, attempting to end this early and quick with a submission. Grace does an excellent job controlling throughout the match. Lyons slaps the brakes on a whip attempt and counters it with one of her own before splashing the taller Grace. Grace woman-handles Lyons until the final few seconds. Lyons with a suplex and a split-legged drop to pick up the win outta nowhere.

Your Winner and Advancing to the Semi-Finals, Nikkita Lyons!

NXT Women's Breakout Tournament, Updated Bracket:

Nikkita Lyons will face Fallon Henley. The winner of the Perez/James match will face the winner of the Legend/Paxley match. Expect the final first round matches next week.

Singles Main Event Match: Natalya vs Cora Jade

Finally, it's time to start our main event with seven minutes left in the broadcast. We're reminded that Natalya and Shayna Baszler challenge the Boss & Glow for the tag titles Friday night. The crowd uses dueling chants throughout our main event, supporting both veteran and newcomer. Cora and Nattie spend the first few moments countering each other with neither woman taking control. Natalya seems impressed, or surprised, by Jade's technical skills early on. Jade and Natalya pick up the speed as Jade lets her anger out, mounting and pounding Natalya. Nattie looks for a submission but Jade scampers out of range and wags a finger at Natalya. Jade uses a springboard arm drag to drop Nattie and looks for a Sharpshooter! Nattie wisely scrambles to the ropes and slips out of the ring as we go to break!

Back from the break. We return to find Jade with the "Queen of Harts" locked up in a submission. Nattie escapes and locks in a beautiful surfboard submission! Jade hangs in there and Natalya continues, bridging a submission into a Powerbomb attempt. Jade counters with a takedown and the crowd fires up as we go into overrun territory. Jade drops Nattie with an arm drag and clobbers her with a knee to the jaw. Jade again uses the middle rope for a modified springboard DDT. Jade covers for a two but the veteran hangs in there. We get replays as Jade positions Natalya perpendicular to the corner. The crowd greets her with a "this is awesome" chant because she climbed the turnbuckles, apparently. Nattie hops up and the two battle on the turnbuckles. Jade shoves Nattie off; Nattie charges back but Jade leaps off to safety.

Natalya looks for a Sharpshooter but Jade escapes and rolls her up for a close two. Natalya with a discus clothesline that drops Jade hard for a close two. The crowd is on fire for Cora now. Nattie uses the middle rope to drop Jade and uses a chopblock to set up a leg-pick. Nattie picks up the pace, focusing on Jade's leg in an effort to weaken her limb for a Sharpshooter. Jade rubs some feeling into her left knee but Natalya doesn't let up, constantly taking shots at it. Natalya pulls Jade's legs around the ring post and slams her left knee into the ring post once, twice as Jade screams in pain and cries. The crowd with loud boos for Natalya. Nattie enters and exits the ring to reset the count then sets up a standing Figure Four on the ring post with her arms. Jade retracts her legs, shoving Nattie's neck into the ring post, and crawls back into the center of the ring.

Natalya pursues and pulls Jade up, looking for a Suplex. Jade immediately uses an inside cradle for a close two. Nattie breaks it and slaps jade; Jade with a step-up Enziguri that drops Nattie, then follows it up with a double-stomp to Nattie's back. Jade covers for two, but Natalya gets the shoulder up. The two go back and forth; Jade drops Nattie and locks in the Sharpshooter! Jade holds it in and Natalya stays strong, holding in there until Jade's weakened knee buckles under her. The crowd with another "this is awesome" chant. Jade goes up top and looks for a mule kick but Natalya catches her--and it looks almost botched, as if her knee gave out before she could get distance. Natalya locks in a Sharpshooter of her own! Jade crawls towards the ropes only to have Natalya drag her to the middle of the ring! Again, Jade claws and inches to the ropes but Natalya again drags her back to the middle of the ring! Jade hangs in there as long as she can but nearly two minutes into the move, Jade loses consciousness and the ref calls it.

Your Winner by Technical Knock-Out, Natalya!

After the Match: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Afterwards, Natalya eyes Jade for a few long moments. Finally she assists Jade up, shakes her hand, and hugs the youngster for proving her mettle to the vet. We fade to black.

Source: rajah.com
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